Dear God

Whew, I haven’t written in awhile have I? I even get internet access at the house and not one picture goes up for at least 2 days. Don’t get me started on my “Random Picture” either. It’s still showing wood paneling.

I’d like to take a moment here and just get something off my chest. Things are looking scary for people who are very important to me. Not to mention all those poor people in the South dealing with their homes being taken away from them so violently. My mother’s upcoming wedding and all the drama that creates is a puny little speck on the great drama of life. So you won’t hear about it from me until I post over 100 drunk pictures of my cousins and I from the wedding reception on Sunday. Anyways, two of my best friends are having medical (ongoing) problems that require them to either have surgery or be scanned and take drugs. My grandmother is not well either.

I have an overwhelming urge to be totally immature, stamp my foot and scream at the top of my lungs “IT’S NOT FAIR!” to whatever diety will listen.

And I might turn up this song while I do it….

Dear god,
Sorry to disturb you,
But I feel that I should be heard loud and clear.
We all need a big reduction in amount of tears,
And all the people that you made in your image,
See them fighting in the street,
’cause they can’t make opinions meet,
About god,
I can’t believe in you.

Did you make disease, and the diamond blue?
Did you make mankind after we made you?
And the devil too!

Dear god,
Don’t know if you noticed,
But your name is on a lot of quotes in this book.
Us crazy humans wrote it, you should take a look,
And all the people that you made in your image,
Still believing that junk is true.
Well I know it ain’t and so do you,
Dear god,
I can’t believe in,
I don’t believe in,

I won’t believe in heaven and hell.
No saints, no sinners,
No devil as well.
No pearly gates, no thorny crown.
You’re always letting us humans down.
The wars you bring, the babes you drown.
Those lost at sea and never found,
And it’s the same the whole world ’round.
The hurt I see helps to compound,
That the father, son and holy ghost,
Is just somebody’s unholy hoax,
And if you’re up there you’ll perceive,
That my heart’s here upon my sleeve.
If there’s one thing I don’t believe in...

It’s you,
Dear god.


To Clarify

Yesterday's post was a bit...well...scathing wasn't it? I drove out of my hometown absolutely raging and that lasted well into this morning. Besides the overwhelming sadness of the death of my cousin, which permeates every place, person and thing in my hometown, my fiesty grandmother is being put into assisted living. I foolishly invited my mom to come along to the nursing home to see her because she was with me already while I put flowers at my mother-in-law's and cousin's graves. Why not right? What is the worst that could possibly happen with my mother in tow?

For starters, whem mom finds out that they are moving Grams stuff next weekend, Mom starts asking for furniture for me from my grandmother's house because "well, they are not going to need it in assisted living." When I mouthed to her to "shut the fuck up," she turned and laughed to my aunt saying, "Oh, she just doesn't like free stuff. But seriously, I'll pay you for whatever you give her?"

So there is my grandmother, fully concious and probably more than a little freaked out that she has to leave her home, having my mother pilfer through her things right in front of her like she's already dead.

Not to mention these are the side of my family that I feel very uncomfortable with asking for anything. It is my biological father's side and although I know my Grams loves me and has always been the best, I still have deep seated issues with asking for favors from that side. But besides that, I am 27 years old and can afford furniture if I want it. After spending the majority of my life proving to my father that I am fully capable of taking care of myself, there is mom, asking for hand-outs for me. She was refusing to let the issue drop and making me feel like taking a potato peeler to my skin to get out of there.

The rage didn't quite die down until, well, it still hasn't. So I'm sure you'll forgive me if I give a "Future Ex-Husband" shirt to her husband-to-be at the wedding this Friday, right?



Originally uploaded by MizVoid.
I uploaded some pics from a GWO back in April. I couldn't remember if I put them up or not, but I was looking through old photos and they made me happy. After a day like yesterday where I drove back bawling my eyes out...I'll take anything that makes me smile.

Going back home, for even a day, is more sad than I realized it would be. So much death, sickness and depression. It's just not fair. Fuck that town.


Less Sober More Drunk

Why is it on the day I don't get enough sleep, my mood improves?

Anyhoo, I'm giving you a reprieve from my depressing posts for a few days. I am going down to the location for the film to set up/do some construction, stop in to see family and then coming back and finally unpacking the new place. I'm also going to work on my overall mental health tonight by singing really bad hip-hop at the top of my lungs on the trip down.

