Ah...what a nice weekend. The storms made for some interesting alternative ideas for having fun. For instance, last night we each got weapons out and played some Texas Hold 'Em. The night before we played a 6 hour game of Trivial Pursuit.

And today, theSheriff's family came up and we saw some animals. Monkeys, lions, tigers and some new species being hatched.

(click to make bigger.)

I'd get some spray for that if I was them.


Rivers of Blood

I think I found out where people go when they die! A scary themed fun park started by Vincent Price, holy crap. (Click on pix to make them bigger.)

And it's only Saturday morning!


The Topic: Lasts

Why not a simple Friday Five.

1. What was the last TV show you watched?
MXC on Spike TV. Damn, I love that freaking show. Where else can you say "queef" and see people being thrown against things for fun?

2. What was the last thing you complained about?
My big fat co-worker loves to tell me how fat I am. Got my revenge though when my boss asked him if he had to get extenders for seat belts when he gets on a plane or rides in a car because of his extreme obesity. God, how I laughed when he said that.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?
Thanked theMan for the quickie this morning.

4. What was the last thing you threw away?
My future when I started doing drugs and stopped going to church. (HA HA HA HA! NOT!)

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?
My Girlie's blogs, of course.

More in a bit.


Watch Out for Tree Monkeys!

The Perfect Sound

Thanx to modern technology, I just got to hear my gal-pal's baby's heartbeat from inside her tummy over the phone from 2 states away!

It was one of the most precious sounds I've ever heard. Thanks Jen!

Oh, Sushi You're So Fine, You Blow My Mind

I'm quickly becoming a sushi addict. From the looks of magazines and TV, I'm a little late in getting with this trend amongst the yuppies, however, it's a trend I will happily follow. If it's yummy I don't mind being a conformist.

I figured I would be turned off because it's mostly cold (although the hot variety is extra good too) and because it's raw fish. Everything about my mid-west redneck upbringing suggests that raw fish is certainly not edible. I spent many a summer catching fish with my grandparents where if we handled raw fish we were forbidden to touch anything else. My great grandma could gut a catfish like nobody's business. But I digress....I was quickly proven wrong about such logic after I tried a sampling from every dish at this heavely little joint.

Now I don't know what I would order if I only had to pick one. Probably the california rolls or anything with whitefish or tuna, but I certainly intend on narrowing it down as frequently as possible. I just had sushi on Tuesday and I've already got a hankerin' for it again.

That and I keep thinking it's Friday all day. We are closing our office at 12:00 tomorrow so I get a repreive from the joint for a couple days. Whoo whoo!

This week has been fabulous. Tuesday's good eats and rock n' roll and last night we went on a bike ride in an area that I didn't even know existed with some pals. They even climbed a tree? Yes, you read that right...climbed a tree in Chicago!?! They do exist you know.

I'll post some pics of that later tonight. Awwwww....summer.


Just A Reminder...

-Saddam Hussein has had no proven connection with Sept. 11th attacks.
-George Bush's tax cuts for the rich are taxes that help to pay the troops salaries that we're all suppose to be supporting.
-The USA has not found any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

For those keeping score.

I Think I'm Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

I did it! Weeee! For the first Professional Assistant Day I did not get totally shitfaced! We started out at Japonais at about 12:15 p.m. Ordered cocktails (if you ever go, get the Floating Orchid!) and talked for about an hour. After a cocktail or 2 we ordered almost all the appetizers on the menu and about 4 orders of different kinds of sushi as well. My god, the sushi was incredible. Whitefish and California Rolls are currently my favorite but the spicy eel was intense too.

About half-way through the appetizers, my boss asks the waiter to bring out another round of all the food on the table!! He also orders sake for everyone as well. The sake was going quick between the men and the conversation was actually getting good. I like talking about anything other than work with these people.

We finally pick each plate clean of the sushi and then order our entrees. I got the salmon with rice porridge in teriyaki sauce. GOD!!!!! It was probably the best salmon I've ever had. After dinner we each ordered a dessert and another cocktail. At this point I'm doing really good on alcohol, especially since we've been there for about 3 hours. I had green iced tea with my meal and though most of the others are feeling it, I'm doing great. Usually at this point I'd be shitfaced.

