Film Festival!

Jen K's film, "The Eyes of Luis Bunuel", a film I served as Art Director for, will be shown at the theCollected Works film festival on February 12th. Doors open at 8 pm, films start at 8:30. Come pay us some compliments!

The Details:
theCollectedworks of Chicago Filmmakers will promote six Chicago filmmakers that uphold the same esthetic values as our company. The featured filmmakers would select 10 to 12 minutes of their best work to exhibit. Our goal is to promote and create awareness of Chicago filmmakers. Chicago Filmmakers will be held at The Underground Lounge, 952 W. Newport, Chicago IL. In summary, theCollectedworks of Chicago Filmmakers will strive to promote, fundraise and create a network for aspiring Chicago filmmakers.



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More pictures of my favorite dog and my favorite boy....in the bathroom.



My late cousin's birthday is this Saturday and it's also the due date for our other cousin's baby. How nice would that be? I wonder if the new addition (Harper) will have Matt's curiousity and personality?

I hope so.


We're old

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I've uploaded a sampling of "how we spent our Saturday" for your viewing pleasure.

We didn't have any plans so we shopped, grabbed some meals, watched some videos, took pictures of ourselves on the toilet and I dyed my hair.

It's weekends like these where I realize we might be growing up and I like it that we're doing it together.

(P.S. If you haven't seen "Murderball"...do it.


The Scene

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(Click this link.) We made the Chicago Scene magazine from the Threadless party at 10Pin on December 17th. You can see our craziness also to the right because I saved them all in my Flickr account! WOO HOO!

If only they had scratch and sniff you could have smelled the sheer amount of alcohol consumed that night.


Finally, an answer

Chicken and egg go out, afterwards they go home and are getting it on.

When they finish they decide to have a cigarette and talk. Chicken says to the egg " Hey, I guess now we know who came first!"

-Courtesy of my sister, the funniest person alive.


Dirty Hippies

I never blogged about this, but I did go back to the doctor. My blood levels were a little high for thyroid which means instead of sleeping 100 hours a day and eating constantly, I should have been losing weight and acting hyper-active. He looked at me like I was making stuff up and said he was lowering my dosage. As far as all my symptoms, I should see my regular doctor because it must be something else.

Time for a new doctor!

However, on one hand I am sorta taking what he said and working out more regularly now. It’s making me sleep better and I have more energy during the day but I still feel off. We’ll see how the new dosage does.

In other news, well there is no other news. I’ve been enjoying an incredibly boring week at work sandwiched between an obnoxious commute on the trains and that’s about it. The winters are sure a bummer in the Midwest, aren’t they?

My sister starts school this week though and I’m very proud of her! Wish her some good luck, eh? I will probably cease talking about her on here for awhile because a certain waste of good skin from her past is using his Sherlock Holmes abilities to harass her. I invite him personally to try anything while I’m near though. I can assure you, if you’re reading this, you won’t be able to write your shitty lame beat poetry any longer once I’m done with you. Your brother is the real artist, you’re a cheap imitation. Let it go and get a fucking job.

Aw but anyways, that’s as much space as I’m going to waste on people that are vampires. Not the cool Anne Rice, sexy Brad Pitt kind either...more like smelly, short and mumbling ones that love to bring people down. So, on to more pleasant thoughts.

Like this for instance.

Here is the first episode of the "Dr. Kaboom!? versus _______" series. In this episode, Dr. Kaboom!? battles the infamous Chucky doll. When we first got Kaboom!?, he would NOT go near Chucky and would go crazy when I would just barely move Chucky.

Last week, Dr. Kaboom!? took it upon himself to attack Chucky without being provoked. Dr. Kaboom!? was tired of being afraid, he was setting himself free from Chucky's domination. I was very proud, and nearly crapped myself watching the epic encounter.

(Turn sound on for full heavy metal experience)


All Night Skate 1991

All Night Skate 1991
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Was it the perm or the acid washed pants that made me a star in 1991?



