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I've uploaded all pictures from my family get togethers this past weekend. You can see the food, the gifts, the sleepy eyes on x-mas morning and the dice games involving Eggnog with rum and Jack Daniels at my mom's.

Your typical Indiana x-mas. Party on.

X-mas Recap (LONG ONE)

Sorry for the delay in posting. We were gone from Saturday until Monday morning and quite honestly, I’m exhausted. Not that the holidays weren’t fun, hell they were hilarious at times. It’s just that as the days go on, I’m more and more off kilter with these fucking hormones.

That’s enough publicity for this stupid thyroid though. So let’s recap, eh?

Friday night I came home at noon and proceeded to sleep until 5:00 p.m. Then I made a big dinner for my roomies and we opened gifts. I got the COOLEST gifts too. A dry erase board that looks like a comic book panel from my sister (plus some smelly good stuff) and a Brat Pack DVD set from Pants. That’s hard to beat.

Saturday we got up and I dropped the dog off, ran some errands and we hit the road. We visited with our grandparents and aunts and uncles for awhile (we got a hand painted Day of the Dead skull from my aunt!!) before rushing to go see King Kong. A film which I will rename King SUCK for evermore. I want those 3 and a ½ hours of my life back. The only thing that film did was make me miss my dog.

X-mas morning we woke up and opened presents at my dad’s like tradition calls for. We scored some films (Ed Wood!) and a calendar with pulp art on it while Dad did summersaults to his new Star Trek Season Two box set. He even called us later and played the theme music over our cell phones. Silly.

We met up with theMan’s dad and brother at the nursing home and had some laughs while visiting his Gramps. theMan’s little brother (who is turning 21, holy shit) is a great source of entertainment to me. He’s so witty, like his older brother. We even made plans for his 21st which include going to “titty bars that aren’t held in a pole barn.” We’ll see what we can do.

What followed though proved to be very interesting. We went to my bio-dad’s house for about 3 hours and just talked and talked and talked. I’ll go into that more in another post. The words “I will be a better grandpa than I was a father” and “you turned out great for what you went through” were thrown around and I can’t put into words how good that felt.

Mom’s x-mas was that night and my god, the woman can give gifts and cook. We got a load of stuff, even a juicer for theMan and you should have seen our car. More importantly than the stuff though was hanging out with my aunt, cousin, grandparents and mom for a long time and just talking. We even shared some hilarious stories about my cousin, Matt.

For instance, one time Matt stole his mom’s security badge and went down to Spooky Hallow and pulled a car over for fun. My aunt woke up the next day to the police at her door. He stole my Grandpa’s truck once and brought it back with a flat tire and mud and weeds covering it but refused to admit he did it for at least 2 days. He did however, fill the gas tank back up. He also did a “chalk body outline” in black light paint on their new carpet upstairs. Once, my grandfather mentioned shooting a cat that was getting in their yard. So, Matt did it for him. Not realizing it was our Aunt Debbie’s cat and that Gramps was being sarcastic. Sure, you might think these stories are the makings of a criminal but this is all standard Lewis family business. Stuff we laugh about, even while it’s happening. Stuff I know Matt is somewhere laughing about too.

So yea, we got a ton of stuff from people and we got to visit almost everyone we could. It was a good time.

A bonus was that my grandmother and I started comparing thyroid symptoms. It was as if finally someone could relate to why I was near-tears screaming about the pumpkin pie that overturned in our car the night before or when I sleep for 15 hours and still feel tired. I think it opened theMan's eyes too.

We came back to theMan puking non-stop all night so I helped him clean at the bar while Kaboom ran laps. I kinda wish we could be a husband-wife bar cleaning team. It's kinda fun! We have both spent most of our days on the couch since then.