As we were leaving my boss stacks $20's on the table for each of us (I got $80), tells us how much he respects and loves us and loaded us in the car to drop us off at Hugo's Frog Bar with an open tab!!!!!!!

I didn't stay long at Hugo's though because I had to meet theMan at the House of Blues. The show ended up being pretty good. I personally think Dirt is the stand-out musician of the band. After they played we went to where he was signing autographs. He left us backstage passes but he could only get 5 and there were 7 of us. No big deal though, since we still got to hang out. He had all kinds of groupies and during the show people were actually singing along. That surely means something! He even got to sign some chick's tits. Now, that's rock n' roll baby. (Sorry, no pics the HOB wouldn't allow cameras.)

He finally got to come over with us and hang out. He hasn't changed at all. Still really sweet and cool, one of those guys you know that fame isn't going to make him a total asshole. His little brother was with us and Dirt kept getting chicks to give him a hug. It was cute.

Anyhoo, we were all pumped after that so we headed to Potbelly's to visit Rodney and keep him company. He was suppose to go with us but his stupid job made him work a double. Sad. Then onto the old roomies place and then to bed. Kind of one of those days you don't want to end.

Now it's Hump Day and I'm back at work. Awwww...come on 3 day weekend and Leather Mart! Whoo Whooo!


Gone Gone-dy

I'm off to Professional Assistant Day celebration today. Followed by some rock n' roll good times at the House of Blues with Dirt! Yay!

In my on-going pledge to stay sober (mostly) I present the following prayer to whatever deity resides over fate:

Dear Deity of the Day,
It is I, Kitten, your ever doubting and questioning follower here with yet another request. Oh, and by the way, thanks for that last one. Those shoes were in my size AND on sale! Anyways, today is the annual Professional Assistants Day and this year I'd like to refrain from duplicating last years antics. For Example:

-Telling my boss's friend that you can hardly notice the collegan injections she got in her lips and to prove my point, announcing her as "Lips" to the entire bar.

-Going head first in a cab with my skirt over my back side thus making my pantyhose covered ass point towards the table of people we just left in the restaurant.

-Having your husband tape you later that night when you finally do arrive home telling him "You'll suck him for a dollar."

So yea, Mr./Ms. Diety, you get my point. I am not yet strong enough to say no when my boss orders me one of everything on the drink menu, or when my co-workers drag me from my cab into Boys Town to cruise for dudes at a gay bar. And I am certainly not strong-willed enough to pass up a free anything!

So it is with great frevor that I ask of you to watch over the demons behind the bar. Let them water down my drinks as much as possible. And if anything, let me function enough to make it home tonight fully clothed.



Jesus Christ People

I got an idea, HOW ABOUT WE STOP FUCKING TORTURING PEOPLE? No? Okay, let's just ban the evidence.

Mobile phones fitted with digital cameras have been banned in United States Army installations in Iraq on orders from Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, The Business newspaper reported on Sunday.

Quoting a Pentagon source, the paper said the US Defence Department believes that some of the damning photos of US soldiers abusing Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad were taken with camera phones.

"Digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones with cameras have been prohibited in military compounds in Iraq," it said.

A "total ban throughout the US military" is in the works, it added

Get It On!

I'm a little late in my posting today because I was mixed about what to write.

*WARNING* Sappy stuff ahead.

I went to bed feeling extremely sappy and lovely last night. theMan had fallen asleep curled up next to me while I read after being tuckered out from a fun weekend with friends. For awhile I just ran my fingers across his face and his back, thinking. You see, this month has been really hard on us. Basically we weren't dealing with our problems and I made some bad decisions on how to pacify myself. Lately I've been noticing I'm not letting myself get too comfortable because I still feel like he's going to leave me at any moment. However, it's times like last night that make me remember what it was like before the bullshit. Peaceful, sweet, cuddly times.

I can't ever make up for what I did or erase the past that got us to that point. If I could, I would, but I can work on this thing we started for the rest of our lives. Hopefully he'll stick around and work too.

