For theMan

Happy Anniversary Baby.

Your wife the cheeseball with unlimited bandwidth and an obsession with iMovie.


I Heart This Movie

This turned out to be a really great day of celebrating our anniversary. What better way to show our individuality and love of this big diverse city of Chicago? Drive to the suburbs to eat at a chain restaurant! Weeeeee! I know, I know, but theMan loves him some Outback and who am I to deny it on our one day of the year we get to focus on our union.

Following dinner, we saw an early showing of "I Heart Huckabees". And my god, what a great movie that provokes some serious discussion of reality and life. The way to discuss topics like Existential Psychology is to have normal people played by good actors and fast dialogue. Good fucking show. I don't do movie reviews well, just go see it. Preferably with a group of people, so you can discuss it afterwards. I liken it to "Waking Life", but better in some ways.

Finished the evening by packing up the laptop and books to the local coffee shop. I've had it twice this week if that tells you anything. They make the best cafe mocha I've ever had, including Starbuck's, their carrot cake is simply sinful and they offer free wireless internet!

In a little over 2 hours Halloween is upon us. Which for us symbolizes 6 years of married life, the birthdays of 2 of our best friends, and our favorite holiday all year. Bring on the sushi.

Look at me!

I made it on Echo's website with my one of my fav. artists at the gallery! Fun!


Hey there! Hope you are having a great Saturday. So far I can't complain. I've got 16 oz. of heaven in my hand and a day of eating steak and porn stretched in front of me. Awww.

But all is not good, because if one of my friends is hurting, then so am I. So I thought I'd just send a blog-hug to her today. Girlie, if I could, I'd drive down there, we'd eat tiramisu ice cream out of the carton until we puked and polish off 3 bottles of Asti while we bitched and cried at this unfair world. Hang in there toots.

Here are some Halloween cookies until I get there.


After party

I thought we threw a hellacious party, but I'm sure glad they didn't turn out like this.



So I was walking back to the fax machine and I noticed my gay co-worker staring at my boobs. I said, "You see something you wanna buy?" To which he replied, "I can't believe those used to be bigger."

He wanted to know what was the one thing that bothered me the most about having gi-normous tits. So I showed him the one tap dance move I can still remember and said, "Try doing that with 2 sacks of flour on your chest?" Then I walked back to my desk.

Ahhh...will this work day end?


I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the election, but I don't feel that joyous this holiday season. It's my anniversary on Halloween this Sunday. Yep, 6 years! And honestly, I don't have a clue as to how to celebrate even that. We don't usually make too big a fuss out of it, but still. Surely we can muster up something?

I told theMan we could just make dinner, rent some porn and spend the night at home on Saturday to celebrate. But that just doesn't seem too special. We're going to eat sushi on Sunday for Lance & Jason's birthdays, which is cool. But I don't even think they are that into this Halloween season that much.

Maybe we can just wallow in our bleakness. :) Blah.


Return of Friday Five

Maybe this will help the motivation...

1. Do you celebrate Halloween?
Is a frog's ass water tight? I celebrate by dressing up, going to Echo Gallery and drinking till unconcious with the Lombards.

2. Scariest movie you've ever seen:
The Exorcist, hands down.

3. Did you carve a pumpkin this year?
I haven't carved a pumpkin in over a decade, I'm sure of it.

4. Best costume you've ever worn or seen:
I loved my costume last year. Best I've seen? That's too hard to pinpoint, I'm afraid.

5. Trick.. or treat?
With my love of porn, chocolate and electronics? I'd say treat.

Goblin Shuffle

Last night as we peered into the dark sky to see the blood red lunar eclipse, Jzn was reminded of the many gothic kids who were surely packed into the dark clubs and cemeteries celebrating this spooky night. And thus, a game was created out of the darkness....


Here's the premise: You & a friend go to a goth club and check out the dance floor. Surely you will see many people doing the 'goblin shuffle.' On each opposite end of the dance floor along the wall is the goals. One person picks a "puck" on one side and another picks a "puck" on the opposite end of their goal. (Puck=Person dancing) Each of you then does the "goblin shuffle" until you push the "puck" into the goal on the opposite end.

You only have 4 songs (periods) to make this happen but you can use the DJ to your advantage by requesting songs to make the "puck" dance. For instance, throw on some Apop or TKK as your secret weapon. If the "puck" gets weirded out and leaves the dance floor, the other person wins. You can never let the "puck" know what you are doing and you shouldn't outright shove them into the goal in your excitement.

Let me know how it goes.


Tiny Mix Tapes

So I am stealing this link from the Screen Savers, but damn if I ain't addicted to it.

Here are some I love:
-Is that a robot with my girlfriend? mix.
-I farted and no one is around to smell it mix.
-Feeling fat today.
-Cooking can be really sexy, mix.
-Songs to play while making preparations to become a "made" man in the local mafia family, mix.
-Mix Tape for when the news breaks that George Bush is not the president anymore! Woo Hoo!

Time to fire up iTunes.

Meme baby

Being vain and all, I miss Friday Fives. So I found this today and thought I'd share. Hey, why not add it to your blogs?

Current state of things

Wearing: Light blue sweater and jeans with my Van’s. Standard basement-working, non-offending office clothes.

Drinking: God’s own nectar: Medium Dunkin Donuts Dunkacino

Upset that: I don’t have 100% confidence that Bush will be defeated.

Luxuriating in: The land of blogs and Instant Messaging plus the fact that my boss is in another part of the country until next week.

