We and checked out 2 1/2 songs live from Echo & the Bunnymen at Tower Records last night for free. Never really heard them before, but I think I'm a new fan.

Also bustin' a nut to a compliation disc made by my pal, Jen K. "Shake it now, go ladies!"

Well, theMan is out of the shower, so we're headed off. More in a bit!


Yay! We made it on Echo Gallery's website! How fun!

Also, something really weird just happened. I think a crackhead just came to our office door telling us he had some boxes to deliver, could he borrow our cart. He wouldn't tell us what company he was with and he kept looking around wildly. We said sure, but followed him up the elevator with it. He's like, "You going to follow me? Just wait here and I'll go get them without the cart." Then he disappeared after we started following him. So the theme for today is:

A crackhead tried to steal my cart.

What does a crackhead do with a cart anyways?

Thanks to Jennifer, here's a picture of a Fried Candy Bar.

It looks like a corn dog, doesn't it? This little heart attack on a stick is dipped in dough and deep fried for a couple minutes then sprinkled with powdered sugar. This one was a Snickers, but they had others. I took a bite and it was delicious, but man oh man.

It's amazing what a new morning will do to you, well that and 2 days of vacation starting tomorrow.

I forgot to tell you all what happened last night. We went to Radio Shack to get a $5 kit to clean the VCR, plus we were in a hurry, and when we were checking out the lady at the cash register tried to "upsell" us like you wouldn't believe.

She said, "Sure you wouldn't want a digital satelitte or cell phone today with your purchase?"

What I should have said, "Wow, you know what lady, now that you mention it, go ahead and tack on a $300 satellite and sign me up for 2 years of service with a shitty cell phone company! I thought I just needed a head cleaner for the VCR, but you've shown me the error of my ways! Thank you for being such a commission whore that you push huge purchases on people with every ding of the cash register and waste my time when I'm really wanting to move along."

theMan gave her the shittiest look he could muster and said, "Are you serious?"

She got real uncomfortable and said, "Just doing my job."


It's late and I can't sleep. I have a load of things on my mind that I just decided to blog. And yea, I realize a lot of people read this, but it's not only a site for me to try to be entertaining, it's also a journal of sorts so here goes.

I realized a couple things tonight. For instance, I opened a journal I keep that mostly gets used when I'm really upset, pissed off or especially happy. So basically whenever I feel something extremely, well extreme. I started to list a few things that had been going on and it was the first time I was able to write something totally positive about my sister. I read entries from Christmas when my mom had to put away her unopened gifts because we didn't know where she was and it was depressing her. When she had left Wisconsin to live in her boyfriend's van. When she came to stay with us for a week and it was one of the most emotionally draining weeks of my life. I guess I realized how much it hurt. Even my handwriting was different from now. One line struck me too. I wrote something like "I don't think she will ever make it out of this alive." So I'm going to just be thankful, yea maybe a little skeptical because that's just me, but mostly thankful. My Grams went to visit her this last weekend and said she radiated a happiness that she had never seen from her before. She was mad because she got a 99.6% on a test instead of 100%. That they might make her validictorian and give her an internship to work with other people after she gets out because she was such an influence on them there. You have to understand, my sister hasn't had long term goals in years. So this makes me happy and it makes my family especially happy. My dad called to tell me he'd talked to her and he sounded so relaxed. Even when he was talking about other problems, he was laughing them off. And one of the things I treasure is my dad making a joke and laughing the way he does. I couldn't ask for anything better. So yea, she's a Christian now, and maybe more than I can handle at times, but I'll accept it like I accepted her addiction. For some reason, her addiction was easier. I guess when you are negative about something for so long and get your hopes up and let down, it's hard not to be cynical. Besides pessimistic people live shorter lives than optimistic....I'm not ready to punch out my mortal card just yet.

Geez, after 10:30 I get so emotional. I do my best thinking late at night. I gotta find a job that starts at noon and lasts until 5 p.m. but still pays my bills.

Well, I think I'm officially tired so I'll sign off. Just needed to vent and burn my retinas a little with the screen. I'll get back to posting links tomorrow. Actually I have an article from the new Playboy I want to post. It's on drinks that are down right vicious. (Here's a hint: Cement Mixer: Shot of Bailey's, hold in your mouth, then do a shot of lime juice and swish around)

So chow lovelies!

P.S. Happy Birthday Anita (belated)!