If you hear the whitest version ever of "Move Bitch" then you know I'm passing through your hood.



Animal Rescue

My grandmother is really big into genealogy because she’s a Mormon and I think it’s a requirement to get into the Celestial Kingdom. However, it has proven useful in diagnosing our family dynamics.

The thing we’ve learned from these genealogies is that we are a family of women that once we get an idea in our head, it sticks. We live a really long time but we all have big asses and are crazy as hell.

For instance, a story I particularly love is when my great-great grandmother took an axe to my great-great grandfather. She didn’t kill him and after a short stint in an institution, they got back together and produced more of our fucked up lineage. My great-grandmother was diagnosed with depression for awhile when I was around 13 and died well into a state of severe dementia. Almost all of the women are on “nerve” pills which I won’t even begin to ask what the names of them are. I just know they all down them and swap them at family get-togethers to “get through the day.” However, I don’t remember any of them telling me they got them through their therapists/psychologists.

So I suppose from this you can see why I’m more than a little hesitant on asking Dr. Happiness for some medication to help with these black angry moods that well up inside me every couple of months. The one I’m smack dab in the middle of right now. The one that is causing me to barely breath, to feel like I can’t shut off my racing mind enough to fall asleep or read or concentrate, the one that has completely obliterated my sex drive so much that before when I needed a battery for something I’d take it from the TV remote before even touching the Tupperware Full of Pleasure’s treasure chest of battery operated goodies. Now, I think the speed bump lined “Intrepid” is the only one fully stocked with Energizers.

It’s making me tired. It’s making me anxious. It’s making me antsy and irritable. I also can’t shake this cold and as is so typical of my body, my appetite is unreal. I eat and eat and eat and am still hungry.

I was thinking of the image of if people had to be put on a shelf in a store before “God” or whoever set them on the earth. We’d come with little signs like Dog Pounds put on cages for potential adoptees.

Mine might read: “Breed has long history of anxiety and weight problems. Monitor food carefully. Protective of owners and good with children. Easily excitable when presented with potential shoe or handbag sale. Easy to groom. Keep in warm climate. Indoor pet mostly.”


My cake and eat it too

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I made the call to set up another therapy appointment yesterday with Dr. Happiness. That black cloud that loves to loom on the horizon is growing again and I feel myself tensing up. So much in fact that it’s making me tired and irritable. So hey, like I said in my birthday post…ya gotta take care of yourself first. I feel that I might fight this my entire life, but thankfully it’s spacing out to every couple months instead of every couple of weeks.

This morning I finally finished Jung’s “Answer to Job” and I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to study the psychology behind the Bible and it’s teachings on God. Jung does not try to disprove the existence of God, in fact, he seems quite respectful of it. But he basically does a psychological study on the way God acts.

If you were in the vicinity of the Palace of Fun last night, you probably heard the rumblings of an intense game of Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition. The cries of lament when Charles Barkley thwarted Jzn and I’s hopes of winning the final question of the game or the high pitched squealing when Jamie saw that I had put a card back in the box in the wrong direction.

I’ve added more pics to Flickr from my bad ass Saturday with E Squared and the birthday dinner sent from the Gods that Jamie prepared. If you don’t get a little moist in your pants when you see the cake she made, then you are dead inside.

P.S. Big ol' e-hug to Gracie who is home sick and to Samara who is having a tough time as well with her little one. Girls, quit giving your mommas hard times!



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Darren has given me photos he took on my birthday night from his phone. (Thanx Darren!) We should totally do this more often.

I'll be brief because I'm about to go to a catered lunch at my new office (WHOO HOO!) but the weekend was great. Saturday E Squared came up (pix tomorrow, I swear) for the Air & Water show and then Jamie made me ribs and the best birthday cake ever made. She literally cooked all day long on the home made rib sauce and cake. Ya can't beat it.

Yesterday I did a little prop shopping and vegged at home. And so help me, if I have to go to Target one more time in the next 2 days, I'll lose my freaking mind.

What is with Target and new apartments/homes?

Anyhoo...write me, I'm bored.


Tiara Askew

Picture 004
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Big THANK YOU to my pals who made my birthday celebrations last night OFF THE HOOK. You guys are incredible, in fact we all woke up this morning and reflected on what a big bunch of cuties you all are.