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Click on this set here to view the chaos and fun that was our family Christmas in January from this weekend.

I will tell you..not 2 hours into town, theMan and Lance were handcuffed and searched when they took a stroll to the liquor store. The reason the police gave, "They looked too young coming out of the a liquor store." I guess that's illegal in Indiana.

Followed up later when they got back, by my Great-Gramps taking a shot from a liquor made with a cocaine leaf. I guess I can see why they'd think our family looked suspicious.




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Another weekend, another boarding place to try for Dr. Kaboom?!

This time we'll let him take his monkey though but if he comes back farting again...I can't make promises for future visits.

Hospital Ban of 2006

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been in a weird head space. I’m tired and down and last night was my first night of sleeping well in 2 weeks. Thankfully I know what makes me sleep better, but unfortunately it’s going to the gym.

It’s been such a weird week that I woke up and spent most of Tuesday crying. I didn’t even go to work. God damn...if I could think of a better word than BLAH I would, but that’s about it. BLAH.

I don’t have a lot of reasons to complain either. I’ll just keep blaming the thyroid.

I got a call today that my Gramps is in the hospital for kidney problems. We’re supposed to have our big family get-together this weekend with our relatives from New Mexico which he may end up missing. It’s awful because out of anyone, Gramps gets the biggest kick out of getting together. It hurts my heart that he might have to miss it.

Gramps should be fine but he may require surgery. He’s only operating on one kidney so that makes it a little more scary. He was transferred to a bigger hospital so they can monitor him better since our hometown hospital has only 2 nuns and an x-ray machine.

While we are on that subject, let me just go ahead and put this out there. There is a part of me that wants to move back to my hometown. Maybe not in the town, but around it. I really do. I’ll quit denying it and just put it out there.

Yes, I know, I hate that town, I hate the small mindedness, the lack of options, the Wal-Mart, the fact that on each side of the town houses cemetaries that hold my loved ones, but it also holds our family and some of my friends and damn it...not being able to help when something like my Gramps being in the hospital happens pales the glamour of the big city.

I want to go home.



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Returned today from our GWO/WLF meeting in Columbus. We spent all of it in the children's hospital because Gracie had to stay until today after we left. It was fun though, it went too fast like always and was made sad because Gracie was feeling ill. However, I'm glad we got to keep them company and had more chances to squeeze the monkey.

Squeezing the monkey is soo great.

She's learned to dance whenever there is music, sometimes when it's only a commercial. Her dancing is causing global warming because it's literally the cutest thing on the planet.

So back to work tomorrow and as much as I love my job, I wonder sometimes if it's worth it to stay here so far from my girls.


Wife Liberation Front

This GWO/WLF will be quite different but then again, not really. Turns out Gracie has to stay in the hospital through the weekend due to infections. I hate that she has to be in there and I can't imagine how exhausted Jen is from staying in the hospital all these days caring for a sick baby.

So, call in the WLF! We're bringing games, nail polish, gossip mags and our shared love of chicken wings to her rescue.

I cannot wait to see you girls! So no posting until Monday, but expect lots of pics as usual!



I won't go into details because I imagine her mom will want too, but Gracie's surgery went fine. She's still in the hospital though because the recovery is a little shaky. So keep those warm and fuzzies coming her way. Hopefully she will be out today or early tomorrow. I'm really scared for her even though I know she'll be alright and it's probably just the anethesia wearing off but still...she's just a 25 lb. hunk of cute!!! She doesn't need all this scary hospital business!!

I cannot wait to hold her, the poor thing. Plus her parents are exhausted I'm sure. (We'll be there soon! One more day!)

On another health note, I feel like making a shiv out of paper clips and white out and knifing someone today. All week I haven't slept well and I'm on the verge of driving my car up onto the sidewalk just for the fun of it. Today I am getting my blood drawn a whole week early just because I am that freaking excited about finding out the results of my thyroid tests and GETTING MORE DRUGS. Please someone give me some fucking hormones....anyone? If my doctor said Flintstone Vitamins would take the edge off, I'd eat them like candy.

