Snakes on a Plane

"You need to feed the food...to the snakes...so they will quit biting the people."

Apparently more than just Sammy Jackson auditioned for this film.

Check this shit out.


One thing I love and simultaneously hate about the Internet is the complete lack of a face on the other side of the screen. It’s nice when searching for weird porn or buying products. (No sales critters hassling you in person. I like not having to tell Amazon.com “No thanks, I’m just looking” when they offer suggestions, I can just click.)

The other side of that is when people anonymously post nasty comments on people’s blogs or sites or send emails without a way for the receiver to follow their footsteps -- short of checking their IP address and booking a plane ticket to said town. This bothers me because I think it’s changing our culture outside the box on your desk.

We can be mean, rude, say things that normally we wouldn’t have the guts to say to someone’s face without concern for our relationship with that person or how our comments will make them feel. Once we hit “send” it’s done and there are no repercussions.

Shouldn’t these things be taken into consideration when dealing with other humans?

I think there is something to be said for having to deal with people we don’t necessarily agree with face to face. I wonder if that “comment/email me” feature is a way for us to de-evolve. You read something you don't like, send a reactionary comment and go on to another page. You've said your peace and the receiver has to live with it.

I visit a lot of sites where people have strong opinions about subjects that I don’t necessarily always agree with. However, I’m still shocked at some of the comments left by that lovely asshole "Anon" that I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t dare say to their neighbor or someone at the store. (If they did, I’d wonder about the stockpile of bodies in their basement.)

Not that I think anyone should be forced to put their full personal information up, but do you guys think it’s scary that we can hide behind “Anon” sometimes? Seems like there is a short trip to the thinking of “let’s start sending bombs to kill the brown people that we never see the face of because we don’t like them for XYZ.”

Time for the tinfoil.


More vegan fixin's

I've uploaded some pictures as well as some of our vegan dishes we've created. Check Flickr.

Carribbean Tempeh Salad
1 cup radishes, 1 cucumber, 2 tomato, salad leaves (your choice), pineapple, mandarin oranges. Cook some tempeh until browned and add then top with honey dijon dressing.

The other one...Vegan Sloppy Joes.

1 lb. fake meat, 8 oz. tomato sauce, 1/4 cup BBQ sauce, 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1/2 onion, 1 tsp. chilli powder, dash hot sauce. Stir together until heated and serve!


I’m so torn today, well lately in general. I have a dear friend, hell let’s be honest, she deserves more than a “friend” title, who is going through fertility treatment which isn’t working so far. Today especially is a hard day.

On the other side, my sister is pregnant and moving along merrily on her way. There are baby toys scattered about our chateau, I force her to try on the fake belly whenever possible and I could set up shop at Babies R' Us if I wouldn’t be looked at weird by the employees.

But I want this sooo bad for my friend E. too. So bad I can’t stand it. She's been through enough.

My other BFF is having to wait to have that desperately wanted second child due to cancer treatments so her future is more grey than black and white as well in that department. There needs to be another monkey in the world to make us laugh and squeeze.

I realize there isn’t a well of feelings that you can only pick one from. I can be ecstatic for my sister and sad and sensitive for my BFFs at the same time. I just want dearly to only have to pick from the ecstatic part of the well for BOTH of them. They all deserve to be happy.

God damn it.

Don’t make me get into why, as women, our fucking uterus (uteri? what is the plural of that anyways?) can make us lose our shit either...ugh. I'll start going off about our society and you might have to have the people in white coats come get me.

Lately the idea behind “sisterhood” has been on the top of my brain. I’ve not been a girl that historically had a ton of girlfriends. Usually I got along better with guys. However, since the Wife Liberation Front has come into my life and my sister has grown into the strong, lovely, woman I always knew she could be, I just can’t believe I didn’t think it wasn’t important to have strong lady friends around. Plus the other ladies that I've had the pleasure of knowing and learning from.

Now, I’d be lost forever without them. I'd be one of those crazy people the police catch walking in the middle of traffic mumbling about the end of the world. Really.

These women mean more to me than a proper title can describe. Maybe I should make up a new one: Sister/Family/I’ll Fucking Lose My Mind If I Don’t Talk To Them On A Regular Basis/Co-Troublemaker/Friend...

...there just aren’t words sometimes.



Sorry I've been quiet for a few days now. I feel like 2006 is an airplane trying to land. The wheels are down but everytime it hits the runway to stop it bounces back up because it's going too fast.