From Jzn buying me drinks and staying up later than usual to bring up the cool factor, to my sister swindling me a tiara & a birthday cake shot, to Jen K. doing Tina Turner dances and scoring me a free shot, to Jose dancing for us and letting me pick out tunes, to Pete showing up and being sweet, to theMan for shaking loose, to Luz for the brownie and candles, to Shelby for stopping in even though she had school, and to Darren for listening to our hip-hop madness and joining in the fun. You guys make my day.

Thanks also for all the calls from friends and family. Birthdays are AWESOME!

For the record, the final tally was......: 2 shots Jaeger, 2 Lucky Leprachauns, 1 birthday cake shot, 1 Phil Collins, 2 Irish Funerals, 1 cup water, 3 wings and a brownie.



Oh my god

I just got a delivery at work. A delivery so precious and perfect that I am already booking multiple airline tickets to come to each of their houses and personally make love to their brains for coming up with the idea. What could have possibly arrived that would make me feel so strongly, you ask?

A box of Godiva dark chocolates.



GWO Girls...you rock my socks.

No longer 26

Today is my 27th birthday.

Some STATS: 27 years old. Over a quarter of a century. 10 years from when I graduated high school. 5 years from when I graduated college. 7 years from when I got married. 11 years from when I lost my virginity. 10 years away from reproductive decline. 8 years from the age my mother had me at. 3 years left to describe myself as “20-something.”

26 things I learned over the last year:
1.) I cannot ever have too much time with my family.
2.) I can never have too much raspberry rum in my kitchen (See #1)
3.) I cannot eat an entire bag of sour punch straws like I did when I was 13 and not expect to puke.
4.) I cannot drink booze like I used too.
5.) I believe that is a very good thing.
6.) I’d rather cook for friends than go out to a restaurant.
7.) I didn’t know shit when I was 18.
8.) I will never be thin enough for the standards in my head.
9.) I don’t have to be.
10.) Dark chocolate is next to godliness.
11.) 8 hours of sleep can be better than sex, but one followed by the other is best.
12.) I have to take care of myself, first.
13.) There may be no distinction between friends and family. Friends just might not have seen me during the “perm” years.
14.) Blowjobs can be used not only as foreplay, but as a way to get your man to clean the shower.
15.) A pudgy little adorable monkey showed me I will be just fine as a mother someday.
16.) No matter how many times I reorganize the kitchen cabinets, I will never be as OCD as my “disinfecting of the doorknobs weekly with rubbing alcohol” sister.
17.) I love that I have a “disinfecting of the doorknobs weekly” sister.
18.) No one should be subjected to that much wood paneling and expect to function like a normal human being.
19.) If I haven’t used it in 6 months, throw it away.
20.) The above rule does not apply to shoes and handbags.
21.) A girl needs 3 men in her life, and a talented hair stylist is one of them.
22.) Calories do not count during your birthday week.
23.) If I sit facing backwards on the train, I can read without getting motion sickness.
24.) Birthdays should be celebrated for an entire week.
25.) I am as old as I feel.
26.) 27 should be a very good year.

Thanx to everyone in my life that makes me feel special on my day. You make life worth celebrating.



My mom sent me flowers today at work for my birthday!!!

I love being a girl. Boys can't get flowers at work like we can without feeling silly.

Awwww...thanks mom.

Next stop, late twenties

I told my husband this morning that tonight was his last chance to screw a 26-year old.

Oh and there will be pictures up in Flickr and the SET DESIGN album shortly too.

That is all.


There is HOPE

Big shout out to Hope today who is sharing my birthday week with me by celebrating her own entry into the world today! WOO HOO! Go Hope, it’s your birthday! Drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday!

Okay, enough of my rapping. My apologies to Mr. 50 Cent.

It’s also Madonna’s birthday but we won’t let Madge spoil Hope’s fun. Speaking of, my birthday is in 2 days and guess who shares my special day? PATRICK MOTHERFUCING SWAYZE!!!!! Oh yea!

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Now I’ve…had….the time of my life…..and I never felt this way before….I swear….it’s the truth….and I OWE IT ALL TO YOU!

(This post brought to you by ADD and 15 Starburst candies eaten in one settting.)


In an email today from theMan:

"You're so cute that I could start a cute factory, selling cuteness at wholesale prices to those who cannot afford the rising cost of cute these days. No, I do not know what that means."