Reading: Still finishing "Book of the Breast" this week, just finished “Little Earthquakes” thanks to Mrs. T.

Learning: To ask for help.

Downloading: My “Interpol” CD into iTunes so I can listen to it at work.

Wanting: Aqua Teen Hunger Force box sets, a month off work and a proper noon-time shagging.

Listening to: Interpol CD and falling in love with it each time that stick hits the snare drum.


The Mondays

You know you've been to a good party when you find yourself laughing and shaking your head at the memories of it that pop into your brain randomly. For instance, Mr. Lombard taught us a new phrase this weekend: Lube=Natural crowbar.


Uploaded a few pics from the party for your viewing pleasure. Some are sideways, but I'm having trouble with Yahoo Photo. Bastards.

Yea, I'm a little tired.

Halloween 2004

Well, I threw together a little Slideshow from the party. The quality is not great but you get the general idea.

My god. Where to start? As you can tell from last night's post, well, Kitten got a little toasty & theMan got obliterated.

For starters, we spent the day shopping out with the Lombards, then went back home for Aimee's world famous ass busting burritos before getting gussied up to party. The drinking commenced immediately upon the burritos arrival. A few of us went to Echo Gallery around 10:00 p.m. but since Matt wasn't showing anything this year, we didn't end up staying too long.

While at the gallery, I had a great conversation with Mr. John Santerineross who signed my book and graciously talked film making with me. Sweet guy and my god, the artwork is mind blowing. Especially to see upclose. He's going to use the sets he builds for his photos for short films and I can't wait to see those creations. Actually a lot of the artwork at the gallery this year was amazing but unfortunately I didn't get a lot of names.

theMan had already gotten drunky-fied before the gallery (he is now a master shaker user) so we stayed about an hour before the rest of us were yearning for a little liquid courage ourselves. So a quick taxi ride back to the house and the party was starting.

Jen & LaToya danced like Tina Turner to "What's Love Got to Do with It" and dedicated it to me. And then things got weird, honestly. More drinks flowed, robots fought, air guitars on beer bottles were played, and pure fucking debauchery was had. Some highlights? The pantyhose Cowboy (Tony) showed up again this time swaying LaToya into going upstairs causing great alarm throughout the party.

Eventually I found myself wandering upstairs to Tony (Cowboy) sitting naked posing for pictures for Jen, while Lance was surfing the internet. I'm not sure if Tony realizes Jen has at least 30 upclose pictures of his unit. Um Yea. Downstairs, theMan was keeping the crowd entertained by dancing and falling. theMan was quite a sigh. At one point I heard him exclaiming that this couple that came with Boxxy were neuters, but he was exclaiming it at the top of his lungs in the same room as them and I'm still not sure why. Basically, a lot of laughing, talking and good times had by all!

theMan eventually passed out face first in the living room while most of us were piled on the couch laughing some more, only to wake up about an hour later and puke upstairs all over the bathtub, floor and toilet. While helping him, I hear a growling and I notice LaToya puking face down in her hair on the blanket she's lying on. We cleaned up and I walked theMan home in my bare feet (too drunk to walk on those heels) and from what I hear, there were still more shots done after we left. Rumor has it Mr. Lombard did 3 shots of Jeig. in a row, sat on Ash's lap (Ash wins the lapdance this year! Go Matt!) and eventually was carried to the air mattress after requesting his boots be removed, while everyone else dropped like flies from the copious amounts of booze ingested.

Some pics:

Final tally: 2 people puked, 2 bottles of Jeig., one bottle Disarrono, numerous beers, one bottle of vodka and whiskey were consumed, someone may have fucked, we aren't sure, and blankets were ruined.

Overall score: Fuckin' A.

(You will need Quicktime to view slideshow. 8MB - Thanks to Dropkick Murphy's for the toooons.)

Sotally Tober Ossifer

Hey. It's 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 23rd. I just walked my drunk husband home because he puked all over the bathroom at the party. I was barefoot becuase I had slutty heels on. They hurt my feet. yes. Shwy dont more mpeople wite when they are drunks. I mean, god. It's oood stuff.

ANyways. LaToya ended up with Tony. We got picture s of tTony's dick. And I'm not sure ow wot hanndle tha one. I had a lot of alocholr tonight, i'll be honest with ou. It was loat of fon though. Good times, good people, good drnks and the Lombads are always ag ood time.

I hope Matt & Aimee had a great time. I need to email John satnererererererererereos bcaseuse he gave me his email addres..
I also enjoyed meetin and talking to Shope more more. She was fun. Sorry I had to en our good times because theman was puking all over the bathtub upstairs.

Fuck it. Drunk typing is not fun. God night. Blahhuihu.


So it begins

The Halloween festivities have begun. SHORT RECAP:

Thursday: Careful cancelled their show due to illness so we checked out the openinng band, came home and theMan fired up his new martini shaker while watching Sealab 2021.

Friday: Cleaned the entire house, awaited the Lombards while Lance was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to panic attacks. Egads. Thankfully he's feeling better.

The Lombards pulled their sex wagon into town and we all went to Leona's for some fine dining. Came back home, got all slutty looking and went to EXIT for some drinks, goblin shuffling and meet and greets with John Santerineross. The Conductor even made an appearance on the dance floor. (He's a guy in a suit that shows up at clubs and dances like he's conducting an orchestra or insane, either way.) Ended the night drinking more and watching a GG Allin documentary before running home in a monsoon.

Today on Tap: HALLOWEEN PARTY BABY! Get it on!

