I guess my previous holiday rant got rid of the bad holiday spirits lingering around because we had an incredibly awesome turkey day with the family. For once it was relaxing and enjoyable. Got to see mom, dad, family and no rushing around or missing anyone.

Although the day after we returned home was a different story. We woke up early to pick up J-dogg from the airport and our window got stuck down at the drive-thru while we were picking up breakfast on the way. Thankfully it wasn't snowing but it was a damn cold ride out to Midway. The good thing was that I now know what the inside of a door looks like with a power window. The bad news....it's going to cost around $200+ to fix it. Thankfully the guys at Hollywood Auto are awesome and are cutting us a deal.


Uploaded some pics from the weekend excursion to Godville. Get them here. Plus I added some cute ones that make me smile. So enjoy!

Nothing really to report today. Got paid $10 to make my pumpkin roll so I'm doing that tonight and packing again for another trip out of town.

....gobble gobble.


Now I remember why I hate the holidays and love Halloween. On Halloween there is no pressure to go around the tri-state area to different family dinners so you don’t piss people off and get to spend quality time with all of your loves ones. On Halloween you aren’t pressured to bring food or even see anyone unless you want too and then you are usually in an alcoholic haze and there is loud music involved at some point. There is no guilt, no whining, no pressure, no hard feelings….it’s just candy and mischief and parties. All of which I can handle, even look forward too.

I’m grateful for my family and I love them dearly. That’s why every year I bust my ass to go and spend enough time with each of them because I want too, not because I have too. Plus, I drag theMan, who loathes it.

However, some members of my family, and maybe rightfully so, want more time than I can allot them. This results in guilt trips which makes me start to feel that bile rise in my esophagus and my stomach to tie in knots with anxiety. Something in me makes me want to make people happy first so when someone is disappointed, I get all anxious. Thus, I hate the holidays.

Sigh.....(that's me exhaling) Good good weekend. I can't say that I feel completely 100% relieved (mostly because of the area she's in) but I feel much better about where my sister is mentally. She looks better than ever and seems to be really getting along there. The people like her a lot and she's doing great with the rules and her school work. I couldn't get over the way she looked. She's probably gained about 15 lbs (for someone that was 90+ lbs, that's good news) and her face, skin and hair are pretty much back to normal. If you've ever seen anyone on heroin, take a good look at their face. Their hair is all dried and frayed, their skin is yellowish and sunken in and their face is broken out usually. Now she looks completely healthy.

The rules were a bit much though. I think you'd have to stay there a year to get them all figured out. The only thing she has ever got "points" taken away for is one time she was studying her notecards with Bible verses on them at a time when she was supposed to be only talking with the Lord. She dropped a card, someone told her she dropped it and she picked it up. She got points taken away because she was listening to the person instead of God when she picked up the card. It's amazing isn't it? She used to get in trouble for drug running and now she's dropping notecards.

My cousin and I were anxious and nervous all week and once we left I think we both felt tons better. I'm really really happy she's not a complete zombie either. She was still Jamie for the most part, just with some talk like a born-again Christian thrown in. Now, Godville is not somewhere I'd ever want to live or drive through, but it'll do. I'm grateful for that program even though I don't believe in the religion they teach. It sure has more rehabilitory potential than prison.

Whew...we had a great Saturday shopping. Good thing I bought a new winter jacket because it's freaking snowing here and cold, cold, cold. I'm glad for the short week but not real excited to drive another 3 hours again. Oh well...I miss my family alot and can't wait for turkey day!!

By the way, I'll post some new pics of our trip tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Yes, I'll admit it. I bought the People "Sexiest Man Alive" issue today. However, besides gratutious sexy men, I found out something worthwhite. Mel Brooks is writing "Young Frankenstien" for Broadway. WOW!

"Putting on the Ritz!"

Well it's finally Friday. The week went slow but hanging out with my pals sure helped the last 2 days fly right by. Tonight we pack and tomorrow we hit the road. I talked to my sister last night and she sounded great. She didn't sound like she was a brainwashed Jesus zombie at all, so that made me feel tons better. There was a person sitting by the phone though to listen in and tell her when her 15 minutes was up. Crazy. We're bringing the video camera so hopefully we get some interesting footage. God, I miss her.

I'm going to upload some more pictures today. Mostly because I'm bored of the ones I have and it's fun to share, yes? So go ahead and explore.


You ever have 2 people in your life that you know are perfect for each other, but they are both going through stuff that you can't do anything or say anything to help.....yea, me too.