Dang it, now that's a good way to start a Tuesday.


One Sweet World

We are freaking moved in…well mostly. Let me tell ya, that first night in the air conditioning we had that thermostat so low that when we all (violently shaking from frost bite) walked out to turn it down the following morning, we had to laugh. The new place is fabulous, I can’t get enough. Both my sister and I humped the dish washer at separate times without each other knowing. That’s how much we think alike.

Big THANX to our buds that helped us out. I thought for sure we were going to have to burn down the old apartment to get the TV and couch out of it, but nope. My police record remains arson free.

As a bonus we got to visit with Mr. Easton who is such an inspiration (his hot wife is quite a lady too). We got to dance to some Talking Heads, listen to the rain and drink coffee while checking out pics of his adorable little wee ones (not his balls, those were washed in the sink, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be described as “wee”).

Surprisingly I was reminded why I decided to go all organic (whenever possible) on my foods and drinks. We talked with Easton (who is an organic farm owner (www.moondanceranch.com) . His suggestions were as follows:

“As far as using your consumer power to help the world.....shade grown organic coffee, any organic grain based food (cereals, soy milks, corn chips, etc.), and organic dairy products are the best places to put your dollars. Those products have significant acreage requirements, therefore they help protect more and more of the earth. It's way too pricey to buy all organic, but if you choose where to put your money wisely, you can make a very positive impact.”

We followed this discussion up with a viewing of “Go Further.” I would definitely suggest watching this flick, even if you aren’t interested in organic living. They bring along a friend, Steve, as a Production Assistant and he’s so funny we were all bawling from laughing so hard. The jist of the film is Wood Harrelson takes a bus down Highway One on the West Coast (sorta a homage to Ken Kesey’s trip in Electric Kool-aid Acid Test) to promote organic or healthy living which leaves a “lighter footprint on the earth.” Despite all you hippy haters out there, it’s very entertaining and more than informing at the same time. Plus, like I said, worth it to hear some gems from Steve.

For the past 6 or so months, we’ve tried to stick to all organic, preservative free, etc. foods and that has even extended into our cleaning products, detergents and toilet paper. Not all the time and I’m not militant about it. I still eat at restaurants, but I admit rarely I’m found eating fast food anymore. I mostly did it as a way to get healthier plus lose weight. I do strongly believe that all the pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, additives, etc. that have been added to our foods has been a factor in the rising cancer, obesity, etc. levels in our society’s history. Plus, my family has a lot of cancer, diabetes and strokes in their history. So for me, giving it a shot might be worth it.

However, I didn’t really look past what it was doing for me. Buying locally (CD’s, books, coffee shops, clothes) and eating foods from organic farmers does a lot more than make you healthy. It also takes away the demand for products that are manufactured in ways which hurt our surroundings and ourselves. But anyways, check into it if you’re bored. At least watch the film, it’s hilarious.

Oh man, I’m a tree hugger.


Big Fish

The actor who played the giant in Big Fish died. That makes me sad.


Sis is making me birthday ribs straight outta her Bon Appetit subscription in a couple weeks while my cousins are up and let me just give you a little tidbit into the recipe….apple butter, bourbon, ginger and sweet sweet pork all grilled up to perfection followed by a 2 layer brownie cake separated by ice cream, fudge and strawberries on each layer.

My thighs are quivering yet at the same time going to banish her from the house.

Last night was the final night in the wood paneling methinks. Today is our appointment to hand over money and get keys in return for the glorious air conditioning and full shower that I’ve only seen in my dreams. Even if we don’t get anything moved, I’m sleeping there if I have to put a pillow in the bathtub.

I still haven’t packed anything else, but it’s a short trip to the new pad, so I’ll just throw it out the window onto the sidewalk for theMan to load in the car. Screw it.

Last night I celebrated by polishing off a bottle of wine at dinner with my bud from Ohio and enjoying her company by talking non-stop like we do so well. She was in town on business (thank you Chicago for being a big city) and we got to sample some Cajun wonders on her company’s account. Besides world peace, the first thing I’d do if I was rich is fly my special ladies in every other weekend so we can have talks like those had last night. We talked so much the waiter kept having to come back because we couldn’t focus enough to read the menu. Ahhhhh.

Speaking of the waiter…a waiter at the restaurant gave me his number when he gave me my doggie bag. Like a good wife, I slipped it inside the food to go and gave it to the first homeless person I saw but god bless him though. A little flattery never hurts in my book!