How did Kaboom do at the spa? They didn’t get a chance to give him a bath but they gave me a free voucher to bring him back for it. Plus he’s been farting the most horrible smelling farts since he returned and his food bag didn’t look any emptier. I think they fed him something else that is making his ass explode with toxic fumes. He seemed to have fun though, like he missed hanging out with the other dogs when we brought him back. We kept him with us at all times the past 2 days to let him know we didn’t leave him for good and he’s repaid us with farts and cuddles. Can’t be beat.

So if you’ve made it this far in reading this post, there you have it. I swear I will be uploading more pictures than you care to look at tonight. Till then, I’m off to catch a nap in the company bathroom.



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This weekend we will be sending Dr. Kaboom?! to the luxiourous Doggie Day Spa and Boarding Kennel while we attend to family business elsewhere. I felt great about taking him to this place! He won't be caged up unless he's eating (he eats in approximately 2 seconds so that's not a big deal) and they take him out 4 times a day, he gets to roam free all day, plus he gets a free bath! I felt okay about it until last night when he was being so cute playing on the couch. When I woke up this morning and he was laying his head on my chest, I knew I couldn't bear to leave him for 3 WHOLE DAYS.

He has a bit of the "Separation Anxiety" when we leave him alone. He brings anything he can into the living room to surround him on the couch while we are gone. He doesn't chew, thank god, just wants it next to him. This includes scarves, DVD's, a bunch of bananas, bowls from the sink, post-it notes, you name it. So I gotta believe it might freak him out a bit for us to leave him for 3 days at a place that might make him think of the shelter.

I've turned into one of those dog parents. I felt kinda silly telling the boarder that I would be bringing my own food and snacks because we don't want him eating food with preservatives in it and knowing fully well that everyone in the cubicle farm at work could hear me and were probably rolling their eyes. I also asked if I could call and check on him...at any time during the next 3 days.

Seriously....I'm insane. Thankfully theMan feels exactly the same way, which makes my ovaries melt and want to start popping out offspring because if theMan has my back with the dog, he's got my back with the kids, y'all.

I love this dog. Thanks to the robbers who made us able to get him. In fact, if they are reading this, please stop by tonight so I can thank you while sawing at your genitals with the edge of a plastic spoon.


The Fall

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I don’t talk much about my bio-dad on here and I’m not sure why. If you know me, I’m pretty open, probably too open but for some reason I don’t bring him up a whole lot. I suppose there is some Freudian reason involving too much pain, guilt, shame, etc. or possibly I don’t feel like he deserves the press when I have a father that filled in for his duties on such a higher level for so long.

However, we’ve been getting along for several years now, almost 7 years. We’ve reached a place in our relationship that will probably be the plateau but I’ve accepted it and I enjoy it. Tonight I pick up the pottery piece I did for him and I made a realization. I usually seem to do something creative for someone at Christmas or their birthday, this year I unconsciously picked Bio-Dad. (If I could do something creative for everyone, I would, I just seem to only pick one or two people a year subconsciously. If it feels right, the idea comes to me. I'm a hippie.)

However, this has got me thinking about an important moment in my relationship with him. One that I wanted to share with you folks.

A year or so after I was married, I wrote him a letter. I spelled it all out…the part where I needed him in my life, but he could never be my father because I already had one. Where I told him how I’d like us to be friends and make more of an effort. How I forgave him even when I didn’t whole heartedly. Sometimes I need him more than I need to forgive him.

He wrote me back a beautiful letter that I still have to this day. So later that month we decided to get together for something other than the mandatory Christmas and Thanksgiving at Grandmas. I met him at the local airport to watch him skydive and to hang out with his jumping buddies. Bio-dad and my mother used to skydive when they were younger. Apparently mom went when she was pregnant a few times, so technically I’ve gone a lot more than I knew about. Mom doesn’t do it any longer, but bio-dad still flies skydivers and jumps himself. It was great! I rode up a couple times and sat by the door where they jumped, I watched them pack chutes and met all of his friends. I heard 100s of stories of jumps around the globe, naked skydiving and tales of people getting their licenses. We built a fire and sat around eating and enjoying the evening. The whole time I’d steal glances at bio-dad and get glimpses of myself.