Okay Okay, back to rants and porn tomorrow.


I think I'm going to McPuke


If you want to swear off eating fast food again, go see "Supersize Me" immediately. I've never been so freaked out about my health in my life I think. It's basically about a guy who sees what his body will do if he eats McDonald's 3 times a day for 30 days. The result is not only weight gain, but his liver starts to fail, he becomes depressed and he starts having weird chest pains and exhaustion. After 30 days! Plus, the film takes a look at how the nation is becoming the fattest in the world.

I especially liked the section on school lunches and how companies push to keep their vending machines and high-fat foods in the school for revenue. I instantly was reminded of the school lunches where people could get pizza and fries every day. Jen K. was telling me that nachos & cheese were served at her school as an entree. God.

Yea, McDonald's is now offering salads, but they have as many calories as most of the value meals. Those McGriddles...the worst food on the menu as far as fat. I think I'm going to just have this movie playing on the TV constantly.


The Sheriff can take care of his Kitten

So sweet my husband is. To settle a fight neither of us could win, he brought me a peace offering in the form of a strawberry Jamba Juice.

Only he knows the way to my heart is through over-priced delicious smoothies.

A Song For You

Visited the Music Box theater last night and saw Guy Maddin's new film, "Saddest Music in the World." Turned out to be really really good and the acting was phenomenol. Mark McKinney and Isabella Rosallini were incredible but I was really taken with the guy who played "Rodderick." Not sure why but he held my attention.

It was filmed in a way to make you forget what year it was when the movie ended. I think watching it at the Music Box was perfect since that theater is like stepping back in time. Plus as a bonus we got a HUGE lightening storm and downpour when we left which we got to run in. Warm thunderstorms, yummy.

Saw a trailer for another movie I'm stoked about called "Coffee & Cigarettes." Jim Jarmusch (director of C&C) did the documentary for Joe Coleman I believe, but I unfortunately haven't seen any of his other films so I'm curious.

This weekend looks like it's going to be sorta laid back. Going to a improv show tonight and tomorrow hit up a new mini-golf spot we found. Hopefully I can get a little sun-bathing in as well. Now, let me clarify, I'm not a girl that has to be on the darker side of crispy all year, but there is something relaxing about throwing a towel in the sand and reading a book by the water for a few hours.

Oh, and yea, that daughter guilt creeped in after I posted my rant yesterday. Damn, my mother should be a travel agent for guilt trips.



Take A Stand

Update: I took a stand. Called mom and told her I wanted to take Sis to dad's and family and meet up with them later. She happily agreed and even was cheery.

Whew....that was easier than expected.

Like a side of "control freak" with your eggs, mom?

Watched an excellent Bill Maher DVD last night. Damn fine points brought up by that man. I'd say, the comedy is good, but the Q&A on the Special Features was my favorite part. Check it out and get a new perspective on your government.

Okay, so I need to vent a little. As you can tell from today's title, I've had it in with my mother again. My sister is getting a pass to come home for 3 days in July and it looks like it might involve some complications from family members. Not to mention, my mom made a comment about my dad that sorta sent one of those dagger-like stabs through your spine making steam blow out your ears.

Can I have one fucking family get together that doesn't involve some kind of god damn drama? We can't even have dinner without this crap.

I cherish my family, I really do. I'm so grateful I'm surrounded by people that love me especially when I see how theSheriff's family (most of anyways) treats him. You know what...fuck it. Time to stop feeling bad about it and take a fucking stand.

On another note, we talked to Dirt last night and looks like we're going to hook up with him before his show on Tuesday! Whoo hoo! I'm really excited to see him. If you met him on the street you'd hide your purse, but if you talked to him you'd know he was a sweetheart. I guess I shouldn't make that public...might not be the image he wants to portray. ;)

Finally got the Halloween DVD working (for those readers expecting copies, check your mail Monday) and it only took about 20 hours of retina burning computer time. Weeee!

I think my pals are done with school this week and I hope so. I could use a stiff drink and a good laugh.


Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

Spent the last 2 nights, literally from the time I get home until about 11 p.m., working on editing some footage we shot at Halloween last year for a DVD I'm making for my pals. So far I'm quite pleased with the outcome and hopefully I can post a link this week. I made a really neat-o fabulous title page with Frankenstein staring his ghouly eyes at ya and all. Now if only iMovie and iDVD would cooperate, I could finish the S.O.B.

Oh well, despite the pain in the ass of the programs, it's still fun working on it. I think I like being behind the scenes more than in front of the camera. (Although you probably couldn't tell with the way my face is plastered all over this site. I can still be vain and shy, right?)

Not a lot to report in my world, mostly because if I'm not swamped at work, I'm stationed in front of mi Macintosh at home. Damn, I just realized it's already Wednesday....guess I better get some plans lined up for this weekend.

In case you hadn't heard, Richard Metzger of Disinfo fame will be appearing at Quimby's bookstore on June 5th (Saturday) at 2 p.m. I'll be there with new camera in hand, will you? The description sounds like he's just showing clips from the Disinfo DVD, but still might be worth it. I'll give ya a full review that weekend.

Also, theSheriff's (formally known as theMan, don't ask) cousin will be playing at the House of Blues on Tuesday, May 25th with the band "Society One". It will be really good to see Dirt again (he's the bassist). It's been too long. Hopefully we can meet up with him before the show and participate in all sorts of rock n' roll debauchery. Whoo hoo!

That day is also the day we celebrate "Administrative Assistant Day" or as it's known in my group of friends "Bail Mistress Out of Jail for Public Intoxication Day". We're eating at Japonais and I'm sorta stoked.

Well lovelies....I'm signing off. Pleasant Wednesdays.


What A Guy

There are nice guys in the world. The dude sent the picture.
Us with George.....awwwww.


Romero ROCKS!

What a great fucking weekend! And of course, I only use curse words to emphasize the greatness of it all!

First, kick ass times with the Lombards from up north. Got some good eats, good shopping and got to catch up on old times! Those guys are the coolest as always! As a side note, I stuck to my no getting drunk rule and got to enjoy everyone's company as a result. Hmm, maybe there is something to this being sober business? This morning we even had some tasty breakfast and more chatting out in the sun. Plus,as a bonus, we got free food almost all weekend. Thank goodness for hispanic busboys who don't understand "box it up", not "throw it out" and snippy dudes who make my husband swear at them. Tee hee!

To top off the festivities I went with some pals to see George Romero LIVE! in the flesh at a HorrorFest held at the Biograph Theater. When we approached the front of the theater, who is standing outside smoking a cigarette? The 2 dudes who made American Movie! Just standing outside smoking a cigarette, being cool. Once we gave our praises for their film, we rushed in and found a seat for my first ever viewing of "Day of the Dead." I'm so glad I waited to see this on the big screen. People were cheering and clapping throughout, which made it even better.

After the movie, George Romero came in to a standing ovation and talked candidly for a little over an hour. I personally love to hear artists talk about how their projects come about. I especially love the behind the scenes Hollywood bullshit and details on the making of zombie movies! Found out the day they finished "Night of the Living Dead" and put it in their trunk to drive to New York to screen, was the day Mr. Luther King was assasinated. George was 6 years old, making a alien movie and threw a burning "body" off the roof of his house which caused the police to come (6 years old!!!). He also did not like how fast the zombies ran in the new "Dawn of the Dead." Interesting tidbits.

So anyways, after he talks we head out to the lobby and follow George onto the sidewalk where he is totally gracious and lovely and signs a couple DVD's for us. We even talked a guy into taking our picture and emailing it to us (God, I hope he does. If so, I'll post it here.) Jen K. promptly threw her arms around Mr. Romero and gives him a big hug for the picture, tee hee.

Finally, I took a cab home and watched a Bill Hicks performance. What a follow-up.

So yea, anyways, great weekend.....awwww.


Oh Peter, How Do I Love Thee...

