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I'm out on a work photo assignment for the next couple of days. So far I've taken 270 pictures in 5 hours. Damn I love our new camera.

I've posted a few in Flickr that I like. Enjoy!

Cats Pajamas

This guy
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I like this picture of us. I like it because we were alone on a Monday night, bored of watching movies and eating everything in sight and it being 100 degrees outside. So instead of just going to bed, oh no, we prop the camera up on the counter and take pictures of ourselves being silly.

That is why I think we'll make it out in the woods with just the bugs and our love, piss police or not.



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I didn't tell you how the job interview went, did I? I honestly don't know. Seems like they liked me and I think I can do what they want me to do...now it's just a matter of salary and if I'm better than the other interviewees I suppose. I left there not knowing one way or another how it was going to play out. Usually I can tell.

Oh well. Ho hum.

While I appreciate Mr. Moondance's awesome-ness in getting me an interview, there is one thing that is smacking me in the face-the drug testing. I haven't peed for the Piss Police for a job in so long I was shocked when they mentioned it. Not only do I have to pee though, I have to give a hair sample.

Even though I don't have any thing to worry about, I think you all know where I stand on anyone knowing what I do in my free time, let alone what my hair tells them about 6 months ago before I even considered driving my happy ass 150 miles for the job interview. What can you do? Oh, smoke a big fucking fatty right after the test? I thought of that but I'm not really a drug user of any kind these days, unless you count Synthroid.

But it's the fact that I have to take a test at all?! I'm not operating heavy machinery, my job wouldn't pose a threat to anyone anywhere and if I get high every day and fuck up my job, they will know pretty quick.

It just irks me. I'm interviewing for a job that pays less, wants to test my body for drugs and has no windows in it's offices. While I'm stoked at the opportunity, it's another small town deal that I'm not looking forward too.

Keep repeating the mantra: We can have babies, we can live in the woods, we can roam our yard naked, we can have babies....

P.S. Mr. Moondance, let it publicly be known that I am indebeted to you for the work you've done, Piss Police or not. You rock FILF.


Not the only one

I knew I wasn't the only one to think this girl KICKS ASS!

Jennifer got mentioned on The Cancer Blog in a very flattering post all about her! Go give her some love.

Jen, your amazing Sis. Amazing amazing amazing.


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Added a few misc. pics to Flickr showing you theMan's mad grilling skillz, my new t-shirt from Pants (threadless.com) and one of our furry child in repose.

Get some!

Food Nazi

One of many pleasant side effects of hanging out at the Moondance Ranch was discussing their addiction to information about foods and products put into their bodies and their kid's bodies. We share this love of information and got to finally sit and bitch for a couple hours about the horrors of soda and Yellow No. 5. It was liberating.

Lately, besides our love of organic and vegetarianism lifestyles, we've started to take things one step further. We are now learning more about the things in the products used to store or cook our food not just the food itself. And let me just warn you, it's a little scary.

I won't go into a big diatribe about plastics or teflon or even the microwave because you all know how to Google at this point. I'll just tell you that I had no idea until theMan showed me some research. Now it freaks me out. For all those times I put leftovers in the microwave at work, I cringe.

So we are trying to replace all our plastics in our kitchen with glass or stainless steel. By saving sauce jars or jelly jars, we've gathered quite a collection at low prices. We've got our stainless steel water bottles on order and I've begun replacing most of my cooking utensils for wood or stainless steel. All that's left to do is throw out the remaining Tupperware and exchange my beloved Pampered Chef mixing bowls for some snazzy steel ones.

When we started this I looked at my kitchen like Chernobyl. In reality, it wasn't all that bad and it's been pretty cheap to replace things. I found out that even my cutting board is helping the planet in some ways! I have a bamboo one that is supposeably stronger than oak or maple, absorbs less liquids, and bamboo is easily replenished because it grows fast and cheaply!

