God damn it. It just doesn't make sense. I know deep down there is nothing wrong, it's just what it is, but why......ah fuck it. There's no good yes/no answer for that. Big hugs sent to you E. I wish I could cheer you up toots!

Went to the movies last night and on a side note, if Charlize Theron doesn't get the Oscar for "Monster" they should stop holding the ceremony altogether. That movie was incredible and her performance was absolutely unreal. Go see it or at least see it when it comes out on video. I figured she'd get the Oscar because she made herself ugly, which is usually how it goes, but my god.....it wasn't just that. She looked horrendous, but the movie just rocked. Plus, to top it off at the end of the movie when the credits were rolling and they were playing Journey's "Don't Stop Belivin" these teenagers were making out. I guess that's the power Steve Perry has on people.

It's -20 degree wind chill here this morning and I'm at work in a shitty mood. I should stop blogging while I still have my dignity.


Gotta send some good luck vibes to E right now.......come on ovaries! Go go go!

Opps. It seems I'm a little short tempered. We were freezing last night (because it's 2 degrees here) when theMan noticed the heat wasn't on. Something the upstairs hump bunnies control. So I yelled, "What are they half wits? It's f-ing freezing outside!" Not 10 seconds later I hear footsteps and the heat kicks on.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.


I'm bored at work. I got trapped in a blogging circle & found the following links. Enjoy.

Scottish gay guy w/pics.
What's with the Disney characters?
Ask a grandmother.
Solider in Iraq's blog
Etch A Sketch online


Please god....don't let every person in this country choose their leader this way.

Conversation overheard at work:
Mindless Co-worker: "I really like Howard Dean."
Other co-worker: "Why's that?"
Mindless Co-worker: "I like his wife."

Her rotten mouth noise makes me want to punch a kitten.

The Oscar nominations have come out. Here are a few of the lists and a few of my picks. My picks aren't all based on my opinion either, if that was the case things would turn out differently. I'm going from the angle of who I think will get it based on any number of reasons. (Golden Globes, if they were ugly for the roll, if they were nominated but didn't get one last year, and overall talent) So if you have an office poll, feel free to use my picks.

Best Picture
''The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King''
''Lost in Translation''
''Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World''
''Mystic River''

Best Actor
Johnny Depp, ''Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl''
Ben Kingsley, ''House of Sand and Fog''
Jude Law, ''Cold Mountain''
Bill Murray, ''Lost in Translation''
Sean Penn, ''Mystic River''
*Tough call but I'm going out on a limb & saying J. Depp. Both Bill Murrary & Sean Penn got Golden Globes, but I just have a hunch about Mr. Depp. Those other 2 would be in the running for sure.

Best Actress
Keisha Castle-Hughes, ''Whale Rider''
Diane Keaton, ''Something's Gotta Give''
Samantha Morton, ''In America''
Charlize Theron, ''Monster''
Naomi Watts, ''21 Grams''

Best Supporting Actor
Alec Baldwin, ''The Cooler''
Benicio Del Toro, ''21 Grams''
Djimon Hounsou, ''In America''
Tim Robbins, ''Mystic River''
Ken Watanabe, ''The Last Samurai''

Best Supporting Actress
Shohreh Aghdashloo, ''House of Sand and Fog''
Patricia Clarkson, ''Pieces of April''
Marcia Gay Harden, ''Mystic River''
Holly Hunter, ''Thirteen''
Renée Zellweger, ''Cold Mountain''

Best Director
Sofia Coppola, ''Lost in Translation''
Clint Eastwood, ''Mystic River''
Peter Jackson, ''The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King''
Fernando Meirelles, ''City of God''
Peter Weir, ''Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World''

Best Adapted Screenplay
''American Splendor''
''City of God''
''The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King''
''Mystic River''

Best Original Screenplay
''The Barbarian Invasions''
''Dirty Pretty Things''
''Finding Nemo''
''In America''
''Lost in Translation''

Best Documentary Feature
''Capturing the Friedmans''
''The Fog of War''
''My Architect''
''The Weather Underground''

There you have it. Feel free to email me and disagree!


Added some pix at my album from our last GWO in Columbus. I miss those girls already.

Scroll to bottom, it's the last 3 if that link doesn't work. I'm having a hard time with Yahoo! Photo album right now.
Thanks to Jennifer for the pics!


As previously mentioned, my grandma rocks the socks! Check out this scarf! It's fuzzy and furry and reminds me of a boa. I dig handmade things, especially when my Grams is involved.