I posted a pic of our costumes here. I had so much fun creating that and then wearing it out! I think I'm going to make a costume every year.

2 more days till I get to have a few vacation days and I can't wait. More later.


Well well well...we meet again. Darn if this daylight savings time hasn't got me all screwed up. It felt like I got to sleep in but then i was starving at 11 a.m. Now it's only 10:30 and I'm pooped royally. You get used to it and "they" yank that extra hour away again in April.

I'm in a much better mood so I thought I'd jot a few things down before bed. We just watched a really messed up documentary called "Driver 23" on a guy in Minnesota trying to start a metal band called "Double Dark Horse." Holy crap it was awesome. The guy is on Zoloft and has a wife that dresses up as a clown. Need I say more?

Anyhoo, I guess Mondays on the Sundance Channel is "Doc Day", nothing but documentaries. So there's something to set your TiVo too.

Other news....not going on vacation this week. theMan wasn't into it and I'm sorta not in the mood, so we're sticking close to home. It's our 5th anniversary and Halloween, surely we can find something creative to do.

My sister has wrote me a couple times talking about "the word" and "god bless." Which is fine and dandy but it's sorta wierded me out. She was always the one that was sorta level headed about religion. She told the family "NO!" when we were 8 and the Mormons moved in on us, but not me. I wonder what she'll be like when we go visit. I haven't been writing her as much as I should. Although I did send her some bathroom essentials last week. I figure I'll send her a few pics from the party. Not sure if the nun-nazi's will let it in. I guess I shouldn't call them that. My parents are really excited and I can't blame them. I'll take religious zealot over junkie anyday. It's just going to be strange. She did say this church she goes too reminds her of the one in "Blues Brothers" movie. That's kinda fun. I think my sister, the real her, is one of the coolest people I know but I'm not sure how religion will fit into that. Geez, Mistress, you have a mental breakdown when she was living on the streets, and now that she's clean, you can't accept it. Plus I'm now speaking in third person.....I better sign off.

I added some pix from the party here for your viewing pleasure. There are some that probably need more explaining, but hey, you should have been there. I forgot to post one of theMan & our costume, so maybe later. I had such a blast! For those of you who read this who were involved, thanx for an AWESOME time! Only a few more months until December when we shall combine our powers again for an excellent evening of debauchery.

Nothing takes your good time away like a Monday. I'm in a shitty mood today, dang....beware co-workers.


Damn, good stuff this weekend. What's the formula for a good party? Here's our answer:
Underage girls, booze, drugs, open bleeding wounds, sexually confused young men, cigars and good friends = a wicked party cocktail.

(I'll be adding party pix to the Yahoo! photo album on Monday, check back then.)


I cannot WAIT to get out of here today and get this weekend started! Weeeeee! Just found out I only have to work on Sunday too (which doesn't sound good, but it is) So I'm stoked! I've given my liver the proper pep talk it needs to get through the enormous amounts of alki-juice I will be consuming on Saturday and it sounds up to the challenge.

Here's theMan's costume for the festivities this weekend. I thought it was hilarious....don't know about you.


What's with the war coverage? Got this link from the Daily Dirt but had to pass it on. It's true, we don't hear about war casualties. I can imagine why there were more people protesting the war in Vietnam, than this war. We only hear about who Kobe Bryant is raping and whatever other media scapegoat can keep our dull minds interested between episodes of reality shows and eating fast food......sorry, I digress.

Last night was the last time I'm looking through the links on Matt's website before bed. I dreamt I was taking pictures of Trent Reznor, the guy from the movie "Delicatessan" and a bunch of vinyl cloaked goth chicks while backstage at a NIN concert. What the frank n' beans was that all about?

However, Trent Reznor is on my list of celebrities that are quite tasty, so the dream wasn't unpleasant to say the least.

Did you know it's suppose to flurry next week? Geez. I'm not ready for snow just yet. I hope it at least waits until after Halloween. I have too much fun planned over the next 2 weeks. Plus Rodney's costume is going to make him quite chilly this weekend if it snows (check back Monday for pictures to see what I mean).

Also, found out my pals with the new baby named him "Dylan Thomas," which is a poet. So cute!


October 28, mark your calendars. Chris Cunningham has a DVD of his music videos coming out. It's worth it just for the Aphex Twin "Windowlicker" video (bad) in full form.

Good news today! A pal of mine had her baby yesterday, a little boy! I didn't get to see her pregnant, and I'm bummed but thank goodness for e-mail because we got to keep in touch at least! Congrats Deb & Tom!