(Note: If I do pull my car up on the sidewalk, this blog cannot be used as evidence that it was pre-meditated. The devil made me do it.)


Monkey Surgery

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I don’t want to say anything else today except to ask that you put forth as many good vibes as you can spare for our little Gracie. She’s having her surgery this morning and I’m sure her parents are freaking out so I know they could use some warm fuzzies from the inter-web.

She has to have a speedy recovery because she is needed back at her post of ending all wars and poverty and bringing about the new age of harmony based on her chubby cheeks and pigtails. So pray for steady hands for the doctors, comforting thoughts for the parents and fast healing time for the monkey.

(J & E: Love you guys…call us as soon as humanly possible!)


One Week In

Well, one week into 2006…how am I doing on my goals?

1. Go vegetarian with balanced meals by March 2006 / Vegan by September 2006
(I’m officially a vegetarian now. I’ve had a few weird meat cravings but so far so good!)

2. Cook healthy dinners at home - 4 to 5 times weekly
(I think I cooked about 3 times during the week and pretty much all weekend. Not as easy to eat out when you’re a veggie/vegan so that’s nice!)

3. Take yoga or dance or both at least 1-2 times a week
(No, only worked out once, no classes. Going tonight to make up.)

4. Erase all sugar from teas/coffee/drinks
(Did pretty good on this except for 2 cups. Still no soda.)

5. Learn more about hypothyroidism and find Endocrinologist I trust
(NOT YET, appointment isn’t until Jan 20th)

6. Go to dermatologist and get my 1,000 moles checked out for skin cancer.
(Getting referral at Jan. 30th appt.)

7. No more alcohol until Seattle trip in June.
(Not a drop so far and I don’t miss it at all.)

1. Make meal plans and budget for it weekly
(Made the meal plan which I followed mostly but still not religiously. Although it was easier having all the food at the house so when I got hungry, it was there. Need to do it for this week too.)

2. Pay off remaining credit card debt
(NO but didn’t add to it.)

3. Save $5,000 by December 31, 2006
(Saved up $400 so far. Woo hoo!)

4. Organize 401k plans/invest smartly.
(Started learning about investing this week and doing financial exercises in the book.)

Intellectual Development
1. Read one non-fiction book for every fiction book
(Started reading 2 non-fictions now.)

2. Listen to Coast to Coast once a week (internet radio show)
(NOPE, need to have theMan put one on my iPod-hint hint)

1. Learn about meditation and devote weekly time to it

2. Study one new religion every 6 months
(NOPE, although one of my non-fiction books could count towards this.)

Personal Development
1. Remember cards for birthdays
(NOPE, Missed Gramps & cousin, but did call/send email.)

2. Prepare body, bank account, and mind for child-rearing
(Actually yes, strangely enough. Found out more on where we can live and afford with kids in the Chicago, looked at our budget and made plans, got insurance information and had several talks with theMan about future plans. Feels weird since we aren’t even trying to get pregnant, but at least we know where we stand!)

3. By June review, be qualified for promotion and raise at work
(This is going well. Currently doing several projects for boss and higher up employees.)

So, overall...not too bad. Need to work on the exercise part but at least it’s nothing new. I saw a girl on the train last night that looked like me but with about 50 additional pounds. I started freaking out and walked home instead of taking the bus. I know that probably sounds bad, but she even had the same haircut and clothes I’d wear.

I’m not looking forward to going to the gym since every other New Year’s Resolution person is probably there but I am looking forward to that buzz you get when you know you’re doing something healthy.

Blah blah blah...


Only 15 minutes to prepare for a night of love

Want to know why I read gossip blogs?

Because sometimes they pay off.




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So I was a little reactionary and now it's going to be in the Tuesday paper in my hometown. Re-reading, I wish I would have taken more time before I submitted it. Oh well...

Here's the plate I just did tonight for E Squared. The colors are similar except for the right square will be cobalt blue not purple once fired.