Side Note: Special hugs to my pal, Jen who is going home today to see her brother off to Iraq. Miss you sweets.


New Voicemail

After today's screaming match with my boss, (I stopped him mid-lecture to say, "I'm having someone else call you because I'm fucking done with this." Click.) I'm changing my voicemail message to be:

I'm sorry, you've reached someone that couldn't give a shit about your call. Let me forward you to someone who does."


Random Pix

My friends that got to experience my dad at the zombie film shoot know he's incredibly humorous. But for those of you that weren't there, here's another clue at why I treasure my father's sense of humor so so much. I received the following in the mail this week.
(Click to make bigger.)

If you can't read it, it says (spelling is my dad's): Dir D Dee, I hope you can find a primitive apparatus to operate these ancient magnetic tapes. Love-Dad & what's his name

"What's his name" being my brother, Chip. I swear I think they are more like brothers than father and son. Anyways, I send my dad mix CD's so he can listen to them in his cement mixer so he must have wanted to return the favor. Awwwww.

Secondly, I thought I'd introduce you to a few of my friends that will be joining us this Saturday for the Halloween party. I think some of you have met before.

My goodness they look omnious standing there like that. I fully expect some death like march to be played as they approach my open face hole, maybe Darth Vader's theme or something. Yea.

Oh well, Night, night.

Countdown to Destruction....

2 more days until the Lombards roll into town for our annual Halloween debauchery festival.

-Will blood be shed and the question be asked "Who is a bad motherfucker?"
-Will German fetish photographers immerge from the carnage with no pants on to wish us a "Good Morning"?
-Will people don masks and in a hazy fog make out and make up?
-Who will Matt give a lapdance to this year?
-How will Veronika yet again expose her breasts in such a way that we will try not to look at but really want too?
-Will a cross dressing cowboy end up on the floor with his panty hose around his ankles?
-Will burritos be eaten by the toliet only to leave a lonely salsa cup for the next morning's discovery?
-Will theMan again fall down the stairs upon our arrival home?

Tune in.



I haven't really felt I've given Halloween the proper attention this year. So tonight we are going costume shopping, I've decided to buy decorations for my desk and my favorite preparation....my skivies. A daily reminder, if you will.

So in honor of my favorite holiday, I have purchased 4 pairs of Halloween panties from the ultimate in trashy consumables...Wal-Mart. Currently sporting orange and black striped ones that say BOO! in glow in the dark letters by the naughty bits. Tomorrow's menu: black undies with orange trim and glow in the dark dancing skeletons all over them.

This is also the only time in my blogging life I plan on telling you about my underwear. Happy Halloween!!


Photo Shoot

During this GWO, we took pictures of Jen and her 7 month pregnant belly. I uploaded a few for the girls to download so I thought I'd share them with you too.

Click next to see the rest.


Presenting No. 11 on my list

The cutest mugshot in the history of mugshots.


GWO - October

GWO Pix here!

To sum up my latest adventure into Estrogen Ville....

Thursday night drove to Indiana to meet up at Mrs. T's pad. Went shopping for Halloween panties and baby shower stuff until Jennifer arrived. Watched little Grace's film debut and hit the sack after talking until about 1 a.m.

Friday: Got up early and headed to Steam Corner to visit our family, eat breakfast and walk around the booths. Met up with H., dropped off our goods at her house, ate some chips and dip and went to the Bridge Festival in Mansfield. Mostly just there for the food but I did end up buying a pretty ring off of some rainbow haired lesbians. Every single GWO we meet someone a little off-kilter.

We finally were worn out so we went back to H.'s place to take a load off until dinner at La Isla. Finally our normal talks of sex, toys and giving head came to pass over some delicious fajitas and white cheese sauce. After dinner it was back to H.'s for talking and sleepy sleepy.

Saturday we rolled out of bed and took our time getting dressed. H. made us biscuits and gravy and some awesome hot chocolate. We got all gussied up to take pictures and see H.'s new house. After a few quick trips around the nearby parks to see the pretty trees, we went and got coffee to warm us up. Then dropped off the film and went to Hobbby Lobby to pass the time. After shopping we picked up the film and went to TK's Sports Bar for wings, beer and the Purdue game.

H. decided to stay there so we went back to the house and took more pictures for Jen's prego belly. After some more late night talking it was to bed and then home on Sunday morning!

Awwww....3 more weeks until Jen's baby shower girls!


I love my nerd

I'm sitting here unable to work up the motivation to pack for Girls Weekend so I thought I'd blog. Lately things at my house have been quite lovely. In no small part by theMan's efforts at being the best husband a girl could ask for. I have to leave him for a few days to go refill my estrogen with my girls. So here's a few reasons why I love theMan, and why you should too.

He loves Halloween as much as me. I knew I had to marry him when I told him I wanted to live in a spooky old castle decorated like a haunted house and he didn't bat an eye.

He loves my tits. God Bless him for that.

He has to eat his ice cream in a big soupy mess. His reasoning? It's a milkshake in a bowl!

He likes to tell me all about new programs and music software and hardware and doesn't make me feel stupid when I get all blank faced and bleary eyed. And he doesn't hestitate to snuggle under a blanket during the lessons.

It's easy to take for granted your loved ones. They are the easiest to hurt, the easiest to forget. After this rough year we've had, I don't want to do that anymore and I don't want him to do that to me. No one tells you it's work being with someone. But it is. Aw, I don't want to get too preachy here. I just want to say that as we're approaching our 6 year anniversary this Halloween, I can say I love him more and more every single day.