Around 4:00 p.m. that day he said he’d pay for me to jump. This cost $175.00 at the time and I refuse to take money from him usually, but this felt right. I nervously but confidently said “FUCK YES!” and called theMan to tell him what I was doing. He missed my call so I was on my own that night for my first jump. Alone except for with bio-dad. (You can sorta imagine theMan’s concern when he didn’t hear from me for another 4 hours after receiving that message.)

On the plane ride up for my first jump that day it was sunset. A clear, pink and orange, gorgeous Midwest sky as far as you could see. The last plane ride of the day. I sat in the plane, my stomach turning in knots the whole way and listened to the excitement of the other jumpers all around me to take my mind off the fact that my altimeter kept climbing and my tandem buddy kept tightening my straps.

As we crouched our way over to the door I looked back to my bio-dad that had decided to jump with me. He smiled at me and I smiled at him and time froze. It sounds clichéd but I will forever remember that smile. The wind, the way the sound of the airplane and the open door completely drowned out everything, the way I knew if I looked forward I’d be 14,000 feet above the earth, the pink setting sun drenching the inside of that small plane, but mostly though, the smile. It was sorta as if that was that. No need for further apologies, no need for further hashing it all out, just 2 smiles that locked us and we’re stuck together forever by DNA or whatever you want to call it. Stuff poetry is made of. You get my drift?

So then, I fell. I fell and fell and fell and I didn’t open the chute because I was too excited looking at everything but it was okay. My chute opened and I was okay.

Once we hit the ground, it was a different story. The straps were too tight around my legs so I couldn’t bring them to my chest. So when we hit ground I hit the ground straight-leg and threw the 170 lb. guy strapped to my back, complete with full open chute over my head about 3 times. We rolled and the hanger cleared with people running to our rescue. My legs were in places God never intended, but I was so happy all I could do was laugh. No one was hurt. We should have been but we weren’t.

So I fell with my dad. I landed rough but I got up laughing. I suppose that could be a metaphor for something?

Proud Mary

I have some news to share with you which I'm sure will embarrass my sweet dumpling butt.

I bought theMan some lessons at Degerberg Academy for our Anniversary this year. He's started taking the classes and has been praised for "his flexibility" and they are convinced he has had previous training even though he hasn't. We hung his certificate last night and I can't wait to make him try on his outfit complete with white belt....hopefully with nothing on underneath.



Back that thing up, or should I push up on it?

This week is "Teach theMan How to Cook" week at the Casa de los Granola. We started the week's lessons off with vegan stew complete with "how to chop veggies". It was fun! Had it of been a wee warmer, oh say maybe a balmy 10 degrees outside, it would have been naked stew making like originally planned. However, 1.) it's cold and 2.) a newbie chopping veggies with floppy appendages hanging around equals a bad idea. But might I suggest the next time you cook something together, and your furnace is functioning, lose the clothes. Remember, I'm all for a slutty holiday season!

So here's what we made....
The night before, soak black eyed beans, kidney beans, black beans for 4-8 hours (or use canned instantly). 2 cups room tempature water to every cup of beans.
1.) Heat some olive oil and chilli pepper flakes in a skillet on medium heat
2.) Add 2 medium sized sweet potatos, chopped and stir to coat pieces
3.) After about 5 minutes add 1 green pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 1 red onion, 1 clove garlic to mix and simmer on low heat for another 5 minutes.
4.) Throw all this in crock pot with beans (minus soak water) all day with a jug of tomato juice and let stew.
5.) We also added chilli spices, dill, basil and hot sauce to mix.

Stew, viola!


Full bottom

To further my obsession with all things Adrian Edmonson, Darren has let me borrow "Bottom" for the week so I can absorb as much as I can.

Turns out this series is hilarious! Just as good at the Young Ones, if not better. Plus, the DVD has behind the scenes and I love behind the scenes. Me gotta buy this, me thinks.

