Summit for World Change

What was billed as "Movie Night" with pizzas and wine, ended up being a 6 hour conversation on politics, government ran healthcare, spiritualism, and making Kaboom do laps from his madness. It was like our bodies weren't going anywhere near the TV or the movie room either so the conversation wouldn't stop, as we placed our muggy bodies on any flat surface in our dining room and kitchen until the wee hours of the morning.

I'm hoping this becomes a tradition. Even if movies are never really introduced.

Although, we could just get together and watch hillbillies on Cops.


You've Got Mail!

On 7/26/07-9:55 a.m., Sister wrote:
vvxvc v vnnhn hhhj tuuvx mn

On 7/26/07-10:01 a.m., Kitten wrote:
Um, what?

On 7/26/07-10:05 a.m., Sister wrote:
Coen is getting pretty good with the computer. He sent that to you and opened an IM chat while I ran some glasses to the kitchen!


Got my first email from Coney Sauce this morning and earlier this month I heard my first “I love you Aunt Kitten” from Gracie Monster. I think these kids are trying to make my biological clock get my ovaries drunk and convince them to start acting slutty in an attempt to get things rolling.


GWO - 4 Year Anniversary

Awwww….that felt good. So here’s a recap:

Thursday: Left in horrendous traffic and still got there in 3 hours. Went grocery shopping and sat around and talked until 2:00 a.m. Of course, not before spilling a beer all over their coffee table because I’m clutzy as hell.

Friday: Went thrift store shopping and scored 3 pairs of Target heels for $4.00 each!! Which put me on a path of not spending more than $10.00 at any store for the rest of the weekend. Heather came in and we went to lunch at a Japanese place. Followed that up with tons of more shopping including sweaters for $1.97 at Old Navy and a new wallet for $10.00. I successfully completed my quest of less than $10 everywhere and got a ton of stuff. That night we went out for beers and Chilli’s and then came home and talked again till 2:00 a.m. sadly, while others nursed a migraine or slept.

Saturday: Went to the farmer’s market and rested at an old soda fountain place. Got ice cream and vanilla coke. Not thinking our healthy food quota was full enough we then ventured out to a wine and cheese place and got pleasantly buzzed at 12:00 for under $10/piece. More shopping then our big meal out at BW3’s for wings and beers and shots for 3 hours! The waiter was cute and sat with us most of the night being sure to fill our drinks extra full and give us the gossip on the place. Of course, it does help to be 4 women with no inhibitions writing down our sexual conquests on bar napkins and discussing the intricacies of anal adventures.

Mrs. T's neighbors were being assholes earlier that day so we did a little retaliation in the form of being loud, drunk, playing cornhole (bean bags), blaring rap, and taking naked pictures in the backyard to send over cell phones to husbands at home. That will show em’

Seriously, these girls rock and I can’t wait to wear my pjamas again all weekend, get drunk at unreasonably early hours and eat until I puke, while getting so excited at $1.97 sweaters that I flash a nipple at the store trying them on and we block anyone else from shopping until we’re done.

Why don’t we do this EVERY weekend????


I stop working at 3:30 p.m.

Why I love Overheard In New York....

Professor: America is a melting pot.
Dude: America is not a melting pot... It's more of a Lunchable. We are all in the same place, but we keep to our own little compartments.
Bimbette: I thought he was a paraplegic, but it turned out he was just lazy.
Thug #1: Is it cheatin' if you do it on the holodeck?Thug #2: Nah. Fucking data doesn't count either.
Whitey thug: I can't listen to you anymore! You just ended a sentence with a motherfucking preposition!
Man, giggling: Hey, guys...
Friend: For the last time, Jeff, if it's about the Hamburglar, we don't want to hear it.
Drunk girl, crawling on hands and knees: Don't judge me! I got a 1500 on my SATs!
Dude: I'm not saying I don't like this song, it's just that it always strikes me as the kind of song that people with Down Syndrome would dance to.
College girl: I'm not weird. I just don't like hugs or blowjobs.
Hippie guy: I don't understand -- how do you greet people?

Putting the Foo Back in Nursery

Somehow I got roped into painting a nursery for a dear co-worker friend of mine this last weekend. Actually, I know how I got roped in: I work for an accounting and finance firm….the creative types aren’t exactly packed in here. But hey! She found out about my set design past and asked me for a solid, which I happily obliged, plus she's awesome.

Plus the idea was cool! No Pooh or any of that shit, just rock lyrics on the walls and a border of music notes and such. I forced theMan into helping me tape off the lines and we were set. All day Saturday and the end result is they loved it!

Plus this lady has had a very hard go of getting pregnant, over 4 years and many treatments, you name it. I was honored to even be involved since it is such a special occasion!

I have been really getting into interior design lately so this helped since I’m all out of blank walls at our space. And providing my uterus ever cooperates, when it comes time for us to have a nursery our kid is sleeping in a walk-in closet in our living room. So yea, not exactly going to be painting that all cutesy. City living man.