Just got back from another hour session with the scissor god known simply to me as Peter. My husband asks why I tip him $20.00 every time he cuts my hair...to which I promptly answer:

"If you could make me almost orgasm from shampooing my hair and make me feel 20 lbs. lighter after an hour in a chair, I'd tip you too."


Get Me On Some of Dat

Here's hoping tomorrow night's debauchery brings more photo opportunities like these....


Linx Linx Linx

Some Linx for my homies:

There is a new Playboy video game going to be offered. It seems like it's a SIMS style game, but we'll see. If anything, you pervs can rent it to see digital tits.

Cell phone revenge makes his point.

"Girl with a one track mind" blog: Full of sexy writings.

On another note: IML is coming up here in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. The entire weekend is mostly for gay men, but the "Leather Mart" held at a local hotel downtown is not to be missed for anyone who enjoys kinky clothing. Oh, the stories I've been told.

Hi-5's All Around

Weekend....wooooo hooooo! Come on 5:00 p.m., I want to get the F out of here!

Friday Five time folks and strangely this one is about hair.

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight?
My hair is naturally thick, majorly thick, like a blanket. Being thick makes it wavy, that and many forced horrid perms from my mother when I was younger.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
I wore it long, almost down to my ass crack for most of my life up until about 3 years ago. I also recently discovered the reason some people go to salons and not "Supercuts" for hair styles. (I adore you Peter, whereever you are.)

I had a mullet in middle school, but who didn't. Colors I've had: pink, blue, red, dark red-brown, and green hair intermittently. I have had god awful perms and god awful feathered layers. Currently, it's really short and light blonde.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?
On my head.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
If I was more brave I'd dye it jet black and grow it out like Bettie Page just to see what I'd look like.

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
Pretty much every hair style I've ever had up until I met Peter was a disaster. I learned not to expect much until now.

A funny "disaster", at least according to my mother, was when I didn't realize they were having school picture day on Halloween and I dyed my hair 4 different colors before going to school in the 6th grade. Picture day was really really important to my mother and she about passed out when she got the pictures back. She eventually framed it and put it on the stairway with the rest of the family pics.

Additional Friday 5 Because It's Halloween Related and I'm bored:

1.) What was your first Halloween costume?
I have no idea what my first costume was, but I remember 2 that stand out. One year my mom got me an inflatable deodorant can as a costume. It was so awesome! It had an arm on the front and my head was the sprayer. My mom does manage to totally get me sometimes.

The second one was a homemade horse costume that my sister and I both wore together. Guess which end I was? Yep, the ass. My sister rarely lets me forget it either.

2.) What was your best costume and why?
I have had many great ones but I really liked last year's costume the best. It took me 6 months to make it and I felt really giddy and pretty in it the whole time.

3.) Did you ever play a trick on someone who didn't give you a treat?
The most I did was soap windows with a friend but that was because we were in that weird age between dressing up and going to major parties. So why not.

4.) Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Since we've moved to Chicago, our tradition is to meet up with the Lombards, throw a party and go to Echo Gallery for their Halloween exhibition. Then, of course, come back home and get shit-faced.

5.) Any favorite scary stories or legends?
I don't have a favorite but I always loved going to cemetaries, abandoned houses or "Spooky Hallow" bridge in my hometown when I was a kid.

Well, that's that. I'll try to take pics of our outings this weekend to share with you all. Do you have any plans?

Have a good weekend!


Today Was A Good Day

Man....for it being only 9:32 a.m., I have had an excellent day so far. Thursdays usually are good but this one stands out.

It started with me dreaming last night 2 most excellent dreams. Let me tell you, when I dream it's usually a nightmare or a frustrating dream (like not being able to run away from something). So this rocked my socks! Okay, to start: I was on a balcony with some other girls watching Johnny Depp making his portrayal of Jesus in a film when he motioned for me to come down and join him. He told me that he knows he's married but he just felt like being cuddly with me. How could I say No? In between takes he would come over and wrap his arms around me, put his head in my neck or run his hands up my thigh. God it was tasty and very real!