FUCK BUSH Fact for 11/20/03: As of November 17th, 422 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, over 2,200 have been wounded and there are an average of 35 attacks on Americans every day, yet President Bush has not attended a funeral or memorial of a single American killed in action.


Ohhhh...going to Gibson's for the company party again this year. That means I'm getting stuffed full of good eats and totally shitfaced on the company's dime....Hallelujah!

Wow, I'm getting later and later in my posts. Hopefully I'm keeping my faithful readers entertained? ;)

I'm sure most of you have seen these already, but thought I'd pass them on just in case. My personal favorites are The Matrix one and the DIVX one. Poor, poor Star Wars Kid. Watch the original first to get the full effect.

I am really really really anxious for the weekend. My mom keeps telling me more and more details about my sister and I'm excited to see her. I've been having weird dreams about her too. For instance, the other night I dreamed we were visiting her and she showed me her extremely (think Sasquatch) legs and was complaining because they wouldn't let her shave. Why I am dreaming about my sister's hairy legs, I have the slightest idea. Mom just phoned with a bunch of details and she told me that they upped Jamie's shower time to 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes so she can shave now, so that's cleared up. Good Lord..... I found out they can't have any eye contact with the opposite sex so during class they have to keep their heads down. Wow.

So here I am just waiting and waiting and waiting......

PORN NEWS: OH! My pal reminded me of another porn to suggest to you all. No Man's Land series (either #7 or #14) have a woman "getting off" with much force and distance. Plus there is the "Rainwomen" series too if you are into female ejaculation. It's really just a cut away to her face before they fill her up with water and then back to the money shot where she uses what God gave her to get it out of there, but still entertaining.

Alright, well that's 2 days with porn in my blog entries....think I should try to raise the bar on my intellect the rest of the week? Nah.....


Just had a great conversation with a pal of mine. Besides being a mom I greatly admire and only hope to be as good as....her husband and her are greatly responsible for the quality of my sex life. And let me clarify, no I have not had sex with either, although I did have a nice morning at their house which involved a king size bed, omelets and friendly snuggling. Anyways, they have been some of the most open minded, understanding, quality advice givers I've had the pleasure to know. For a wedding present they got us a huge gift box full of condoms and a book on sexual positions. Can't get much better than that.

So when they suggest porn, I listen. Here ya go, New Wave Hookers....She suggested New Wave Hooker #7 which isn't listed on the database, but here's a link to the rest of them. The review was: "There is a shot of some people doing it, and then they cut to a picture of a steak on a stool." Sounds good to me.

There's another film that circulated through our group of friends a while back called Ten Little Maidens which was really really strange to say the least. Let's just say I didn't realize arsenic glowed when it was placed in orifices. Egads.

Well goodness...that enough talk of porn today. If you have any good ones, send them my way!


I love having a scavenger/maintenance man for a husband....he just found 20 magazine rack holder thingys in the trash and they are in perfect condition and even black! Weee! That just saved us about $20+ at Office Depot.

Damn...what a great weekend. Although I'm still recoving from "Dead Nazis" and all things herbal on Saturday. If you live in Chicago, go to Delilah's for crying out loud. It kicks ass and the drinks are fairly cheap too.

I got some art stuff done this weekend after I found old National Geographics that my grams gave me forever ago. I'll try to post pics later but I'm kinda shy about that stuff, so probably not. Yesterday not only did I not get out of my PJ's but I didn't leave the house either and it was awesome.

How was your weekend? You should email me and tell me all about it!


I have been collecting boxes and boxes of numerous types of books from garage sales this summer to open my bookstore one day. But until then, I thought I'd see how they did on Ebay. I have a ton more and quite a large selection of different "genres". These are just sampling of some I thought the general public would be interested in. Unfortunately I haven't read them, so you'll have to get descriptions/reviews elsewhere.

If you are looking for a book, email me and I can look in my collection to see what I have and we can formulate a deal.

EBAY Links:
Richard Bach books, set of 3 with one first edition Hard Cover.

Dean Koontz & Jonathan Kellerman set of 4.

Nursing stories

Catherine Coulter “The Maze”, David Baldacci “The Winner”, Brad Meltzer “Dead Even”, Christopher Reich “Numbered Account”

On a side note, I absolutely love this Disinfo DVD, and you all should seriously consider picking it up. One of my favorite quotes: "The reason I'm not an atheist anymore is because it doesn't make any sense yelling "Oh, Random Chance" during a blow job." That needs to be on a t-shirt.


