Because I won't be here to post anything on our anniversary (since we'll be meeting our nephew), I wanted to go ahead and put this out there...

8 years ago on Halloween you made me your wife. For that, I'll always thank you.

For insisting we put the refreshments in a coffin at our wedding, I'll always give you my heart.

LOVE you baby....truly madly deeply.

Almost finished baking

Almost finished
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Turns out Coen wants to get here sooner than later. There are a few issues with Mr. Baby Poopypants so they are going to induce Sis on Monday. They have asked me to come up tomorrow night and hang out until the blessed event. Because theMan's job fell out for a week, he gets to go too!

This is good because it's our 8 year anniversary on Tuesday and I didn't want this year to be the first we were apart. Plus, he's going to be an uncle and is pretty stoked about meeting the little dude.

So that means I'll be out of here until Tuesday. I will try to post if and when I can from the big city and OF COURSE expect 1,000,000,000 pictures when I return, if not before.

Since I did a major color job tonight (I gotta look good, I'm going to be an aunt...again!) I am leaving you with a present.: A complete Flickr set of just my hair and all the torture I've put it through over the past 2 years. Yes, I'm that vain.

See it here: MY HAIR!

Wish us luck. Here comes COEN!


Models, Inc.

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Man....just when I think I'm done with photographing other people and am going to stick with just photos of my hair. Oh no. From chatting with my girls, we got the idea to shoot my girlfriends in semi-erotic poses so they can feel good about how lovely they are.

Heather was the first victim. I won't post all the ones I took of her, but if she'd let me I would. She looks fabulous.

There are a few more in Flickr too.

And yes, I think the cure for self-loathing: lingerie, wine and BFFs.


The Girlz

The Girlz
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I was invited over to visit with Harlie tonight at Mom's because since she's started "big girl" school, I don't see her as often. Proved to be a night of dress-up, Bratz role-playing and general screaming and mayhem. I was only there for 2 hours.


She's helping my mom sell pumpkin rolls tomorrow so I was sure to teach her to yell out to people walking by, "Hey! Get over here and buy a pumpkin roll lady!" I mean, how could you resist that? I had to do something. We're broke and I gotta get mom enough money to spend on me at x-mas. :)


My hands all over your frame

Day 31/365 Project
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2 weeks until our 8 year anniversary. For all the troubles we've been having lately with finances, it sure makes my stomach bubble thinking we've made it this far.

That means we'll get through this.

It also means that the new job theMan is trying out tomorrow despite his reservations about it, is something that makes me very appreciative. Frankly it makes my eyes well up to know he's giving it a try. Since we've moved here we've both just felt like "hmmm, was this the right choice?" Like something needs to prove itself, even though we shouldn't expect things to always go well.

Although, I do really.

At the time it felt so right. And it does feel right to me in regards to everything except careers. However, I'm now considering going to school, even full time, for a complete career change. I don't think I would have had the guts had we stayed in Chicago. Lately I've just had the sinking feeling that life really is way too short.

We shall see.



Day 28/365 Project
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To summarize....I got my hair cut (very cute I might add by the lovely Jamie), I bought leggings despite all the fashion blogs I read telling me to use better judgement (they were $4.00, I couldn't resist) and I bought salt and pepper shakers for theMan that make me feel like I've de-evolved as a compassionate human being. How was your weekend?

Today I got up at 7:00 a.m. to bundle up with Mrs. T to brave the chilly October air and drink so many lemon shake-ups our pee smelled like floor cleaner. To eat every possible main course and side dish batter-dipped and fried within an inch of its life. To buy crap that was cheap and useful but still a little kitcshy. To squeeze my cousin Harper and drive the dangerous back country roads in search of more festival goodies.

To say it was a blast would be an understatement.

But seriously, we're fully expecting these salt & pepper shakers to wake us up in the middle of the night cursing us for continuing stereotypes.


Sustainable for you

I haven't mentioned this yet because I wasn't sure how to properly bring it up. Kinda like when you're at a dinner party with a ton of hiply dressed intellectuals and you're desperately trying not to be a wallflower since Cosmo gave you all those great conversation starters. There's this girl telling all about her recent trip to Paris and you wonder when you can chime in with "Hey, I'm apart of this great group that can and will help our community!" without sounding like a groupie. Because damn it, you want people to listen to you! (and think you're cool too.)


I've become involved with a group called Sustainable Indiana, and I'm quite excited. Right now my involvement has been cataloging the library of 300+ books they have so people can search for them and find topics easily when they visit the library the group is starting. I've never been more excited to use Excel.

It's quite depressing right now living in HomeTownVille for us, due to our jobs, but if we are going to do this properly and live here, then I want to give back and make this town great. Make it a town people like living in, not claw their face off of to get out of. And in the process, make it a town that people can thrive in.

This group is going to do just that. I can't wait to watch what happens.


Happy Birthday Sis

I miss you.


Save Bob

I've added a link to my sidebar that was brought to my attention last night from the other room by theMan. Seems like one of our favorite authors and philosopher's is ailing and becoming poor due to medical bills. So poor he can't pay his rent.

When we let our artist's starve, well, bad things will surely happen.

So because I couldn't ever write a more fitting tribute to Dear Old Bob than Mr. Rushkoff, go here. Then donate something, even if it's $5.00. Or go read his books, because either way you'll be helping him out.

A long time ago we decided to name one of our children after him, for a middle name. His work has been that important to this family. Plus, he quotes Captain Ron. That's hard to beat.

Robert Anton Wilson needs our help.

P.S. I will be incognito until Sunday because we're going to visit Sis & BIL to help get them ready for baby and celebrate her birthday. May possibly be celebrating Coen's birthday too. Keep them in your prayers/mantras/thoughts because we're all ready to pounce.


Just out of reach

Day 17/365 Project
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Just realized this weekend will be the last time I see my Sis before the baby is born, with the exception of when she's in labor. Holy frijoles.

I also realized that I want to go dancing again. I miss it. In fact, I've been indulding in the hip-hop lately and sheeeeeiiit: I wanna get my groove on.

As our 8 year anniversary approaches in the next 31 days, I've realized that I want at least 80 more. Okay, maybe 78, but with my friends around us and lots of grandchildren too.

I held a tiny baby this weekend. I realized I don't want to wait any longer. This also made me realize I want to move to a Socialist country where insurance is free.

That's all really. Too much to ask?


Go Speed Racer Go!

Go Speed Racer Go!
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Man, this weekend feels like it alternately went on for 3 years and went by way too fast.

Yesterday I got up at 7:30 a.m. and didn't come back home until 11:30 p.m. It started with yard sales (where I scored Gracie some CUTE jeans and Coen a skateboard), out to eat for lunch, a birthday party for my cousin, spread seeds and hay for the largest man-made pond I've seen, then ...whew....followed by cards.

Today we went to the Hill Climb in Newport, IN to watch cars 1940 (?) and older race up this enormous hill. The cars have to be stock so it makes it more of a challenge. The cool part was dad and bros went so we checked out the entire town who brought out their hot rods.

I also got to drink 2, count em' TWO lemon shake-ups which is a beverage I only can find at Carnies.

I'm going to spend the rest of this beautiful Sunday laying in bed watching my new TV boyfriend, Jim from The Office with my husband, theMan from The House.