Turns out

Turns out when your mom is transferred by ambulance to a bigger hospital with some unknown illness that is so bad you have to wear a gown, mask and gloves into the room and carefully, I mean CAREFULLY discard of them before crossing the threshold into the hall...that is the perfect time for your new nephew to be acting up inside his mother.

That kid and me are going to have a serious talk when he gets here.

SO yea....spent the night at the hospital with mom. No fucking idea what she has but she's not happy about it and they are treating it like the plague. Apparently another nurse has it too from her floor. Pretty standard when you're working around sick people, but it is weird. They hope to know something tomorrow.

Sis went in for a stress test today and they noticed she started having contractions which haven't stopped but they decided to send her home and see what happens on more bedrest. She isn't dialating but they want her to call if they become less than 5 minutes apart. She has another month to go, and the little guy could use the time inside, since he's only about 4 lbs. right now. Despite what he thinks is good for him, we on the outside know better.

Then some kid in Colorado goes postal at his school killing a student....yeesh. (Not nearly a good enough word to summarize THAT.)

And I called about the dream job and the dumbass receptionist could only muster a "I think it's been filled, but then again...it doesn't look like it. Gee I don't know."

Remind me to stay in bed on Wednesdays.



Day 10/365 days project
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Got a scare today...I got a call that my mom was in the ER with possible spinal meningitis, on the same day that my MIL died 5 years ago.

Turns out she's fine and they've pretty much ruled out the meningitis but she's staying overnight. SOOOO when I came home to change and squeeze my dog, I thought I'd go ahead and post some pics.

This one is part of my 365 project and to show Mrs. T what I found for her today. She said she liked my red one and today for $1.50, they had them in green and blue. The green one was cool but the latch was broken. Plus Mrs. T. is a blue kind of girl anyways.

So here you go, I'll deliver it Saturday!

Now back to the sick ward....remind me to tell you about the near panic attack I had when I went into the ER. Yikes, now I know why I majored in business.


Almost finished

Almost finished
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After a ruthless night of card playing with the Card Club, we loaded up 2 vehicles and traveled to the Metropolis to visit my sister & BIL and to help them get ready. Since Sis is on bedrest, she needed some TLC and since BIL is her main support system, we thought he could use a break too.

We did most of the laundry, I put together the stroller & mobile & bedding on the crib and the gramps & great-gramps put together the crib. I also had to purchase a little something for Coen because it's physically impossible for me not to walk into Babies R Us without doing so.

They rewarded us with tilapia with mango salsa and cards until 2:00 a.m.

I miss them already.

Plus Coen is KICKING. I mean, big time. You can see his feet jabbing out. My poor sis was up to pee so many times. Only 6 more weeks until we meet him and I can hardly wait.

More pics in Flickr of THE BELLY!


Day 7/365 days project

Day 7/365 days project
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The devil on my left shoulder has convinced me to leave my boys again for another weekend in order to visit my sister and BIL to help get things set up and play some cards, etc.

So I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of finished nurseries, piles of baby clothes and my rowdy family surrounding a kitchen table talking shit and playing cards.

Be safe.



Day 5/365days
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Overheard, possibly in my head:

"Sometimes I feel like some people in my life are in the Dumbass Olympics and it's a close race for the gold."

Okay, I've had enough. I want that job. I want it very bad. It has to happen. I'm not a patient person and I'm tired of waiting. It's been a week. At least tell me if I didn't get it, if that's the case.

God, I'm glad I'm not dating. Surely jobs don't have the 3 day rule so they don't seem too needy.


Bed rest

I haven't discussed this much because the further along my sister gets, the more I get protective. Although I feel as though an update is in order.

They feared the baby wasn't growing as much as he should so they've put Sis on strict bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy with ultrasounds prescribed weekly. So far it's been a week and today was the first ultrasound. Guess what? Coen grew one pound in one week! His bones are so strong they had a hard time with the ultrasound since it bounces sound or light or whatever off the womb. Plus! It's definitely a boy, although he's got big balls. So all that blue is not in vain. He also has the chubbiest cheeks. (Although he's got competition with Grace's.)

The best part, he's got a little roll of baby fat on his belly. I can't wait to squeeze it.

Day 4

Day4/365 Days Project
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(Sorry, font is wonky-Ed.)

Oh dear lord....

Erica has put up the incriminating pictures from GWO. Go there and please tell my husband to quit hovering his finger over the "Lawyer" on our speed dial.

How about a status update from moving to a small town from the metropolis of Chicago:

Kaboom: Freaking out less and less, but it’s hard to get over the Shoe Massacre of 2006.

theMan: Hates this town but is finding more time to focus on projects, never been more ambitious.

