Oh.....just ordered some supplies for my Halloween costume. If you are in need of some supplies/accessories or just general costume goodness, Hot Topic and Torrid have their online stuff available.

Kinda expensive, but hey.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have witnessed a shitload of crazy people lately. This morning as we passed a farmer's market in Lincoln Square, a lady goes up to people and starts yelling in a really high pitched voice (sounds like a yapping small dog). Then turns, walks a little bit and does it again to more people. Saturday, this black guy gets off the train and starts yelling "Motherfuckers be wanting to start somethin'" over and over. And Sunday, I passed a homeless lady kicking her legs up in the air begging for money, "Please, someone give me some money." This is why people have those camera cell phones.

I'm going to get some stuff off my chest today.

I'm really looking forward to my next Girl's Weekend Out. Especially with the bad news in our little group, I really want to pool all our female energy together again to support our bud. Only a few more weeks, ladies!! I'd be happy to just sit around the fire and talk until we go hoarse. I know our pal needs support and I'm glad she has it where she lives, just wish we could be there too for her. It's amazing, I met these girls by some chance meeting and then we instantly clicked. I like that. Less bullshit, let's get right to being homies.

I also am facing the decision of whether to go visit my sister in boot camp in a couple weeks. I don't know if I can actually go or not, since I've been working weekends. I know I could take a day if I needed too. It's easier to make excuses though. She can have visitors after 3 weeks of no contact with anyone other than the church nuts. Of course only visitors that are immediate family (remember the no uncles rule?) I'm fully expecting to see her and she's a Bible zombie, but I guess it's better than being a junkie. At least she'll be healthy. Her birthday is October 8th and no one can tell her Happy Birthday other than people inside the place. That makes me sad. Do they know it's her birthday? My mom always makes a point to make our birthdays special and it sucks she'll be alone. On the other hand, she did it to herself and she's 23 years old. So what can you do? What to do.....I should go see her.

October is going to be a busy month and damn cold too. It's 40 degrees here today. I vaguely remember it being summer like 2 weeks ago? What happened?!?!

I wanted to share a few things, Playboy has an awesome issue this month. It has an article with Quentin Tarantino about his new movie KILL BILL, 20 questions with Bill Murray, plus nude chicks of course.

Also, my dad made an interesting discovery about psycho chicks which I think may help my guy friends out there. I'll post more on this later today.

Well, enough rambling. Adios!


It's a new day. I got alot accomplished yesterday from not watching TV. Finished (well almost) my Halloween costume, made a bunch of pumpkin rolls (although I about went into a diabetic coma from eating them), and hung out with pals. Good stuff.

I thought alot about my gal-pal with the bad news. I know she's strong enough to come out of it and she's a smart gal, I'm sure she'll be okay. I still want to charter a plane and go give her a hug though.

Damn, it's getting colder and colder. Time to get some new clothes and keep warm, and not turn on the radio ever.

Did you know there was a burlesque revue in Chicago? Me either.

It's getting closer and closer to Halloween. Are you evil enough?


Um, got some bad news today and I wanted to just say a big old "Ugh" for my friend. I don't know what to say to comfort her. I feel like I may have said inappropriate things when I did talk to her in my attempt to cheer her up. How do you cheer someone up when you have no idea what they are feeling? I desparately want to just fly to Columbus and give her a hug, but I can't.

Gosh darn it.

Check out the kick ass mods.

Also, found these cute ideas from Cyber Guys.com. A massager and a coffee cup warmer all able to be plugged into your USB port. Whoa!

It's Friday finally and I think I may just be working from home this weekend instead of driving all the way down here. That makes me happy.

I "borrowed" a gif from this site to make my blog spooky. Your scared, aren't you?

A pal of mine is suppose to be back from her pregnancy doctor appointment any moment, and I'm anxiously awaiting her e-mail. Cross your fingers with me.

36 Days Till Halloween!


If I lived in California, this would be my new political party, the Guns and Dope Party.

Crankers.org is a pretty funny place to visit. All sorts of silliness. Currently, they have some awesome pics of jackoffs and their hotrods on the front page.

If you are a voyuer like me, then you may like reading people's blogs. Here's one that attracted me to it because of the name. Maybe I need to get a better name for this blog....maybe more flashy. Hmm. I'm trying to channel my marketing teacher, but no luck.

Creepy Lesbo blog did help me find a cool link for macs. Whoa! Mac Skins Now I just gotta lay down some ciz-ash for that new 15" Powerbook. Yeehaw!