Anyhoo, Saturday I cleaned our house, organized closets, sorted winter vs. summer clothes, looked fondly at my shoe collection and grocery shopped. Yes, we are those sad people who grocery shop on Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. because it's empty in the store. And yes, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yesterday Sis & I met up with my mom and Grams to go wedding dress shopping! Ended up finding something totally unique and gorgeous. Even got my Matron of Honor dress along with it. Sis looked perfect in it. I can't go into detail or post the pics though since it's all a big secret from her husband until the big day. Just trust me on this.

We realized that both of us gave our mother about 45 days notice for our weddings. No wonder she is on stroke medicine. :) She was all into it though and we were laughing and having fun. Headed over to Babies R Us and the mall and I forced her to try on the fake belly so they could ooh and aww over her like I do.

As I watched her try on her dress with the veil and such, I sure got a rush of "Damn, I'm glad I have a sister." There is just something about it.

I feel truly blessed right now. No matter what kind of drama is going on, I am surrounded by some inspiring people. I'm a lucky girl.



During Project: “Oh My God We’re 28 and We Need To Figure Out Our Lives” we’ve been mulling over several different options for the path we want to take to get what we want. One of those I’ve discussed on here is finagling our finances and bills so theMan can be a SAHHD (Stay at home hot dad).

This puts an interesting turn on things for me. I’ve spent most of my grown-up years (so what, like the last 5 minutes?) trying to make more and more dollar on my paycheck so I can gather things I love and such. So we can live comfortably, have fun and buy whatever we want. You know, work towards these dreams I have in my head.

Since I’m going to be bringing home the bacon solo and we are downsizing our material wants in order to make the SAHHD thing happen, it’s going to completely change my goals at work.

Now I will be making money in order to keep us in a home and keep us insured and keep food on our table. No more will I be working to try to buy that awesome car or support Target’s stock by cleaning out their jewelry department on a weekly basis. No more can I change jobs just because I’m bored unless I have something better lined up. No more will I be saving money for big dream trips. No more can I have that freedom.

Things are going to be tight. We’re sorta assigning ourselves to middle class forever, or at least for awhile.

We are about to knowingly commit ourselves to living barely within our means just for kids sake. That feels kinda strange. It doesn’t bother me, it’s just a weird shift for me and I wanted to put it out there.

Thankfully we have had to cut down our spending in the past year due to job losses and the fact that Chicago is so freaking expensive to live in. I’m almost grateful for it. We live without cable and eating out at restaurants (except twice a week and we usually split a meal) and I no longer buy anything full price. So we’ve been having great practice but there still is the option to go back to full-tilt crazy spending if we wanted.

When the kids come, we’re gonna be stuck.

Is it weird that I’m up for the challenge though? I say “BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKERS!” Give me the coupon section of the Sunday paper, give me the thrift stores for hand-me-downs (I love a good hunt) and give me the used cars for our filthy farm babies to destroy anyways.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t keep doing whatever I can to earn more money. I plan on finishing getting my bachelor’s after one or two kids are born (please please please uterus work as planned) and I’m always on the hunt for opportunities for cash (short of anal, that will cost you extra). However, it’s going to feel so much more worth it to me now. Instead of jewelry made in China, I am going to be co-raising some humans.

I guess I didn’t realize I would be this excited to be broke!



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On Wednesday we took the doggie for a walk to let him know we loved him even though we've left him twice in the past week. Turns out he was still pissed.

So when a 2 year old came up to him he started flipping out. As punishment, he was forced to wear the costume while we took pictures and laughed at him. It was awesome.

(More random pix in Flickr)

We're back

We're back from our trip down South for the funeral. I was emotionally okay most of the trip except when I again had to go to the same funeral home that hosted my cousin, mother-in-law, great grandma and pretty much everyone else important to me. I feel awful for his kids and wife. The service was nice though, not too much god-selling and heavy with antedotes about his life.

I did heave great sobbing sobs (?) at the cemetery however when the American Legion played Taps for him. After hearing that at my cousin's funeral it just cuts right to my core. As soon as we drove up and I saw them standing by the coffin with their guns for the salute, my heart sank.
We went over as a family unit and said howdy to my mother-in-law too. Have I mentioned how tired I am of going to funerals?

A funny thing happened though, theMan's grandmother didn't recognize him. Not even when he said, "Do you remember me?" Due to all his weight loss she hadn't a clue until he told her! Then the next day she asked him if he had been sick because it was that dramatic of a change. Gotta love that.

We found out that his family (on his mother's side) gets together weekly for cards and a meal now and have been doing that for the past year. I'm looking forward to getting close with his family again. Things were strained for a long time before and after his mom died. But hey, maybe something good came from it.

Right now I'm at work with cramps and a case of the "I'll fucking gut you like a fish if you ask me any more stupid questions". So there's that.

