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  • So I thought I'd also add a great site I just found...... Be sure to check out the bumper sticker: Fat chicks=Good Head. Truly words of wisdom.

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  • See what happens when you try to do the Lord's work?

    A Washington Heights woman who drowned one of her 4-year-old twin daughters as part of an exorcism pleaded guilty by reason of mental defect Wednesday to the 2001 slaying. Sabrina Wright, 31, admitted that on Nov. 13, 2001, she thought her daughter, whom she called Sinifagance and was also known as Betty, was possessed by the devil. "I put her in the tub and tried to bless her," said Wright, whose attorney said she was on tranquilizers and anti-psychotic medications. "And you held her under the water?" asked State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Fitzgerald.

    "Too long," Wright said.

    Gee, you think?

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  • Fuck man, fuck.

    Well, it's been awhile. My apologies.....this weather is keeping me away from the com-pooter too much. Must get back to my blogging duties. (I act like I'm keeping millions entertained). If you haven't already, go to www.fark.com to get all the latest articles and such. Funny funny stuff.

    So what's new? Well, not a lot. My boss has been gone a lot lately. So I had a peaceful week at work. Whatever it was, it has done his mood a world of good.

    A friend of mine felt her baby move for the first time. She's 4 months along now. I think that is the coolest thing even though I can't imagine it. A lot of my pals are either pregnant, trying or getting ready to try. The baby fever is spreading......eeeeeeee. Not for us though, not yet.

    Last night we went to Olive Garden. It was odd though, since almost everyone who was eating there was Hispanic. I'm not sure what that means......maybe we wandered into a glitch in the Matrix? Hmmmm.....

    And on that note, I now present to you one of my favorite lines from a movie. The movie, Spaceballs. The scene, soliders are "combing" the desert looking for the princess. The camera focuses on 2 black guys with a pic. When asked if they've found anything they reply, "Man, we ain't found shit."

    Thank you, thank you very much.


    So it was an awesome weekend. Friday, nothing but sleep. Saturday, sand, sun, my baby and some doggy watching. Sunday, gay men's softball league, sunburns, Frida and hanging out with homies. Weeeeeee! I like those kinds of weekends. Action packed and full of things I like to do. Well, except sunburns. Unfortunately it was preparing me for a week of being screamed at by a dictator with the self-control of a pissed off hissing cockroach and the people skills of a troll. Why people think you will work really hard and well for them if they are complete buttheads, I have no idea. Can I just interject that Radiohead is pure genius. Sorry, MTV2 in the background. AnywaysToday in the paper there was an article pleading for people to write to the leader of Iran to tell him that he is not a representative of God and to leave his position in their government.

    The good thing about today is that I started the day listening to some guy growling on the train. It was so startling that everyone who got on the train immediately tried not to look in that direction. You know something is good if people are trying to hide the fact that it exists.


    I had an idea on the train inspired by one of my favorite books by John Waters. He lists his favorite things, which I may do at a later date. But now I'm going to list a few of the things I would want with me that would make me happy when I'm stuck on the train on my way home. (For those of you not from Chicago, I take the L train to and fro work daily. Sometimes it's excrutiatingly slow and sometimes it stalls for no reason with no chance to get out. So you have to sit there and wait and wait). Here they are in no particular order:
    1.) Complete loss of power to all cell phones.
    2.) Old ladies that say "God damn" every other sentence.
    3.) A seat to myself
    4.) The crazy lady that stands on the seats and yells at herself.
    5.) An obese man snoring.
    6.) Head-explody powers
    7.) At least 2 people with Tourette's at opposites of the train.
    8.) An extremely irrate businessman glancing at his watch and sighing heavily
    9.) Our IPOD
    10.) A hispanic couple making out in front of their kid

    Yea, that would about do it.

    Okay, so I've thought it over. I was just going to say screw it and not do this after all. Seems like the other blogs I am interested in are by people that are interesting. So hey, maybe I don't qualify for you but I'm going to go ahead and do this anyways. If anything it can be a diversion from work, or hey, theraputic. So here goes:

    Topics for today: Whenever I hear news that is scary or that I don't agree with I get all anxious inside. For instance, news about the PATRIOT act? Crimes in other countries their government is doing to their people? It's such a frustrating and hopeless feeling. Oh well...I suppose if the news produced a good feeling, it wouldn't make anyone have any kind of reaction towards it to change it. Village Voice Article

    Another topic on my mind: Bloody noses. I have had one off and on all day. It's annoying but fun to see my co-workers reactions when I'm sitting here typing reports with kleenex in my nose. Hey, there's a good way to get people to leave you alone. If only it worked for stopping phone calls.

    Hello there. This is my first post and here goes nothing......I started this Blog to see what it was like. What I could come up with. So far, not alot. Check back later and I promise there will be good things to come.