To get you started if you are interested, Jo at Leery Polyp has written several fabulous posts on plastics at her blog. Two of note: Plastics not Fantastics post (to help with ideas on how to switch products) and this one which got me started in thinking this way.

If you read this and roll your eyes, don't look at it as having to completely freak out and stop everything. While theMan is going whole hog, I've been a little slower by making small changes here and there. So if you're a whole she-bang all at once person (and I commend you for your dedication! theMan constantly amazes me) or like me, a little at a time...I think anything you can do can help your health and the planet at large.

What used to feel like a hopeless situation has turned into my little way of repaying the planet for letting me stay here for a few years.

P.S. I finished the marathon thingie at 59.43 by speed walking 3.5 miles. Not too bad considering I was in jeans. It also convinced me to do the Breast Cancer Walk next year with the Wife Liberation Front. Get your pink on girlies!


Shout out

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I got to meet some of my readers this weekend!! One of those strange instances where thanks to the blogging world, they knew all kinds of stuff about me and I barely knew anything about them, except they were neighbors of some of our buds. I told them I wished they'd start a blog so I could know more about them!!!

Hee hee...but anyways, hey Frank & Teresa (I hope I'm spelling that right)!!! I'm sure we'll be seeing you in person a lot more soon!

P.S. Extra thanks to Frank for all his help is passing around my resume even though he'd only met me through this site. That is why humans kick ass.

Proud Papa

Proud Papa
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Chippee, my little bro, graduma-tated this weekend so we went down to our hometown to share in the celebrations. What started as a simple visit turned into something more interesting.

We went to the Moondance Ranch for dinner, squeezing of the kid-lets and dice with their family. (You can see pictures of the cute-ness in Flickr).

All a blast as always! However, as we left, things turned weird. At midnight we decided we had better go stay with Dad since we weren't going to stay there Saturday night. I didn't call and let Dad know but this is a man who one time had to find his house keys before a long trip because he hadn't used them in so long he had no idea where they were. So I figured the house would be unlocked and there would be no fear of the guns sitting beside both Bro & Pops bed.

We got there at 1:00 a.m. and no such luck. No one answered, all doors were locked (so I thought) and we had no other options. Thinking it would be fun, we decided to just "camp out" in the car. That was all well and good until 2:30 a.m. when I had to pee and we were so uncomfortable I was tempted to sleep in the adjacent field.

We passed the time by roaming around the grocery stores in town looking like a couple stoners scavenging for food.

The next morning when Dad finally woke up and came out he could not believe it.

Chip's graduation was later that day and we got to spend a ton of fun times with the fam-damily. Ending it with some dinner and shopping with the T's.

Today we're cooped up in the A/C because in true Midwest fashion it's turned 90 degrees after being 50 last week. Time for a BBQ and central air!


Words that aren't associated with me

I am going to "run" a marathon tonight.

I only say this because I can't believe it either. To be fair, I will probably do more walking/jogging than running, but hey. I will be wearing an official shirt and will even have one of those nerdy placards on my back with a number on it.

I wish my excuse for not writing much this week could be attributed to all my marathon training but I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks. Thankfully there is a place to fill out medical information should I fall over 2 feet into the thing.

I have no excuse for the lack of words. I could say it's because I wanted those gorgeous wedding photos to really sink in, and that's partly true (isn't Sis gorgeous?) but actually I've just been sorta distant. I've been crushingly tired, even with 8 hours of sleep and I'd blame it on my thyroid, but I think it's more the lack of gym time thing than anything. I also have some craziness going on, even though the wedding is over.

My great-gramps seems to be doing fine despite brain cancer and renal failure (our family live forever apparently, the worse their health is) but now my great-grams is getting bypass surgery this morning. I haven't heard anything yet. This is the grandma that bought me Metallica's Black Album on tape when I was little for Christmas. Hell yea!