I don't know why I think he's sexy or whatever, I just do. Maybe I'll blame my thyroid. It seems to be my catch all for excuses these days.


Symptoms are not getting much better. This weekend I woke up initially at 8:00 a.m. but stayed in bed till noon off and on, getting up to do small errands, then returning to the comfort of my mattress, my man and my dog. When we went shopping, I tired really easily and was ready for bed by 7:00 p.m. I forced myself to stay up for the 2 parties this weekend (Friday being easier because of the 18 shots and Saturday being easier because of the HUGE amount of chocolately goodness Shelby provided), however by midnight I was done physically.

Yesterday I woke up off and on all night with pains in my hip and arms which is still there this morning. I’m looking forward to another blood draw…I think I need more thyroid hormones. That and I can’t stop eating. We’re starting a yoga class together this Saturday. Research I’ve read says to start stretching and hopefully that will help get back some of my energy while I’m in the process of figuring out the thyroid business.

I found several books on this thyroid subject and I’m pretty intrigued. One of which I’m passing along to my friend who might be having the same problem. I didn’t realize that men and women can have thyroid problems and if you have low thyroid it can screw up your entire body. Anywhere from arthritis to depression to over eating to low sex drive. God, that explains so much.

In my research this weekend, I read more on the type of “diet” I’m supposed to be consuming. Although this diet is also from one of the healthiest regions of the world, according to this book, so maybe it’s a good one to pass along to those of us with ‘normal’ thyroid business.

Another interesting tidbit from the books I’m reading is that I should try to drink only mineral water or filtered water, not water from the tap or with fluoride because chemicals or toxins in the environment can make my thyroid (or anyone’s) fail to work properly. I never realized that.

The gist is that I should be eating more of a Mediterranean diet which centers around olives, grapes and whole grains. The key is to stay away from saturated fats. That includes:

-Veggies. Raw or steamed, but definitely never canned, due to salt content and frozen only occasionally.
-Lean meats in small amounts that aren’t the main course of the meal and only red meat twice a week. I rarely eat it so that’s not so bad to change.
-Fish. I’m to cook it with olive oil and obviously not breaded. This is good because I love Mahi Mahi fillets and tuna, so again, not so bad!
-Cook with wine or drink a glass a day. This is a diet I can get behind.
-Low fat milk or substitute.
-Low saturated fat cheeses: Mozerella, feta, camembut or goat’s
-Low fat yogurt
-Seasonal fruit (this is to be my dessert)
-Whole grains. Gotta be careful with this, because even some wheat breads aren’t using “whole wheat” flour. I’ve now started using Ezekiel 4:9 brand.
-Olive oil. I’m to cook with it a lot. I already do, thankfully and love it. The key is to get Extra Virgin because it has only been pressed once and not heated or chemically treated.

So there ya go. I spent about an hour in the grocery store the other day and about $160.00 so we’ll see. Anything to make me not feel like a 500 lb. freak show.


Food is a love note from God

Let me tell you a way in which bowling is enjoyable. Bowling is enjoyable when you've got 3 hours of free cocktails and shots, white castle cheeseburgers and a bunch of renegade punk kids set loose on 4 lanes of bowling alley goodness.

Yep, you guessed it. It's time for another installment of DRUNK BLOGGIN!!! We just returned in another cab ride filled with reggae, my second in my lifetime, from the 10Pin by the House of Blues which housed the Threadless.com Holiday Party. HOLY SHIT. I am D-to the riz-unk. 6-8 shots plus a martini doesn't make for a sober Kitten.

It was as the kids say, off the hook. I met a bunch of hilarious people, bowled the shit out of some pins (even smoking theMan's ass) and ended the night by throwing light bulbs and glasses to get ushered out by security guards. FUCK YEA.

So now, I'm chugging water in a vain attempt not to wake up with nausea from hell and cuddling with my boy. Blessed be.