Learn something new everyday: Some pals of mine are trying out blogger.com and ask me questions about formatting. So here you go ladies, if you are doing a blog and need html, click here. Learning is fun!

Also, one of my fav authors, Robert Anton Wilson, has a movie out on DVD. It's a documentary about R.A.W. and I guess interviews, etc. Also fixed the broken link to his official page in my list o' links to the left. So be sure to visit him sometime,or you can click here now.

Not much new to report from my world. Working till 7:30-8:00 then coming home, staring at the glass breast and off to bed. A interesting life it does not make, let me tell you. Still waiting for my copy of "Neverwhere" to arrive at my house, but so far no good. It was my first purchase from Amazon.com, hope I'm not dissappointed.

37 Days until HALLOWEEN!


theMan has a website up now. Wee....nothing on it yet, but you can add it to your list of things to check as I'm sure he'll be adding to it soon.

Also, Bill Hicks is suppose to be on a rerun of Dave Letterman on the Trio Channel. I can't figure out when, but I'd love to see it. If you know, then e-mail me.

This morning when theMan and I were walking to the train station, we crossed the street in front of a car with the huge emblem "2 Fast 2 Furious" stuck on the hood of their shitty little Honda.

I knew it would be a good day.


I was spending my work hours looking through some of old links in my favorite file. I don't remember how I came upon this one, but when I opened it again I thought to myself, "What?"

I thought I'd share to see if you had the same reaction.


I posted some new pix if you are game. I'm excited about my hair, so I just had to share it plus I found some old ones that made me laugh. You know it's a party if Mike Tyson shows up while you are making sweet love to Richard Nixon on the floor.

What a Monday, I dyed some of my hair blue and I've been up all night emitting fluids from orifices I'd rather not elaborate on.

Been having great weekends recently, enough to make working all the time somewhat tolerable. Basically in a nutshell, I can't complain much.

I am now reading the biography of Anton LaVey and it's very captivating. I read 1/2 of it on Saturday night. Good stuff and mind-opening to say the least.

Find a douchebag you know here. Come on...admit it. If you were ever in a band, you thought this was a great idea. "Let's go stand in front of this wall for our band pic!" May you never be lead astray again.


Seems like Friday was a day with a theme. Saw my sister off to "college" for drug users, watched "Spun" about meth users and caught the end of Requiem for a Dream on IFC last night. I didn't do any drugs, but I ate some chinese food that made me feel like I took something bad for me.

You should go watch Spun, but be sure to get the unrated version. We tried to get the real version from Blockbuster, but all they had was the "R" rated and it's seriously censored. It's worth it to get the unrated, trust me. They make Mena Suvari really ugly and Brittney Murphy really slutty and both are excellent in this film. I sure hope this cat puts out some more films. And I especially can't wait for more of Eric Roberts as a gay man and Mickey Rourke as anything.

All that watching of "Celebrity Uncensored" paid off, I spotted one of the cops in the movie as the Arquette brother that likes to dress up like a woman. I don't know what that really means in the big scheme of the things, but hey.

Also purchased the new Neil Gaiman "Endless Nights" Sandman comic. I read it in one sitting and 7 years was worth the wait.

Well, have a pleasant Saturday, I'm off to feed.


So after a depressing week of being sick, sad, friends having not great news and working 100 hours a day (yes it's possible to have 100 hours in a day if you are stuck in a basement with poor lighting) I've decided to post something to make us all laugh.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

Hey there...running late this morning. Saw the family off properly this morning. I held in the tears until they were out of range. I don't know why I have to be so strong, but something felt like I should be. I know it's for the best and she's lucky. We could be seeing her off to prison for a much longer sentence.

It was wierd talking about movies we wanted to see and the new Sandman comics coming out, because she won't get to do anything like that for another year. Can you imagine someone else determining your freedom?

Must eat lunch and back to work. More in a bit.


I put up some pix for your viewing pleasure. The link is to your left under Junk in the Trunk. I'll try to change them frequently. I'm posting pictures that I find humorous or that make me happy. Pix of my pals make me happy......weee. Actually seeing pals in person make me happier....but I work too much. Sad.

And yes, I love pictures of people that are drunk. They are funny, you must admit. In fact, I think that's pretty much all the pictures I'm going to post. Drunk and silly.

By the way, Apple introduced their new 15 inch powerbook. Oh Boy Oh Boy!!

I'm tired......so tired.

