Watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this morning and was very entertained! Those who came with us that have read the books said it was right on with the story, give or take. I got to see 2 hours of Martin Freeman and laugh and enjoy myself. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

So, my vote, go see it. It's fun.

Now back to cleaning this freaking wood paneled apartment. My word, a month of neglect can lead to gigantic dust bunnies.


Cable ready

First things first: A big "Hey!" to Pond, James Pond, who I recently found on myspace.com.

Secondly, today we shut off our cable and internet connection at our house. It's a trial run, just to see how crucial TV and internet is to us in our lives. The bought but unread books were piling up, the projects have been mounting, and lots of time that could be spent more wisely is adding up to sitting on our ass in front of the TV. Not to mention it's $110.00 we could use for something else every month.

I'm not trying to sound all: "TV is Satan and now we're better than you cable watchers!" It just seems like the right decision for us.

I haven't been home much to even watch TV unless it's my daily recorded program which I'm too embarrassed to even admit I watch. Plus, I rarely use the internet at home. I do that at work all day. theMan will be in more of a pinch without internet access at home, but he rarely watches any TV, so he'll be okay in that regard. Plus, if he can't jerk off to snakesworld.com, then we get to rent more porn! WOOO HOOO! It was sort of a compromise I guess.

We want to move somewhere warm next year, and in order to do so we have to be $0 in debt. It's just our rule. Not only that but I want to be 0 in lbs. I need to lose by then too. If I'm not sitting on my ass watching "Sappy show I will never tell you the name too" then maybe I'll be doing something that burns a few calories.

We've lived without it before for long periods and just rented movies like crazy. However, that's not to say I won't miss "What Not to Wear" or "Above mentioned sappy show" or the BBC in general. I will, but let's just pray to the box set gods. All together now: FOURTH SEASON AQUA TEEN DVD.....OOOOMMMMMMMMM."

However, all is not lost. If we want the internet, we can just take a quick walk down to our favorite cafe where it's wireless and free. And I always need a reason for a coffee fix.

It's summer (almost) and maybe our last year in Chicago, so let's go!

8 feet of honesty

I also forgot to add to that last post that we've become addicted to Penn & Teller's "BULLSHIT!" series. Renting one almost nightly this week.

And even if you don't like thier magic, this show really isn't about that. It's sorta looking at things in life objectively/subjectively, whatever. But it's funny and strangely honest to me. Even when I don't agree with them.

Check it out.

Just a girl

We're going to go see "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" tomorrow morning, after a huge breakfast of pancakes. Now I am fully aware of the magnitude of an on-screen adaptation of this widely loved story...but secretly?

I have a crush on Arthur Dent. Well, the actor who plays Arthur Dent anyways. Even in Shaun of the Dead, I drooled. I think I watch too much BBC. But I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday....pancakes, my man, a cheap matinee and 2 hours of Martin Freeman.



Wednesday is over

More fuzzy out of focus pics up in the Wednesday Film Set Design Album.

The cactus suits turned out awesome, we got most of the shots we needed, I feel like I did a great job for my first solo run and I got a few projects lined up out of the gig.

Not to mention I got to meet and laugh my ass off with more fun people. After a 10 hour shoot, I came home feeling like I was light as a cloud. It didn't hurt my ego any to give out my phone number to people either for more projects. Plus, I think Ben and I make a good team. I hope he calls again.

Oh, and that Director that I was so worried about with my stupid sounding voicemail? He was there today and the reason he hadn't called is because he got his phone turned off. I start on his project next week if all goes well. I gotta give myself more credit.


Team Wednesday

I've added pics from today's film shoot to the Wednesday Film Set Design Album.

Filming went great so far. We're a little behind, but the schedule was over zealous anyhoo. Tomorrow we start earlier and I'm excited. This was my first real big film shoot on my own and it went so well. It's amazing, but when I come home at 7:30 p.m., beat, sore and tired from a day of filming, I'm still smiling. I gotta make this a career.

More tomorrow, and hopefully I'll use my flash because these pics look sorta fuzzy and shitty.




Oh, how funny is life sometimes? For instance, I'm floating right along when I get a call from my boss telling me I'm "too goddamn lazy." For not getting a return phone number for someone he already has the phone number too.

I understand I could have made his life easier, don't get me wrong. But did you have to call me "god damn lazy?"