Me: Don’t mind the town or the state or the people, just hate my job and want a house out in the country or nearer to Mrs. T.

So yea….things are not the perfect idyllic dream we had planned but through the cracks of crushing depression about no health insurance and theMan having to deliver appliances to rednecks, is some light. I’ve never seen theMan so full of ambition and confidence about his talents with graphic design. We’ve never had better sex and can’t hardly pass each other without a smooch. Plus, we have a house after 5 years of apartments. It’s a glorified trailer but it’s got a yard and privacy.

I will say though, I find myself distancing from my family nearby. When we first moved here it was constant saturation with family. I felt like I had to be everywhere all the time. Now, I’m finding it easier to hide in my house except once a week for cards or the occasionally drop in.

I did decide over GWO to not try to have a baby in November like planned. I’m trying to find a new job. In fact, I’m about to cry my eyes out over an opportunity I interviewed for last week and they are taking their time about calling for a second interview. I want this so bad. But I can’t very well start a new job in the next couple of months and then get pregnant directly after. Especially if I get this dream job. I want to do a good job at least for 3 months before I do something that will require medical leave. Instead, I bought a new iMac. It’s cute, it’s in the room we’d use as a nursery and it’s soft white just like all those baby blankets.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s cheaper.

Whether I get this dream job or not, I have to find something else to do and soon. My goal is by November 1st. Shitty health insurance is not working for our family. I live in fear of breaking a toe for god sakes.

So that’s the update. Not perfect, but fine and definitely feeling like we’re on the cusp of something big.

Plus, I kinda like going to Wal-Mart. Oh god.


We can't help it

We can't help it
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Uploaded more of the glorious girls from the GWO this weekend in THE SET.

And yes, we are cupping Jen's boobs. They were expensive and a lot of heartache. We might as well get some fun out of them.


Bubble Face

Bubble Face
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Jen has graciously sent me some photos from her camera from GWO. You can see them here.

I'll add more to the set tomorrow. I know you don't want to miss this.


365 Project

Day 1/365 Project
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So anything Cecily does, I'm down for. Well except I probably will skip the heroin addiction part.

I was browsing blogs today after a weekend with my girls, a weekend in which I felt gorgeous being in their presence. Of course, dancing always does that for me too. However, some of their radiance helped as well.

These girls are beautiful, truly. From spirit to hair color. But do they know it? Do I? I found myself looking at them several times this weekend and thinking: they make my world a better place...exactly how they are.

There is a project in Flickr called 365 I learned about from Cecily and her BFF, Sarah. You take a picture of yourself every day for 365 days. It's very inspiring and forces you to reconsider your body methinks and it's changes over a year. Something lately I've been doing a lot more of. I feel very beautiful right now. Actually insanely sexy and feminine to be blunt. More so than any other time in my life. And guess what? I haven't been dieting and I'm not down 2 jean sizes. Just me.

But I also feel bad about it too. Like I shouldn't feel sexy if I'm still covered in cellulite and such. And I think sometimes my beautiful girls feel the same way, yet...ahh, I'm not good with words.

I just hate that we can't love the skin we're in. Simply put.

I also read one time that Tim Burton took a picture of his girlfriend every single day, maybe to see the aging process and subtle changes or to just have a record of her. That always stuck with me as an interesting project to undertake.

So here I go. I'm going to just be bold, sometimes probably slutty, whatever my mood is that dya. But I'm going to do the 365 project my way. Turns out the first one will be of me in my undies but I also think I'm going to do pictures of just body parts I particularly love about myself. Then the ones I hate, but I'm going to make them look pretty on film until I change my mind.

It's just my journey. But I wanted to explain it so you don't think I'm getting all cam-whore on you.

If you do it too, send me a link. My set will be in Flickr. I won't blog about it always, I'll just keep dumping them in there.


Some highlights from Saturday night:

-Jennifer, who normally doesn't swear, is probably the most adorable person to ever utter the word "fuck".

-While leaving the club a man on his bike lost his front wheel and flipped into the road sending his front tire down the block.

-When we got to our car a couple beside us asked where we were from, my response: "The Sugar Bear" No idea why.

-3 Vodka & Sprites, a shot and 1/2 bottle of wine really will make you sing like Fergie and Eminem. I promise.

My furry family

My furry family
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Oh my god. I just don't know where to begin. This GWO was MUCH needed and non-stop serious fun. I'm mean SERIOUS.