This weekend proved to be entertaining, exhausting and emotionally draining. We got the furniture and it is sooooo nice. I feel a little more adult not having a futon and broke ass cat hair covered dank chair. Not to mention the tray table end table and broken lamp. Yea, the Mistress rocks the hardest with her furniture. :) The visit with my mom was good although today it went downhill fast. I think my mom & me are friends easiest when we talk on the phone or when I see her for a day at a time. No sleep, no money and bad moods didn't help the extended visit. One perk, besides getting to see my momma, was her boyfriend. I dug him. My mom is an asshole magnet so he's a refreshing change.

Here's that restaurant we ate at yesterday. I want this in my front yard. Although preferably with an actual running model next to it.

Because I think she's a genius, I'll let you all know whenever Jen K. uploads a new film. The latest is a sad story of a man on a bus who got swindled by a bitch. View "DOWN WITH LOVE" here.

Is it snowing where you are? It is here. My slogan for 2004, F*#K SNOW! Somebody make me a shirt.



I have one of the coolest grandmas in the universe. Not only did she make me a furry furry furry scarf from scratch but she made it for the purpose of matching our future hearse!!! How cool is that?? She even mailed it to me and getting packages in the mail is fun fun fun!


Mom & her gentleman friend are here this weekend helping us move. We ate at a kick ass restaurant today that had gnarly bloody mary's! It even came with meat in it and a beer shot to chase the spiciness. I didn't need it because I'm not a pussy though. ;) Go eat at Twisted Spoke and you won't be dissappointed.

More in a bit.


I realize that telling someone about your dreams has as much interesting content as watching the Home Shopping Network, but I have to have a little blog therapy, so bear with me.

Last night I dreamed I went to my 10-year high school reunion. Thankfully I looked fabulous, even had the audacity to have on a mini skirt and thigh highs with garters (hopefully I'll be able to pull that off when the time comes!) and these huge high heels. I almost was borderline hooker. I met up with all my old girlfriends from school. They all looked great and we even hugged and laughed. I was even flirting with men that I barely talked to in high school. It wasn't one of those nightmare high school dreams. Usually that's what they are when I do think about it. I was hotter than hell, laughing with old friends, and had a great time.

Nice change for once. When I dream, especially lately, I usually have nightmares. I don't know why I dreamed this. We watched a great program on Tech TV called "Nerd Nation" (that was awesome by the way), which interviewed people who were "nerds" in high school and most of which are successful now. Maybe that's what started it. Although I don't know that I had that hard of time in school. Hmm....anyways, I just thought I'd jot that down for when I have to go to my reunion. Maybe I'll look back on this blog, rethink the mini skirt & heels and say, "Okay, no big deal."

By the way, I can't believe I am almost upon my 10 year reunion....ugh.


As you can probably tell from previous entries, I was crabby at work today. It's sorta seeped into my time at home tonight too. I did get good news! I did my taxes tonight and we're getting back a considerable amount, definitely more than years past. That will make up for the spending we've been doing lately so that's cool. I had never used Turbo Tax before but it's really really easy and somewhat cheap. If you have all your paperwork handy, go ahead and do it yourself. You'll get your money in 10-16 days into your banking account. I think it costs $40 total but we had to do the "basic" one. The EZ one might be even cheaper.

Well, just thought I'd pass along the helpful hint. Oh, and be sure to say farewell to Mr. Futon. He's going his merry way this weekend. Yipee!

Well hello there. What are some things that drive you crazy?

Here's a few of mine.

-Most of my co-workers
-Talk radio
-People that eat chilli cheese fritos in my general vicinity
-Lamps set in the middle of picture windows
-Running on the treadmill
-Guilt trips
-Really cool clothes not made for anyone with hips or tits

Things you love? Yea, me too.

-my man of course :)
-1969 black firebirds
-early 80's rap music on the radio in the morning
-not brushing my hair
-singing in the car
-being creative
-video games while high

Okay, carry on.


OH MY GOSH! I had such a blast this weekend. Dang, I love my girlies! Here's some highlights:

Friday: Talking till 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. depending on what clock in J's house you were looking at. ;) On the plane ride over I met this great lady. We talked from the time we boarded until the time we landed. She even scored us a ride on a go-kart through the airport to baggage claim. She was sweet, but I never got her name. I guess it pays to talk to strangers sometimes.

Saturday: Eating a wonderful breakfast at First Watch (YUMMY!), Shopping, meeting Samara (who is a riot!) and then enjoying a four course, 4 hour meal at The Melting Pot. My god.....if you've never ate there, RUN and do it soon. It's a sure way to get you laid if you are taking a significant other. We flirted merciliously with the waiter, Mr. Josh Fondue, and H. ended up with his phone number. I'm sure it didn't help that most of us were drunk, but hey. Whatever works. We got free glasses of wine, free coffee and an extra plate of dessert of of our flirting. Stopped by the Lion's Den for some sex toys and came back to J's. Drank a bottle of Asti and passed out.