Happy Friday.

Blood Bath

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So sometimes I get a burr up my butt and it needs to be balanced by some supreme cuteness.

So here you go. Captioned by his father with the following statement:

"Oooooohhhhh the blood of life......sweet nectar of glory and
power.....I bath in your red cleansing beauty."

I love those guys.

Now you can all hate me

This was on the front page of a paper from my hometown.

The rally was held because of a recent federal order stating that the name of Jesus Christ can no longer be said in opening prayers for house sessions. According to Sharp, on Nov. 30, Judge David S. Hamilton of the U.S. Federal Court made that ruling in a lawsuit from the Indiana Civil Liberties Union naming Speaker of the House Brian Bosma as the defendant. Hamilton ruled that the Indiana House of Representative can no longer open its sessions with a prayer that specifically promotes any denominations.

"I am excited about what the Lord is doing," Sharp continued. "I give Him all the glory, honor, and praise. The Statehouse and the federal government need to use the name of Jesus in their sessions because they will be blessed and they will have more unity. Without the name of Jesus, there is no unity," Sharp said.

I sent this to the paper in response:

“Besides the first thing I thought when I read this was “Why is this news??” Plus the fact that you put in your supposeably "unbiased" article the "myths of the separation of church vs. state" then didn't list those myths or your superior efforts at myth-busting, I do commend this young lady for standing up for something she believes in. However, if she wasn’t a Christian and did agree with the removal of the words “Jesus Christ”, would that have made front page? I doubt it. Thousands of atrocities against humans are caused because of religion and I like to think the Constitution writers knew that. You don’t think that can happen here? Wake up. Let’s leave it neutral and get back to making our quality of lives better like lawmakers should be focusing on. What’s the big deal honestly? How about this, let’s let God decide if he’s upset over it. If the House of Representatives is smote, I’ll send her a "I'm sorry" bouquet.”

Sigh…..Okay, might as well put it out there…..5 mini-rants for a Friday:

1.) Let the gay people get married already. Honestly, I could give a shit. Us heteros are such upstanding examples of marriage perfection aren’t we? Put it into context. If you were with your mate would you want his/her family to come in and take everything if your partner died? Even though you bought it together? Would you want to be able to be on his/her insurance and vice versa? Would you want to be able to stay in a hospital with them overnight? Would you want to be able to register at Crate & Barrel like all good yuppies in love?

2.) Gasp…I’m also for gay people adopting. The adoption process is very rigid, unlike the uterus’s process of allowing crack whores to have offspring (intelligent design my ass), so if a gay couple decides to go through the long and arduous process of adoption to care and love for a child that no one wants….be my guest. Adoption agencies don’t’ just hand out kids like it’s candy on Halloween. You have to get police records, background checks, home studies and pay huge amounts of money.

3.) I’m for letting people burn the flag. That doesn’t mean I want too, I just don’t care if other people get so mad they feel that is the only way they can make a statement. Look at the tag people, they are all made in China anyways. (thank you Bill Hicks)

4.) I think sports should not be funded by tax payers and don’t belong in public school. P.E. sure, sports programs that build huge stadiums and uniforms and mandatory rallies….no. I went to a high school that had a larger per square foot portion of the school dedicated to sports than the academic department. The musical was only funded if we made enough money in ticket sales the year before yet band couldn’t practice marching on the football field for fear of hurting the grass. How many people make a career out of sports versus something learned in academics?

5.) I think marijuana should be legalized. Call me a hippy, but I find it endlessly fascinating that people will put all manner of prescriptions into their body made in some company they’ve never visited before they will smoke something a friend of a friend grew in their backyard. Not only that but alcohol is legal. Enough said. Plus, A LOT OF PEOPLE SMOKE POT MR. PRESIDENT, including your twin daughters…who cares.

Do you think people get this up in arms about real problems in this country? No they do not. IT’S ALL A DISCTRACTION PEOPLE!