But it is my great-grandfather's birthday today and although I know he won't read this, I wanted to put it out there for him anyways! Love you gramps!


Personal Ad

It's amazing how easy it is for me (and probably theMan) to blame each other for all our problems and stress. Do you guys do that too? Take it out on the ones you love?

This weekend I didn't let my mind stray once to anyone other than myself and my man. Well, I did say the occasional silent prayer for the T's but that's a daily ritual. My point though, it was instantly relaxing. I turned my cell phone off all weekend (hell we didn't even have service in the woods anyways) and we just wrapped ourselves up in each other. No raised voices, we took care of each other and I could feel my appreciation for him and vice versa slipping back. Plus, the fact that we could walk around naked all weekend....yum.

Then 30 minutes outside of Chicago on our way back, the phone starts ringing: Wedding details, death in the family, family drama, etc.

I'm so grateful for my big family and how they all count on me. I really am. I love surrounding myself in the middle of all them. They all bring me immense joy. But being gone this weekend and outside of it, it made it really easy to see another side of all of our lovely mess from a different perspective.

I think I know why lately I've felt like dropping off the planet.

I've been a girl that takes on people's pain and problems and worries about it for them. It makes me a great listener for my buds, but some problems make me twisted up on the inside. Thankfully, through therapy, I've gotten better. However, it was starting to build up again and then it gets taken out on theMan and myself. We were being hammered on all sides lately.

For all my talk about not worrying if I'm fat or being a certain size and girl power...blah blah blah, I am starting to get really low self esteem again. It even makes me cry lately to look in the mirror. I suppose the difference now is that I can catch it before it spirals. It still ain't pretty though. I solved that by going to the gym this morning and eating very well all weekend. I think everything was just getting that bad that it started to creep into my self esteem.

I also know we won't be living with any roommates again after this lease is up. In fact, I am quite confident that we are going to start looking for 1.) land to build on or 2.) a house in the boonies so we can set Operation Start Our 30's Gracefully into motion. Only until this weekend did I see the extra benefit of having a place of our own. (i.e. the nakedness)

We can escape at a place of our own. Shouldn't your house and your relationship with your spouse be an escape, something to come home too, like a vacation when things get nuts? I think that is what we have been missing. An escape.

So anyways...this long blathering post was just me figuring some stuff out on paper. Stuff like:
1.) I am in love with my husband and we need to sit down and put our relationship first because when we do it does wonders almost instantly. No more auto-pilot for long periods of time.

2.) We need a place of our own and preferably have it look like the set design to House of 1000 Corpses without the corpses. We decided this weekend to call our farm: Damp Towel Ranch. Now, to get the ranch part.

3.) I need to look at my health again as a way to stay mentally fit, emotionally fit and physically fit so I can deal with my highs and lows in the future. I deserve it.

4.) I need to get the fuck out of this angry town. I miss the politeness of smallville.

If you read all the way through this, thanx. It's been an introspective weekend to say the least.


We returned unsodomized!

Originally uploaded by MizVoid.
The complete set is here in Flickr so go check it out!

We had an amazing time! It was much needed and I feel so great, and I know it was just as relaxing for theMan as well. Just what we needed.

I added my trip diary by day below because I know you are on the edge of yours seats. (hee hee) Especially once you see this house to the right.

Sad news though once we came into town: theMan's uncle has passed away from a heart attack. It was a sad way to end our trip so we might be gone for a few days. Keep their family in your thoughts.


Sunday-Trip Journal Day Three

Woke up around 5:00 a.m.-ish to a storm and took advantage…again, ahem.

Then we just laid in bed with the window open and reading and eating breakfast. At some point I get up and hit the hot tub one last time. So glad I did too.

10:00 a.m.: A storm is brewing and the power keeps going off and on so we better head out. Too late though since on one trip to the car I get soaked and hit by hail. Pretty peaceful ride home although my cell phone starts going off the moment we get close to Chicago. Then we get the sad news. Aw reality, yes, we’re back.

This has been one of the most rewarding vacations I’ve personally taken. I feel relaxed to the core. I haven’t had my cell phone on all weekend. I’ve just been by my man’s side for the past 3 days and loving every second.

SIDE NOTE: theMan and I had been having a strained relationship lately with all the craziness in our lives right now. This vacation was more than a chance to let off steam, it was a way for us to just be together. We’ve been by each other’s side all weekend. I can’t keep my hands off him and he’s let me just get it all out.

So this is for him: I LOVE YOU baby. Thank you for sticking by me. Let’s not wait another 8 years to take a vacation like this again. Clean slate time.

Remember, the trumpets….hee hee.