Speaking of babies, or at least making them, I got a new link to free porn here. (Obviously not for work) For those of you tired of looking everywhere online for free goods to get you in the mood.

3 days until the big Halloween party!!!! Yay! Here's some Halloween links I googled and found for ya:
Costumes USA
Fright Props
Halloween Central


My birthday, 1920 - Women throughout the United States rejoiced, as the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It gave women the right to vote.

Born on my birthday 1774 - Meriwether Lewis (explorer: team: Lewis and Clark; died of gunshot wounds Oct 11, 1809) (But eerily enough, I'm actually related to Clark.)

Wanna know what happened on your birthday? Click here.

I wanted to post more information to encourage you to vote the "Thief In Chief" out of office next year, so here's a timeline to get you started on your extreme ever growing hatred of that slimy little bastard in the White House.

I keep seeing people's blogs that have what they are currently reading, listening to, working on, etc. So hey, I thought I'd share. Plus, my mom is now checking this blog and she likes to know this kind of stuff. If you don't really care, just skip it.

I'm currently reading Franz Kafka's "Amerika" although I'm not real far into it. So far it's keeping my attention.

I'm currently listening to a variety of things, some of which being:
-Party Monster Soundtrack
-BT "Emotional" Something or other (not that great, trust me. The beats can be good but it's really pop-y and in a bad way)
-Rob Zombie "Greatest Hits" (darn good with videos to boot)
-The Cure "Galore" (excellent greatest hits collection)

Last night we went and got more stuff for our costumes. I decided to get wings, just because how often can you wear wings with anything? theMan got his outfit too and I'm sure once I post the pics it will give you a laugh. It certainly made us lose it in Target.

I'm having a hard time concentrating at work this week. I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday already. After last weekends great times plus now I can't WAIT to party and see the Lombards again this weekend! October kicks ass!


I've posted some pix from my weekend trip for your viewing enjoyment. The first one is to show you how rednecks like to decorate their yard. I can't imagine what the price tag was for that boot made of concrete, but I imagine it's close to priceless. The next one is a pic of us girls with the "psychic" lady. We kept calling her Ms. Cleo, but her real name was Ava Chu. The third one is actually a doghouse. Heather's dad made it. It has a radio, a/c and a TV. Those dogs live better than me. And finally, a guy was giving people the chance to have their picture taken with a snake for a $1. See how entertaining Indiana can be?

My pal Jennifer found this site and looks like acording to this Moon phases website, I was born on a full moon! You can check here too. I was married on almost a full moon too. Hmm....so we'll see if that pyschic lady was right about the rest of that stuff. I don't really believe in pyschics, I mostly just believe people have intutition they are more in tune with. I mean, if there were really psychics, especially on those 900# lines, they'd know who it was before you called, right?

Secondly, I will be posting more pix tonight. I like this Captain FTP program, it's fun. Pleasant Mondays.

Awesome awesome weekend......good laughs, good friends and good deals! Outlet shopping is a new pasttime for me. I never knew such things existed. Also went to the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana. It was a redneck parade but I got some good deals there too. Mostly the food. Once I get Jennifer's pictures, I'll post a pic of a deep fried candy bar (a.k.a. heart attack on a stick). I love those girls. I always come out of those GWO with new sex tips, fashion tips or just general peacefulness from their presence.

A weird thing happened at the Bridge Festival. This lady pulled us aside and sorta gave us a psychic reading. She was selling necklaces that show the moon on the day you were born. Guess what? I was born on a full moon according to her charts! How cool is that! She said full moon people were assertive. Hmm...But I digress. The psychic reading was kinda weird. The only information she knew about us was that 3 of us was married and we didn't have children. She looked at the two who are trying (which she didn't know) and said, "you'll have a boy and you'll have a girl." Then looked at me and said, "You are going to wait awhile." She didn't say anything about the other girl. Later she told Heather she'd have a serious relationship by Valentine's day (Heather is currently single). So yea, it was sorta broad, but it was neat to say the least.

For GWO, I took a couple vacation days and I guess Friday when my office was having a birthday cake for my boss, they asked where I was. theMan told them I was off to see this guy I met over the internet. That he let me go because the guy seemed nice. Well he was obviously kidding, but 2-3 people didn't think it was a joke. They are out right ignoring me today or giving me looks. One even asked theMan how he was holding up! Lord, people are idiots.