Sunday: Hung out in comfy clothes, Ooh and Aah'd over Babies R' Us and played dominoes. Ate great on the diet until hot wings and my were they hot. Then had smores (YUM!) plus watched the Colts get beat by the Patriots. (Sorry Eric) I stayed up and kept J. company and had a great talk until the wee hours.

Being at J.'s house with the girlies made me wish we could live closer. I could see us hanging out on the weekends, even if we were just being lazy. But I guess that's what makes seeing each other only 4 times so special. I can't wait until April!


Well I'm off to leave theMan for GWO III today. So I won't be posting but here's a link to hold ya over.

Holy frijoles.


Here's a funny site, funny and depressing. Cruel.com

A message for Jennifer Matherly: I don't have your home email address...but here's what E & I were thinking. How about some euchre on Friday night since it's a 4-person game and we wouldn't have to worry about excluding Samara? This might involve a little early free day, but we'll try to be strong. ;) I can't wait to see you!!!!!! GWO here we come!

I forgot to add this link before, but here you go. Careful.com is a site with a couple of my pals stuff on it. From art to music to film noir.

Get some.


Just watched the Royal Tennenbaums. If there's one line in any movie that makes me tear up everytime I watch it, it's at the end of that movie when Royal is talking to Chas. Chas looks at his dad and chokes up and says, "I've had a hard year, dad." Every single time.

Why not make it 3 posts today?

Thanks to the daily dirt, here's a link to the Bill Hicks archive. Enjoy!

Is this true?

Seems to me, people would have an easier time worrying about their marriage if they had jobs, money for education and healthcare, but that's just liberal ol' mistress. Feel free to research farther....as always.

Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage


ASHINGTON, Jan. 13 - Administration officials say they are planning an extensive election-year initiative to promote marriage, especially among low-income couples, and they are weighing whether President Bush should
promote the plan next week in his State of the Union address.

For months, administration officials have worked with conservative groups on the proposal, which would provide at least $1.5 billion for training to help couples develop interpersonal skills that sustain "healthy marriages."

The officials said they believed that the measure was especially timely because they were facing pressure from conservatives eager to see the federal government defend traditional marriage, after a decision by the highest
court in Massachusetts. The court ruled in November that gay couples had a right to marry under the state's Constitution.

"This is a way for the president to address the concerns of conservatives and to solidify his conservative base," a presidential adviser said.

Several conservative Christian advocacy groups are pressing Mr. Bush to go further and use the State of the Union address to champion a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage. Leaders of these groups said they were confused by what they saw as the administration's hedging and hesitation concerning an amendment.

Administration officials said they did not know if Mr. Bush would mention
the amendment, but they expressed confidence that his marriage promotion plan
would please conservatives.

My mom's boyfriend has a daugther, Hannah, who is 6-years-old. The other day the cafeteria worker's at Hannah's school, husband died so her teacher had the class make cards for the lady. Instead of the traditional, "Sorry for your loss" cards, Hannah decided to put a guy in a coffin on the front of the card.

The teacher was not pleased and my mom's boyfriend had to go to the school. Everyone was suggesting therapy or punishment, but my mom, being eternally cool, laughed her ass off.

Guess that comes from raising my sister and me.


Lord of the Right Wing - Funny take on Bush.


Just watched Moulin Rouge again. Damn, that is a sad sad sad movie but Ewan McGregor's voice makes it bearable. His performance in Big Fish is certainly making him one of my fav actors.

I'm rambling. Good night.

Had a really entertaining evening at the Z Film festival last night. The highlights were definitely the "Orgasm" movie as well as Indellible and this crazy chick huffing Raid. Plus it was only $6 bucks. Not too shabby.

Just hanging out at home today packing for next weekend! Yay!


I can't sleep and the neighbors are screwing loudly again. This time it at least sounds like she's enjoying herself too.

Found this picture I took on a recent trek home. Now I know where it started, I went to kindegarten here.


FYI: muscleshoppe.com is not the same thing as muscleshop.com.

This guy is having a bad day.


I was looking through pix tonight from x-mas and found this one. Yes, that is a Spinal Tap patch. I'm the coolest sister ever.

"Well that's like your opinion, man." - The Dude

The other day I mentioned that watching Breakfast Club made me miss high school. I guess what I meant was it made me miss the late night parties, photo class, hanging out daily with friends, little life pressure, etc. I don't miss being in high school. The good outweighs the bad. I mean didn't really have a tough time of it like some, but it's all bullshit now when I look back on it.

Then I read the story of the kid gets hurt at my old high school. That's too bad, but it also makes me think.