But what a difference a gay makes. I love this show. It makes my Tuesdays entertaining after working almost 12 hours in this grey, dingy cubicle.

So I have some things on my mind today that I want to write about. This week my sister and mom are coming up to stay the night. However, it's kinda for a weird, sad reason. She got sentenced after many continuances, and part of it is that she has to go north for a year to a religious boot camp place. So they are stopping by to say good-byes and such. And no matter how much better this place is than prison, it's still strange that this isn't a choice for her like all her stints in rehab. This is mandatory, handed down from a judge as well as a ton of other stipulations. I don't know how to feel about it other than strange.

There are all kinds of weird rules at this place too. She can only wear "church clothes", so ankle length dresses, etc. No outside books, music or outside mail from people other than certain family members (no uncles, isn't that weird?). When she's in her room she has to sit in the chair, not on the bed. You can only shower for 3 minutes. Things like that. She cannot receive any mail or phone calls until after 3 weeks and then from only certain designated family members and at certain times. Plus everything is monitored. We can visit her in a month I think, but we have to wear the same church clothes and are monitored so we don't swear or talk about outside "topics" I'm assuming like drugs and stuff. The no swearing ought to be interesting. I can't even type in this blog without swearing.

I'm eternally grateful that she isn't on the streets anymore or strung out. And I haven't spent hardly any time with her in the past 3 years while she's been fucked up, but knowing there is a time set on the next time I can see her is sorta weird. One whole year. I don't know how people in prison do it. If I work more than 8 hours I feel like my life is sucked away from me. Trust me, I'm totally a person who feels people should be held responsible for their actions. I'm completely grateful for her sentence and the fact that the judge seemed to understand she's addicted to heroin, not a thief for any other reason than to feed her addiction. She could have gotten it so much worse than she did. It's just bizarre how she ended up here. Anyone can end up here.....it sounds like a god damn after-school special. I don't want anyone I care about to be a statistic.

My mom is telling everyone she's going off to "school" to make it sound better and keep it positive. I suppose that's okay, whatever blows your skirt up. I guess I'm more honest or cynical, either way, I'm not one for mixing words so sometimes I think I come off as harsh to my family. We fight about it at times. Sometimes I wonder if when I tell people about it they think I'm trying to make myself look better....I hope not.

All I know is I miss my sister. She's the only sister I have and I want her to be okay again.


2 jokes for you (warning: not exactly politically correct):
q.) 2 gay men were having sex one day and were hit by lightening and killed. Which one goes to heaven first?

a) The one on bottom. He already has his shit packed!

A guy walks into a bar and sits down. The bowl of peanuts on the bar start talking, telling him they like his shirt. The guy asks the bartender, "What's with these peanuts?"

The bartender says, "They are complimentary."

And finally:
Two bananas are sitting on a beach by the ocean. A turd floats by and says "Come on in, the water is fine!"

One banana looks at the other and says, "Do you believe that piece of shit?"

Milk & Cookies for ya Interesting links and such here. This is where theMan got the farting preacher videos. I just watched them again and god damn it, those are great.

Thank you Jeezus.


Whew....I have a lot to post today. So bear with me.

The farting preacher is the funniest shit I've seen in quite awhile. The whole website at religionisbullshit.com is pretty humorous as well. Do yourself a favor and download this video.

We had a pretty excellent weekend I must say. Watched Punch Drunk Love this weekend and it was awesome. Just forget you are watching a film with Adam Sandler in it and your expectations will rise. This is the same director who did Magnolia and Boogie Nights, so expect the same genius.

On Friday, we finally got to see Cell Dweller at the Bottom Lounge. We've been waiting many many years to finally see Mr. Albert live and it was worth it. Sometimes cheesy but the music was good and better than the average stage show. Might I also comment on the freshly shorn chest of Klayton....that man takes great pride in his man-scaping. For the record, I thought the bassist was the cutest, but I'm not so into ripped goth dudes personally. Anyhoo, enough of my teenage horny girl ramblings....the new CD is a must have so go get it already. I wouldn't lead you astray?!

I have 2 discoveries today that make me giddy. Neverwhere, the series is available on DVD! I've been wanting to see this forever but I live in the US, not the UK, so I couldn't. So I ordered my copy off Amazon.com licketdy-split. I've been assured that it's not as good as the book (when are they?) but it should be a good few hours of entertainment anyways. YAY! Secondly, I've started reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman because my awesome cousin got it for me for my birthday. It's pretty captivating so far and I'm just a speck into it. It's more for children I suppose, sort of like Clive Barker's "The Thief of Always," but still a good read.