So yea, I had to share because I feel so relaxed and happy today. That makes me happy.

theMan gave me a few good links for you all, but this is the only one I can remember right now. Check out this site for a laugh. George Carlin (possibly bad) is soo soo funny.


You think you got it bad. Click here.

Puppy Chews Off Paralyzed Boy's Fingers
Boy Undeterred By Setback

TAMPA, Fla. -- A 6-year-old Florida boy who is paralyzed on his left side is recovering after a puppy chewed off four of his fingers because he couldn't feel what the animal was doing.

Silly Germans.

BERLIN -- A German man won't be prosecuted for teaching his dog to do the Nazi salute. But he does face other charges. Police say the man taught his dog to raise its right paw, after the owner said "Heil Hitler."


I had some fun with a little program called "Captain FTP" and while learning, I took some pix for you from me. I call it: "A Tour of Our Shack"

I even had a chance to play with Panther for mi Macintosh. Pretty snazzy. After it was installed, I got to play with Photoshop again too. So I made me a little pic of my eyes for my blog to make it a little more personal (plus I ran out of spooky gifs from other sites.) You can see that to your left there. Well, I'm off. Enough technology for me for one night.

I've just been told that Statesville Prison Haunted House is the scariest haunted house you can visit this year. $25.00 tickets, it better be.

It's in an old prison, so that's gotta be a little spooky. This is the same prison that was used in the filming of the Blues Brothers movie.

For other Halloween happenings, check out Gothic Chicago. You can also order stuff off their site too if you are so inclined.

Last night Jen k. met Michael Moore! How cool is that!? He was at a lecture in Evanston. I guess he was really awesome which would seem right. Good job Jen!

One more full day until I leave for GWO (Girl's Weekend Out)! Whoo whooo! I'm pretty sure this day is going to go sssssssssllllllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww. Gotta finish up a few things tonight (burn a hot tub mix tape, wash clothes, finish Erica's DVD, load car) and then I'm hitting the road tomorrow. This starts off a 3 week stint of good times! Yee haw!

Well, that's it for now. I'm just excited and don't want to work. Maybe I'll have news/links later.


I just used the iTunes online music store and it's fun!! Where can you get Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" and Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" for $0.99???....well, okay there are other places, but hey, don't poop on my parade. I'm new here.

You can make a serious sex discs on this site and it's legal. Hmm...what are your top 10 sex songs? Currently in rotation I'd say (depending on mood of course):
1.) Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" or "Sexual Healing": Obvious, I know, but come on. The first 3 beats of "Let's Get it On" makes you want to screw real slow and real long.
2.) Stevie Wonder "Superstition": Funky ass beat.
3.) Ray Charles "(Night Time is) the Right Time": I try to block out the image of the Cosby's singing this and just let Ray work his magic.
4.) Prince "Get Off" or "Purple Rain Soundtrack": His Purple Badness.
5.) Front Line Assembly-"Epitaph" or "Implode" albums: Background music for doing it.
6.) Depeche Mode-most of "Violator" album: Dripping with sex.
7.) Covenant-"United States of Mind" album: Nice beat.
Damn, this is hard....
8.) Beck-"Midnite Vultures" album: Of course, this should be further up the list.
9.) Aphex Twin-"Come to Daddy": Sometimes you don't wanna just make love, you wanna tear shit up.
10.) Tie between "Massive Attack" and "Portishead"-any album: I can't make up my mind and I'm tired. So there.

Good night!

One of the new passions of my life, is thinking up drag queen names with my co-worker. Now it's not like porn names where you take your middle name and the street you lived on as a child. (Mine is "DuShawn Chestnut," which sorta works.)

No, drag queen names take a little more creativity. This Halloween I'm using one of the classics "Sheilita Buffett" as my name. My co-worker's stage name is "Augusta Wind." You see the humor, yes?

Well, last night at the Cher concert, his friends thought of a new one....presenting, "Ms. Visa Decline"!!!!

Michael Moore will be at Borders today, but I probably can't go. Gosh darn work. Plus we forgot the camera so we couldn't immortalize him in our photo files anyways. Sad. Oh well! I'll still buy the book regardless.