Please, if there are any gods listening...let me quit right in the middle of busy season during psychotic co-worker's maternity leave. I beg of you.

Rainbow bears

I have one of those long disjointed rambling blog entries that is on the verge of pissed but can't quite get it out because currently a cuddly little bear is jerking off rainbows in my cerebral cortex due to all our good fortune.....but here goes.

Pissing me off:

-This (scroll down) regarding this Bill in the Senate which makes me want to spit fucking nails.

Making me giddy:

-I am being sent a contract to do Art Direction for a film this summer, a feature, which if it makes any money in the future I will get paid a wage I set. Not only is there a possibility I'll get paid, but it's a co-effort with Jen K. AWWWWW! So this will give me some time off between films with a project lined up in the future. Perfection.

Making Me More Giddy:
-I'm off work for the next 2 days for the film shoot for Ben's film. We got things pretty much wrapped up last night. I tell ya, the minute those dancing cacti are immortalized on film, I'm going to finally let go of this nervousness. Eeeeep!

I think that's about it. It's hard to be pissed off right now honestly. I'm happy, to the very core. ;)


I'm back

I got back this morning from GWO 8, rested, full of estrogen and ready to spend an afternoon with felt and glue for Ben's film!

I had tons of fun during this GWO (click next) with my grlies! Shopped, painted pottery, ate good food and of course talked all weekend.

I love these girls. Who else can you get a little drunk with and try to do a "how to lapdance" video with?. I'll just leave that to your imagination. A bonus was that I got to see Samara one more time before she gives birth. So cute. Hopefully the other girlies will be sending me their pics, I didn't get too many this time.

Anyhoo, today I finally got to dig my hands in on the plant action costumes for the film today. Oh man, they look bad ass. I can't wait to post pictures.

Now time to go veg on the couch with my man. I missed him.



I get that I'm a little late for this, but after having a conversation with theMan at lunch on awareness and the state of our country, it came back up in my head and I realized I never got it down on e-paper.

My only real opinion about that Terry Schivo case thing was that I never understood how it was better to let her starve to death instead of giving her a peaceful lethal injection so she died instantly? Why do we treat criminals better? How is letting her starve better morally than assisting her peacefully?

But that's just me.



Tomorrow I leave for a 3 day trip to GWO #8 and I cannot freaking wait. A lovely little bonus of this one, besides being surrounded by some of my favorite women on the planet for 3 days, is that we had a little competition to see who could lose the most weight in 3 months. We're all ladies that want to get healthy, so why not a have a little friendly competition, right? The winner even gets a free fancy meal of Italian food on Friday night.

Now, I don't know who won officially, because the final weigh-in is tomorrow morning. But after going through my closet tonight and trying on something that did not fit me 3 months ago...I don't care if I won. It was worth it to get to zip up this skirt comfortably. God, I missed vinyl.

Can't wait to see you girlies! I'm on my way!

(No posting until Sunday. But I'll think of you all fondly.)


I'm in a weird mind state right now and I'm going to just pour it out here for people to read. Why not?

I got a call last night from a Director that I really want to work with. I feel like I screwed it up because I sorta rambled on my return voicemail to him. (Note to self: Get to the point.) I've been anxious about it all night. I have other projects lined up and I don't know if I could work on his anyways, but he would be a hell of a contact. Plus, I really liked him when he worked on Jen K.'s film, he was a blast.

So the whole time last night I'm not even giving myself credit for showing up with 3 hours notice and dressing a set with only props available in a small prop department and rigging up animated tails and art work on the walls. No, I’m just thinking how much of a dork I sounded on that voicemail.

What the hell?

What's weird about my mind state is that besides being my own worst critic, I'm happy. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. Like completely and it feels a bit foreign. I feel as if someone cut into me a bright light would shoot out and a rainbow would be projected into the sky like the bat signal. Yes, that gay. Dancing animals in a musical, gay.

But damn if my lack of confidence thing doesn't kick me in the ass. I get nervous and hyper and can't take compliments well. I got all spastic working with one director Sunday that I was jittery and knocked over a cactus. (Note to self #2: Don't try to catch a cactus that's falling. It hurts.) It's like I forget how to talk to people or I hold them higher than me.

Who gives a shit man. They are no better than me. We all have our talents. (Maybe I should put that on a shirt or something.)