I also have an interview in a new town for a total career change this Friday. A way to get out of this Admin. Assistant title and move up in the world, although for less money. However, the town has a lower cost of living, so it would balance out. Plus, theMan has a job opportunity (hopefully). I'm very excited, we both are.

Last night I spent about 3 hours researching the company, aspects of the job I would need (i.e. big words I can throw out in the interview and pray they don't ask for more of an explanation), etc. I really want this.

We have also started working with a realtor to try to find a big piece of land to settle on. We have an appointment Friday night to look at a place that has horse stables for crying out loud. I don't know how it will work if I do get this job, but hey...why not count the chickens before they are hatched!

It's conflicting though, I'm going to be leaving people I love very dearly behind here. I think about that all the time. New friendships that have started (hey Hope!) and a job I really like, although the commute does drive me up a wall. It's never totally easy is it?

So there you go. Why I've posted randomly. I'll let you know how it works out, k?

P.S. My littlest brother graduates high school this weekend. Excuse me while I flip out.


Go veg

I don't think I'd agree either. Now Prince, my man...you had me at "Peaches & Cream" but sexiest in 2006? I'd have to go with Joaquin.

But anyways, it's good to have you boys on our side. Yum.


May 20th 2006

May 20th 2006
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This weekend I got to see my beautiful sister marry the man she loves in a gorgeous ceremony in the same church our parents were married in. To sum up how important and wonderful and lovely this experience was would be a blog entry too big for any server to handle over at Blogger headquarters.

Instead…I’ll just tell you with pictures.

Thank you Sis and BIL for letting us be apart of this. It meant the world to me.

P.S. This isn't all the pictures. More to come tomorrow night.


Ghetto Smores

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One night this week we had a hail storm which made us retreat to our kitchen and an open flame. What could we cook that would quinch our snack-like desires?

Ghetto smores! Graham crackers, mini-marshmellows and Andes candies. They were actually quite tasty! Plus, I had fondue forks laying around so we could toast them.


Artist's Rendering

If there is one trait that I love about myself, it's my ability to go all MacGuyver at a moment's notice. Basically, I know how to make a bomb with only a tampon, a paperclip and some string. So just try to lock me up in an office supply closet you bad bad terrorists!

I have space in my brain alloted to phone numbers of hospitals and florists, the merits of super glue vs. glue guns, tubs of googly eyes for no reason other than I guess emergency doll fixing, I've been trained in 40-Hour HazMat Response to clean up chemical spills and I used to know how to hot wire a car, although I feel like I might be rusty at that now. (Thanks dad...a trick every girl should know, but I'm just not sure why.)

All of this helps me to be a rock-star Art Director back in the day, the person to go too if there needs to be a lot of food and a lot of space in a short amount of time, and so far, a decent wedding planner. I only mention this because I wondered if this was one trait I got from my bio-dad besides my huge tits at age 13, and my blonde hair. (Bio-dad doesn't have huge tits, but my aunt on that side had breast reduction surgery as well.)

Side note: Do you guys ever try to figure out what traits you got from whom? I'm endlessly fascinated with this. I think it's because I didn't have both parents in the same house or something. Eeeep...best not to dig to deep into that one.

I figured I got my "good in a crisis/answer to any problem" trait from him too. Until this morning. You see, I'm sorta Command Central for the upcoming nuptials but mom is doing most of the leg work. It's been mostly smooth but at 7:30 a.m. this morning, only days before the wedding, the organist was MIA. Within 10 minutes and before I could get off the train, she had another pianist lined up (she had the number memorized) and crisis averted.

My heart was warmed...I am my mother's daughter.

I could end this heartwarming tale here, but I have to tell you what else she did that made me question whether I was actually adopted. She calls last night panic-stricken, while we were a the tux shop mind you, and tells me that a tree has fallen on her truck in the storms we were having. The truck had all of the food for the recpetion in it as well as the plates, glasses, etc. It was ruined and she didn't know what to do and she was near tears. She tells Sis the same thing and all Sis could do was drop the phone. Then I got back on and she said, "April Fool's." I called her a "bitch" and hung up and laughed until I cried. Then I called her back and we laughed some more.