Whew…someone buy me a drink and give me a Vicodin. I feel like going to confession.


If this is out here, who knows what else!?!

2006 Rocks.

Yesterday morning I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and sat straight up and yelled, “What was that!?!?!” “It” was nothing because theMan and dog were sleeping peacefully. So I went back to sleep and proceeded to have weird dreams where I was tyring to make a flight for Las Vegas and kept tossing and turning until finally I woke up again with a start. It was 10 minutes after I was supposed to be on the train to work. In fact, I was supposed to be here early so I could open since the receptionist is off ½ day.

So theMan offers to take me to work by car. As we getting ready to get on the on-ramp to the interstate BLAMO! A semi has rolled into the back of our car. I immediately grab my cell phone and jump out and theMan and the truck driver inspect for damages. His semi is all screwed up but our car appears fine. We looked at it for awhile even though we were holding up traffic and it was raining and nothing. So we parted ways….not getting his information.

You can see where this is going right? After I get to work I get a call from theMan and upon further inspection the hatch is screwed up on our car. Bonus, we get to pay for it since I have no idea how to contact the dude that hit us.


Thankfully work was cool with me being late and we weren’t hurt and now I get to brag that we were hit by a semi and did more damage to it than us. Go Mazda!


Gracie's surgery

The little monkey has to have surgery next week and I hate it. It will be good for her to get it taken care of but the thought of her being in the hospital just turns my stomach.

Here’s a little history: Gracie was born with a cleft palette on the inside (roof) of her mouth. Some people have it on the outside, Gracie has it on the inside. It’s essentially a little hole that leads up to her nasal cavity. I think something like 1 in 700 babies are born this way, which surprised me, but still it’s pretty common.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her (I can’t see anything past her edible lumpy arms anyways) except she had to have special bottles that you squeeze to help her with suction and stuff used to come out her nose easier than other babies since it’s all sorta open in there. The only time you can see it is when she screams which I’m convinced she never does because she is an angel. (Insert Jennifer & Eric’s comments telling me otherwise).

Think of trying to drink something out of a straw that has a hole in it, that would be annoying right? She really hasn’t had any side effects from it other than breastfeeding was hard and squeezing her bottles can be a pain for her mom and dad. She definitely gained weight like a champ (she looks like a squishy little linebacker in pink) so her eating hasn’t been affected. Basically, she’s 100% perfect in every way and did I ever mention OH MY GOD SHE’S ADORABLE?!?!?!?!?!

But this one little thing just needs cleaned up and she’s good to enroll in Harvard at age 5. However, aren’t we at a technological age where we can just think real hard about fixing stuff and it happens so the little morsel of cute doesn’t have to be in the hospital? Come on. We have Botox and Viagra, right?

Besides the surgery, the very worst part is the fact that she has to wear arm braces for 2-3 weeks after the sugery so she won’t put anything in her mouth. Here’s a mental thought….putting a squirmy, strong, newly mobile little girl in arm braces and expect her to keep her calm, rational temperament and refrain from her favorite game of putting everything in wingspan directly in her mouth? No, I think not. I fear there might be many sleepless nights at the M. household.

I imagine Jennifer will use the next couple of weeks of sheer anguish as a way to get her to clean her room or mow the lawn when she gets old enough. “You know Grace, I had to sit behind a lead wall while you screamed and threw things at us for 3 whole weeks because you couldn’t bend your arms! The least you can do is take out the garbage.”


Flickr Suckr

Flickr is fucking up currently, so keep hitting refresh to see all the pics I uploaded. I just put more up from x-mas and New Year's too.



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I'm adding a ton of scanned pics to the set in my Flickr entitled: Oldies but Fabvorites". Flickr is acting weird but keep checking there for more throughout the day!

(This picture was taken in 1996 when a pal of ours thought it was a good idea to put light fluid on his chest in the shape of a pentagram. One nipple and eyebrows later, it wasn't such a good idea.)