I've started playing Magic again with the old roomies. It's fun being nerdy, I don't care what anyone says. All I know is, nothing incites the giggles like someone playing their "Shaleskin Bruiser". Holla!

Ohhhh....I just love finding a deal. If you are patient, DVDs that you crave will go on sale for $9.99 at CompUSA like this one did. WEEE! UHF on DVD for cheap!

Okay, I'm off to rest now. I managed to catch the cold theMan had last week. So I'm puny tonight. Egads. Pleasant Mondays.



So long Mr. Cash.


Some things to ponder on this day:

On another September 11th, 1973 a coup led by Henry Kissinger of the USA to put an end to democracy in a country we had no business being in. 30,000 dead, tortured, beaten, raped, murdered.

And Henry Kissinger was who the current "president" elected to head the commission to investigate the September 11th tradegy in New York.

Sound bites I heard on TV that I thought were interesting:

From Trio Short Film called "September 11": "Remember, our country is a democracy. The government is elected by the citizens to handle our affairs. Other people in the world may hold us individually responsible for our government's actions because our democracy makes it our power to put them there in the first place."

"Does God's light guide us or blind us?"

"When all of the catastrophe's occurred on September 11th, President Bush was like a prairie dog hopping around the country in his plane waiting for Dick Cheney to tell him it was safe to come home."

Good night all.


The place where I get pap smears and other related female inspections is in the same building as the Playboy offices for Chicago.

I think that's funny. I like to think they pencil me in between a blonde who likes walks on the beaches and puppies and a redhead who enjoys men with a sense of humor but dislikes mean people.

Tomorrow is Sept. 11th. Where were you when "it" happened?

WHAT?!?! What a way to thank American workers for their tax dollars to support a war hardly anyone wanted.


Have I shown you this? I can't remember, but if not. Go there, it's hilarious. Plus, I think he's from Chicago too.

Speaking of, I was informed today that you are not truly a "Chicago-an" until you have lived here 3 years. I thought it was when you paid state taxes but I guess not. You are considered a resident after you've lived here one year according to the government. Hmm....I guess I'm still a Hoosier. I thought I finally got rid of that title.

Now this is an original costume.


Nothing like good friends, good drinks, guys half naked with monkey masks and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Awesome, awesome weekend. Hung out with some pals I haven't seen in awhile and that is always a great time. I can't wait for someone smarter than me to develop teleportation because it would be so nice to see the Lombards more regularly. Thank goodness for upcoming evil holidays for more get togethers!

After working 100 hours a week, I appreciated having a good time for once. Feels like this cubicle is sucking the life out of me.

So what are you going to be for Halloween this year? Don't wait too long to decide or you could make this mistake.

Also, the man got himself a website so I hope to use his FTP server stuff to be able to post some pictures on this blog. His site isn't up yet, but hopefully shortly. Cheap hosting cost too, so I'll post that info when I get it in more detail for those of you wanting to start a site with low funds.

What level of hell are you in?

Geez....that's a lot for one day. Better get back to work.


I figured it out. The book the man is reading is "Secret Life of a Satanist : The Authorized Biography of Anton Lavey" by Blanche Barton. Go get it.....it's good.

Secondly, check out the big debate on file-sharing vs. RIAA. Tech TV is also going to put on some interesting TV in regards to this subject. Watch This. For me, well, I feel there surely is a way to sell music fairly and reasonably priced and right now it's not happening.


I'm the kind of gal that reads about 4 books at the same time. I am almost done with one and completely impressed. You should read it too. It's called Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aliester Crowley. It's essentially a diary by this couple from early 1920's (I believe) and their adventure with heroin and cocaine into bliss, despair, and finally redemption by finding their True Will. From what I can tell a lot of the characters and ideals reflect Crowley's teachings. I can hardly put the sucker down myself. The writing style reminds me a lot of "The Great Gatsby" which I think is from the same time period.

When this book was written, heroin and cocaine use were not discussed in the manner it is today. I imagine this book caused a stir when published.

Anyways, it has definitely given me insight into my sister's addictions, almost at times mirroring her exact words. Even if you aren't personally affected by drug abuse, it's a very good read.

The man of the house is reading a biography of Anton LaVey however the title escapes me. So click here for other books.



I'm eating "fudge ice cream sundae" candies from Marshall Field's and I am about to melt them all and paint my body with them because they are that good.