Keep my bed warm for me baby, I'll be back on Sunday!

Side note: That is the binary code blanket as seen on the Screen Savers. You can get yours here!

My Mom

My mom called me today and quizzed us on what we were doing for Halloween as far as costumes go. When I told her we were stumped she offered up some suggestions. Suggestions that should give you a good picture of my mother's personality:

-Paint ourselves brown and put a stick up our butt so we can be Hershey's. (No idea what Hershey's she gets that incorporates a stick?)
-She said theMan could paint himself black, put a potato on his dick and call himself a "Dick-tator."
-"Oh I know" she exclaims, "You can be Spiderman and Lois Lane."
-Raggedy Ann & Andy. (I informed her that was the lamest couple costume of all time.)
-King Kong and the sexy girl. (Not a bad idea really.)
-theMan can be a butthole and I can be a hemmorroid so we can be the perfect asshole. (I don't get it either.)

Let's just say my mom would not win in Trivia Pursuit if she had to answer those pink culture questions.


My List

Firstly: Go here for the latest Jib Jab movie. Click on the Good to be in DC link to the right.

So previously I mentioned "The List". To most people I've read or talked too, it's the list of people you could have sex with with no repercussions from your significant other. However, I don't think I'd have sex with these people so much as just want to watch them do my dishes, naked, while I relaxed with a ice cold martini in a mesh deck chair in the middle of the kitchen. Oh, and they could every once in awhile look over their right shoulder and ask me softly, while of course, saying my name each time, "Kitten, am I doing this right?" Then sheepishly grin.....um, but I digress.

A few men in rotation:

1.) Judd Nelson from Breakfast Club. He is the sole reason I got turned on by "bad boys" all through high school. I just wanted to give my diamond earring to someone people!

2.) Trent Reznor and/or Oghr from Skinny Puppy. These two are interchangeable. I've always had a thing for a black haired boy in leather. God damn.

3.) John Cusack. Okay, I admit I watched this movie. But seriously people, he wears leather pants throughout the entire movie!!! Leather pants! See #2 above if you need further explanation.

4.) Johnny Depp. Yes, so does every other woman, but Edward Scissorhands did it for me. Again, see #2.

5.) Brad Pitt. Cliched, maybe but it is never a bad 20 minutes when I think about him in Meet Joe Black. One of the few blondes on my list that I don't want due to leather wearing. But if he did wear leather in a movie and you know about it, why aren't you emailing me?

6.) I guess Ben Affleck. Apparently.

7.) Any of the boys from Rammstein. Or all of them at once, either way.

8.) Marlon Brando from Streetcar Named Desire. Let's just say I haven't watched this movie 64 times entirely for the acting.

9.) Whichever of the Dukes of Hazzard that wore the light blue shirt and was blonde. I always pictured him sliding across an oiled waterbed like he slid across the hood of the General Lee.

10.) Collin Farrell. The only person I'd let smoke while fucking me.

Of course, this list changes with the times but some have stayed on there for at least a decade. So there is my list. Send me yours!


Spending my time

How I spent my afternoon:

-Playing solitaire.
-Looking at every single mugshot on this website.
-Planning my list of things to pack for this weekend.
-Looking up pictures of Ben Affleck for tonight's meeting.
-Checking every last one of my bookmarked sites, twice.
-Deciding that no matter how much Cosmo tells me that blue eye liner brings out my eyes, it reminds me too much of my keyboard teacher in high school.
-Contemplating sending an incensed letter to Hot Topic regarding the shirt I received today that would only be considered XL if an anorexic was trying to wear it as a tube top.


Ohio Rep gets it said

Amen brother.

Click on the link: Dropped some serious whoopass on the administration.

from Daily KOS.com.


I know telling someone about your dreams is the most boring thing you could do, but I have to confess something. I've been having a lot of dreams about Ben Affleck. And I'm starting to feel like a head stalker. My apologies to Mr. Affleck.

For instance, last night I dreamt he was sleeping naked on the floor at my mom's house. He called for me to come and just hold him. I told him to just come up in my bed. I got naked with him, got under the covers, held each other for awhile and then he made me breakfast. Yea, a nice sweet dream. But WHAT THE FUCK?

I didn't even used to think he was that cute as far as movie stars go. I haven't even seen a movie with him in it in like weeks. But that is the 4th or 5th dream I've had with him in it. You know that list you make with your significant other of movie stars/rock stars you'd get to fuck if you had the opportunity? He wasn't even in the top 10, my friends. Certainly not higher than say John Cusack or Trent Reznor (but only the Perfect Drug era).

What would Freud say?

You thought it was done?

Thanks to Teddy Alfrey, I have more Zombie Pics! from our C'ville shoot.

Doesn't look like the film will get done before Halloween. Damn.

Guess I was a little pissed off last night after watching those documentaries. Election day cannot get here fast enough.


Abandon All Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here

We're also watching 2 other documentaries that are going to make my blog full of a lot more "F" words. Trust me on that.


Editors Note: "Unconstitutional" so far it's great and yes, I'm fucking pissed off. Being pissed off is not a comfortable feeling, but it's necessary for change.

Some notes of interest (Again, feel free to check these):
1.) 1,000 plus people "detained" for months and months in this country even though they were not charged with crimes but soley based on their religion and/or ethnic group. In small cells, solitary confinement, including entire families, even children, for months.

2.) Mass deportations of citizens seeking political asylum in this country were sent back to the country they were running from. Entire families, even children.