No, now that I think about it, I'm probably all hers.



In the past 15 minutes I've had 3 Advils and I'm still balled up like a fetus on my cubicle floor.

Fuck you uterus.


Gleaming the Cube

Gleaming the Cube
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Yep, this movie was really playing in our DVD player. I kid you not.


Underpants Dance

In an email from theMan:

"Check this out: http://www.custompure.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CPTWS&Product_Code=30-Hose-CR&Category_Code=CP102

I'm going to order one for us. When we get our own house, I would like to get one of their water
filtration systems. A gravity filter would be good to have as well. Anyhoo... I've been thinking about water quality lately. Yes, I'm a bit of a weirdo."

His brain makes me moist.

Tidbits from my head

1.) According to an article in the paper today, the porn industry is taking the first logical steps towards making peace with consumers by putting up a new movie people can burn onto DVD for $14.95 and watch on any medium they want: Computer, TV, etc. I think this would be a good way to compromise with people who are sick of paying $10 for a mainstream theater ticket and $24.00 for DVD’s. Hey, I’m just glad they haven’t invented Smell-o-Vision.

2.) Know how to make a huge life upheaval even better? Might as well buy a house too while we’re at it! My mom has scoped out this place out in the boondocks and I had my pals the Eastons take a closer look. His diagnosis: “You gotta come see this! The parts that are a little janked only need paint and minor fixing up!” Turns out it’s already been sold and a counter-offer just in case that doesn’t go through. Nothing set in stone though so we still set up an appointment. Damn. But this makes me want to get a realtor looking out for us.

3.) theMan & I made a Saturday night trek to Border’s to pour over some bookies. I decided to look into baby books since now that I have reasons to buy them, I can be in the baby section without looking like a weirdo. I ended up crying over a copy of “There is a Monster at the end of this book” starring Grover because it was a book I loved from my childhood. But yes, you read right, I was crying...in Borders...I think I’m supposed to start my period today.

4.) I also found some Batman Chuck Taylors for the newest edition to our family. He/She can’t wear them until they are walking, but they are worth the wait. Had I had more money, I would have bought them in every size so he/she could wear them until it was 13.

5.) And then there is this to get you ladies (and possibly gents?) through a cold Monday.


Congrats to Jen K!

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...because she graduated today!

See the set here.

I also uploaded a pic of the fountain with a ton of suds in it, but sadly we missed the peak. Imagine it a LOT bigger.

Anyhoo, big CONGRATS! to my Jenny K for finally making it through Columbia with almost perfect scores and perfect films under her belt. Luv ya Jenny, we're so proud. Thanx for letting us share in your big day!


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What a great weekend so far. While theMan was in karate I cashed in some gift cards for presents. It was like we weren't broke! It was consumerism at it's best.

Later I got to hold the camera for once. You can see that result in Flickr.

We're about to go to Jen K.'s graduation today, so I'll post more from that happy event shortly.

Plus, hopefully a shot of the fountain in our neighborhood. Someone put some bubblebath it in and it's nearly blocking the street!


Interview with an Umpire

I got the interview, in no small part thanks to the lovely John E. of Moondance Ranch fame. My god, the things he told them about me. Anyhoo, I got the interview and it's in 2 Fridays and now I'm just waiting to see if I get approved for a 1/2 day vacation day at my current position. I guess if they say "No" I just fake puke and tell them I'm sick anyways? I really hate lying at my job, especially one I love. I won't even tell you the whopper I came up with to get another vacation day out of them on short notice.

I really am going to hate leaving this job. I mean, it's not my dream job or anything, but the company is just fabulous. I'm really starting to feel like I know stuff and I get complimented on my skills all the time. Either that or I just haven't shaken off the last asshole I worked for.

I just keep trying to keep my eye on that prize. Babies, more land, more relaxing lifestyle and more family centered. It's become my mantra.