Dang, I'm hungover today. If you live in Chicago, go to Trader Tod's off Belmont on Mondays. Ask them if it's industry night and if they ask you if you are in the industry, say yes. Everything on the menu is half off! I had a vanilla rum and coke and a Mai Tai and only paid $8 total (that's cheap for Chicago, trust me). I hear good things about the Voodoo Chicken too, but I already ate when we went, so I'm lame. It's ran by the guy who played Oghr in "Revenge of the Nerds." Good stuff.

Some pals of mine have a website for their band at wearecareful.com you can check out. They tell me great things are in the works.

My co-worker saw Cher's farewell tour last night at AllState Arena in Chicago. Yea, I know what you are thinking and you are probably right. From the guy going to the Cher concert, I did learn that you should never see a show at Allstate Arena because it's turned into a piece of shit. So hey, thanks Cher!

Rain rain rain rain today. I love the stuff but it sure makes the trains slow and my shoes soaked.


It's Columbus Day, not sure why we celebrate the fact that a guy came over and "discovered" a country that was already inhabited and then proceeded to exterminate those inhabitants. But I guess there is a President's Day too, so that makes as much sense.

Jen K. is starting a campaign for the second year in a row at Columbia College that basically says "Fuck Columbus Day". I share that sentiment. She even has shirts and posters with the slogan. Freedom of speech is fun!

I sneezed so hard today that I pulled a muscle in my chest. It feels like my breath is being taken away from me. Weee!


Good weekend, how was yours? We watched 2 films that you should probably check out. The first one was the Trials of Henry Kissinger. If this doesn't piss you off, I don't know what will.

I finally received my copy of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman in the mail after ordering it from Amazon. The lady sent me this letter begging me not to give her negative feedback because she had personal problems, etc. In all my uses of half.com, I've only had one bad transaction and that was that they waited a week to tell me they didn't really have the order and didn't charge me. But the first time I use Amazon, I have to wait almost a month for my purchase to come in. Hmmm. It was worth the wait though. You can tell it's a made for TV series, but the interview with Neil and the fact that it matches the book pretty darn close, makes it worth it. I didn't realize Neil wrote the series before the book. I like the book better, but it's still good to see it at least once if you are a Neil fan.

I looked out the window today, and there was a one eyed cat looking at me. theMan tried to get it on video, but no luck. Other than freak cats and DVD's, I worked and got some stuff accomplished around the house. The next 3 weekends are going to kick ass. GWO, Halloween party then vacation....weeeee! It's gorgeous outside and orange. I dig it!

Well, better get going. Pleasant Sundays.


I'm tired.....really really tired. Have a good Friday.


I can't wait to hear this one being used to pick up chicks.

You have got to be kidding me. CNN.com reports that fellatio performed a couple times a week can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

In a study of over 15,000 women suspected of having performed regular fellatio over the past ten years, the researchers found that those actually having performed the act regularly, one to two times a week, had a lower occurance of breast cancer than those who had not. There was no increased risk, however, for those who did not regularly perform.

"I think it removes the last shade of doubt that fellatio is actually a healthy act," said Dr. B.J. Sooner of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who was not involved in the research. "I am surprised by these findings, but am also excited that the researchers may have discovered a relatively easy way to lower the occurance of breast cancer in women."

Bush Animation here. Thanks to IAK board for this link. Hilarious goodies about our Thief in Chief.

I watched an awesome movie again last night. A "Streetcar Named Desire" with Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh. One of the few movies in the world that do the play justice on the big screen. And Marlon Brando, yum. Turner Movie Classics channel doesn't mar their showings with commercials either. Good stuff.

Finally decided on a mini-vacation. We're going to the Dells! Ripley's museum, alligators, go-karts, and even a moderately priced motel. Woo hoo! I gotta get some info from Jen K. & Lance on the place, oh, and get an anniversary gift........dang, nothing like last minute!


Looking through some stuff I had bookmarked so I thought I'd share.

Something fun to do is look up personal ads in your town. You can find out who's gay, single or married but looking. You can also find some serious freak-a-zoids to entertain you.

I miss my friends who don't live in Chicago, so to get more people to move here I've posted this income estimator so you'd know how much you have to make to move to Chicago. Wee! Do you need boxes to start packing?

Finally saw the Rob Zombie "Cribs" episode on MTV the other night. His house kicks ass. He has a pirate bar with skulls and a pirate statue. A vault full of horror movies, posters everywhere with all kinds of memorabilia. We gotta buy a house.