3.) Guantanamo Bay, well, it's disgusting. And it appears that by calling someone a "terrorist" means we do not need to treat them like human beings by following the Geneva Conventions.

4.) Through the Patriot Act, the government, police, FBI, ALL government agents can check your email, library records, police, medical and internet searching records whenever they want. You.

5.) I saw video of when people protested at Bush's inauguration, cops with hidden faces in plain clothes were spraying people in close range with pepper spray and beating people with nightsticks. People that were clearly just standing there in peaceful protest.

Yea, like I said. I'm pissed off...still. Some good news: A lot of counties and municipalities around the US have banded together to put in place City Council agreed upon legislation that will not let the Patriot Act be allowed in their areas, if you will.

Man I gotta go to sleep.

Fuck You George Bush

We watched a documentary called Bush Family Fortunes tonight. Of which I will promptly package and send off to my grandma that just doesn't "trust that Kerry guy" enough to vote against Dubya.

Some interesting points were (I encourage you to check these yourself):

1.) How in Yugoslavia (after our elections) when it was thought one candidate fixed the vote, the other candidate led the people in the streets and they went on strike until it was figured out. Did Al Gore do that? No. Another reason I'm not a democrat or republican.

2.) Of the 90,000+ votes "lost" in the Florida counting, 54% of them were black votes. And I believe only 20% (I can't remember the exact number, it might be lower) are black in Florida.

3.) The person in charge of stopping the counting of the ballots, Kathy Harris, Secretary of State and Campaign Manager for George Bush.

4.) If you go into "black" neighborhoods this upcoming election day, check out how the voting machines work. Are they functioning? Do they have helpers there to help people use the machines? Are black people being told they cannot vote because they are convicted felons?

5.) Of the many states adopting electronic voting machines NONE of them give you a paper receipt. We get a god damn receipt when we buy tampons at Walgreens for christ sake. But when you are voting on the President of the Free world? We'll just take their word.

Voting is one of the many rights in this country that I do not plan on taking for granted any longer. I strongly urge the women and men, definitely of my age group, and that includes any color, to get out there and make your voice heard. And if you don't care one way or another, can you just vote for me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

But seriously, the leading death of democracy? Apathy.


Hey there. I haven't posted for a few days because I've just sorta been takin' it easy. No pictures, not even a new phone yet to start my moblog. Just a nice relaxing fall weekend.

Friday night I was all ready for my shopping trip alone but ended up just picking up a few items and rushing home to play Sims 2. theMan didn't make it home until around 11:00 p.m. that night so we just took it easy.

Saturday I dropped off theMan at the studio and went to the gym with Jzn. Then pretty much just hung out and watched movies and chatted with pals. I can say you should go rent or buy Chris Rock's new DVD, Never Scared. Hilarious, simply put.

Today, well we got barbeque for breakfast and did a little shopping on Michigan Avenue with the rest of the sheep. Did pick up a couple Bush documentaries, so I'll try to review those shortly. Now, we're sitting here watching a documentary on mullets and nursing a toothache.

So yea, boring unblog-worthy material here, but it's a journal. How was your weekend?


Store linx

A t-shirt made for me!

Good stuff here too!


I wanted to let my buds know that my phone is fucking up big time. So if you can't get through, keep trying. I should be getting a new phone tomorrow and possibly even adding this to my site!


My Little Cave

After a general summit at the Kitten House last night, an agreement was reached and I got to purchase Sims 2 as part of the deal of giving up my beautiful 20" Cinema Display & G5 for a laptop. Just wanted to warn you, because you might not hear from me again.

This game is so incredibly fun and addicting that I just can't help myself. I mean you can even change the chin shape on your character for crying out loud? The best part? I can make little movies and they will save for me to upload including using different camera angles! So you can bet there will be some zombie films being created in the Sim world immediately! Either that or little films including characters made from people I know. Oh...the things I can make you people do in my little Sims world!

Of course first thing I did was make me and theMan and put us in a swank little pad. In this version your characters can be gay, do "Woo Hoo" (sex), fat and have children that actually age instead of just go from baby for 2 seconds to middle school kid. You also age and die as well as have aspirations instead of just needs to fulfill. One aspiration is "Romance" which means that Sim's main goal is to hook up with as many people as possible. Awesome!

Anyways, it's Friday and I don't have any real plans for this weekend other than burn out my retinas playing this game. Tonight I'm going on a solo shopping spree for a couple books I want and some pants while theMan is trying not to come in his pants playing with all the gear at the recording studio. I gotta hit up the gym too at some point because seriously....it's not pretty.

So yea, have a good weekend y'all!


Puff puff give

I just realized I sent my sister a compilation CD of songs today that she likes to Godville and some of the song titles were "One Toke Over the Line*" followed up by "Lilac Wine*" and "Erection*."

Now that is funny right there.

*Song Titles belong to the following respectively: Grateful Dead, Jeff Buckley, and The Faint.

PMS=Pretty Much Shitty

I heard that distant howl of the PMS freight train whistling in the background earlier this week, but now it's upon me and shaking my entire foundation. As you can tell from my previous posts I'm sure. I've been tossing and turning at night, bloated like a pig and eating absolutely everything in sight. I also just told my co-workers that if I wanted them asking me 20 quesitons about what I'm doing on a project, I'd (and I quote): "Send out a fucking memo!"

So you see, the other lovely side effect is that if you are in my general vicinity you had better keep a firm grip on your head or I am liable to knock it clean off your shoulders. Fortunately, one of my friends is picking now to get on my last nerve.