Saturday-Trip Journal Day Two (Part 2)

Saturday evening: Walked downtown a bit and went in a couple of the biker bars in search of French fries. Gave up and went to the Tastee Freeze and McD’s then headed to Raven’s Grin Haunted House.

The front door of this place was crazy, even had a shotgun poking out the doorknob hole. The owner drops the door like a drawbridge and comes out in military gear complete with gun.

Because I’m such a punk as soon as we got in to the all dark room and screeching clowns I started having a panic attack and ran out. Because I was near tears the owner dropped the crazy talk and was very sweet. Assuring me this wasn’t a place that uses chainsaws and Freddie Kruger. I mostly just hate places that jump out at you constantly and he said to give it a try, that it was mostly art and funny. theMan graciously said he’d leave if we wanted to but I thought I’d give it a try.

Turns out to be one of the best haunted houses I’ve been too. In fact, it inspired us to go ahead and make our house fucked up as well when we start building. He built the entire maze like house himself over the past 25 years and lives in it as well. Turns out it is really haunted so he thought might as well go all out. It went on forever and the guy, although pervy, was really funny and sweet. He could also weld like a mofo. Some of his art hung on the walls too which I would have loved to own. You could tell he was just a big kid having a really good time constantly creating art to make people flip out.

At one point you crawl in the back of a hearse and end up walking down a long winding corridor shaped like the inside of a coffin. The highlights though…the slides. Long dark and scary and you go really fast after he dumps you down about 3-4 stories. You pretty much never know what level you are on it’s so winding.

After the haunted house we headed back home because theMan started having bad stomach cramps and the runs. So we set up shop in our big comfy bed, watched a movie and fell asleep.

Saturday-Trip Journal Day Two (Part 1)

theMan’s Birthday day!

I think it was too quiet here because we both woke up at 4:00 a.m. wide awake pissed off at the birds chirping. Finally fell back asleep though and woke up at a more respectable 7:00 a.m. Had coffee on the porch and partook of the free English muffins and fireplace while we planned our day.

Another beautiful day, slightly cooler and we’re thinking it might rain but our bitchin’ covered porch will be perfect for storm watching.

9:00 a.m.: Our plans: state park trails then Raven’s Grin haunted house. Followed by a birthday meal grilled out on the porch by yours truly. WOOT!

3:30 p.m.: Okay so it’s now later in the day. We went on a couple trails at a free state park down the road and hiked several look-out points and decided to try to hunt down a boat tour place. We eventually gave up and visited the local antique store. It was cool but pricey plus we were starting to get hungry. Came back to the cabin and ate and took the best nap I’ve had in awhile. 2 hours of crossword puzzles while theMan slept next to me all wrapped up in each other’s limbs while a cool breeze from the windows blew over us. I had forgotten what it was like to sleep with windows and doors wide open not fearing intruders. All we needed was our puppy at the foot of the bed.

theMan started getting sick and was sore from the previous day’s work-out and our hike so I gave him a massage. We then decided to head into town to visit some of the local culture. Plus, he was craving French fries. Hey, it’s his birthday, I can’t argue with a man’s craving for French fries!

The town has a lot (LOADS) of bikers everywhere. Several huge bike shops, tattoo parlors and biker bars on the main drag. It’s like the town loves the biker tourists. There are signs everywhere: Bikers welcome! We’re hoping to score a ride, I’ll let you know.

Friday-Trip Journal Day One

Friday morning I got up around 6:00 a.m. and started running errands while theMan worked. We loaded the car and left an hour early (making me know this is totally going to rock because we are usually late to EVERYTHING) and hit the ground running. Traffic wasn’t even that bad, especially once we got out of the city. Once I realized we were surrounded by red barns, farms and the open road I completely relaxed. Like the tension just melted away.

We pulled into a small town on the way and saw signs for Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home so of course we had to stop! And stop we did, complete with pictures of theMan flipping off his statue and then running to the car before they brought out the shotguns.

I was a little apprehensive about the cabin, but as we got closer to the town it was in and saw the Mississippi I realized it was going to have to be pretty shitty to ruin this trip. Turns out, it’s gorgeous! The couple that own it are adorable. The lady asking us if we needed anything to make our stay better was wearing the fiercest denim jumpsuit I’ve ever seen. In fact, I think it was custom tailored to her slight frame.

The cabin itself is very clean and comfy. All the comforts of home and though there are 3 other cabins on the property, it feels like we are pretty isolated. It’s stocked with breakfast items, she even pre-filled 2 coffee filters for each morning we are here.