We got in Thursday and watched some Flava of Love episodes the Matherly's kindly Tivo'd for me since we're without the cable here. I love that freaking show. In fact, I want to be on it next season. I'm working on lowering my IQ and increasing my cheap dress collection now.

Friday we got up early and golfed. Yes, I golfed. Never golfed before in my life short of hitting some balls at the driving range and it was actually fun. In fact, I think I'm a little addicted.

We were supposed to wait until Saturday to shop but we couldn't so shopping commenced before going home and wrestling with Gracie and meeting up with Heather. That Gracie....she has hooked my heart. Who else loves to be thrown on a couch and get rough and tumble but can wear her mother's heels at 2 years old all in the same 20 minutes? She is perfection.

Saturday we got up early to hit the sales at Kohl's and spent 3 hours in that store alone. Everyone got some good deals. I scored several shirts, shoes and a ton of jewelry. We made each other try on clothes and were very happy with the outcome.

Came home and took a disco nap before getting fully ho'd up and going out for mexican and dancing. Oh the dancing. At first we weren't sure if the club would pick up but oh when it did. Let's all thank the gods for $1.00 vodka and sprites and hip-hop. I know I will be.

Dancing, boob grabbing, ass slapping, serious fun until 2:00 a.m. where we passed out and woke up the next morning feeling like shiiiiitt.

But now, I'm home with my men and spending the afternoon in their arms. I don't want to go to work tomorrow, I want to collect my girls and my men and move to Ohio and just continue the fun.

Pictures to come....incriminating ones at that.

P.S. Big thanx to Eric for showing us a good time, dancing with us, protecting us from the pervs, trying to get the Dick DJ to play some Justin Timberlake and keeping us all vertical while he stayed stone cold sober! What a man!!


Beard smooches

Beard smooches
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But I'm going to miss him dearly.....since he is the smoochiest.

Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane
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Tomorrow I'm going to meet up with 1/4 of the GWO/Wife Liberation Front and head on that dusty trail to the land of rose colored wine, hip-hop, going in public in our PJs and eating with our hands.

I'll return Sunday with tales and pictures and the likes.

Oh and I must brag a little. Tonight I tried on 100 outfits to find one to wear dancing Saturday, the perfect one that would put me in a class between ho bag and Puritan Wife and guess what? I fit into my "skinny pants." The pants I dieted down to when I was doing the torture that was Body for Life. I think it had something to do with the new Scissor Sisters album playing in the background and the fact that there is virtually no fast food I can eat in this town. To that I say SWEET!

I also leave you with the immortal words of Fergie to sum up this upcoming weekend:

"All my girls get down on the floor,
Back to back, drop it down real low.
I’m such a lady but I’m dancing like a ho;
’cause you know what, I don’t give a f***,
so here we go!"


Iced Mocha

Iced Mocha
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Today Mrs. T. & I dyed our hair. I really wasn't supposed to be on the other side of the gloves, but like many other times in our life together, I was persuaded with a "oh come on." Turns out just because the chick on the box is 1.) Asian, 2.) Flawless and 3.) Sporting light brown hair...you may end up with very dark brown hair with flints of pink throughout and still very much a white chick from the Midwest. You'd think they'd put a warning on it?

Really though, I love it and like all the other experiences where one of us pushes the other...it was worth it for the laughs.

We also had yet another card club tonight where I polished off a bottle of wine at our usually dry parties. I think I'll skip drinking in the future, I came in 2nd to last and said "God damn it" in front of my grandparents.

Wine and firecrotches, my word.

Oh and of course there are more pictures of our hair fun in Flickr, including Mrs. T.'s great dark red unveiling. I also got the shirt I'm wearing in this picture for $0.25 at a yard sale this morning because I ROCK THE YARD SALES BABY!!!!!!


Sea of loot

Sea of loot
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I've been quiet but only on the internet, because my house has been a buzz with baby shower madness! So much madness I've just put up 30 pictures from just this weekend in Flickr.

It went off without a hitch even when Erica & I decided to forego the traditional buffett and serve the 40+ people plates of food instead. We also made the cakes, the decorations, and even the icing for the cakes. I had 3 people tell me we should go into catering. I call that a success.

Plus the parents to be made out like bandits in the loot department.

Another bonus was Jen & Monkey came in town for the weekend to help out, along with the lovely Mrs. T. It's never a bad time when I get to see the Monkey and my lovely GWO's. During this visit I also captured the funniest picture I have ever taken of her to date. You gotta go to Flickr to find it though.

Chadd also took pictures of Sis & BIL for his portfolio and for them to have. They turned out absolutely gorgeous. I've put a few up in Flickr as well.

So there you have it. Click the Flick, man.