It's strange what I'm noticing about my confidence. For instance, I've had several people call me since the shoot or even on set and tell me they loved my work and that they want to work with me again. I instantly feel like saying: "Oh, it wasn't me. Let me give you _____'s name and number." If what I want so bad is for people to notice me, then I should be able to take a compliment, right?

My doctor helped me see and accept that I need to be doing something creative on a regular basis in my life and that's it's perfectly fine not to be Ms. Stable and Responsible, even if my family doesn't get it. So I found it and I am absolutely ecstatic, but I'm looking forward to my self confidence catching up to the gay rainbow innards. It’s way past time.


Creatin' Cretin'

Did my first Art Direction solo tonight. It went okay with only 3 hours notice. I used the prop room and what he had to the best of my abilities. I even created art for the walls out of scraps of fabric.

It was my first taste of working with someone who was very particular. I even had to rig up God's tale by fishing line up in the air so I could control it behind the set. I'm getting pretty good with fishing line these days.

Honestly though, I had the most fun with Ruth. She is a force, let me tell you.

Anyways, I'm going to bed. But you can see the fun we had with a certain prop here.

Geez man

I just got handed a surprise gig tonight doing set dressing for a short film. The film is based on a conversation between God and Satan, both of which have tails and are quite amusing.


Set Design

I've added a new Set Design account in Yahoo Photos separated by films I'm working on. Hopefully that sucker is huge one day. Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's the link for the multiple albums (more pics to be added shortly when I get Jzn's 150 pics he took).

These are from the Eyes of Luis Bunuel shot 4/15/05 & 4/16/05 with Jen K. directing. Speaking of, we watched the footage that was shot last night and it looks amazing. I can't quite put it properly into words, but I'm excited for it to be edited and finished.

I've also added some pics from theMan's birthday here. Just click next.



Wow. No Really.

Um, I don't even know where to start. Other than to say the film I worked on this past weekend is going to turn out beautiful. Thanks to the lovely director, the extremely talented DP (and my favorite mexican) and my god, his lighting crew. And yes, our bad ass set design.

I can't tell you how amazing, actually just to drive the point home...how FUCKING amazing, everyone was. Everyone on set was extremely skilled, got down to business and yet laughed and was friendly the whole time. I met some great people who I desparately hope I get to work with again. Plus, it was nice to see Jen K. get to direct with a crew she could trust. It's an easy shoot when the Director feels taken care of. The only meltdown we had was an actor who freaked out, but looking back now, it was funny.

Both days started at 8:00 a.m. and went until 6:00 p.m., pretty much straight through. We hung things from the ceiling, we did painting touch-ups, there was major wood construction to be done, plus general running around all day. I had a great support crew though, that let me boss them around all day both days. Thank God.

I know, I'm gushing here. But it was just an incredibly amazing experience. And even when I was up 15 feet on the dinosaur (a rolling staircase thingy) filling my lungs with feathers or picking up trash, I couldn't stop smiling.

You know, when you're exhausted but you're having such a great time it doesn't matter?

So anyways, I have over 200 pictures which I will add to the Set Design album tonight and throughout the week. I'd love your comments too when you see the pictures.

Wow. I'm still beaming.

(Also, theMan's birthday was a great time! Thanx to all who came along! The restaurant food was kind of a let down but it's amazing what breakfast in bed, a blowjob wake-up call and the Illuminati will do for your mood. He was surrounded by friends, and that's what really rocks on your special day.)



Tomorrow is the big day, Filming-Day One! My first time Art Directing on a stage! Crap! Right now I'm feeling 100% confident and the fact that I've spent all morning on the phone or IM working out details is not frazzling me one bit.

Tonight we're having a production meeting to get things loaded and organized as much as possible for the early shoot tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. That's earlier than I get up for work, but certainly more fun. I want to just leave this 9-5 gig right now and get started!

But more importantly is the fact that it's my favorite man's birthday tomorrow. I know I probably won't get to post tomorrow or even Saturday (unless there will be another installment of drunk blogging Friday night after TOTAL DISORDER PORTER!) so I wanted to wish him a big ol' Happy Birthday right now.

