In our efforts to save money and pay off debt this year, one of the ways I am doing that is by checking out books from the library. Which was really going along swimmingly until I went in to get another book and they told me I still had a book out from 3 months ago.

I was indignant, loud, “NO! Check again! I put that in the bin outside months ago!” So they let me check out more books and put a “search” out for it. Well, turns out while I was cleaning this weekend I found it in our bookshelf.

So I did what any self-respecting human would do when proven wrong, I went in and got a library card in my name (I was using theMan’s) and checked out more books.

I’ve been on a kick lately where I’m pretty much sticking to the Sociology/Psychology section, mostly reading books recommended in previous books from that section. So far I have not been disappointed by any! And bonus, they just keep getting better!

If you haven’t noticed I’ve got a “Library Thing” over to the side with books I’m reading this year. You can click on them for more info. I highly recommend all of them and won’t put any up I don’t like. (Although the one on Rome was a bit much on the historical side if you are in to that.)

Currently I’m reading some of the best books I’ve ever picked up:

Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” (Read almost ¾ of it last night in one setting, it’s that good).

Oscar Wilde’s “Picture of Dorian Gray” (Great social commentary!)

Send me your favs!


Caipirnha For Everyone!

Kaboom hates my singing pt. 2 from mizfoyblog on Vimeo.

Well blah blah blah, we spent our Saturday going to the gym, the grocery store, cleaned the house and while theMan was out shopping for a tripod I made myself a very very strong but tasty Caipirnha for cocktail hour. My version made with vanilla vodka, brown sugar and a million limes all crushed in a glass with ice, caused me to call people (hi mom!), straighten my hair, do the dishes, and sing Dolly Parton to my dog, very very badly.

And since I didn't have all of your cell phone numbers, I've uploaded multiple videos of Kaboom hating my drunken singing to Dolly Parton on vimeo.

Who loves ya baby?


Sweet Zombie Jesus

After a crazy, wild birthday celebrating weekend theMan & I decided to have some alone time and tour a local cemetery to take pictures. Turned out to be a perfect way to spend a warm Spring morning as it was so peaceful and pretty.

Even got to create a few images that I may just have to hang on the wall.

As always, more at Flickr.


I chose him

"I, with a deeper instinct, chose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman." - Ananis Nin

Happy birthday gorgeous. I'm so glad I chose you.


For the past 20-30 minutes I have been running around the office, mailing packages, talking to coworkers and clients, etc. and as I'm standing in the Production room taking a breather to write down some addresses I need, the IT guy says, "Are you wearing 2 different shoes?"

I look down and lo and behold, I have one yellow suede flat and one cherry covered canvas slip-on shoe on the other foot. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING TO ME UP UNTIL THIS POINT.

So I laugh until I cry and hurry back to my desk and wouldn't you know I'm stopped by at least 4 people, "why don't your shoes match?"

Is it Friday?


29 and counting...

I was going to do a long birthday post for my man tonight, but I'm currently waiting on him to get home so I can have sex with the last 20-something I'll ever bang. ;)

Happy Birthday Gorgeous. I hope we have 30 x 10 more together.


Much much better

"When you're feeling low and life is making you lonely, you can always go.....NOWHERE."

Just when I'm feeling overwhelmed and blah and all self loathing-y, a weekend of relaxation pops up. Last night we finally got to pick up Sis and family after their vacation so I got a smooch and a giggle from my nephew. Then we went over for wine and Euchre with some work homies.

As an early birthday present, theMan even sat down and tried to learn!! He knows I love all things board games and cards but he hates it. So this was a big step. I downed too much wine, got all loopy, and passed out but I still call the evening a success. I mean, did I mention: EUCHRE and WINE???

Today we've ran errands, cleaned up the house in preparation for theMan's 30th next weekend and just worked on pictures. I've barely left my PJs. I hope you haven't either.


Black eyeliner

I've taken a break from writing my goth poetry and putting on black eyeliner to cheer the fuck up a little bit already, thank you so much and to stop with the self-torment.

And partly due to this site: Hot girls with douchebags.

Thank you Intarweb, you have saved another soul.

Check the box for OTHER

For awhile now I have really loved the part of me that doesn’t fit in to any group, at least in the last couple of years. Every attempt I tried in my early 20’s and teens to completely fit into one particular mold ended horribly or was very uncomfortable eventually. I did the all black wearing-industrial music phase until I grew tedious with the clothing options and embraced my love of color, the acoustic guitar and cheesy love songs. I did the sell-everything-I-own and study-the-bible-religiously phase until even I couldn’t stand to listen to myself and my narrow-mindedness. I hung out with the sluts with big hair that liked the boys with muscle cars until I bagged one and well, proved the reason that sometimes those boys drive those muscle cars for a reason (i.e. what I like to call “Hummer Dick” based on my assumption that men that drive Hummers usually have very small junk or don’t know how to use it).