As it gently weeps

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I finished the pottery project for my bio-dad last night. I took the suggestions and did the guitar. The colors, once fired will be different than this, but you get the general idea. This was the longest pottery project I've done, but mucho enjoyable-o!


Thanks Grandma

Sis talked to a cop last night at the bar. The cop knows who broke into our house!! It’s this guy and girl who only steal laptops and jewelry in Lincoln Square area, he called them gypsies. They have been caught several times but keep getting out on bond (reminds me of a certain piece of shit Sis used to date that deserves a lifetime of pound-him-in-the-ass prison). He even knew about them ringing the doorbell to see if we were home weeks prior!!!!

He gave her a couple pawn shops to check out which I’m going to check out at lunch. He’s going to talk to the detectives and send one over to talk to us further because they want to know if we can pick them out of a line-up (since they rang our doorbell a few weeks before).

That infuriates me that I know who did it. I want to physically harm them with pointy objects.

Keep your lucky charms close for me at lunch. If I find my grandma's watch, which might be a long shot, I'll probably bawl my eyes out and never let it out of my sight again.

Remind me to tell you about the correlation between this dream and our robbery. Seems like an omen doesn't it? I also forgot to include the part where Grandma looked very concerned when I started hearing the rustling in my room. Then it was her watch that was stolen a month later. It's comforting that she's watching over me, just wish I could have figured out the hint she was giving.


Multiple Orgasms

I could literally watch this all day.

There are some films that feature men or scenes that are so sexy I find myself uncomfortable watching twice. “Walk the Line” was like that for me. I don’t think I could ever watch it again because Joaquin Pheonix, is so incredibly hot in that film that it makes my stomach turn and my knees ache. In fact, I don’t think I can watch “Parenthood” again without feeling like a pedophile.

Hell, “Troy” was like that too. I can’t believe no one told me about the insane amount of screen time Brad Pitt’s bare ass gets in that film. I blame Jennifer since 1.) she OWNED the movie and 2.) knows how I feel about Brad Pitt ass.

There is another film out now that I feel as though I should see alone for that reason. “Brokeback Mountain” features the one man that I would take it in the ass for without lubrication. (Sorry hubby, but I’m pretty sure you’d take it in the ass for her in the same way ). Ever since the brilliant film "Donnie Darko" (another that’s hard to watch twice due to sexiness), I’ve had a special place in my groin region for Jakey Poo.

So today, I click on Perez Hilton’s site, saw the clip featuring him kissing Heath Ledger and had to excuse myself from my cubicle. Then again, more clips and bigger pixels on PopSugar. I think I need a minute.

Of course, like a loyal sister I sent Sis the links so she could too enjoy the heavenly chocolately goodness that is Jake and Heath hard kissing like they can't wait to rip each other's clothes off.....excuse me, I feel faint. We've been saying lines from the preview of that film for the past 2 months. If you walk by our house at certain times you'll hear "I can't quit you!" or "You boys don't go up there just to fish!" over the din of vegetables frying and the dog barking, just imagine when we actually experience the full 2 hour orgasm of the film.

I sorta half expect to see only women and gay men in the theater for this one, all sitting at least 2 seats away from each other so it’s not awkward when we get all squirmy.

It got me to thinking though. I’ve always been an advocate for equal parts nudity on screen for men AND women, even though we know it's well off balance. However, maybe seeing these gods totally naked all the time would make them lose their allure? I certainly don’t get all up in arms about seeing Drew Barrymore’s tits at this point when I used to think she was gorgeous. Joaquin didn’t get naked once in “Walk the Line” and I felt like running my tongue up that scar on his lip for the better part of the 2 hours of that film. (I’m a girl that likes her men a little screwed up in some way, so the scar...HOT.) So hey, maybe I don't need nudity, just some passionate making out then and again and a flash of those edible shoulders.

Yes, I realize I should get a subscription to Teen Beat and get on with it already.