We unpacked and took the free trail bikes down the road to the trails at Indian Head. It was short but pretty rough and ended with a steep rock overlooking the river and highway. Everything is very slow and pretty here. People sit out on their porch and wave at you, all that. We came back exhausted since it’s like 80 here during the day and hopped in the hot tub. It’s pretty good sized too and clean!! Usually when I sit in hot tubs I envision all the big hairy dudes that previously sat in it, but nothing doing in this one.

After the hot tub, a quick cold shower then well...I gave theMan one of his birthday presents. Ahem.

The cool thing about this place is that they built them all on their land and there are all kinds of cool little touches. Like a journal in each room that everyone who has stayed here signs and fills out. They even provided us with some jazz CD’s and movies to keep us occupied. Once when we left, you could hear them playing guitar on the porch of their house at the front of the property.

We decided to eat some supper and then head out to tour the town while the sun was still in the sky. Ended up sitting next to the Missisippi River at this little park and taking some pictures. Then driving around the town and over to Iowa investigating. We came back and watched the coolest music channel I’ve ever seen. IMF (International Music Feed) is on one of the satellite channels in our cabin and it’s non-stop music and good music from all over the world! We’ve started a list of bands to check out like The Sounds, Morningwood, Energica, etc. I‘ve been out of the music scene for a bit so it was nice to get reeducated.

We had the car full of food: vegan garlic bread & asparagus for the grill, pasta salad w/tempeh for a meal we don’t have to cook, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and spices. So we haven’t spent a dime on food since we’ve been here and it’s been nice not to have to hunt for veggie alternatives. The cabin has a stocked kitchen with utensils, etc. so it’s easy to get it done. We brought so much food the fridge is about full.

Anyways, we’re about to start our second day here. Currently I’m writing this while sitting by the fire and the birthday boy draping his legs on my lap. That’s hard to beat.



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I tried all morning to get a picture of all the huge black bruises on my legs from Whirlyball, but no luck. So here is a picture of our little family instead.

Whirlyball...damn. It's a freaking blast!!! I got a little competitive though and started playing defense. Probably how I ended upu with all the bruises. At one point they stopped the game becuase me and another guy got out our cars and started pushing each other for the ball. Hee hee

Anyhoo...I'm off to the grocery store then to finish packing and we're off! Hopefully a weekend full of sex, hot tub, sleeping in and nothing but wilderness.

Que banjo music....


Happy Birthday Jesus! Oh wait....

Might not be a lot of posting here at Just My Blog for a few days. Today I'm leaving work early for our Spring Outing to play whirlyball with co-workers. This includes riding in bumper cars while throwing a ball back and forth. Surely a reaosn to have a lawsuit, but hey! Did I mention, free booze? Eeeep.

Tomorrow we take off for the woods for a much needed break from humanity and all things not involving hot tubs. Really, I might come back a prune because I don't plan on leaving that thing much.

If I get time I'll post a pic of my dog to keep you company.

Side note: I forgot to mention that Sis has 2 other symptoms: She cries all the time and she loves to smell our dog's feet. Yep, she's nuts.


Human Nature's Finest

God...thank you for making me a human being. For instance, on my way to work this morning I got to witness your finest creations at their best. A long row of the dead baby brigade stood every 5 feet with pictures of aborted fetuses on 4 foot boards and handed out pamphlets. Some even brought along their children! WEEEEE! I just laughed and said "No thank you" and they politely responded with a thank you and I went my merry way. Funny though...it was mostly men handing them out.

Then as I ascended the stairs outside my building I witnessed a bum fighting with another guy who was just sitting there taking it while everyone walked by them. I stood for a moment and held out my cell phone to make a point but finally it ended.

I appreciate you human race, you are great blog material.


Big hair blog

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Pants brought me home a shirt today that represents the only gang sign I plan on learning in my lifetime. That of the blog!!

I also wanted to show you what my hair did all day. It's big. I have no reason for it. I straightened it, I put pomade in it, I lovingly brushed it 100 strokes just like Marsha Brady...but nope. Still a mushroom. Oh well. Helps me look that much crazier.

More pix when you click on the picture of my hairy-ness and the coolest shirt that represents my crew.

Sis's symptoms are silly

I thought I would share some of Sis's symptoms since she doesn't have a blog and I think it's interesting. Bear with me...

1.) She pukes alot, I mean pukes all day long. Morning sickness, heh, try all day sickness. In fact I think my own constitution is going stronger because I was able to eat breakfast today while she hurled in the bathroom. Tonight she ran from her bedroom after consuming pizza and buffalo wings only to barf it all up in the water closet.

