3 Month Milestone

Whew. There, that was me giving a sigh of relief. I had several very smart women tell me that the 3 month mark was a major milestone in feeling 100% better and they were right. It was like I woke up on Father's Day a new person. I asked for what I needed from my husband, my girl started cooing and almost giggling, and I finally found my groove.

I even got a sweet raise and awesome review at work, further letting me know that the plan I busted my ass to make work, is working splendidly. And let me just reiterate that point. I CHOSE to go back to work because I knew, even before that positive pregnancy test, that would be what was best for my family. So I created a budget and we stuck to it to make it happen, all the while my husband was building his photography business. And guess what? That girl with all the big ideas and no fetus yet was right. Me working is my saviour, my sanity. I miss my girl like crazy and if she was going to daycare I would lose my mind, but she's with her dad. Her dad that likes staying home with her, who researches the best way to make tummy time valuable, a dad that I always wished I had growing up (even though I did in other ways with my pops, Jim.)

So I still have my days. My marriage is okay, but we are talking and compromising and working on it, I think. My weight is embarrassing to me, but I'm trying to give myself a break for a little bit. I feel guilty because though I work all day away from Addie, I still need 15 minutes to myself when I get home.

But it's improving and I feel like I have a plan.

And my little girl is sleeping next to me with one of her fat little leg sticking out of the covers, just like me when I sleep. Life is good and now I can see it.


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