10 reasons I'm glad I get to share another birthday with theMan:
1.) You can eat a bowl of cereal while taking a crap.
2.) You always hold me every morning so I wake up wrapped up in you first thing.
3.) When I found you on all fours, trying to make yourself fart for fun, you weren't embarrassed. Oh no, you called me over to have a listen.
4.) You know who Albert Pike was and told me about him when you found out.
5.) You have mile long eyelashes, and I want to have our children so they can have them too.
6.) You have a hunger for knowledge, as seen by the stockpile of printed online articles building in our apartment.
7.) You like to decorate our house in weird shit, just like me.
8.) You think it's cute that I have to come in the bathroom and kiss you when you're in the shower, even if you're mid-shave.
9.) You never let me boss you around too much.
10.) Your tiny little bottom is always available for me to squeeze.

I love you to the very depths of my being baby, Happy Birthday.


Just My Links

I updated and switched around my links on the side. Check out the "Consciousness" section to have your ass blown through the back of your pants, especially "Rigorous Intuition" which theMan felt so strongly about he just contributed money to them to help keep them afloat.

Speaking of theMan, he swears he is going to update weekly now, so I readded him to my linx.

You also much check out the "Snarky" section if you want to have a shot at beating me on the pink questions at Trivial Pursuit.

I also took out the "Sex Arsenal" because I figure at this point, you pervy lovelies will know how to get your goods off on the internet. ;)

Here kitty, kitty

I've started working on prop design for the new film last night. It involved testing a kitty for ESP. Thankfully, Toby was a superstar cat. I owe him a can of tuna and a hit of cat nip for his work.

I'm looking forward to this weekend immensely. This Friday and Saturday is the shoot for Jen K.'s newest adventure, all day, both days, plus it's theMan's birthday Friday! I've made him an appointment for some funky hair coloring and a visit with Vlad-the strangest hairdresser on anti-psychotic medicine in the city. Then, we're going to eat the shit out of some ribs and drink huge amounts of Total Disorder Porter. Finally collapsing on the living room floor stuffed and drunk.

I can't freaking wait.

(Side Note: GWO girls, I finally updated pics from the last GWO & Jen's shower. See them here.)


This weekend

A photo recap. Try not to ovulate when you see the cuteness of the little monkey.

Shower photos here: (click next) Shower Photos

Misc. photo added here: (click next) Sunday photos

Must sleep now.

But not before one more pic in my flip off series. Country Bob, you pissed off my tongue.


Fell asleep last night at 9:00 p.m. I think my body is trying to tell me something.

I'm freaking exhausted.


I'm back

Just flew in this morning...have adorable pictures of pregnant friends and adorable scrumptious chunks of cute known as Gracie.

Will post as soon as I get back from another trip out of town later tonight.


Mind the Gap

Sometimes great power is not fully understood or even recognized by the general public. But I know it when I see it.

And my sister has it.

You see tonight, after 14 years of never having denim touch his pasty white skin. She got theMan to try on and purchase a pair of jeans.

Not to mention actually put a shirt by his chest that wasn't all black.

Bow down before her!

I feel like an asshole

Well, I'm officially pulled too thin. My career as a Production Designer was going to start with this sci-fi flick, however due to lack of communication on both ends, I've now triple booked my services as a Production Designer and secretary and cannot do all I was expected to do. That is unless I quit my day job and work for free all the time for student films.

God damn it.

So I had to send a very apologetic email to Director #1 tellign him I couldn't help as much as I thought. Now I'm waiting for a new email notification to pop up telling me "You'll never work in this town again!" (Maybe I should be an actress? I've got he drama downpat.)

It bothers me to let people down, not everyone, but people that I want to work with creatively certainly or that I wish I could help. I feel bad, and I am working for free for crying out loud.

However, last night I met up with Director #2 at his location for some measuring, planning and brainstorming and it went very well. The location is great and we don't have to buy as many props as we thought. Not to mention the employee there has some seriously fucked up stories about Burma, of all places. I'm very excited for this opportunity if you couldn't tell. It even involves testing cats for ESP. How great is that?!?!

Okay, back to my sulking.


One ticket to Crazytown please


Mmmm, therapy. I told Dr. H. that I was going to use my appointment as a chance to sleep today. She laughed and agreed to tuck me in. I love her.

Today's topic was a surprising one. It ended up being all about my relationship with my sister. I told her that Sis is coming for a visit, but this time it seemed a little weird because 1.) Sis is dating a friend of mine and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it and 2.) I don't want to feel like a mother figure to her anymore. Basically, I want our relationship to change just a little, in a positive way. Because she is a very important part of my life.