2.) She has a cute belly. Yes, I still look about 4 months more pregnant than she does currently, but it's growing and it's cute. She can't suck in anymore and her boobs, they are enormous. She tried on the "5-month-fake-belly" at a maternity store this weekend and I saw a flash of her this summer, all plump and round, bitching at Pants for not answering her phone calls and begging someone, anyone, dear god, get her some fucking steak before she has to cut a bitch.

3.) She has started a registry and it's stuff that made me sure she is my sister. None of it is really frilly per se and it's all in cool, modern colors. I'm going to go broke, I can assure you. Between Grace, my godchild and this one...I might as well tell the Steel Mill I'll be working the weekends to keep these kids in pink Chuck Taylors and funny t-shirts. Speaking of, I owe Gracie some more stuff. Hey! More reasons to shop!

4.) She has some abnormal cells on her cervix that have me scared, but the doctor thinks they will go away. The cyst already has so she's in the clear for awhile. Bonus though is we get to see more of the baby since she gets more ultrasounds. I plan on going with her to one of them so I can see that little fetus one more time.

5.) She eats things like pickles wrapped in cheese and if she could get away with it, I'm sure she'd make a meat parfait complete with steak, porkchops and barbecued anything with 4 legs.

So moving right along. 8 weeks and some change and keeping our fingers crossed all the way.

I like this Aunt stuff.

Feeling Lazy; Here's a MEME!

Have you ever? Game:

Taken a picture naked? Yes. There is a picture of my big boobs, pre-surgery, floating around in a beat up 1971 Dodge Charger’s glove compartment somewhere.

Made out with a member of the same sex? Yes for a solid 2 years to be exact.

Gotten in a car with people you just met? I believe that is how I landed my first serious boyfriend. I complimented his Camero like a good redneck and got a ride, then his number, then his tongue down my throat. Yes, I’m that girl.

Been in a fist fight? Not really with fists. I pushed a guy over at the Skinny Puppy concert for trying to start crap with theMan, but no fists involved. As the guy was walking away, I told his girlfriend not to start either. They left fast. Now theMan has the coolest wife story ever.

Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? It’s called being a teenager.

Been arrested? No.

Ditched school to do something more fun? Yep, but only once! The cool part though was my mom let us pick a day once a year every year to ditch school and do whatever we wanted. I remember feeling more free than any other time in my life on those days. We’d drive around, hang out at bridges, usually never doing anything illegal…just relaxing. I want to continue that tradition with my kids.

Seen someone die? Yes.

Kissed a picture? Yes. I didn’t kiss theMan for 6 months of dating. There was a lot of picture kissing in those days.

Slept in until 3? Yes, when I used to work all night skates I’d sleep until 4:00 the next day.

Played dress up? Yes. My Great Grams had this awesome dress up box for me. Loved that. I want to get Gracie one someday.

Felt an earthquake? Supposeably there was a slight earthquake in my town when I was little but I never felt it.

Had detention? Yes. My friend in middle school stole money out of a purse and I just sat there and watched her. I was guilty by association I guess.

Been in a car accident? Yes, several but thankfully not a bad one yet. Apparently I was in a bad one when I was just born but of course, I don’t remember it.

Pole danced? Not professionally but there are pictures of me with a pole and I was dancing at Erica’s bachelorette party. So technically, yes.

Been lost? I live in Chicago for crying out loud. Evanston is like that town that has no exit. You keep looping back where you started.

Sang karaoke? Not yet. There is not enough alcohol in the world. I guess I have been known to sing out loud along with friends to the Guns N’ Roses DVD but does that really count?

Kissed in the rain? Yes. I’d love to do about anything in the rain. It’s my favorite.

Sang in the shower? If I know that no one else is in the house I SING in the shower, I mean SING. I’m surprised you haven’t heard me. I just sound so good in there.

Got your tongue stuck to a pole? No. I watched “A Christmas Story” young enough not to try it.

Ever gone to school partially naked? Um...no????

Played chicken? No. Never my thing to mess with cars.

Mooned/flashed someone? As soon as I got my tits done and they healed I was all about flashing people while driving. I have no idea why. I moon theMan all the time. I’ll say “theMan, come here.” He’ll come in the room and I’ll be mooning him. I have no idea why this makes me laugh.

Forgotten someone’s name? All the time. I can never remember the guy’s name that colors my hair. I always ask for Nick/Chris really fast to see who they say.

Slept naked? Yep. Whenever I can, although it’s hard to in the winter.

Blacked out from drinking? Yes, that is very scary.

Felt like killing someone? Not deep down really. However there are 2 people on the planet that I’d like to beat with a tire iron until they were just about to die, then I’d just leave them. I don’t think I could ever really live with myself if I killed someone. Now, causing these 2 people paralysis, maybe I could live with that.