Especially when I wake up at 5:00 a.m. with my mind racing and how we're about to leave all these awesome restaurants and our awesome friends.



I almost hate to type this, the words that cause me and those who heard the tale to instantly screw up our faces like we sucked a lemon and utter "Oooooh damn", but here goes:

My beloved cousin, J-Dogg went catfish fishing a couple mornings ago. He caught one, a decent sized one even, enough that it was deemed a keeper for fixin's later in the evening. Now I didn't see the fish in person, but after hearing what happened I like to envision it being of such substantial size that it might have been mounted to a wall. For what it did to J-Dogg, I hope it still will be.

Turns out it's best to put your catfish in a bag and drag it 30 feet behind you instead of holding it in one hand while you climb a hill back up to your vehicle. The reason? If you fall or lose your balance, the catfish stinger won't go in your arm, piercing a nerve and making your fingers go numb thus requiring surgery.

I don't think we'll be having fish the next time we go for a visit.



I just reread my last post. Looks like I already listed the pros and cons.

I think we better start collecting boxes. AHHHHHH

...and I think I better start filling out college applications, bleah.

Moving Sale

Well fuck it, I might as well tell you now. In our quest to figure out how to have kids, get out of this city and do what we want to do, we’ve been throwing around the idea of moving back closer to our family. Yes, the family that drives me nuts. But I’ll let you in on a secret: I love those nutty bastards dearly.

Hear me out. Part of our reasoning is that we can barely afford to live in this city now. theMan is having 0 luck finding a decent job that wouldn’t be soul crushing and we certainly can’t go down to a one-income house and have kids while living here like we want. So our options are: Chicago suburbs or what?

The idea of moving closer to family again came up because I liked being raised around all my grandparents. Plus, we will need the help, I’m sure of it. Being nearly poor and new parents, I’m going to want some help. I’m also excited to have my bio-dad in my life more now and if my kids can meet him too, great. Of course, having my Dad-Dad near my kids too so they can be read Calvin & Hobbes and soak up his sense of humor...even better. Not to mention my grandparents are all getting older and I feel a responsibility towards them in a way, given they helped raise me.

One branch of the Wife Liberation Front lives by there and I would be closer to the other branches. WOO HOO! No more air fare!

We could move to the suburbs of Chicago so I could still work at my awesome company, but it’s not that much cheaper and suburbs equals end of social life as I know it. My Chicago buds won’t drive to the suburbs and my family would be an extra hour away. I don’t even want to talk about the commute to the burbs. At least if we have kids by our huge crazy family, we’ll have them around.

So anyways, I’ve been putting my feelers out for jobs in that area to see if there are any bites. Turns out I have 2 sorta bites. One with an insurance company that I used to work for which I really loved and another just today that wants to interview me at a company one of my buds works for.

The problem: both of them don’t want to pay me nearly what I make here. The ceiling for jobs that I’m qualified for in that county is just not that high. Short of going back to school, I’m getting the impression that I’m stuck at this pay level. I may have to take a lesser paying job until I figure out the next step or work my way up in a company.

But those salaries will just slightly more cover our bills than now, pretty much the same level of broke as we’re facing here, give or take a few dollars.

Now I realize that Chicago has a different cost of living than said town(s) that we are considering. But my car payment and rent will probably be close to the same (I split rent 4 ways now with roommates). Plus, I’ll have to factor in gas and car maintenance because EVERYONE drives in these towns and I may have more of a commute. There isn’t public transportation like here. Ideally, I’ll live close enough to bike, but there will still be winter to deal with.

Plus, damn...kids are going to be expensive.

Since I’m going to be Major Lieutenant Breadwinner for our little family, I’m starting to silently freak out about reaching the ceiling of my chosen profession. I really didn’t want to go back to school so soon. I want to have some kids, damnit, and SOON. I want to be done with this career finding business for awhile.