The school that is making t-shirts to help this kid out with medical expenses is the same school that one year put their "special ed" kids school pictures after the index in the back of the yearbook away from the other kids. So as long as you weren't always handicapped, we'll give ya a special hand, I guess.

Interesting. But anyways, I digress.


Thanx to IAK, this is me if I was in South Park. Fun!

Boy gets stuck in toy machine at supermarket.

This kid figured out what every kid wants to figure out. I love the quote from a rescuer: "He was just relaxed. He wasn't upset. He wasn't crying. It didn't seem like he was upset at all," said Murray Patz, who took pictures of the incident.

WHY WOULD HE BE! It's not relaxing blowing through $5 trying to win those stupid animals. That kid found out a way to have his pick for free. Smart boy.

I got an email from a reader in Canada (at least that's where I think they are from) and I'm kinda excited. It's fun knowing people I don't know read this here little ol' blog of mine! I better start putting something of substance in here then.

Broke my rule of one hour of TV or less a night and ended up watching the Breakfast Club. Damn, I have to admit...Judd Nelson is sexy in that movie. Made me miss high school and trust me, that's not something I usually miss.


Yay! New Mac stuff issued today! I'm kinda stoked to see the changes Apple has made to their iLife products, although they don't ship until Feb. 16. Those stinkers. theMan ran down to the Apple store right after the keynote, but they weren't ready for him and his purchasing needs.

New smaller iPod that makes sense to me and even comes in colors. I wonder if people who have the white ones will be considered "old skool"? Speaking of, I saw a compliation of "old skool" rap on MTV the other day. With hits from Afrika Bambaata and the likes.

Mac also released a new version (upgrade) of Final Cut Express. I gotta get my dirty mitts in that someday soon.

I started reading a new book last night that fans of Philip K. Dick, George Orwell and William Gibson will probably love called "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. I ended up reading half of it last night in one setting. Picked it up from the "Banned Books" section of Barnes and Noble. I imagine most of you have heard of it, but if not GO GET IT!

Off to walk out in the cold.....damn. Oh, just found some more gay porn for my gay readers. Enjoy those beer can cocks! just don't go to Hardee's.

Mac Keynote address today! Get it here!


Man, eating healthy is causing bloodshed. I was cutting an apple with a butterknife (only I could get hurt from a butter knife) and I sliced my pinky.

Anyhoo, back at work today. So far I haven't been yelled at but I'm waiting for it any second. I've been his target lately. Mostly my fault, I guess I simply don't care about this place that much right now, and the fact that he's desparately wanting to retire but can't so he takes it out on us. Aw well. I have good odds. The only person he's actually fired was because they didn't show up for work for over a month. I at least come in every day.


Almost forgot....Jen K. finally put up her movies and such on her website. So click on it to check it out!

I'm watching Clue on Comedy Central and I had forgotten how hilarious this movie is! Woke up this morning to about 6-7 inches of snow. So needless to say, it's a good day to sit inside and watch Clue.

I have to admit something totally stupid, but a guilty pleasure nonetheless. Yesterday I watched the Real World Las Vegas marathon until 1:30 in the morning. I felt like my IQ dropped a full 10 points, but it was fun to just be lazy.

Had a weird last couple of days. Friday I thought I was going to pass out, puke or lose my mind at a restaurant we were eating at. Since then I've been nauseous or headachy every day. Ugh.....I don't know what's wrong with me but it's not fun.

Anyhoo, not much to report. Just thought I'd jot down a few things. Back to it tomorrow.


Hello there readers! I'm bored so I thought I'd write. It's 2004 and I've already screwed up and put 1/2/03 on a check I wrote. Takes some getting used too I guess. How was your holidays?

New Year's was fun and even educational. For instance, I learned the exact definition of a "bitch." Let's just say I met the person that word was created for. Dear Lord. Didn't really see any fireworks or anything, but got to have some laughs, porn and Coffin Joe with pals which is always nice.

The past couple days I've undertaken major "spring cleaning." I organized the 7 photo albums I had, changed up my "art" area and generally cleaned the house. I figure if I want 2004 to be better, I better change my surroundings a little. I swear I've been to Best Buy and Target about 50 times too. Bought a couple DVD's in the $5 section at Best Buy. If you love movies, that section is awesome! I got the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Something Wierd sampler and The Big Chill for $5 each, give or take. Yes, I realize "The Big Chill" isn't exactly in the same category as the others, but I love that movie and I can't explain why.

Ohhh....also saw "Big Fish" by Tim Burton on Thursday. Good good movie. It wasn't too much like a usual Tim Burton movie I guess, but it was a nice story movie. Kinda made me feel like I should watch it before bed or something.

Well, enough of my shenanigans. Hope all of your vacations were nice. I'm trying not to remember that the next holiday is Easter (3 months away!!!!) No fair.