Mmmmm.....This is how bad a housewife I am. Last night I took extra plastic spoons from this chili place I go too because I knew we didn't have any clean.....that's really kinda pathetic. (Sorry mom....try not to hang your head in shame.)

That link I posted with Bush & Tony Blair yesterday had already apparently been seen by the rest of the world. I still thought it was funny even if I was one of the last to know. Tee hee.

Next weekend is our trip to God-ville. BTW, since my sister can't be around her old friends as part of her probation and because this is public and who knows who reads it, I'm just going to call where she's at "Godville." Seems appropriate.

There is this mexican guy outside knocking on the window calling for "Jose" to let him in. Wonder what that's about?

Anyway back to Godville. I'll have to post to let those who are curious know how it goes. I'm excited to see her and my cousin again. We're going a day early to stay in a hotel and do some outlet mall shopping. Should be good...I'm always up for spending money.

Oh, that Disinfo DVD kicks royal ass. I'll have a full review later this weekend. I was a little, well, under the influence when I watched it the first time and didn't get through all of it. However, I DEFINETLY suggest getting it. Did you know about "Uncle Goddam"? They have a couple skits on that Disino DVD and I about shit my pants laughing so hard. What's weird is last year on Halloween we went and saw Kenneth Anger talk and show a couple of his films. In the Disinfo DVD he had on the exact same outfit.....obnoxious solar system sweater and all. Jen K., Lance, you guys remember that sweater? Anyways, I suppose that's not important in the grand scheme of things...just thought it was weird.

Well, I'm off to bed. Gotta get up and do absolutely whatever I feel like tomorrow. Maybe shopping for x-mas gifts for all you? Chow!


It's Friday and I have been emailing or surfing the internet for approximately 2 hours instead of working this morning. That makes me happy.


Please watch this....hilarious! Endless love.

Yay! It's here! The DVD I ordered is here! Plus, tonight is the night for "Conspiracies" on Tech TV! It's an all radical thinkers night at the mistress's house tonight!

Saw Careful last night and congrats to the boyz on their first show! The bar was cool, but the Smokin' Voodoo Daddy bar next door was pretty awesome. Great little bluesy, jazzy band playing. I didn't drink or eat there so I can't comment on the food, but one of the guys said it was standard bar food.

Not alot to report today. Just working along and waiting for the weekend. I'm reading the "Interviews" book fom Disinfo.com now and I'm pretty taken with it. I'll admit, I can't wrap my brain around all of it, but it's definitely an eye opener.

Just want to say "GOOD LUCK OVULATING" to my gal pals that read this that are trying on the baby thing. I feel for ya, so hang in there!

Happy Thursday!


This website has stuff that "people" take down from the internet.....things like the FDA's warnings on use of Slimfast, special government stuff that for some reason has been removed. Check it out.

Last night we were laying in bed talking and all the sudden a repeated crash comes from above our heads. Yep, it's those crazy british neighbors of ours screwing like rabbits! This time was significant though because it sounded like he was raising the bed off the floor and slamming it back down while yelling "OH OH OH UHHHHHHH". Awesome! We clapped and cheered when they finished and waited patiently for the scurry of feet to run to the bathroom above us. The funny thing is, is that you never hear her moan. Unless that deep groan is her....which would be impressive.

Tonight going to go see "Careful" play at Phyliss's. It's a band made up of 2 of our ex-roommates. It's at 9:00ish if any of you are in the Chicago area.

In case you didn't know, people where I'm from are kinda retarded.

Well, it's almost November 15. For those of you who don't know, that is the date I allow my co-workers to play Christmas music. That god awful shit we all have to sit through for the next 2 months. I can handle Christmas, there are even parts I like, but I cannot stand sitting at work for 8 hours listening to that stuff. The worst part is, we spend a lot of our time listening to "Barbara Streisand" sing Christmas carols. Which is weird, seeing how she's Jewish. Thank god I am the only one at work with speakers so I can crank up this stuff.


Found an interesting rant on one guy's comparison of junkies vs. Mormons at this site. Obviously I don't really hold this rant as scientific fact, but it's an interesting take on it.

For those who don't know me, I was baptised a Mormon when I was 8 and was voluntarily excommunicated right before I got married. If you read this blog, you can piece together that my sister was a junkie. However, she would never become a Mormon despite my family's pressure on her. If there is an ounce of truth to this, I guess she was a Mormon after all. I would have never thought about those 2 things relating in anyway, even sarcastically.