I also don’t want theMan to have to work once we have kids. Hell, we couldn’t afford day care anyways.

So yea, I know I said I wasn’t going to be anxious about our future and it would all work out but I’m sorta wigging out here. Another hitch: If I do take either job, I could even be moving in the next month. AHHHHH!!! Major life upheaval decided in less than a month.

I suppose that’s how it went when we decided to move here though.

I just keep trying to focus on my awesome friends who are pulling strings for me majorly (I won’t publish the blushingly good things John E. had to say about me to his boss to get the interview) or the fact that I have a ton of people offering us a place to stay should we not be able to get a house right away. Or all my Chicago buds that I love like crazy and will miss like all hell.

I’m loved, that ain't bad. Now it's time for a Pros & Cons list that doesn't include money. That's just weird to me. Couldn't I just have to pick between an enormous salary and close Thai food? Geez...growing up is lame.


Kaboom at sea

Kaboom at sea
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Just got back from the dog beach and park and like promised, I've uploaded even MORE pictures for you.

This one is by theMan & it's probably my favorite.

Sunday morning

I have a dream
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Uploaded more pictures, although they were all taken with our old Elph because as you can tell by the picture to the right, this is as close as I've gotten to the new camera.

Going to the beach later to take more pics and burn off some energy of Kabooom's. Dang, it's all all picture weekend!

More in Flickr.


14 1/2 Weeks

14 1/2 Weeks
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More belly shots in the Prego album, plus I finally got my hands on our new camera this morning to test it out.

Dang, we should have bought one ages ago!! This camera rocks!

Off to have my eyebrows pulled out.


Kaboom's Comic

Kaboom's Comic
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I've uploaded some misc. photos to my blog tonight. As we are reinstalling programs and putting all our files back on the new pooter, I've come across photos I didn't know I had from back in the day.

Did I mention we got a new pooter? Ended up selling our laptop for a Mac Mini so we can run Windows and Mac OS's on the same dude plus hook it up to our TV to play movies, watch photo slideshows, etc. It's handy but I sorta miss having a laptop. Laying in bed and computing was nice.

However, the Mac Minis are sooo freaking tiny that it's compacted the electronics in our room quite nicely. I still feel like when it powers up it should play jewelry box music. It's just dainty.

Anyways, the first pic is my attempt at using Comic Life. A program that I am fascinated with but haven't mastered.

So here you go!

Bad News Friday

It's 1:10 and I want to go home....really bad. So how do I pass the time? Coughing up chunks of lunch from laughing so hard at Bad News Hughes:

"Somehow, in my life, and God knows how, really, I’ve become acquainted with a number of these disagreeable exercises. For years, at least in my social circles, it was common on festive occasions for someone at some point in the evening to simply pull their scrotum through their fly and start bellowing, “I SAT IN SOME GUM! I SAT IN SOME GUM!” And lo, the hilarity would never fail to doth commence, I swear."

And later…

"The worst was the time someone shat into a hot dog bun, slathered it with mayo, relish and all your favorite condiments, and then stuck it in the microwave. They set the power on high and the cook time for the longest possible duration, and then left. I often think about this incident, mulling over the possible motivation for such an act and contemplating the potential presence of supernatural intervention, like maybe demonic possession was the cause, or, verily, perhaps even the influence of Loki.

As the story goes, various roommates kind of drifted in, wondering where the turd smell was coming from, but it took hours for them to discover it, like a satanic treasure hunt where the treasure has about the same effect on your sinuses, and perhaps will to live, as the Ark did on those Nazis."



From the lovely, and witty Plotzworld on Friday, April 28, 2006 - “So, When Did Barbie Get So Jank?” (Sorry, I don’t know how to link to just this entry, but it was at the top last time I checked!) comes a post that I’ve been brewing in my head for quite some time.

I’m pretty much going to do a “what she said” but I wanted to go into it a bit more.

