One of those nights

Not sure if you've ever had one of those nights/mornings where you were actually so excited to get to work and do mundane tasks because you know nothing from left field would be thrown your way.

That was today for me.

Tuesday night, no problem! I did some power yoga, made a healthy dinner of chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice and sauteed peppers and watched Mystery Science Theater 3000-"It Lives at Night." Later I read until I fell asleep on my man's lap. (Face up, you pervs.)

But then it started. We have steam radiators in our apartment, one in every room. And occasionally they will go off like a demented tea kettle on the brink of explosion. We are used to them now. The first night? Sounded like the lunch bell at the steel mill. Now we know they go off randomly and always at 6:00 a.m. on the dot for some reason.

What they don't do is constantly go off at full metal guitar solo decibel level for 6 fucking hours until at 5:00 a.m. you cannot stand another seceond of it and proceed to call everything "God damn" this and "God damn" that. Then you call your very sweet but totally ADD afflicted landlord and whine...like a big whiney baby.

Oh, no what else sucks? Your iMac, the one thing left to completely pay off does a loud POP!!!! at 4:00 a.m., smokes and shuts down. The one thing you use for photography, writing, bill paying and general computing...

I used 2 Weight Watcher points this morning for a latte. Caffiene take me away.


Busted my ass

Saturday night I fell down our back stairs because they were covered in ice. The palm of my hand hurts like hell and is bruised but I didn't even notice these bruises until laying in bed last night theMan says, "Whoa, look at your arm!"

Scared the hell out of Kaboom though as I was walking him at the time and when I launched I threw his leash basically at him on accident.

theMan came crutching out because he heard the bang and me yell out "FUCK!" I was laughing really hard and he had to ask if it was tears or laughter. It was pretty funny how high/far I went.

Now Kaboom doesn't pull though going down the stairs! Win!



So I get a comment on my Myspace profile from a friend that says they found my picture on some dudes Flickr site talking about my tattoo of the Key to Hell. (The Tramp Stamp I have on my back.)

3,071 hits on that pic. WTF? At least he had nice things to say about it but seriously, you never know where you are going to end up when you put yourself out there on the interweb.



Vimeo is fun!

While Coen might have a few more years to get to this status, he is certainly on his way.


My baby does the hanky panky

It's now 2:46 a.m. on Monday (or well now Tuesday) and I can't sleep. After eating my 5 points worth of Weight Watchers approved dinner and 3 points worth of dessert, I cuddled up in bed with my man and my dog and promptly passed out at 7:30 p.m. last night watching video podcasts about photography.

The night before his knee surgery where I was hoping to seduce him into a frenzy of awkward but passionate nookie while carefully not touching his knee or really moving him at all because of the pain he's in. But no, my fat ass decides to pass out in bed because the Smart Ones 3 Point Ice Cream dessert was just too much of a shock to my system. So fast forward and here I am. I woke up at 1:00 a.m. to him finishing Hell Boy next to me. He passed out and I finished it and well, now here I sit.

Managed to down my water for the day (66 oz.) and update my WW tracker AND read all of People Magazine's feature of "Half Their Size!" I've also started reading the big book of bathroom knowledge sitting on our toilet and paced around our apartment for 35 minutes.

Really though, it's all a mask for being nervous for his surgery. We have to be there in 9 hours. Putting him out and working on him while I wait in a room by myself tomorrow....yea, I'm not good at this.

I keep laying in bed tonight with theMan next to me curled around the dog and I'm thinking: You go day by day getting used to the people you love laying next to you in bed or meeting you at the train after work to come home, and even helpful things like to take out the dog or to help you bring in the groceries. And more than chores, you rely on the warmth of their hug after a long day or how they know exactly what kind of cheese you love best. A person who you've memorized without realizing it the exact smell of their neck. Their shoe size and where they always leave their keys and cell phone. How they like to spend weekend mornings in bed with limbs intertwined. What kind of soap they use and how they take their coffee.

And as I'm sitting here in the middle of the night, freaking out, I realize I never ever want to take those things for granted.


Oh Hai!

If you visit my Flickr site, you'll see I've also joined the Vimeo online sensation.

If you are awesome, you will too.

I've updated my Flickr, my sidebar, even my book pile, AND my fat ass joined Weight Watchers tonight as a full fledged paying member. My doctor even wrote me a prescription so I could get reimbursed through our company's FSA. Yes, I got a prescription for fat.

Here's to actually completing a resolution!



2008 Goals

I usually start off the new year with a long complicated list of things I want to accomplish. This is also the way I live my life thus only really getting a couple things done and feeling bad about all that left undone. This year I'm going about it differently. My one and only goal for 2008, well okay 2 goals for 2008:

1.) Be debt free by 30. (August 18 for those keeping score.) This includes car, school loans, credit cards, EVERYTHING. I want to owe no one by August and then I want to start saving for Italy and who knows, maybe a house.

2.) Focus 100% on my health and appearance. Yes, the typical goal of losing 20 lbs. but I want to get in great shape. I want to be fit, whatever size that leads me too. I'm tired of this fucking weight battle and lately I've been tired and feeling like crap 90% of the time. This also includes spending more money on better-fitting clothes made from nice materials (not buying something just because it's $10) and actually putting on good, well-suited make-up. Time will tell.
I know how I'm going to do #1 as we are currently and have been doing it. But #2 is a different story. My doctor told me to do Weight Watchers and I'm considering the investment, even paying the dues to join. I also want to take some dance classes this year as I love it so. So we shall see. I might make a trip down to Indiana to pick up weights and our weight bench in a couple weeks (not signing up for the gym, see goal #1) so this will help too.

I'm starting off the new year not great, but with an experiment while I figure out what route to take. I'm taking a picture of everything I eat (mostly, what I miss I'll write below the pic) for a week. All the pictures will be here.
The goal is to have a group of photos that aren't all beige, although I fear it will be as I know I eat way too many carbs. Maybe at the end of this I'll do it again.

Also, I talked my wonderful gimpy husband into going to Indiana to visit family this weekend, and the pictures are all here (towards the end). Isn't he cute?


Happy 2008!

We spent New Year’s Day in the ER because Chadd’s knee decided to stop working as he was sitting on the floor at my Sis's place. He can’t walk and they aren’t sure what is going on, it’s swollen and full of fluid. So yesterday was a visit with an orthopedic surgeon to determine the next step. Tomorrow he will be getting an MRI. It’s been interesting living in a third floor apartment, let me tell you! Ha!

Of course that doesn't stop us from taking picture or making videos. See theMan all messed up on the Perfect Drug on Vimeo.

Flickr Set here. Happy New Year's!