Ver 2
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I need help from you creative readers. I'm going to paint a piece of pottery tonight for a Christmas gift for my bio-dad. It's a serving plate (large and either round or square) to put the pizzas I'm bringing from Giordano's (his favorite).

He is single and his pad is pretty hip and guitar centric. So I figured his kitchen should be cool too. The design is centered around Eric Clapton because in his words "Clapton is God."

I can't decide on the design though. Either this picture or click on the next one to see the design on the shirt.

I'm painting it tonight at 6:00 so feel free to comment or email me today. I'm stumped.


Grandma got ran over

Grandma got ran over
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The $1.00 section at Target is Kaboom's worst enemy.

Happy Birthday to the Monkey!

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Today is my pal Grace’s first birthday! I can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have been involved in her first year of life! If you don’t know her personally, then click here to see her in action. Or visit her mom’s site for even more pictures. However, I must warn you. Just viewing these pictures will make your ovaries drop and your biological clock tick like Big Ben.

This kid is hilarious, I think that’s why I can’t get enough of her. Since that first visit when she’d magically fall asleep on my chest every time I held her, I think she’s had me wrapped around her finger ever since. To see her is to know the meaning of cute. In fact, I’m pretty sure Webster’s is redoing the dictionary this year to include her picture next to the definition of “cute”.

I know she brings her momma and dad so much joy too, especially when times get rough like they are right now.

So Happy Birthday Monkey! I can’t wait to watch you grow up!!


TCB Baby

Groove operator
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I've uploaded a couple pics of us all snazzied up for my company Holiday party last ngiht. It was a weekend full of company parties.

Friday I stopped by my old workplace's party and ended up getting shitfaced and stuffed with steak.

Last night though I toned it down even though this one had a DJ and karoke (thus the potential for "Office Drunk of the Year" award was on the horizon). I figure I should wait at least a year before letting them see me in my full Jaiger glory.

Today it's playing in the snow with Kaboom, painting some pottery and cleaning out the garage. Late 20's ROCKS!


Rock the Vote

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I've uploaded some pictures, 3 of which are possible Christmas card poses that I need your vote on. Which one of us being crazy do you want to see on your mantle?

3 Cheers for Dick

Finally I live in a state I can be proud of.

Senator Dick Durbin is one of 5 that are against extending the Patriot Act which would extend for four years two of the Patriot Act's most controversial provisions — authorizing roving wiretaps and permitting secret warrants for books, records and other items from businesses, hospitals and organizations such as libraries. Those provisions would expire in four years unless Congress acted on them again.

You go Dick.


XXX mas

xmas heels
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How about a big stinky foot in your face when you innocently click on my blog?

If you live anywhere near a Pink Frog store, and I'm speaking to the ladies here, please please please be sure to visit their shoe department. So far I've purchased 2 pairs of stillettos for under $30, one pair only $11.00. They are comfy too!

I went in for a cute pair of peekaboo toed shoes, but the sly sales lady sold me on these because 1.) they sparkle and 2.) I'm a girl.

Really, what is with us girls and shoes?



Doing a little research using my Ph.D from Google Medical School I figured out a lot more on my “condition”. As a result of losing half my thyroid, I now have Hypothyroidism, which means too little thyroid hormone is produced and it’s screwing up my metabolism and pituitary gland production. Want to hear some fun symptoms of it?

Fatigue (check!)
Weakness (I can still pick up my husband like a baby monkey, so I’d say no.)
Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight (since I was about 14)
Coarse, dry hair (not that I know of)
Dry, rough pale skin (I’ve always been pale, and my skin is dry but I bet that’s more winter than anything)
Hair loss (not unless Pete with scissor’s counts in that equation)
Cold intolerance (who the hell knows, it’s like 4 fucking degrees outside!)
Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches (just my knees a little, but that’s per usual)
Constipation (ugh…yes.)
Depression/Irritability (not anymore than usual)
Memory loss (what is this post about?)
Abnormal menstrual cycles (no, right on time like painful clockwork)
Decreased libido (it comes in waves lately, quite honestly so hard to say.)