Have you seen the Bratz dolls?? Or as I like to refer to them: SLUTZ. theMan has seen my rage on more than one occasion when we pass this aisle at the local Target. I believe the last time we were in there I screamed at the top of my lungs “80 plus years of the Women’s Rights movement and this is what we end up with?!” while theMan pulled on my hand to divert my attention back to the shoe department to get me to calm down and to stop throwing the boxes at the employees.

These things just make me flabbergasted and that is not a word I use very often to describe myself.

I didn’t realize Barbie, with her impossible dimensions and nipple-less boobs (thus making it impossible for Pregnant Barbie to breastfeed... hmmm... patriarchial conspiracy or Mattel just saving money on coloring of the plastic?? Get out the tinfoil hats.), was going to the way of the Bratz-SLUTZ dolls. I kinda held out hope that maybe, just maybe Barbie would keep what little class her 70’s soft focus porn star look could hold up without going all ghetto-car-humping-booty-shaking-video-vixen-looking on the Tweens. I guess not.

My stepsister loves the SLUTZ. She just got the SLUTZ Cowgirl one for Christmas despite it being physically impossible for the doll to really wear a headband mini-skirt while riding a horse and trying to keep up her oversized head in the process. Where is she going on the horse anyways? To the Wet Seal to get more hooker clothes?

Please don’t get me started on the name of that store.

At the Wife Liberation Front Summit this weekend we talked about how our lives would have been different if during high school we knew what we know now or if we had the confidence that we do now. If we didn’t worry about what people thought of us and that everyone is pretty much in the same boat: fear of being uncool and trying to just fit in regardless of the group we’re trying to fit into.

It was hard then, I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be now with our role models dwindling down to Paris Hilton while the obesity problem and economic situation gets worse.

I wonder if there is an upswing in eating disorders among young girls now. Seems like the Slutz dolls have the Nicole Ritchie/Olsen Twin big head, skinny body thing down to ensure that notion is put in their heads as early as possible. If there was a SLUTZ cartoon it would show them puking after meals and eating Saltines for Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm, wonder if Robot Chicken can whip something up?

This bothers me on a very deep level. Sure, I played with Barbies, probably for longer than the box recommended, and part of the fun was putting them in costumes I couldn’t wear in public. I couldn’t really go to the mall and buy that ball gown. Plus at 13 I felt sorry for Barbie’s big tits more than envied them since I was sporting a pair of my own at the time that brought me no small amount of torture.

For some reason this just seems different. Barbies still looked like women, not girls in slutty outfits.

SLUTZ aren’t the root of our problems as a society, but I feel like they don’t help. I don’t think the real problem with our children in this country is obesity but that they aren’t allowed to stay kids. These dolls just help that image. Sure, you may be 13, but why not dress like you’re 18!

Another problem is these dolls clearly dress to have the opposite sex look at them (or the same sex, whatever). Why would a doll that looks to be about 15 dress in a mini-skirt and heels with full make-up including lip liner if it was just for a sleepover with the other SLUTZ dolls. No, I don’t think so. These dolls further the idea that girls need to have boys look at them to feel validated. They need to be pretty, mouth-closed, slutty idiots or they have to work at the Barbie McDonald’s and hope for Bobby Jo, Ken’s black sheep cousin to pull through the drive-thru and notice them.....sigh.

And now, there are Slutz BABIES.

Stephen Colbert for President

Because I'm a lazy asshole and busy at work today, I'm stealing this post from from CECILY:

"I absolutely LOVED Stephen Colbert's roast of George Bush at the White House Press Corps dinner (that link is a transcript, but if you can find video and watch the horrified faces of the audience, it's priceless), and am saddened by the press response (they claim it wasn't funny, but I assure you, IT WAS). "

My god, if you can find the video of this , please watch it. It's everything I would say if I were in that position although I'd probably escalate to a raving frothy lunatic and Stephen Colbert stands up there like a champ. It's almost uncomfortable. I love how they rarely cut to Bush's face too because you know that idiot is pissed off! God damn, it's priceless.