So why not further make this blog more of a “what I’m doing today” by telling you about my weekend. Not only are we moving but my mom is coming up to help and an old pal of mine (he’s not old, just our friendship is) from the original country is stopping in to “wash his balls in our sink” and give me a patented Easton hug. Sadly his wife and gorgeous children aren’t coming along, but one Easton is better than none. I can only describe these lovely people as “delicious.” I miss them muchly.

So anyhoo…hopefully I’ll have internet back at home and I can post some pics from the film shoot in Indiana and of our new pad.

Side note: We found out that my cousin’s organs went to 3 people: 2 mid-40’s men and a 76-year old woman. I like to think he helped someone’s fathers and grandmothers. That really helps, ya know?


I'm boring

I’m trying desperately to be witty here, I swear. But now it seems this blog is turning into “Things I did today.” Maybe the new corporate job is sucking my creativity out of me, or maybe it’s these constrictive leather shoes…I don’t know. But I’m trying, okay?

I couldn’t be more finished with living in that wood paneled hell than I am right now. I’m so over it, I don’t even feel like packing and packing ALWAYS makes me happy. We pretty much stopped packing anything last Saturday and there it all sits, mocking me. Our mom is coming up Saturday to help move so I guess I gotta get on the ball. Especially since I think we get the keys Friday night to the new place.!

I need to admit something here. I have kept myself away from any real world news for the past couple months. I haven’t watched hardly any TV, I haven’t read newspapers or looked at any news websites. I’m officially out of the loop and it’s making me feel kinda dumb. It just kinda turns my stomach when I try to keep up on it. Not only world events but new music and technology. I feel a little Amish. The only thing I’ve kept up on is fashion and how vain is that? I can give you the hot looks for fall but I couldn’t tell you what is going on with the war.

This could possibly be why I can’t come up with a very creative blog post to save my life.

The new job has been great still but sorta boring this week since I’m not assigned any clients yet. I sit here and try to keep away from the chocolate bowl while sipping some coffee for at least 5 hours out of the day. I don’t dare get online much since I’m not sure what they monitor. So if you haven’t seen me on your blog or site, you know why.

Tonight I meet up with a friend from out of town who is here on business for drinks and Cajun food until we vomit on her company’s dime. How sweet is that? I’m sure I’ll be ready to pack tonight after all that, right?



During my visit with the strangest doctor I've ever encountered on Monday evening, I got a wake-up call about my little ol' body.

It's not that bad of a body overall.

The doctor said I had a great pulse, healthy lungs and very fabulous blood pressure. He even asked me if I exercised because he was so impressed with my stats.

So there. For all the time I spend hating it, there it is, under the surface of all the fat I focus on, keeping me alive and healthy.

Hi-5 to you, my 26-year old goddess of a carcass.



The “Cold That Will Not Go Away” is still in full force. Now it’s blocked up my right ear and I have woken up the past 2 days with my eyes crusted shut. Weeee, I think I’ve developed pink eye(s)! Hopefully I can get into the doctor’s today. I am not having such good luck with the new job and having to miss work. Dang it.

Went to see the house location on Saturday for the film we’re doing in late August. It’s AMAZING. In fact, I kept waiting for a ghost to jump out. Nothing had been updated or really touched since 1973. In the upstairs we found strange things like a paddle with blood stains and a trunk with a complete Masonic or other type outfit all laid out reverently. Very very odd. I’ll post pictures later this week. It only took about 4 hours to really clean up too. I was a little ghetto traumatized though because I kept expecting it to smell like pee or have cockroaches everywhere. The worst thing we found were spiders and layers of dust.

The other Set Dresser was there too, a lovely gal who I hope to work with closely on this film. She’s super talented and sweet but had also been ghetto traumatized from Mrs. White’s house on the last film. So I know it wasn’t just me.

She’s from Columbia originally and was telling me about how her mother had to come here illegally in order to get her treatment for a problem she had when she was little. It was pretty amazing. Made me feel pretty darn privileged in fact to be born here.

I think the shoot is going to be awesome. We’re all camping out, a crew of about 27 people, in the middle of nowhere for 5 days. I’m sure some memories will be made.