I won't go into too much detail but I will say her self-absorbtion is the stuff of legends. As the days go by, my patience for it is wearing very thin. The next GWO (Girls Weekend Out), which she will be present at, is the following weekend and I'm a little nervous under all my excitement.

I'm mostly nervous because she does not show any interest in our lives. Now, she can ignore me all she wants. Yea, it's obnoxious but whatever. What makes me nervous is that because she doesn't pay any attention to our other friends current events (who are going through some heaavy shit), she ends up saying extremely ignorant and insensitive things to them on a regular basis. I'm protective of my friends, even against other friends. Awww....count to 10.

I admit, my poor husband is taking the brunt of it. Well, him and my co-workers but screw them. He just left for the day saying, "I'm going to go home now because I can no longer walk on eggshells today." Hee hee, poor guy.

Fucking uterus.

Oh, of course

Just read this on JenEx's blog: Bush giving huge speech to counteract his loss in polls. And why not? I mean, if you couldn't do it in the time allotted at the debate and all by yourself, go ahead and back peddle you piece of shit.

Look for these every time he gets his ass handed to him in these debates. I'd almost bet on it.

Of mice and men

Last night I woke up yelling because I had a dream my pal Lance threw a dead mouse on me.

Damn you Lance.


Fuck vs. Kill

I'm reading this great book before bed, well still reading slowly but surely, called "The Book of the Breast" or "Istar Rising" in later publishings by Robert Anton Wilson. In this latest chapter, he talks about how "fuck" is a word that is disgusting or sometimes even illegal to use but you can say "Kill" on TV or in public whenever you so feel desired.

Now as most of us know the word "FUCK" relates mostly to slang for sexual intercourse. Thankfully it can also be used as an adjective, pronoun, verb, or noun not always relating to sexual intercourse, but you see my point.

Lately that's been proven with FCC fines given to Howard Stern or in a somewhat related event when they fined Janet Jackson for showing her boob, but nothing was done to Jimmy Swaggart for saying he would "kill" any gay man that ever hit on him. Look at the outrage over showing sex in video games or on TV, but you can blow someone's head off in those media formats without a bat of an eye!

Bob relates this to oral or anal personalities, etc. which I won't get into here. But after reading it I felt suddenly justified for my sailor mouth. So here's my question to you to discuss at your local pub: why is sex so frowned upon in this country and why is killing a national pasttime?

It can't be the Bible can it? I mean in the 10 commandments God clearly doesn't want any killing (zilch, zero, nada, not even a loophole for Americans against killing little brown people in foreign countries although our government would have you believe otherwise) but the only thing against sex in that big book is not before marriage, no adultry or with the same sex. (Geez God, lighten up?) He/She doesn't say no sex whatsoever. He doesn't even say don't have a foot fetish or enjoy S&M. From what I've read God could give 2 shits as long as it's in the confines of marriage, well same-sex marriage.

So what is it?

Alien Cyborg Vs. SuperCuts

I only viewed a small portion of the VP debate last night. Caught the pre-debate coverage on CNN at the gym and about 10 minutes of the actual debate after that. So the following comments and opinions were based on that time period. I will say the coverage of the pre-debate on CNN was retarded and one-sided. I pictured Wolf Blitzen and his bow-tie wearing lackeys giving up their entire career as "anchormen" just for one succulent go at Bush's nether-regions.

From what I saw of the debate, SuperCuts (Edwards) seemed to hold his own. I noticed in the presidential debates Kerry was well-spoken and didn't sink to attacking Bush's intelligence or the way he spoke. I wondered if that was a good move since most of this country likes things like wrestling and Jerry Springer. However, Edwards seemed to take up the zingers and punches last night. I noticed he even sorta laughed and made fun of Cheney a bit in the way he retorted or answered questions. Now Alien Cyborg (Cheney) didn't do too bad but I just find it hard to believe him when he talks about how they are going to make things better, seeing how they've already had 4 years to prove that.

I'm biased I suppose, since I trust Cheney about as far as I can throw his cyrogenically frozen corpse but like I've stated before, I'm picking the new assholes over the ones currently residing. I will say I was impressed with what I saw. I expected Edwards to be a good ol' boy idiot, soft spoken and not able to keep up (wow, sorta like Bush) but from the tiny bit I saw, he wasn't.

So I'm still voting Kerry/Edwards. But damn if I ain't all bumfuzzled over the next debate! Please, if there is a God, let the Town Hall at that debate be full of people educated and pissed off!!



I'll comment on the great debate between SuperCuts vs. Cyborg Alien from Mars tomorrow. But first....

Remote controlled sex toys you can control over the internet???? Where the hell do we as a human race sign up?

Thanks to: Electric Bugaloo for the link.

Your last chance

Last chance to register to vote is TODAY in many states! Get out there people!

Try this:

Click here to register! (Thanks Vance!)

Lill' Dab'll Do Ya

I must note: Not all Darren said about Leos was bad. He said all the things I posted as well as we're crazy when drunk, need flattery, etc. Hee hee. Sorry Darren!

Secondly, Jennifer, I think that sums you up to a tee (most of it). I wouldn't say you are reclusive however.

Thirdly, last night I had a blast. I've mentioned since it's October the pumpkin ales are flowing aplenty so we decided to have some friends over for tacos, Halo and pumpkin ale. Although truth be told, I stuck to Mike's Hard Lime most of the night because I kept opening them before being offered a pumpkin brew. Have you guys had Mike's Lime??? It's really really really good.