Speaking of Cecily...you might as well leave her some good cheer. She's about to give birth (well, hopefully she waits a few more weeks) after an AMAZING struggle. I couldn't even read some of her posts without bawling. Go on Cecily, with your bad self.


Kaboom is a model!

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Our dog and Sis were featured in one of the ads for t-shirts at Threadless this week. They are having their $10 sale and needed the star power of the Sis/Kaboom combo. And oh how they got it!

Kaboom loved the shirt soo much he wore it all day until he got bored and started eating it.

Buy that sucker here!

Also want to give a special shout-out (I really hate that word but how else to describe it?!) to my man. Every day this week and weekend he's made it a point to make me feel beautiful, by telling me or calling and making dirty suggestions over the phone at work. Just want to acknowledge to the public that I appreciate you baby. Thanx. And if you're trying to get in my pants, it's working. ;)


Wife Liberation Front UNITE!

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Go here for more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrs-t/

I’ve uploaded pictures from yet another Wife Liberation Front: Girl’s Weekend Out!! This one was held in Indiana at Mrs. T’s house. Although it was awesome and we had some good laughs, there was an undercurrent of sadness. Our great-grandfather was put into the hospital. We thought he was dying Friday but turns out he is going at that a little slower than we thought. Still a great time though and I’m glad if we had to go through a hospital visit, it was with my girlfriends.

A recap:

Thursday night: Sang at the top of my lungs all the way into Mrs. T’s house. Stayed up until 3:00 a.m. because I couldn’t sleep (thanks probably to the leftover tiramisu Mrs. T graciously let me consume before bed…hee hee). Watched some good movies though and finally passed out.

Friday: Mrs. T. & I went to a florist to plan flowers for Sis’s wedding and came back to the house to meet Jennifer. Once she got there we hopped back in the car to get some Chinese food in the ville. We ate pretty fast and had a ton of time to kill so we went road farming around Montgomery County for awhile before going to our Grandpa’s retirement party.

During the party we got the call about our Great-Gramps. Decided that neither of us wanted to see him dying in the hospital so we went ahead and got tattoos in town while we waited for news. (You can see the pictures of that in my Flickr and here). This was Jen’s first tattoo and we were doing it to celebrate her almost finishing all her breast cancer treatments. I went first, then Jen, then Mrs. T. We sandwiched her in so she could hopefully feel more comfy. Ha ha! Turns out she didn’t need to feel comforted because she’s already planning more.

Our tattoos mean the following: Mine is 3 blue stars for my WLF group and light blue because that is my favorite color. Jennifer has Chinese symbols for “Survivor” in pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness color. Erica’s is a sisterhood symbol which we researched and found for her and in blue because she likes that color as well!

After we left we went to our grandmother’s for a big family get together and to check on Great-Gramps status. He ended up being transported to a bigger hospital in Lafayette but he was sure to ask the ambulance drivers to pick him up a “wizard” from Dairy Queen on the way. Love that guy. So we stayed there and talked and visited with family until late.

Saturday: Lounged around and went to breakfast at IHOP, then Target then a visit to the hospital to see Great-Gramps. He was pretty good, much better than I envisioned. The prognosis is that his prostrate cancer has spread to his brain and his kidneys are slowly shutting down. It won’t be long, but right now he’s ready to go. He keeps telling people he is going to visit family then go see his wife (she is my great-grams that passed away but came back in time to save my watch when we got robbed!).

We met Heather at Mrs. T’s house and made lunch. We spent the rest of the day playing cards, then dominoes then making pizzas. Jennifer and I drank 2 bottles of wine while the other ladies opted for mixed drinks. By 11:00 p.m. we were toast. Finished the night by watching “Memoirs of a Geisha” and going to bed.

Yesterday we all left and I came home and stayed in my PJ’s most of the day. Another lovely weekend with my girlies!