2006 Goals

***Editors note: For the record, I did not want to put the picture of my underwear only clad ass on my blog, but my sister and husband thought it was too funny not to share with the world. You now know why I have no more dignity.***

My ladies (The GWO/Wife Liberation Front) and I have decided to come up with some goals for 2006. Not resolutions, just some things we'd like to work on to make our lives better. Like organized on the ball, not hungover ladies that they are, they've already posted theirs. So here goes mine.

1. Go vegetarian with balanced meals by March 2006 / Vegan by September 2006
(Jump started the vegetarian thing. Last meat product was Friday. It was a cheeseburger, RIP. I'm also working on eating mostly soy cheeses when possible to make veganism easier.)

2. Cook healthy dinners at home - 4 to 5 times weekly
(Already have planned meals for all week, including snacks leaving one night for our "try a restaurant with friends" meal. Groceries bought as well. Here goes!)

3. Take yoga or dance or both at least 1-2 times a week
(Got a jump start on this too. I went Saturday for a "Kwando" class but it was cancelled so I worked out anyways. Going to Yoga tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, Saturday afternoon after working out was the first day since starting thyroid medicine that I didn't need a nap. Note: This isn't for weight loss as much as health and I used to take a load of dance classes and I miss them.)

4. Erase all sugar from teas/coffee/drinks
(So far so good except morning tea I still sugar up. Will start this tomorrow.)

5. Learn more about hypothyroidism and find Endocrinologist I trust
(I have an appointment Jan. 20th and I plan on getting a referral to a specialist.)

6. Go to dermatologist and get my 1,000 moles checked out for skin cancer.
(Sorry, too much information I know, but my great-grandmother blessed me with a well decorated body and the more I look at them all, the more I get freaked out.)

7. No more alcohol until Seattle trip in June.
(I just don't like how I act, feel or smell after drinking. Give me pot any day, just not everyday.


1. Make meal plans and budget for it weekly
(Done, except budget. I need to get a feel for how much it actually costs. The plan is all made up though and the food is bought.)

2. Pay off remaining credit card debt
(The stipulation to this is after I get our vacation paid for, will reassess this after June 1st trip to Seattle.)

3. Save $5,000 by December 31, 2006
(I want to buy some land/build a house eventually and I'll need a huge lump of cash to get that started.)

4. Organize 401k plans/invest smartly.
(My pal Jzn lent me a couple books yesterday to get started on my path to figuring out this shit. I'm soooo not right brained.)

Intellectual Development
1. Read one non-fiction book for every fiction book
(I have no bias towards fiction vs. non-fiction, I just want to branch out more and actually read some new topics.)

2. Listen to Coast to Coast once a week (internet radio show)
(This is so I can relate more with theMan and stuff he loves to discuss.)

1. Learn about meditation and devote weekly time to it
(I'm finding I'm full of anxiety, especially rockin' 1/2 a thyroid, so I hope this helps me focus more and relax.)

2. Study one new religion every 6 months
(I used to do this and I miss it.)

Personal Development
1. Remember cards for birthdays
(I'm bad about this and I want to improve since I have so many long-distance lads and they all make me feel like a million bucks.)

2. Prepare body, bank account, and mind for child-rearing
(Fear not, I'm not knocked up, but I'm nearing 30 more every day, it's time to get it together. We want kids, we always have and I find we are at a point to start making some plans to get there.)

3. By June review, be qualified for promotion and raise at work
(I love my new job and I want to just keep getting promoted. Plus, I'm the breadwinner of the house and I want to support my family. My last review I got rave reviews...just need to keep at it.)

So there you go. If you read them all, thanks and be sure to punch me if you see me eating steak.

I also want to say that I do appreciate the past years and all of your comments and emails and just being on the other side of this screen. I love writing this blog so thanks for stopping by. I hope your 200-Sex!?! is great too.

Happy 200-Sex!

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If I called you last night, and if you are in my address book on my cell phone then I surely did....my apologies.

Here is how it turned out after we spoke or I left some rambling message on your voicemail.