Then I woke up to turn over and fell back asleep. I found myself dressed as a Playboy bunny, walking around the mansion with Hef and some other girls. He kept taking them aside and telling them he had to let them go because they were too fat. I feared I would be next so I started to remove my outfit when he put his hands on my shoulders and said, "No, let's go back inside the mansion and see what happens." Damn! I'm the only bunny that gets to stay because the rest are too fat!?!?! Are you kidding me!?!

Needless to say, I woke up with a grin on my face. Rolled over, got a little morning lovin' (Yum), then walked to the store on the way to the train for breakfast. There they had my favorite fattening breakfast: Blueberry muffin and Lipton Sweetened Ice Tea (no lemon). This is a rare occasion that they have both items. Lipton Sweetened, no lemon iced tea is like fine grade cocaine in these parts. I figured if I'm not too fat for Hef, then why not splurge!

So happily I bounced along to work. When I sat at my computer I opened my email to find 2 awesome messages. One was from a documentary filmmaker in LA telling me he's a fan of my blog (reader emails always make me feel all giddy) and the second was from Half.com telling me they were going to refund my money from a purchase I never received!!! How cool is that so far!?!

I'll update later when my car explodes or I'm thrown in jail, but so far damn.


Can You See My Halo?

With the new format for Blogger, it tells you how often you post and how many words....puts a lot of pressure on a girl. My only complaint with the new format is there are no categories, like movable type offers. Oh well....I'm staying folks.

Halo 2 has been officially announced as being released on Nov. 9, 2004. Hopefully I can get over to the local game retailer and reserve my copy. I think there is even something about a Special Edition DVD included. But don't quote me on it. I CANNOT wait to play this freaking game. It's been put on hold forever and that's not cool.

I really have nothing to write today. I just felt bad because my stats said I usually post 6 times a week on average...and because I'm obsessive compulsive I have to keep those numbers up.

Hell, have a few links on me.
-Nocturnal Dominion: Store introduced to me by Mr. Lombard that sets up shop here in Chicago.
-Roadside America:Guide to offbeat tourist attractions (a.k.a. Mistress's summer vacation guide)
-Shocking Videos: Site offering what looks like copies of hard to find movies. Read the descriptions, it will suck up an afternoon of your time but well worth it.

I'm out.


Say Hello To My Little Friend!

I've redone this little blog o' mine. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Currently listening to: "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off to Have A Good Time" - Source: 80's channel on iTunes of co-worker's computer.

Maybe that should read "We Don't Have to Drink" because that's my theme song this upcoming weekend. Some pals are coming in to visit and I couldn't be more stoked. Actually everyone here is so stoked that I bet they are wishing away this week as well. Come on Saturday!!!

Anyways on the previous note, yep, Mistress is not drinking this weekend. Just wanted to make that public so it will help me stick to it. In leiu of drinking I'll be spending the money on a hour with the hair god Peter on Saturday morning, cover charges at some kick ass clubs and hopefully whatever is left on food and shopping, preferably shoes. I want something extra slutty to wear to dance my ass off. I'm actually 100% okay with the no-drinking rule. No drinking means I can fully enjoy the company of my homies and not make theMan a nervous wreck. So we all win.

Found out several of my family members read this blog. Trust me, I won't be censoring but I do feel weird suggesting sex blogs to my little brother. So Chip & Kevin, stop reading the rest of this post....or at least never tell me if you check these sites out.

-Suburban Sex Blog This poor man is seriously sexually frustrated.
-Koochie Taster Blog Yea, the name doesn't leave much to the imagination, but great reading so far.
Sweetness follows Couple with time on their hands. Yum!

Oh! Check out Jen K.'s film. It's the one we worked on the other night for the band "Careful." Not done yet so I hear, but pretty close. Come on support Jen...she's a lovely gal who just saved me $150 by finding my lost car keys. Can't beat that in a friend!

Anyhoo....better work. Sigh.


After 5 years of marriage and 7 total years of being a "couple," you'd think we'd know each other pretty well, wouldn't you?

Not so.

I learned this weekend that theMan had a couple flings in his early teenage years with his babysitter's daughters. Now, is that not the makings of some weird "after-school" special or what?

The little minx.