This weekend is another GWO. We had to put them together because our schedules didn’t cooperate in April. However, I’m not going to bitch about seeing my lovelies twice in one month! On the agenda is wings, cooking, and dancing in the street at some festival. I have a feeling after this we’ll be trying to schedule these things monthly anyways or at least figuring out a way to get them all up here living in Chicago. Maybe our unused nursery could hold some bunk beds?
You in girls?


Mental Health Day

Today I woke up with cramps like a mofo and thought to myself, "Self, you need a day off." So I did. Called in with "serious stomach issues" and have used the time to connect with myself. As New Age crappy as that sounds, it's exactly what I've been doing.

I went to the coffee shop and read, came home and cleaned, played music I can sing out loud to and made a bunch of new art for our place!

Every Tuesday should be Mental Health Day!

Pics of the new art in Flickr.


Can we clean our pineal gland with something that doesn't smell like asshole?

Saturday theMan and I decided to continue our quest into utilizing our time here in lovely Illinois by exploring the local offerings of our surroundings. We started with our usual breakfast tradition complete with conversation and coffee with some friends. I've really taken a deep appreciation for our Saturday morning meet-ups. We get bagels and coffee at our leisure and the atmosphere is inviting enough to stay as long as we feel. Plus the food is pretty healthy or at least full of life-energizing caffeine. I don't need vitamins at 8:30 a.m. as much as I do an iced mocha. And if we ever got bored of talking, there is a stack of board games!

After that we ventured to Wheaton, IL to Quest bookshop. This is the bookshop either owned or at least in partnership with the American Theosophical Society. It was air conditioned and equipped with huge comfy couches and more metaphysical, spiritual, and social commentary books than you could shake a stick at! theMan and Intuitive Cat were in heaven.

I ended up scoring a brilliant book that gives me more ideas for furthering our adventures in financial freedom and more "aware" living. The Guide for Simple Living has ideas for ways to make 3 year plans to leave your job, retire early, etc. and even ideas on how to lessen materialism and stress at holidays and how to teach your kids the value of money. Right now I'm on the chapter about meditation and giving yourself time to relax. Perfectly fitting for me as if you told me I had to sit on the couch for 10 minutes I'd start making lists of what I need to get done. It also is helping me with my nagging fears about trying to have a family on just a secretary's income. But more on that another time....

After some serious tuna burgers and beers at a local Irish pub house, we ventured to The American Theosophical Society center. It was AMAZING. Books and books and books of comparative religions all in one place. Alot of our favorite authors and definitely all of theMan's. We even scored a complete set of Encyclopedias on the occult and parapsychology as well as a Carlos Castaneda book I didn't have for under $15.

Plus, if I can talk theMan into it, we might renew our vows there next year as it will be 10 years of marriage. Egads.

Ended this awful, disgusting, hot weather night with a visit to Sis, BIL and Coney Sauce. More photos in Flickr and in the Mind Blowing set.



Things I’m pondering while trying to stay awake:

1.) Anything Reverend Billy does.

2.) Bush is out of his fucking mind and god I love proof: “Bush wipes away Libby's prison sentence."

3.) This perfectly describes my filming experience: “Overall, what I could see of the shoot was pretty disappointing. There were a bunch of hipsters who looked like they moved to Hollywood ten years ago to make the next Pulp Fiction but somehow found themselves hauling cables around for Michael Bay instead.” http://www.sweet-juniper.com/

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve started bartending a few nights a week to put more money towards our debt. It’s so much fun and fabulous money and I feel kinda cool doing it, telling my cube-mates “yea, I was working the bar last night…” Watching their envy rise at the glamour of it all! Totally kidding. It’s not that glamorous. In fact, it’s kinda extra super not glamorous because you have to smile and take shit off of old guys for tips, clean ashtrays and serve people, but it’s not stripping and I can wear jeans and it’s fun to learn new drinks and to talk to people. Last night I gave free shots and conversation to these guys gathered for a wake for their friend’s dad and before they left they hugged me. That felt good! People that stay out until 2:00 a.m. on week nights are different breeds and it’s fun to talk to people I wouldn’t normally see.

But damn, I’m tired. Working until 2:30 a.m., coming home and washing the smoke off me then falling into bed to get back up at 6:30 a.m. for my day job. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this kind of tired. My bone marrow is tired.

But if all goes well we’ll be totally debt free before Bush leaves office and whatever incarnation of the Antichrist is put in his place. I’ve become less of a democrat and more of an anarchist what with all the recent in your face-blatent “f*** you stupid fearful citizens” governing going on in this country. (See any of the links above.) With all the recent total lack of understanding by all parties that the government works for us and should be scared of us, not vice versa, it will be good to be out of the weight of debt and reliance on a certain level of income just in case the shit hits the fan so to speak. Happy Independence Day will take a new meaning.

Maybe the Mayans are right and we only have until 2012. Of course, if that’s true I might want to rethink my fashion decisions. I guess I could just be overly tired too.

Lord, I need more coffee.

Thank goodness we’re going camping this weekend. I think I’m in need of fewer humans and more greenery.