I'm trying to book a small vacation for Halloween but I'm having no luck. So far I can't find a haunted castle you can rent for a weekend in Illinois that is also close to a town full of antique stores with scary old people running them, good restaurants and a freak show, all for under $200???? Did find a good site I hadn't heard of for vacation planning called Site59, thanks to Heather.

Well that's all for now. I have to book something today....even if it is a shitty room at a Holiday Inn in Nowhereville, USA.


Hey! Guess what? Michael Moore will be in Chicago at Border's on 150 North State Street signing his new book, "Dude, Where's My Country?" on Tuesday, October 14th at 12:00 p.m. Bring your sharpie!

You can even go ahead and send Gen. Ashcroft your receipt from the book purchase to get right on his evil list. I love Michael Moore.

In Michael Moore's spirit, here are some links/info for you from his site. I've also added some important links to the left for those of you that feel as hopeless as me about our country.:

It's Stop Military Recruiters Day around the country. Go to this site for more information on demonstrations being held.

Send an e-mail to your congressman to stop Bush from spending millions to continue his daddy's war in Iraq.

What the fuck is the Patriot Act? Wanna know what our "Thief-In-Chief" and his cronies passed into law while we were all on edge from 9/11, read about it here.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee has ways to make you feel a lot less hopeless.

On a side note, I'd like to admit that I didn't vote before, but I have registered earlier this year and plan on it this next presidential election. Hope you will too!


Revisited a great site today, Camel Toe.org (bad). Makes me giggle. The toe definitely has a power to it. You don't want to look, but you can't stop.

Also, if you are close to Chicago and into "darker" art, then you should definitely come to Echo Gallery on Halloween for their yearly Halloween exhibition. The fabulous Matt Lombard will be there with his kick ass photography on display and with the lovely Aimee as his escort. Plus the costumes and people are not to be missed. This will be our third year (I think??) and I can't wait.

So far nothing but love for our new camera. There is an awesome feature called "spot focusing" and "spot metering" where you can just touch the LCD where you want the camera to focus or meter for light, and it does it automatically. It's a nice feeling when something is actually worth the money you put down for it.

I can't wait for GWO and then to the big Halloween bash at the old house with the Lombards and pals!!! Yay! October=fun!

Still debating about going to see my sister next weekend. I miss her, but well you know. It's a 8 hour trip in one day and I'd probably have to go alone. Darn it. I've got people closest to me pulling me in both directions. I agree with both sides, I just don't know the right thing to do. Or at least the decision that won't make me feel bad. I woke up thinking about it. Oh well. Maybe a few more posts unloading on you all will help.

Okay, more tomorrow. Going to do something besides be at a computer for awhile.


After all night of playing with the new toy and burning DVDs, we're not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I'm sure others will agree. I mean, who wants to work! It was soo purty here today, all blue skies and not freezing temperatures. Hopefully it was like that in Indiana for Erica and her pond installation. And hopefully Jennifer M. is having a relaxing day, recooping from her surgery.....I miss my pals.

We've figured out why having the free software that comes with Macs is kinda cool. Yea, Macs don't come with any real word processing software (which sucks), but iPhoto, iDVD and iTunes are pretty cool in their own right. I have a feeling we'll be getting Final Cut Pro someday, but for now these will do. theMan has offered to let me put pix and movies up on his site to link to so I don't have to use Yahoo! Photos anymore, so hopefully that will happen soon. We used the new camera as a cam for chatting and it works good. So maybe I can figure that out one day too. I realized this weekend that I'm a laptop girl. I never thought I would be, but I love my old powerbook, not enough not to trade her in immediately when I can afford the new 15" ones, but I love her nonetheless. I don't think I'll go back to a desktop computer any time soon. I don't really enjoy working in Photoshop on my laptop, but the Wacom pad and pen help a little. Plus, I'm not kidding myself, I do that maybe once a month if that. In the movie, Lost in Translation, the main character said, "I went through my photography phase, like every girl does." I suppose it hit home. I haven't taken pictures in awhile. I LOVE taking pictures, and I get ideas and write them down, and I love that rush I get when I get pics developed, but I admit it hasn't been a top priority for awhile. I should do it again soon.

Nothing real important to post today. I'm just sitting here with nothing to do, so I thought I'd jot down a few things. Have a good Sunday!


What an excellent Saturday. I only had to work a few hours, theMan came with me and we did a little shopping on Michigan Avenue. Plus our efforts produced the newest addition to our little family.