Now why does this make me all the more interested in him? Guess I like a little mystery.

That and this morning as we were sitting on the train he noticed a bee making it's way towards a lady's backside. He reached over and crushed it while she blushed and thanked him. My knight in shining armor....or my knight in a black t-shirt with a bee-encrusted L card. Whatever.


Good evening folks. What a lovely weekend! Sunshine and even got me a couple warm thunderstorms today.

We went down home for my gramp's birthday and Mother's Day yesterday. See my gramps?
I got to see family from a couple different sides. Even got to visit with my dad's family which is always nice. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by tons of grandparents. Awww....Anyways....what's cool is that our brothers got to come too. Plus I got to check out my little bro's Triumph he's building.

God, they make me laugh a lot. So it was an all out family visiting day!

We took a pal with us so he could ride his dad's motorcycle during the day. Check out that beast....I'm so jealous.

I've been promised a ride on it as soon as it gets up here to Chi-town. Gotta get my permit, immediately.

Today we packed a bag, grabbed some sandwiches and went and laid out in the sun at the beach. Nice lazy Sunday afternoon.

I guess this isn't really an interesting post to the general public, but just wanted to jot this down. Slow relaxing weekend, it sure hit the spot.


According to late breaking news, Tech TV is going to suck here shortly. Comcast bought out Tech TV and G4 and want to merge it with different hosts/shows I guess. So....they are firing everyone but 100 people and moving the operation to another city. Has anyone watched G4??? It sucks. I really liked Tech TV, but oh well. Yet another reason to throw the glass breast out the window.

On a more personal level, I'm stoked about this weekend. My gramps is doing much better now and I get to see him tomorrow along with 30 of my mom's side of the family. We'll even get to eat some seriously fat steaks in the process which is ALWAYS a good thing in my book. Yay! Road trip! Plus, I may get a motorcycle ride later that night. Whoo whooo!

It's supposeably going to be super nice too, maybe even some warm thunderstorms which is my favorite kind of weather. Plus, a good friend is getting her Masters this weekend. Damn....good news all around.

I'm looking forward to getting out of the city I guess. Sometimes it makes a girl appreciate this metropolis a little more.


YAY!!! One of my best friends got excellent news today. I couldn't be happier!


Sex Toy Review: Remote Controlled Vibrating Thong

(Note: Listen to Busta Rhymes "Light that Ass on Fire" while reading this review. I can't explain it, but it helps.)

The basic structure of these knickers is a black thong with a leathery pouch on the front that a silver bullet vibrator is tucked into. The g-string part that goes up your crack is elastic, as well as the sides. The remote is a one button, small, irovy, non-descript remote with a switch that makes the bullet go from “on” to “off.” It also has a red light to let you know it’s on in case your partner is using it in a dark club or something I suppose. There is no in-between speed unfortunately, but fun enough to give you a little jolt if you keep turning it off and on fast.

The remote is reported to be able to work from up to 100 feet. The other fun thing is that if you have friends with these on, their remotes work yours as well. We tried these out at a theater one night with another couple. They sat on one side of the theater and we sat on the other with both of us ladies donning the hi-tech panties. I would be calmly sitting there talking to those around me and my crotch would go off. With a quick look I’d see them waving or smiling in our direction. So I’d elbow my husband and make him give her a jolt back as well. You can see how these would be quite a conversation starter at parties.

The panties are fortunately pretty quiet. Maybe if you were sitting on a metal folding chair, you might be able to hear some rattling coming from betwixt your nether regions. They are also pretty comfortable but a little bulky up front. You should also wear them over other underwear only because they are not really washable.

As far as uses go, the possibilities are endless. Here’s one idea from a fellow blogger...Slutboy-see Nov. 30 entry as well as Ms. Bedroom's account.

I can see using them at movie theaters, parties, bars, concerts, hell, even walking in the mall. Just give the remote to your partner or pass it around between strangers. I can see how half the fun would be knowing anyone, maybe even a stranger, at a particular event was making your undies jiggle. This might be an excellent way to surprise your partner too. Slip them on and hand him the remote right before you walk into your next big family dinner he/she’s been dreading!