Fourthly, because I'm lame and stuck I've decided to be a dead hooker for Halloween for the time being. I ordered this vinyl skirt and big ol' heels and had to put them to use somehow. So I'm going to put strangulation marks on my neck, a black eye, maybe some track marks and there you have it. Mostly it just makes me giggle when I imagine someone asking me about my costume and I reply with "Dead Hooker." That makes me happy for some reason.

And finally, thanks to a suggestion from Lance, theMan will be working at a studio this weekend. I'm so happy for him. I really really really hope this lets him burn off some creative energy. He's been stuck in a rut for a long ass time. And since we can't afford to send him to school, this is the next best thing. Wooo hooo!

Did I mention it's October and GORGEOUS outside!??!!? Well, I'm off. I just had to write something. I think it's official that I'm addicted to this blog. I must tell you insignificant details of my life or I get all itchy and my legs start shaking. Kinda weird.


Hungry like the Lion?

I'm a leo, just so you know. The other night at the pub we discussed how zodiacs relate to personalities of those born under specific signs. I never bought into horoscopes, etc. but I found it interesting that according to Darren, and most info I read, I do have a lot of the characteristics of a Leo. His thinking was that when you are born you are born into certain energies and moons and positions of those energies, etc. so even if daily horoscopes are bullshit, general zodiacs can contains some truth. I'm sure I'm explaining it wrong, but you get the drift. So I am waiting for something to print at work and thought I'd jot a few down.

Some Characteristics of Leo:

-You possess an imposing persona and have a royal air around you. (Royal????)
-Well developed bones, broad shoulders, tall, well-built and muscular body.
-You are ambitious and commanding. You will like to be in positions where people look towards you for guidance and direction. (God, do I.)
-You tend to perform better in a stressful situation more than in daily routine.
-She also has the tendency to while most of her time in pursuing activities of leisure and recreation. (If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know this.)

General Nature
-You are very sure of yourself and are able to mingle with all people, high and low alike. (I like to think so.)
-On the flip side - you are a quite a slave of flattery and people can misuse this weakness of yours to get the result that they desire from you. (Amen. I'm a sucker for a compliment.)
-Sometimes you also become difficult to get along with. You want every thing to go your way and you fail to see that other human beings also exist and they too can have a desire or say in any subject. (What other humans?)

Sex Life
-You are fiery and passionate. You will attract men but will not allow them to come very close to you.
-You know well how to handle men and even the worst of them will behave properly in your audience. (I suppose it wasn't an accident I picked a known Dominatrix name for my ID. Hee hee.)

Darren also said all Leos he's known get crazy when they drink, need flattery and are opinionated. Damn, did they write this for me or what? I agree with most of it and I love the fact that my sign represents strength because mostly that's how I see myself.

Check yours out here for fun.


Be careful

A trip to Rockford with Careful...(click to make bigger.)

Aw, a weekend update. Friday: Shopping, eating salads and hanging out with pals. Saturday: I didn't go see my sister and mother so I decided to go shopping alone instead. Scored some Halloween stuff and got some new duds as well. That night we helped Careful take their show on the road to Rockford, Illinois.

Little venue called "The Texas Lounge" which proved to be pretty hip for the underage kiddies to hit up on a Friday night. Because I assured Rodney that this would appear in my blog, I should tell you that I kicked his ass twice (2 out of 3) in pool as well as beating Matt, the drummer, twice. I admit a couple of them was because they scratched on the 8-ball, but not all of them. And we only played slop once. ;) Rodney failed to believe me when I told him my dad, the pool hustler taught me all about english buddy!

I hadn't seen in Careful in at least 9 months and they have come a long way. If it wasn't for the shitty sound system, I'd say it was near perfect, but always entertaining regardless.

Today I've played Ms. Suzie Homemaker by cleaning the house, baking blueberry loaf and making dinner. Now we're watching mentally handicap people report the news on a documentary we bought. Let me just tell you...it's priceless.


Um, I guess this is 500

Fucking Blogger didn't update my stats right, so I guess this is officially 500. Oh well, such is HTML.

Anyhoo...thought I'd give you a recipe today. Now, the "concept" of this dish was originally my mother-in-law's (or Mom #2, as I called her). Being the generous soul that she was and probably secretly hoping it would prompt us to give her grandchildren in return, she told me her recipe on several occasions. Being the dope head I am, I never remembered it completely or wrote it down. This dish makes my husband turn into a drooling imbecile at the very thought of having it on his plate. Every time she would ask us over for dinner he'd sweetly beg her to make this dish. And though she'd have the ingredients for something far more elegant, she'd throw this in to please her beloved son.

And I must admit, I was hooked as well. This made me feel like I'd finally turned into the daughter-in-law and wife they had always hoped.

I must also make this clear that my MIL (Mother-in-law) was NOT into healthy eating or cooking and mostly whipped up serious comfort food. The kind of food that mom's are known best for! So dieter's, you might as well forget it.

Anyways, I'm trying to recreate this recipe as best I can, but it is a far cry from her original. For instance, I'm using Manwich and she made hers from scratch. Man, I can hear her now on whatever plane of existence she's currently rockin'. She's got a Misty 100 hanging off her lip and sitting at a kitchen table with my great-grandma, Eva, knee deep in a game of Skip-bo. As soon as she hears the Manwich can being opened she cringes and looks to my grams, "I always knew that girl would give my son trouble."

So here is the recipe. And if you have some homemade recipe for "Manwich", please pass it along. I'm pissing off the spirit world here people.