It just never worked. I don’t have a religion, I don’t have a type of friend (in fact I love that they are all totally different). I don’t belong to any ethnic group as I come from Irish/Welsh/Scottish/German/axe-wielding great-great-great grandmothers. Far as I know, we IWSGAXEs don’t have our own parade or section of town.

I don’t have a particular way of dressing other than if it’s cheaper than $20.00. I’m not 100% gay/straight, republican/democrat, punk/pop, non-fiction/fiction, drunk/sober, hell I’m not even 100% blonde/brunette. Which hey! Great! I think that means I can adapt to most situations and people and I’m fairly easy-going and up for anything, right?

The downside to that however, is lately becoming more apparent. I feel the reason I get these waves of sadness over me and my anxiety about “what I’m doing with my life!” is because I have no center. No anchor. Nowhere to rest and say, “I can come back to here. This is who I am.” No set of rules to conform too, which might be the real reason that people find religion or bond with their own group of people, etc. in the first place. I like the freedom of all these choices, but I’m paralyzed with all the options.

When I was in therapy I begged my doctor to tell me what to do. “Just tell me how I’m supposed to feel and live and I’ll do it. I need a rule book!” Clever girl that she was never would and I know why, there isn’t one.

As I'm leaving my 20's and in typical emo fashion, I’ve been taking inventory of myself. I think I’ll share that with you all and see what happens.

My truth that I know so far:
1.) I am 29 years old and I am not afraid to turn 30. I am excited.
2.) I live in Chicago and it feels more like home than any other place.
3.) With every period I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to have children b/c of some unknown illness and/or waiting too long for my husband to be ready, but I’m nervous to start letting myself want them because I fear how my life will change.
4.) I’m disgusted that I’ve not been outside the United States and horrified I might die without ever doing it.
5.) After almost 10 years of looking, I finally love my job.
6.) I want time to freeze right now so I don’t lose anyone else I love.
7.) I swear like a sailor and I sorta love that about myself.
8.) I will stand up for my loved ones and what I believe is right, always and loudly.
9.) I lose hope easily.
10.) I want to be okay with all of this.


Walking Through Cemeteries

Oh Hai! Want to know how I spent my Friday night? Lol Catz and "Fail" pictures on GIS. So much for the media cleanse.

So of course Saturday and Sunday had to make up for that and boy did it. Boy Howdy! That's such a great phrase, isn't it? I think we need to reintroduce a phrase once a week. Who's with me? Because I certainly need more to my vocabulary than "FUCK" every other sentence/word/breath.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes. OH man, I just looked down and I have my dog's hair in my cleavage. How does that even happen? Wait, I know, it's because his g-d hair is EVERYWHERE IN OUR HOUSE. I refuse to complain about this weather because it's gorgeous and finally sunny and allowing me to wear capris and peep-toe flats. But I will just utter a tiny little, "oh poop" since it's making our dog blow his coat like a well....er....a hairy thing losing its hair. So there.

What did you say? Did you just utter "man, they must be giving away free coffee at Kitten's work today because she is a spastic mess?" If that was you and you did, well you sir would be RIGHT!

Ohhh, shiny things....


Pregnant Punch

Version 456 of - How I spent my evening - (while my pregnant sister sat at home fuming because I wouldn't bring her materials to make herself a bowl of punch...SIS: In honor of our first concert due to my sister's obsession with Mr. Scaggs, I hope this makes up for it.)

Ricky Scaggs & The Whites: "Hallelujah, I'm ready"

The Cox Family: "I am weary, let me rest"

The Carter Family: "Keep on the sunnyside" or the version from Seasame Street, slightly distorted.

Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris: "Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby"

And her favorite, Ricky Scaggs' "Country Boy."


Heart Strings

Cocksucker Blogger just shut down after a huge post was written....GRRRR So fuck it. Here's a short version:

5 Hour Cookoff: This past Saturday a coworker and I got together and cooked some recipes that we've always wanted to try. Ended up cooking for 5 hours with people stopping by randomly to eat, chat and share stories. Ended the evening with a huge feast and conversation over wine. I highly recommend putting one of these together in your area!! We've got the next one scheduled and plan to do it monthly!!

Media Cleanse: Apparently I need to cleanse Blogger (fucker). I stayed off the internet (other than email/Flickr) for a week and it was awesome. I even cut down TV time to one night a week. So far I realize I am a huge procrastinator and it's so easy when I'm feeling lazy to just log on or tune in.

So this week I have decided to not log on to the internet except during lunch hour. No internet at home unless needed for blogging or Flickr. And only one night a week for TV. It was very freeing, that lady that recommended it was totally right. I managed to read 2 whole books, write letters and get a ton of work and planning done for future projects. I highly recommend this as well!!

EXTRA EXTRA: This literally broke my heart. I hope you can either give something or at least leave an encouraging comment. I cannot even imagine. Or if you can't give, go buy some earrings and all proceeds will be donated anyways.