So yea, three cheers for hypothyroidism!

Now I didn’t have this condition before my surgery, my levels were normal. My cyst wasn’t because of it, that was just a freak thing, but because I had the surgery I now have this. Weird isn’t it? Thankfully what I found out is pretty calming. I’ll be fine, I just gotta take medicine the rest of my life and get more blood drawn than should be legally allowed to one person.

Once I get my medication figured out, I’ll be set for life except I might have to take some extra precautions during pregnancy, should I be so lucky as to ever get pregnant. Pregnancy is one aspect I’m not sure about just yet. If you have hypothyroidism it can cause pregnancy problems, but if you’re treating it, then it should be fine. With all the infertility issues on both sides of my family, I don’t have high hopes. To be extra melodramatic, I didn’t have high hopes in the first place.

Anyways, my point, and I do have one, is that I wasn’t feeling any symptoms since my surgery outside of my incision being tender still (should be for up to 2 months). I started my medicine on Friday and promptly went to bed at 9:30 p.m. that night and slept for 11 hours, followed by 2 naps. I noticed that since I started my medicine I’ve been exhausted and well, a wee constipated but those are things a lady doesn’t discuss on a blog. Sex toys and farting, yes, constipation, no. I’d hate to ruin the image you have of me by replacing it with a red faced, grunting Kitten perched over the porcelain throne doing her best Jean Claude Van Damme movie poster impression. Thankfully those are the only symptoms so far.

But my god, the exhaustion. It’s crushing. One of my BFF’s is going through chemo right now and that makes her really fatigued too (although trust me, I’m not comparing my tiredness to her chemo tiredness). I don’t know how she does it on TOP of having a mobile one year old hell bent on destroying all things expensive in their house that happen to be less than 3 feet off the ground. I think of her every time I feel too tired to pick up the house or get groceries or take the dog for a walk because if she can do it being “chemo tired” I can do it being a little “thyroid tired.”

Being tired when you’ve slept as much as you can while still trying to have a life outside of work, is L-A-M-E. Please Deity of Choice, don’t let me develop memory loss and decreased libido on top of it! Although while suffering exhaustion and constipation, do I really want to feel sexy and remember this?

See previous post

I just realized something...I'm fucking a model?!?!?!?

Eat that Jack White.

Fewer threads for you

I realize my posts of late have been lacking in entertainment value, however, that is all about to change because I present to you........

(insert drum roll)

Another advertisment featuring theMan in all his Threadless.com glory.

Ain't he cute?

And here's Pants too!


Who's my favorite boy???

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As promised, thanks to Jzn and his graciousness for letting us borrow his camera batter charger, I've uploaded pics of the dog, my new do and my cute husband who I just had the pleasure of spending an enjoyable 3 day weekend to Pleasuretown.

Thanx baby.

(I've been told that you can't see my hair well, but here's the gist...it's short in the back, think reverse mullet, 1 inch and long and pointy on the sides with bangs. Go Pete.)


What a fucking spectacular weekend. There just really isn’t any other way to describe it. I took Friday off from work to have some “Kitten time” and ended up having a super relaxing day. I hung up Christmas decorations to make our robbed house feel a little more jolly, I got my hair all chopped off and I went to a cooking demonstration which ended up stuffing myself full of the cheeses, wine, champagne, turkey, lemon bars and more wine all for free!!! We got to spend time with the doggie, couch time in our PJ’’s, take naps and generally relax.

Much much needed.

I’ll have pictures of my chopped up hair later today hopefully. I went in to ask for something totally different and that’s what I got. As the days go on I’m not sure that I love it as much, I think I’ll let it grow out a bit before I form an opinion or get it highlighted. I can say that it looks really cute in a headband which thankfully I’ve been collecting a ton of.

On the other hand, it's tough to really be vain when my bud had to get hers shaved due to chemo. Guess I should just be thankful I have any to cut.