Made a parent cry? Yeah, just last night. My sister is getting married and my mom is losing it. Thankfully she’s getting help and I’m going to try to word things differently.

Cried over someone? Way too often.

Had sex more than 10 times in a weekend? No.

Had/Have a dog? Most of my life we had dog(s). Now I have one that is basically my child.

Been in a band? I played bass one day for one song for one band when I was 16. It was awesome.

Drank 25 sodas in a day? I really hope not.

Shot a gun? Yes, my dad let us each shoot his .357 when we were little. It was loud, that’s all I remember. I wish Sis had a blog because she’d tell you about the time she shot our brother’s .22 into the side of the house and about caused my mom to lose her lower intestines.

Go ahead...you do it now and send me the link.


Health Care Rip-Off

Health companies and drug companies are two areas that make me want to cut a bitch. So here is some new Senator (who is male. You are shocked, I know.) trying to fuck us over as a people because he's probably getting free botox from some drug company for his wife.

Time to write your senators folks.

Post titled: “Your cervix and the next recipients of the Super Bowl trophy will thank you”

"The U.S. Senate is currently considering S.1955, a measure that opponents are calling the "Lose Your Benefits" bill. Formally and doublespeakfully titled the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act, this bill would allow insurance companies to flat-out ignore nearly all state laws that require coverage for certain conditions or treatments — you know, those little extras like cervical cancer screening, bone marrow transplants, alcoholism and drug abuse treatment, mental health services, breast reconstruction, minimum maternity stay, provision of diabetic supplies, inclusion of domestic partners in policy coverage, direct access to your OB-GYN, continuity of care during pregnancy, mammography, contraceptives, infertility diagnosis and treatment..."

Go there...hell, she even gives you a form letter to send.


Rob Zombie, now with proof

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Jen K & Jose forwarded me some lovely shots from her perspective of the party, plus a couple of her with Mr. Zombie himself.

Enjoy! (thanx Jen K.)


Rob Zombie wishes you a very Happy Birthday

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We had a party today/tonight for theMan to kick off his birthday week. All of our Chicago friends came over for Sis's fajitas, 2 rounds of Trivial Pursuit and cake.

One of the highlights was Jen K. & Jose having Rob Zombie draw and sign an original drawing for theMan for this birthday. They interviewed him earlier in the day for a documentary and got the sexy rocker to make a little boy's wish come true.

Thanks all of you guys for making it cool for him to turn 28.

(More pics in Flickr)


Something for my cataracts!

Today has proved interesting. I got a random email from one of the two people on the planet where I wish their violent death would be videotaped so I could watch it when I'm feeling blue to cheer myself up. I promptly responded to it with: Just die already, the world needs the extra oxygen.

Then some national guard recruiter tries to muscle in on a myspace group I am a member of and I went the f-off on him. I think I need a nappy-poo before I become violent.

I've added a new book to my "Book Pile" list in the links below. It's an amazing biography of a complicated man with an introduction by one of my favorite authors/philosophers. As I've said before, I'm no good with reviews. It's just great okay, plus it dips into the psychology of the man instead of just "he was born here...he died here." I dig it.

Plus! Not only that but I'm going to the baby superstore tonight with my sister to ooh and ahh over all the wittle itty bitty baby things she will need in the future. Can't buy anything but it will be fun to look I think. I'm all baby all the time lately, might as well feed the addiction.

This weekend starts theMan's BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WEEK!! We do it a week in our neck of the woods, not just one day. Feel free to drop him a line here and wish him a Happy Birthday. He's getting better about posting more regularly finally so browse a little while you are there too. (Side note: I always want to type "Trapped in Batter" like he is stuck in a big bowl of cake batter or something.)

We're going to have a big whiffle ball/badmitton tournament at the park then some vegan food at Karyn's on Saturday. If I could bring you all up here for one meal, I think I would take you to Karyn's. It's TASTY and everything, absolutely everything on the menu is vegan! Next weekend I've booked us a cabin in Deliverance country complete with hot tub and a local haunted house. I cannot wait.....they even provide free bikes and the little old lady who owns it brings us breakfast in the mornings.

We also watched a flick last night that was pretty cute. "Elizabethtown" by Cameron Crowe. I'm a big Cameron Crowe fan, even if all his movies aren't the best thing to the film critics. That man can slap together a bitchin' soundtrack for sure! Check it out if you feel like having a tug on your heartstrings and an overwhelming urge to go on a road trip.

Okay so all of this is random but I just had to post something. I can't help it. I really like you guys.


My dog

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So today I got to work and realized I forgot my bra. How is your day going?