Bake 8" x 8" or slightly bigger pan of cornbread. After cornbread is complete, layer on top with sliced cheese. Then add layer of Manwich type stuff. Then another layer of cheese, another layer of Manwich and cover with cheese. Yea. Then put in oven at about 400 F until cheese is melted.




This is my 500th post! And I thought what better way to celebrate than giving an idea I just thought up (with the help of Vance) to help people make a difference in this world. Because I admit, I feel hopeless:

Last night's chat at the pub inspired me. Why not have a rally where people were invited to sit at 4-person tables, drink free beer, and the only obligation was that you had to discuss certain topics in order to come to agreements to help better the world. We could have a live feed of the agreements reached and email the White House/UN so they'd know what we all thought?

You could be sure not all like-minded people would come because a wide variety of people enjoy liquor. The only danger factor is having arguments escalate once people got intoxicated. We could have punishments for that though. Maybe the offenders would be forced to hug for 15 minutes until they calmed down.

Anyways...I will stop posting today I swear. 500 is a good number to settle on today.

P.S. I think I acquired some new readers from myspace.com and I just wanted to say "THANX FOR COMING!" Leave me a link and I'll add you!

Jzn is awesome in his reasoning

Jzn's response to my feeling guilty about not wanting to drive back home again this weekend:

If you don't want to go, don't go. They might get mad, but they'll get over it. I'm sure they will have something completely new to guilt trip you about next week. What's one guilt trip in the long, long, intergalactic guilt trip that is life? You know, that's actually a pretty funny idea for how to look at religion. We are on a "journey" through life, a "trip", where you are made to feel "guilty" at all times. That is the purpose of this trip. to feel guilty. Life is a giant guilt trip. I will dub this new religion "Momianity", and many will fear me.

And another thing....

The big issue this election is whether we'll have a draft....Regardless people, the military is not volunteer. Guess why the military offers to pay for college while the government cuts education funding?

So poor people will have to sign up and fight rich people's war.

Abortion...why not?

You know...I'll go ahead and just state my opinion now. Just to get it out of the way. In my previous post I said that abortion and gay marriage are 2 issues in this election (or in my life in general) that do not concern me in the least and do not need to concern my sister either. So here it is:

1.) Abortion: I don't agree with abortion for myself. So guess what? I wouldn't have one. However, if someone decides too it has NOTHING to do with me. It does not affect me in any way, nor my loved ones or my community. Guess who it affects? The woman who decides to have it. They pay a price for having an abortion. I would assume most women that decide to go that route have to live with that decision the rest of their life. They pay a price for that decision, but you know what? It's their fucking decision. Some people say: "Well what about people that use it as a form of birth control?" My answer, "Why is that your business?"

I have friends that have made that decision and I've seen how it affects them. I believe they had to go that route and to have had them have to find some back alley procedure to get it done which would put their lives in jeopardy, fuck that. I'd rather them be here and healthy. We do barely anything to take care of the people already existing on this plane as it is. For instance, don't you think it's more important in this election to worry about how we're getting 90% of our military being used home from the war?

2.) Gay Marriage: I could give a shit less. From learning about adoption, I'm eager for gay marriage to be legal. Maybe then more states would make it easier for gay couples that want children and want to adopt children that straight couples don't. Again, how does that affect you individually?

How does gay marriage affect you more than say, taxes or the environment or education or health care? It doesn't I can almost bet.

And here's another thing...if you don't agree with me, that is fine. It's fine! Let's talk, let's discuss, let's debate. It's healthy! But let's leave the persecution out of it? Deal?

I have always disagreed with religions that get in other people's business. But if you've read this for any length of time, you know that about me. There I said it.

Presidential Pub

Well despite my attempts not to watch the debates last night for fear of being furious, we settled in and watched the whole she-bang. My opinion? Kerry impressed me with his eloquency and I agreed with him on almost all of his opinions and views. It made me feel better about voting for him even though I don't trust him as much either. He stuck to the issues and answered the questions. Something Bush did not do. Bush is not a public speaker.

theMan commented that he heard a guy analzing W.'s speech patterns. He noticed that Bush is confident and well-spoken when talking about war or speaking about what we're going to do but that he always gets tripped up in his speech when he has to be compassionate. This guy thinks W. is incapable of compassion. I did notice that Bush was fine unless he was talking about the troops. Then he sounded like a bumbling idiot.

I spoke to my sister last night who asked me who I was voting for. When I told her Kerry she couldn't believe it. So I asked her, "why are you voting for Bush?" Her answer: "He doesn't believe in gay marriage or abortion". Um, no offense...but gay marriage and abortion do not affect me or her really, in any way shape or form. I think there are LOTS of issues more important that have the capability to affect people worldwide than someone's personal choices. However, there is the religious right for you. Sorry Jamie, I'm willing to hear your argument to that point?

After the debate we went to our local pub with our pal Darren, and ended up having a great conversation for several hours. One of those conversations that goes from genetically modified food to the pros and cons of TechTV to why the world is ending. Man, I love those conversations. Figuring out the world's problems over some booze. Fun stuff.

Anyways, the weekend is here and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to give into the guilt and drive another 2 hours to see my family again. Yea, they were supposed to come up here but that got cancelled so the transfer of guilt from them to me has taken place, of course. To top it off, my mom is back in the hospital for tests because apparently her surgery recovery isn't going well. All of my pals have tried to convince me I'm not a bad daughter if I don't go back, but damn that guilt. My mom and sister should be travel agents for guilt trips.