Enough of that, go here for fun. (some bad, some just funny)


7 years ago today, theMan sheepishly asked me to be his girlfriend. Awwwwwww......

Happy Monday! How are you all? I gotta tell you about 2 films I watched this weekend that really kicked ass. The first one was a documentary called Devil's Playground about Amish kids who when they turn 16 get to go into the "world" and choose if they want to be Amish or not. Those Amish people know how to party!! The film was based in Indiana too. They had kids that were talking about how "Amish throw the best parties." A sentence I never thought I would hear in my lifetime. This one Amish kid gets hooked on Crystal Meth even. We got it at Blockbuster, so GO GET IT QUICK! It was really interesting....don't let the "Amish" part keep you from renting it.

Another movie I watched I guess would be classified as a "chick flick" but still really really good. It was Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllanhall (spelled???). It wasn't really a tear jerker or anything, and it was pretty funny at times. If you are a lady and want your man to rent it, tell him you do get to see Jennifer Aniston's boobs from a side view for like 1 minute. And there's a penis sighting too, if you are gay and trying to get your boyfriend to rent it.

Weekend was pretty good. Slept in, went shopping at a mall I hadn't been too before and got theMan a new coat. The bad thing was that we ate at a really shitty semi-expensive restaurant. Don't you hate that? They don't put the prices on the menu and you've ate it but it's not great. Then you get the bill and you don't want to pay? Pisses me off. Yesterday I pretty much just sat around and watched 3 movies (also watched Meet Joe Black on Sci-Fi Channel but you've all probably heard of that before).

Well, there's my movie review for the week. No crazies to speak of today but I got on the train really early so they were probably in bed.


Today was weird.

Several times in the past 2 weeks we have tried to get theMan shoes but no one has had them in his size. Today we went to Finish Line at a mall just to check. He found a pair and of course they weren’t in his size. But then we became aware of an interesting phenomenon. Did you know that part of the job requirements of working at Finish Line is to walk around and dribble a ball? The only guy not helping someone was the guy with the ball. When I asked him to get a size 12, he looked distressed and called over to another employee to help us. She couldn’t because she was with someone so he passed off his ball to another employee with the orders “Keep dribbling.” I shit you not.

So the next time you find yourself out of a job or barely making ends meet, go apply at your local Finish Line. Just ask for the application for “Douche Bag that dribbles the ball.”

Later we were walking to pick up something to drink and a lady was playing with a dog tied to a parking meter. When we walked by she said to us, “his hair is naturally curly,” laughed manically and walked off.

Welcome to Crazy World.


So I decided to start trying to find really horrible/cheesy 70's/80's porn. Not really for sexual purposes but sheer comedy. Where do you find such stuff? Well I started looking online of course! I found a lot of interesting links on the way to starting my collection. Since I'm sure some of my readers enjoy porn, here ya go. As a precaution, I wouldn't look at any of these at work.

Retro porn You gotta pay eventually but there's a few free pics.

Adult Blogs with links. I never knew there was such a thing as a ponytail fetish???

Delta of Venus I want porn a little newer and cheesier than this, but the free tour is worth a look for that vintage feel. Those girls definitely didn't have to worry about the bikini wax.

How Toys Work A site that offers free videos for gals and guys shopping for that perfect sexual aid, but not quite sure how they work just by looking at the pictures on the box. Plus, there's no more having to ask that scary she-male at the counter of your local porn shop. Of course you have to sign up for the free service, but I wouldn't put any real info in just to be safe.

Porn store for your needs.

Plastic Surgery of the stars....why not waste 5 minutes of your day.

Damn, it must be something in the air. I just got back from Subway and there was another crazy lady there. She was behind me in line and kept yelling, and I mean SHOUTING at the people making the sandwich. When I left she was shrieking, "ONLY A FEW ONIONS!!!!" She first got pissed off because they put the cheese on before the mayo. And I don't mean a little irked, I mean stark raving pisss-ed.

What a bad day not to have a camera phone or something.

There was a good crazy woman on the train platform this morning. She was shaking her enormous beehive hair back and forth saying things like "A car is a good investment" and "She's just jealous, hmm mmm." She kept talking and looking around. There are heaters you can stand under and everyone who was "sane" was on one side keeping as far away as possible to the "crazy" lady on the other side. Humans crack me up.

I want to send a big old comforting e-hug to my pal and a slap to Aunt Flow (that bitch)....next month is the month!!