Our new baby boy, we like to call him the Sony DCR-PC105:

DVSpot.com is a great place to get reviews and product info on camcorders and such. So far we are nothing but impressed with this little sucker, if I find something wrong with it, I'll post it in case you are about to shop for a digital camcorder.

Other than that I still have plenty of weekend left. Yahoo! Reread one of my fav stories by Kurt Vonnegut last night. The "Euphio Question" from "Welcome to the Monkeyhouse." Good stuff. Pick that up if you are in a bookstore. Yet another cool thing my dad got me interested in. Dang, it's been a week of being reminded of my dad!

Man, the upstairs neighbors are either fucking or breaking each other's necks, because they are being super loud and hootin' and hollerin'. Oh well. Get some buddy.

I organized my links on the left. Also for my pals who read this at work, if I link something I'll try to warn you if it's bad. I'll say Snakes world (bad). How about that?


Some girls want diamonds, some girls want fancy clothes, I just want this sucker.

Also, since I know she reads this blog....Jennifer M. & Eric: You guys are in my thoughts today. :(

Wow, I saw an awesome movie last night. Lost In Translation was excellent and Bill Murray is incredible. It's by the same director that did Virgin Suicides, and that movie was great too. The thing I liked about Lost is Translation, besides the acting, was the subtle use of letters you couldn't read or whispered phone calls or words. It was just a really great plot and you won't waste your money, trust me.

I'm pretty sure my dad is Bill Murray's twin, but that's something else entirely. It made me miss my dad watching that movie actually.

Well, it's Friday and of course, I'm at work not working but blogging. I posted a link the other day to Spooky Boutique, but did you know they had 80's band t-shirts? Well, they do! I'll take the Blondie shirt for x-mas, just e-mail me for my home address. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Here's more Halloween stuff to help you with your costumes. I think I'm done with mine other than fixing up my jack o' lantern bra with the dremel tool this weekend. Cross your fingers I don't lose any limbs. I also posted a pic I found of last years costumes. That was sorta last minute so I hope I'm more prepared this year.

More in a bit.


Family angry over casket for 500 lb. mother's funeral.

If anyone ever asks me to lay on top of a casket to help close it after a funeral, I think I'd probably punch them. This can't be true....

Some interesting news today. Rush Limbaugh resigned from ESPN? His only redeeming quality, is that he supported Bill Maher (I think) during his comment fiasco. I still love what Bill Hicks said about Rush, but that's just me.

The thing that makes this weather tolerable is hot cocoa. Damn, that's tasty stuff. Only with a ton of marshmellows though.

Today on the train platform a lady was given a ticket for smoking by a couple of officers. It's like a $100-$300 ticket. I don't smoke, so fuck em', doesn't bother me. But usually they are frisked and such, and that seems a bit much to me.

No crazies to speak of as of yet today. There was a lady on the train talking loud to no one in particular, but not sure if she was crazy or on a cell phone that has one of those ear buds. Such a fine line.

So how's your Thursday?

Oh yea...I was going to tell you about my dad's theory on crazy chicks. I almost forgot. A little background: My dad has dated numerous (and married as well) crazy chicks, either total bitches or just pyschotic. He's even married a clinically proven schizo (I think 4-8 personalities, I don't remember). However, I'm grateful he married that schizo because it produced my two awesome brothers! Anyways, as far as background goes, he's pretty qualified to be able to comment on crazy people, women maybe more specifically. My sister was telling me that his last adventure into dating produced the following theory:

"You know if a woman has the potential to be psycho, if she repeats herself alot."

Of course, I needed further explaination while mentally going through my mind "Do I do that?". According to her, he said that whenever his latest girlfriend would talk to him, she'd talk and talk and talk and repeat the same information over and over. Like how most people know when to end a conversation, she didn't and would just keep going and going, as well as talking about the same thing. It would get uncomfortable and you'd just want to leave the room or put a pillow over her face.

And yes, turns out this chick is crazy too. At least from his side. She calls at all hours of the night, threatens him, etc. etc. after he dumped her.

Now, I have a couple women I have met in my life that I would never set up with any of my guy friends, not in a billion years, that do this very thing. But I never really connected it as being a trait that they would make a bad girlfriend, until Dad said it. I just thought they were bad conversationalists.

Now, this might not be ground breaking, and I might very well do the same thing, so it could just be a woman trait. However, it at least could be something to think about the next time you are considering a potential candidate.

There, my contribution to the dating scene.


Hello! Guess what? It's October 1st! My favorite month!

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