In regards to sexual stimulation, I don’t think these knickers will get you off all by itself. The bullet is strong but it’s going through the leather pouch and whatever undies you wear underneath. Not all clitorises were created equal however, so to the more sensitive types (maybe the kind that can get off by a slight breeze perhaps?) these things might do the trick on their own. Plus the bullet is either off or full on, so not a lot of play in the speed.

These suckers are great, however, for turning you on. If anything just for the sheer naughtiness of them and that they can be used in public without fear of the actual public knowing what you are doing. I found they made me feel teased knowing that I wouldn’t actually get to "finish" until I got some place alone with Mr. Remote Holder. I haven’t ever got to hold the remote on someone but I would imagine it would be quite an event to turn them on while the panty-wearer was talking to a group of people, etc. I always felt like every time I felt those suckers go off I knew my partner was thinking about my naughty bits. To me, that’s solid gold baby in the turn on department.

However, the undies can feel like you have a contraption strapped to you so don’t go into it thinking it will be like you will forget you are wearing them until you get zapped.

Basic overall rating: 7 out of 10. Pros:
Naughty and really fun way to liven things up. Range of remote and general comfort is a plus. Cons: Price is a little salty. Bullet, if left on, will probably leave you numb after about 10 minutes due to no speed controls. Don’t expect it to knock your socks off, just expect it to turn up the heat between you and the remote holder. Works every time. So why not?

Why not get a mirror why you're at it? Egads.

If you don't get the Daily Dirt, then go here to read this soldier's story. Interesting....


Tonight the lovely Jen K. let me help her make her latest film sensation--a music video for the band "Careful." See the story below! (Click on each to make them bigger.)

Keep checking her site, the film should be uploaded shortly.

Also I was applauded by several readers for my sex toy review a couple weeks back, so I've almost completed my next one and that will be uploaded this week as well. I love blogging. Nighty-night.

For listening to my recent rants, here's a little dirty treat for you.
Sasha's sex blog! (Not safe for work)

Go check out Matt Lombard's profile on Cradle of Filth's website!! He's so crafty.

Click here for Matt Lombard profile or if that doesn't work click here...Cradle of Filth site and find the Nymph Profiles.

Wanna see pics of my poor car?

I've calmed down a little since yesterday but I'm still disgusted. Mostly because of the money I'm going to have to put into it and that I haven't even got to drive the son of a bitch very much. Ugh.

Still sick today....darn this cold. That's alright though because I get to go help Jen K. with a film tonight! Weeeee! Okay, better work. Chow!


SOMEBODY HIT MY FUCKING CAR! Some chicken shit little peckerwood decided to parallel park his piece of shit red vehicle on my brand new fucking car leaving red marks all over the back bumper. Then decided if I found it I'd probably slit his fucking throat so he moved and I can't find him. Oh, I searched my block too but no luck. This is the car I have yet to make a payment on, the car that has approximately 324 miles on it, the car that my husband ran into a curb on Friday and busted the tire and rim on as well.

Let's summarize shall we? I just bought a car that I am going to now have to drop at least $500 on to fix a tire, rim and the deductible to get it back to the shape it was in only 2 short weeks ago. I could spit fucking nails.

Besides that how was my weekend? Okay I guess. I'm sick still with a major sore throat and cold. I sound less like a trucker and more like a meek little girl now if you consider that a plus. I imagine me barely having a voice is a good thing to my husband since I've been a total bitch on wheels all weekend.

On Friday I got a call that my grandpa had a stroke. Although things seem to be looking up in that front since he's doing better except for his speech. I was suppose to go see them next weekend so hopefully he'll be home by then. I don't do well in hospitals but I'll go wherever to see how's he doing, creepy hospital or not.

Did have some good times this weekend. Got to hang out with pals and watch some movies with theMan. Today I got my house cleaned and now I'm just sitting in my PJ's looking up funny stuff to keep me from tearing someone's head off. I'm trying not to blow this out of proportion. I realize there are people with bigger problems, but it's just not been a great month. Okay?