Yay! It's Thursday! I'm reading an interesting chapter in "Cosmic Trigger III" on sexism towards men. It says that people can easily point out when sexism is directed towards women from men, however, people rarely recognize sexism towards men from women. That since the 1920's the suicide rate of men has been 6 times higher than women, that men die 7 years earlier on average than women, etc. I never really thought about it, but it's true for me at times. Something to ponder....

I am also keeping a list of songs I hear that I want to download. My latest list includes: (be prepared for some oldies)
When in Rome "Promise"
Billy Idol "Rebel Yell"
Men at Work "Overkill"

Thank you, good night.


Thanx to theMan and Disinfo.com, I found these hilarious links. Enjoy!

America vs. Earth Great site with plenty of Bush humor.
Fucked Company.com News for business
Internal Memos.com Wanna see how Sprint fires people, then read their internal memos.

Okay, enough for today. Oh, and I posted earlier tomorrow is Hump Day...well that's because I spent the whole day thinking it was Tuesday. I'm quick.

I don't get functioning until about 11 a.m., then about 3 p.m. I slowly stop functioning again. It's 3:21, and yep, I'm blogging instead of working.

One of my closest pals is waiting the longest week of her life before she finds out if she's pregnant. I'm trying to help her be patient, but I really want her to drop a grand on EPT tests and take one every 20 minutes until she knows for sure. My other pal is going to start trying again shortly too. So she'll be playing the waiting game in a few weeks too. It's weird being at an age where I have some friends that are "trying" to have babies instead of being totally devastated if they end up preggo. Of course, I have friends who WOULD be devastated if they got pregnant, but it's nice having a balance.

For the record, no, we do not want babies right now. Sorry Mom.

I haven't really been searching the web much for funny links this week. I happened upon the distasteful Tard Blog by accident yesterday. So if I find anything of interest today, I'll let you know.

That email this morning really pissed me off. It's probably something most of you would have deleted, and me too usually but for some reason I'm still feeling like a royal bitch and wanted to let loose a little. So far I've gotten no replies though, so I figure they deleted it like you would have.

Well, no real news. I'm just sitting here with the internet at my fingertips and no boss looking over my shoulder. I ended up not reading much more of that Kafka book as of yet. I'm on to "Cosmic Trigger III" now from good ol' RAW. Plus we got the new "Book of Lies" from disinfo.com and I'm desparately waiting for theMan to finish it so I can get my paws on it. I just learned the previously banned DVD of disinfo shows is available through their site too.

There is a great new show on Tech TV called Conspiracies. Last week they had a show on the "Satanic Panic" and had like 4 authors I've read talk about different subjects. You should check it out. It's not all about Satan, so no worries if that doesn't interest you.

Okay, I'm off. Better earn my keep here. Tomorrow is Hump Day, so be ready to hump random things.

I got an e-mail today from my Grams. Someone forwarded it to her. She asked that I read it and think it over. So I did. Then I decided to send it back to everyone it had originally been forwarded too (people really should use the bcc: features on their email so your email address isn't listed). All 30+ of them.

If they feel the need to forward stuff, then I'm going to respond. I would have liked to tell them they are fucking idiots, read a book, peel the flag stickers off their car and go talk to other humans for once, but my grandma was going to recieve it too, so I was polite.

I decided to include the original email and my response here in my blog so maybe it'd open up some discussion. Read it if you'd like. My response is first, and the original email is second. If you want to discuss, email me at mizfoyblog@yahoo.com. I also have all of the original email addresses of the people who forwarded it to me, if you'd like to respond to them. Email me and I will forward it to you.
Hey Grams:

I think the person who wrote the original e-mail needs to remember why we love this great country.....because of our freedoms, including free speech. The freedom the person is exercising by sending out the email. Well, free speech also applies to the "liberals of Hollywood" as well.

This war has a lot of angles on it, most of which aren't shown on the nightly news (news which, incidently happens to be owned by large corporations). They don't have to go watch the movie. However, it would be in everyone's best interest if we would hear people out, do the research, and not take everything you are fed by one view as gospel.

Here are some great websites I use to get all different kinds of perspectives on what's going on in the world. Hope they help!



++++++++++++++++ORIGINAL EMAIL+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
In a message dated 11/2/2003 6:22:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, MaxMachPilot writes:

Subject: Mystic River - The Movie

Mystic River, the new movie released last Wednesday is starring Sean Penn
and Tim Robbins who have been known to spew hate speech against our current
President, assaulting his character for doing what he is attempting to do
with the war on terror, to protect Americans from further attack. Which has
been very successful so far? These 2 liberal actors have sided with Saddam
Hussain and Osama Bin Laden and against our own country, as demonstrated by
Penn's going to Iraq prior to the war in protest of our pending attack to
remove the terrorist regime of Saddam Hussain, saying that we have no right
to attack innocent people and that it was the Bush administration that is
starting this war.