Living with my sister is going fabulous too. It was our last weekend in the wood paneling (I hope) and she’s been such a help. Last night she made me veggie burgers with toasted buns and chilli seasoned onion rings while I slept on the couch from this stupid cold. How can you not love her? It just seems like there is a lot more laughter in the house now. I like it.

Anyways, I’m off to dose up again on some Sudafed and pray I can hear again at some point. Ugh.


My man

After a night of drinking with the sis and man, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. with a throbbing ear ache from “The Cold That Refuses To Go Away”. Do you know what my man did for me at 2:00 a.m. after being woken up from a deep sleep?

He held my hand while I moaned and tossed and turned.

He’s all mine.


Milk Jug

I selected a particular gallon of milk this week because it had my birthday as the expiration date.

Well, begrudgingly, I had to break down and ask my new job for a day off for my mother’s 5th wedding. Mom is already going to be sooo pissed that I’m not coming down Thursday to help her set up. I have further bad news for her: neither is my sister. We’ve both got brand new jobs and need the money regardless, plus we’ll ride together so whenever I can come down, Jamie will come down too. Oh man…I do not want to have this conversation with mom.

I could use the argument that really all that is important by this time is mom, her husband and their vows, but let’s be real. Mom wants to share it with us too, even if we don’t accept it, and momma likes a show. All I really want to make it for is the reception because hanging out with cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles with a full bar, all dressed up and a somewhat happy occasion for once, is just what we need.

Frankly, I have no idea why mom picked a Friday to get married in the first place. Pretty much everyone that wants to come has to take off work if they work during the day. I’ll be surprised if that ceremony has anyone at it.

It should be lovely though. It’s in a state park in late summer at sunset…that’s hard to beat for romantic settings. I even have the dress all picked out. A white and black number decorated with martini glasses. Fitting, no? I figure it will give everyone a heads up on what I will be consuming in bulk at the reception to wipe No. 5 from my memory banks.

I guess I’m a little overdramatic about this wedding. However, humor is how I deal with things like this. Humor and cocktails.


Blahville, Population Me

Yay! My graphics are back!

I’m sick today. I woke up sick Saturday morning and it progressively got worse including today. Being sick in the summer is like being allergic to chocolate. It’s not fair.

Speaking of not fair, I had to email my favorite production team today and tell them I cannot take off any days of work at my new job to help with this awesome film they are doing. In fact, the new job thought it best to not take any days off my first 6 months, since this is the time I prove myself. Yipes. I can’t properly describe how depressing that is to me, missing the film and all. But I gotta pay the bills and I can’t lose my job. Damn. So far that is the only downfall to this new gig, that and blisters from wearing heels.

There is a part of me that feels like I’m selling out by picking work over creating art. I can see myself staying at this job for a long time and I’ve wanted a job like this for years. Why does that make me feel guilty? Ugh, I don’t have it in me to contemplate this one for too long today.

I might even have to miss my mom’s wedding. That makes me sad as well as the film since my entire family will be there and lately, especially since my cousin’s death, we’ve been getting closer. We’re finally realizing the value in each other, so I hate to miss seeing everyone again. Not to mention, when we get together and there is a free bar, we usually create some stories.

My sister is now living with us. I don’t know if I mentioned that? This was the first weekend of her official Chicago residency and today is her first day with Pete the Hair God. That lucky bitch gets to spend 8 hours a day with that glorious human being. Yum. She is such a help too. Of course, that’s not why I want her here, but it helps to come home and she’s cooked one of her fabulous meals. Although after a mishap this weekend (which involved theMan leaping up and running face first, wearing only a condom, into the bathroom door to hide himself), she now knows to knock first before running into our room in the mornings. Thankfully the new place has doors.

Speaking of, we’ve got 2 more weeks until we move into the new place. We started packing Saturday night and downsizing from all the crap we’ve collected the last 3 years in that wood paneled paradise. Our new apartment, though more rooms, is smaller in the storage space/closet area so we’ve gotta get rid of the excess. I’m finding it very easy to let go of crap I haven’t used in years. I’ve already promised my “movers” a vat of chilli for helping us but maybe there won’t be much to help with. Do you guys just want to throw everything away when you move and start over? I’m finding myself filling more trash bags than boxes at this point.

Anyhoo…blah blah blah. I promise to be more entertaining when this cold subsides. Right now I’m Ms. Corporate America by day and Ms. Packing Up the Apartment by night. It doesn’t lend itself to a very exciting blog entry.