Some interesting (to me) points she made that I hadn't thought about:
1.) My sister always got what she wanted, mostly. One of the things I love about her is she gets what she wants, she's effective. She would get expensive clothes, college paid for, her car paid for, bailed out of jail. When I would mostly be afraid or whatever to ask for money from our parents. Not always, but mostly. Dr. H. asked me why? I hadn't thought about why.

I always chalked it up to me thinking we didn't have a lot of money for things, but I guess if Sis was getting them, then we did have enough. Dr. H. seems to think I thought I wasn't worth it, that it should be spent on Sis more than me because of reasons X Y Z. Hmmmm.

2.) I also told her that when Sis was all fucked up on drugs and almost everyone in her life was in denial about it, I felt I had to take all the awareness for it or there would be no hope. Like I was protecting the truth of it. I didn't realize what a burden that was for me until Dr. H pointed it out. It was a burden, but one I put on myself. The lowest point in my life was the weekend I "rescued her" and she ended up leaving again to get high. I cried to the point where no more tears would come, I felt like I had been drug behind a car. And that pain is still very real sometimes.

3.) The part of me not being totally sure with Sis dating a friend is because there aren't any boundaries (I swear, that word is my next tattoo) and I need them, big time. Especially how it was handled when she was here last time. She suggested I ask the parties involved for what I want and see how they react.

So when I got back to the office I called Sis and told her what I needed from this upcoming visit and she told me what she wanted and it was all set. That easy. Damn. Dr. H. also thought that since I'm very busy right now and I have to use my time wisely, it will be good practice to set boundaries and get what I need from people because I don't have time for just, well, waiting around or people pleasing.

The real gem of info from the whole session: there are no perfect relationships, there are no perfect solutions because there are 2 parties involved every time. It's all about truth and telling each other what you need and can handle.


Director's Cut

"And it came to pass that Kitten would get exactly what she wanted and now is too exhausted to carry out the plans." Laws of the Universe, 66:6

Great news! I met with a new director Tuesday night and got hired to be semi-Art Director for his film! I'm soooo freaking excited too. I get to work with him on props, prop design and dressing some of the set. Plus, the best part, I get to help him make these plant costumes based on an animated series he created on his last film. Hopefully I can show you guys pictures, but I feel like I should ask permission first. They are hilarious, take my word on it!

We film Jen K.'s latest adventure next Friday and Saturday and I'm starting to feel the pressure. Last night was our big production meeting and I left with several things undone. We are running out of time to finish them. I know they will get done, I just hope it's not Thursday night at 2:00 a.m.

And well, I'm tired, bone tired. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating a simple fact. I work all day, then I've been out running until 10:00 p.m. or later almost every night on projects. It's great, but damn I wish I could give up my day job. It's exhausting.

But I know that things will slow down again and I'll be craving some projects, so I'm hanging in there. I just cannot wait for the day I'm paid for this as a job. No more Accounting or secretary work! Wooo hoooo!


For Pete's sake

Of course, my hometown also has this happen in it.

All Skate!

That line in Garden State...you know the one? Where he says, "you feel homesick for a place that doesn't exist"? It came to me full force yesterday, when an article about a place I called home for many many years, is disappearing.

Please allow me to get a little melodramatic.

Strangely, I have no pictures from this time in my life to share with you. I'm not sure why either, but best not to look into that too much. However, this place was my life for a very long time when I was growing up. It was my first job at 13 and then at various other times through my teenage years. It taught me a lot in the puberty department too since I had my first boyfriends, my first make-out sessions, and my first (and only) lesbian experience all within its four walls.

I remember freaking out when I wasn't allowed to go or I got grounded. Come on mom! All my friends are there!?!?! And though I've now got the metabolism of a 26-year old instead of a 13-year old, I'd still finish off a bowl of nachos and cheese without worrying about my thighs....oh how I long for that tasty dish.

The best part is I met great friends there too, some I'm still friends with, even the owner and his family. I heard music for the first time that I never knew I loved or needed until I heard it rebound off that endless wood floor. Every night it was like having a soundtrack to your life while little dramas happened on wheels. I became a Patsy Cline fan while working Sunday afternoon skates, I fell in love with breakdancing beats after a couple Saturdays and I can't listen to the "Hokey Pokey" without cringing, nostalgically of course.