I've posted a couple pictures of my dog for your Thursday viewing enjoyment. Here's the thing, my dog can fart. I don't mean silently either. On Saturday morning he let loose 4 loud "pwappps" which caused to question whether or not we had actually made the noise. All Kaboom would do is look at us and then his butt completely startled at his new trick.

I love that damn dog.


Smash the Control Images

A funny thing happened on the way to the OB/GYN with my sister, you see, I stopped being so controlling over my life. Well, let me explain. In the first few days of Sis’s pregnancy and marriage at the court house I had NUMEROUS fights with my mother. Mostly because I felt she was being insensitive to me by calling me several times a day and saying things that I won’t repeat here for fear of someone else thinking it’s a good idea to say them to people when they are wanting to get pregnant, but turns out their younger sister gets to go first.

One of the things she did say which I will repeat was that she feels like I hold the fact that I went to college and waited to have kids over the people in my family that didn’t make those choices. She said that I’m too black and white with how I want to live. Yea, I was FURIOUS to say the least.

I know where she thinks that but I also know most of that isn’t true. We’ve had arguments over the past couple months about how we want to raise our kids versus how she wants to raise our kids, I know that is part of it. Plus I think she’s more jealous of how much Sis depends on me instead of her. However, she was also mad so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and not take everything to heart. It did get me thinking though.

I may be black and white about things but this is how I’ve thought I have had to live so the things in life I do want to happen will happen. I don’t believe in luck in that way. I don’t think things are going to be handed to me. Maybe it has to do with lack of self worth, or maybe it’s that I vowed to make it on my own to prove it to my bio-dad. Whatever.

A few days after our big blow out though I started thinking. I don’t agree that I hold things over people or brag about going to college (except I brag about my haircuts, but hey) but I do try to control the things in my life too much sometimes. Even though I thought I was grey, I might just be too black and white. EEEEEP

Does this mean I should cancel my membership to “Liberals for a Better Democracy” and get my “I’m a Conservative so Baby Killers are Assholes and Tax the Poor” card? Nah. I’m just that way with myself it seems.

For instance, we are trying to figure out where to live next year so we can start having kids and implement some other changes we want. I have sent out my resumes, etc. to various places we are interested in and since I hit “send” on those emails I have been worrying about it every single day.

Now my situation might be different since I am going to be the breadwinner for our family for a long time, but what the fuck do I think I am going to accomplish by worrying about it? You can’t control other people’s reactions, right?

Another area, the kids thing. I’m not in competition with Sis for kids so I don’t think of it that way. Sure I’m jealous that I can’t be there too but I’m not jealous of the choices she has to make right now. I’m certainly not jealous of the non-stop puking every day. Quite honestly, her situation doesn’t affect my uterus whatsoever. So why should it change our plans or make our children any less special?

It doesn’t, quite simply.

There isn’t a kid bank in the sky and if someone gets there before you, too bad. The only thing it changes in my world is that I might not get to host a healthy Thanksgiving dinner for the family like planned (damn you bacon wrapped ham and beans…I’ll get you yet!) because I’ll be helping her push, I’ll have a cool brother-in-law and the cutest niece/nephew for the rest of my life. Those are not bad things to have.

So here’s the new Kitten...trying to let life happen a little more. However, I will continue to tell everyone how much better I have it because I drove 35 miles a night for 2 years to get a degree so I can walk over glass to get helpless rich people files...yea...let me start bragging now.


I am transfixed


A Man Transfixed is here for your enjoyment.

Let me know what you think.

Thanx to JenK and Jose for letting me be apart of it!

4th Place

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The turn out was good and I was highly liked even though I had zero meat in my chili! Ended up coming in 4th place, beatng even people that ground their own chili powder. Woo hoo! Thanks to all my buds that came out and supported me.

4th out of 25 ain't bad!!

Ended up celebrating by playing a round of whiffle ball and watching 800 episodes of Via La Bam. Hell yes.


It's been awhile

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I haven't posted any pictures of my hair in so long I figured you all gave up on me. Today was the day. My regular colorist was sick so I was put with Angel who turned out to rock the house, literally. When not cutting hair he's singing on a reggae album he hopes to put out shortly in the clubs. Fuck yea.

So...how do you likey? There are more pics (yes of my vanity fueled hair obsession plus more!) in the Flickr once you click on the pic. Don't you want to see more pictures of our dog???

I also made a little set for my creative projects. Currently I'm painting a painting for Jzn. I'll post more when it's done this weekend.

For my Chicago homies...don't forget about the chili cook-off tomorrow! WEEEEE! I'll be the one with the cool hair and the bitchin' vegan chili.