Let us not forget 9/11/2001.

I figure I have no way to let the liberals in Hollywood know that they are
just actors....and not representative of mainstream America, by myself. But
if each one of us route this note to all of your friends who support our
troops and the administration, and make sure that they do not go to this
movie. Encourage all you know......not to go to it. By doing
this.....these actors won't be able to get a job. Look what it did for Alec
Baldwin's career!
He's a washed up actor that watches his mouth these days.

We have 2 days until this movie starts. Let the boycott begin. Route this
to every loyal patriotic person you know and stay away from this movie with
these anti-American activists. These are 2 very outspoken hate ministers
and we can make a difference.


Wanna find some Chinese symbols? Then click on that link.

Sometimes the internet is not helpful. For instance, I'm trying like hell to find a definition of "godmother" that has little to do with religion. I either get "fairy godmother" or "person helping with baptism." Neither of which apply really.

Slow day today. Hope your Tuesday is good. If it's not, then read these.

What rung on the evolution ladder do you classify someone that stands directly in front of a turnstyle where 40+ people are trying to exit through?

I'd say somewhere between dung beetles and peat moss.


Yesterday I posted that I bought a book called "The Most Evil Women in History." And I'm thinking I should have been included in that book. This past week I have been a royal bitch. I even escalated a fight on my anniversary (which I am really embarrassed about). Thankfully I feel more like myself today, but damn.

I never wanted to give any credit to women when they blamed everything on PMS. I think I have to restate that opinion. Let me give you a for instance. My co-worker asked me if I had any extra pens. My response...."Jesus, they are just pens. Fucking order more!"

Yea, I think I better go back to bed.

Wow, I should have waited to post last night. We watched a film called Timothy Leary's Dead and it was pretty disturbing. The film was really informative and I learned a few things I didn't know. However, the ending, where I'm sure it's not real, shows the "death" and decapitation of Timothy Leary. Geez.


Hello there. The last day of our little vacation. I think 4 days hit the spot. I'm to the point where I don't mind going back in tomorrow. How is your Sunday? I can't believe it's November already. I actually heard on the radio today an advertisement for jewelry as x-mas gifts for wives. Already into the holiday mumbo jumbo I see.

Nothing really exciting to post, just typing waiting on the dryer to finish. I was kinda dissappointed with the Halloween mark down stuff. I didn't end up buying anything yet. Oh well...until next year.

Well, I suppose I should go since I really have nothing to say. OH! Wait, I did buy a new book yesterday called "The Most Evil Women In History." Doesn't that sound good? It sorta jumped out at me at B & N. If you ever get the chance, check out the bargain section at Barnes & Noble. Sometimes it's worth it.

Okay, really going now. Chow!


Hey folks! Sadness today....it's no longer Halloween month. However, I propose one day a month be "Celebrate Spooky" day where people can dress up, smash pumpkins and parade around in their true form. Whether it be a Hawaiian Angus from AC/DC or a drag queen with 5 o'clock shadow!

We watched a pretty good film called "The Tyranny of 9/11" by Alex Jones. His site is Infowars.com. Now it's a little religious for my tastes but the documentary really wasn't heavy on the Bible stuff. In fact, it made me want to leave the planet. If you think 9/11 and this war was because of some middle easterners overseas, maybe you should look into some information too. Now I don't credit this one documentary and this one person's views as gospel, but it was one piece of the puzzle that's made me continue to question that power-hungry fucker that currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue.

I did learn that Afganistan was one of the only places left refusing to let UNICOL build their pipeline for oil through their country. Incidently, I believe the pipeline is now being completed. And that Bush and family members of Osama Bin Laden have links to the Carlyle Group which is currently benefitting from the "war on some terrorists." That a record number of put options were placed on 2 specific airlines the day before the attacks on the trade center, those 2 airlines were United and American. I'm not saying you have to believe any of it. Just look into it, do yourself a favor. Here's a site to get you started, From The Wilderness has some great articles.

Well, onto lighter things. Had a great anniversary and a great vacation. Got to go out to eat with pals, celebrate birthdays, see the freaks on Halsted parade in all sorts of costumes and even check out some interesting bands. All in all, great times.

I don't care if it's over, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!