I suppose I'm getting sappy, but it was an important time for me. I distinctly remember being so excited at 4 a.m. when "Comfortably Numb" would come on and the back doors would open so the sunrise could be seen by all the all-nighters. Awww...I hate that no one else can experience that in that way now.

It was also a place where we were allowed to film the zombie movie we made last summer, with no hestiation from it's owner. The same lovely man that hired me when I was 13 even though I had absolutely no experience.

The last session will be on April 30th. I'm extremely sad that they have to let it go. I hope the last song they play is fitting, and knowing the people involved, I'm sure it will be.


Is the sky falling?

theMan updated his site. Holy crap.

Points to Ponder

1.) The USA is a very new country in terms of the rest of the world, and we are currently trying to change cultures and countries that have been established for thousands and thousands of years. In simpiler terms, that's like the freshmen class coming in and telling the Seniors to move their lockers and give up their parking spaces. Silly, no?

2.) My Catholic co-workers let me know that really anyone, well men, (with a few rules of course) can be Pope. So one of them has decided that when he becomes Pope and they ask him if he wants to change his name, he thinks he'll stay with "Augusta Wind."

Which if that happens, it just might, MIGHT, make me think about joining that religion.

3.) Getting to hear the cutest little punkin' giggle and see my girlfriends in person this weekend, not to mention having my sister back in town until Monday, is making me wish it was already Friday.


Few more pics from Darren's perspective in the "Set Design" album.



After a quick breakfast, some quiet painting in the sun on a Sunday morning stretching into the afternoon, we are completely done with the building facade for the film I'm working on. I've added more pictures in the "Set Design" album to the side, plus a little movie for your viewing pleasure.

I'm so pleased with it!! Everyone's input was perfect, and I am so impressed with the abilities of my friends. (Hello, did you see Darren's building?!?!) But more importantly, I am so pleased with the opportunity to work with everyone the past two days. I cannot stress to you readers how lovely it was. Everyone jumped in, got creative and spread a great vibe. I think we may have found a good team. I look forward to the future.

Anyways, enough of my sappiness. Here you go: Set Design Clip-Finished Product

And now I'm going back to the couch, because there are muscles I didn't know I had in my body that are cursing the name of Luis Bunuel.


Holy shit

I don't know how to put this, but if you aren't watching Sin City this weekend, I don't think we can hang out anymore. MY GOD, that movie is incredible. Mickey Rourke...I could have watched you for 3 hours.

Anyways, this is short because I just painted and constructed with the best team of guys I have met for the past 8 hours and I'm exhausted. You could cut the creative vibe with a knife it was so thick in that backyard. It was like...well, no egos. Just a bunch of people all creating all day in really great moods and working off each other's vibe. Wow, I hope, no wait I KNOW tomorrow will be just as great.

There are more pics up in the "set design" album. And once you see Darren's interpretation of a building, you'll know why he's now my go-to painter for sets. Damn.


I will title this one

Guaranteed blowjob.

(Also, more pictures in the Set Design folder from last night's adventure.)

(Also, apparently the Pope is dying, possibly today. On April Fool's Day. That is all I will say on the subject.)

Five for Fighting

Today's holiday makes this Friday Five sorta appropriate. Plus I haven't done one in awhile and I love talking about myself...enjoy!

1. Do you tend to exaggerate or underestimate? I tend to exaggerate. For instance, I really don't think of myself as an agnostic. I do believe in God, who is of course, a man, and I don't really think our country is headed to total martial law. I also secretly hope to be like my hero, Laura Bush when I grow up.

2. What is the last "white" lie that you told? I'd say it was when I told my girlfriends in the "weight loss" competition that I hadn't been eating ice cream and Big Macs every single day for the past month. And I'm still losing weight!

3. Can you forgive a liar? Of course! I love liars! Most of my family are liars! How could I not?

4. Do you hold a grudge? Definitely, they make me feel very at peace inside.

5. What's the biggest lie you've ever told? I farted very loudly during Sleeping Beauty in the 3rd grade and I blamed it on the poor dirty girl sitting by me on the floor. Everyone picked on her for a year.

The question you now have to ask yourself is, was she honest? Or is it because it's April Fool's Day?