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Hey, so yea. I've been gone awhile. I can safely say though, I have several good reasons.

1.) Coen holding. He needed it, I needed it, his parents dreaded it. But it happened, alot and I love every single nano-second of it this weekend.

2.) More food, red wine (my new favorite: SYRAH) and desserts than one person should have possibly consumed. But I did.

3.) A stomach virus on Sunday that nearly wiped out our entire family. It started at 1:00 a.m. Saturday and I puked until 4:00 a.m. that morning. The rest of the day I laid on the couch shivering, nauseous and fielding calls from the other 18+ people that were suffering the same consequences. Was it the turkey? Was it the mashed potatos? Come to find out it was a nasty 24 hour flu that got passed around from family member to family member.

It was not pretty. Some even went to the hospital.

I got out of it alive enough to go to work the next day and finally put up a x-mas tree. This is monumental folks. We haven't had a traditional x-mas tree ever really. It's been a picture of a tree, a 6 foot inflatable penis, nothing. But this year because my family rocks, we were donated a tree and ornaments and I love it. It feels like home.

So yea, I'm sorry. But hey, this post is long, right?

I've uploaded a yit-load of pics in Flickr. Clicky on the picky to see them all!


Word Puzzles

I finished up my applications and paperwork to start school tonight. I'll be honest, I drug my feet. I had to take this little "mini-course" tonight to see if working online was the right way to go for my Bachelor's Degree for me. I like to call it the "Are you lazy?" test. I suppose they want to know if I couldn't muster up enough energy to complete a mini-online course...how would I expect to complete an online study of say, business law.


I passed and I finished it on the night I said I would when I penciled it in my handy day-planner. I'll take that as a good sign. Unfortunately, this means other areas of my life are going to start suffering on January 2nd.

I just keep thinking about my BFFs (to be completely middle school, I love that acronym. I'm so close to getting them all those heart necklaces where I wear one half, and they wear the other....don't tempt me Mall Jewelry Store.) All of them are swamped with projects, kids, school and side business ventures. Not to mention keeping their marriages happy, their homes functioning and themselves adorned with fashions that can only be on sale and only match their dangly earrings.

Seriously, where the hell is the Lifetime channel and why aren't they making a sappy TV series of these women? We are southern accents and a black ex-con-turned-decorator away from being the ladies on Designing Women. Except we have cancer, infertility problems, jobs most of us hate and a lack of interior decorating skills or shoulder pads. But I think that's what would make this series BETTER!

I'd, of course, wear the stupid shoulder pads if it meant finally getting other people to experience these powerful ladies weekly in their living room.

It's hard to be lazy around these ladies quite honestly. So when I submitted my final piece of paperwork and signed off on the $10,000 in student loans for the next 18 months, I thought of them. Oh how they inspire me to be a better person.


Your turn to vote!

We've narrowed down the official photo for our x-mas card to a select few. If you have a moment, go leave ac omment in your favorite photo in the Flickr set.

Much obliged. We just cannot use our brains properly when Kaboom is wearing his bowtie and sweater. The cuteness is overwhelming.

X-mas Card Set Here

Happy Holidays!


We fuckin' rock!

From Jen K.:

I was just informed By Miss. Lieb that I was nominated for Best Production Design in a film for the Mid Western Film Festival.

It was for the Music Film (video) Slow Down (performed by The Academy Is)

Justin Lieb was the Art Director and Mistress Foy for the Prop Master

Both were Amazing to work with. If you are interested in finding out more visit and vote for us.

There was a full crew of all our peers.
Jose Rios- Cinematographer
Kuba - Gaffer
Hunter Whalen - AC

That's god damn awesome!


Batman's sidekick

Seriously. Isn't that the most edible thing you've ever seen?

I'm an aunt....that's too small a word for what I feel for this little crimefighter.


Happy Days are Here Again

Day 60/365 Project
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Lately I’ve been thinking about my sister a lot. Especially after being with her during her pregnancy. During my thinking sessions I realize something about her that I soooo covet. Sure, her metabolism comes up first and her straight white teeth and perfect vision is another factor that tries to jump to the front of the line…but more than that, I wish I had her faith.

Not in religion per se, but in herself. She has always known that she was worth whatever she asks for, for as long as I have known her. There’s never a question about whether or not she should ask someone to do something for her, it’s why wouldn’t they want too? I love that about her.

And with Coen it was the same thing. I’ve spent most of my life since I was very small making a plan for myself. Things I wanted to accomplish and ways in which I would live my life, mostly NOT live my life to get what I wanted. Guess what I got? Stressed out and high expectations I didn’t always meet. Sis? She seems to wing it and roll with the punches.

I’m sure I could blame my lack of a biological father or the weight of being the oldest child on some of that, but still….it’s a trait I wish I had more of. theMan & I get so freaked out (more me than him) about “what if’s” that we have to mentally tell ourselves to just enjoy the moment.

God I’m sick of that.


Feeling my highs and my lows

Day 58/365 Project
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Just finished Dave Chappelle's Block Party which features such acts as Common and Talib Kwali yet was filmed by Michel Gondry.

It's quite lovely.

Made me miss 2 things: my sister's hip-hop tastes and being involved in films. So yea, check it out.

Du Haast

Is this year moving at the speed of light for anyone else? Early in the year it's slow because you are waiting for the snow to finally stop (well, if you live in the Midwest). Then summer and there's only a month before it gets sweltering. Then fall so beautiful but gone so fast...and the slippery slope to the holidays and it starts all over.

I've got an overwhelming urge to yell "stop the world! I wanna get off." Maybe I'll just play the Vanilla Ice song that shares nearly the same name. Think Allah would listen?

After spending the weekend with BFF, the Ohio version, and looking at her schedule for the next 10 years while she trudges through medical school it gave me more than an overwhelming sense of inspiration to just bite the bullet and sign up for school again. I was dragging my feet because I didn't think it'd get me anywhere. Now I know that even if it doesn't, I could use the accomplishment to feel good about, quite honestly.

So cross your fingers for me that I get some financial aid.

Also, I haven't commented on the elections but seriously, is it Christmas or what??? Let's recap:

1.) Britney Spears washed her hair and got rid of K-Fed (I told you people, I love celebrity gossip. It's like eating an entire box of chocolates without the calories.)

2.) The Dems are back in control. I really don't like either, but the Dems make me cry myself to sleep a little less at night.

3.) Rumsfield quit. I thought for sure there would be dancing in the street.

4.) I have nearly convinced theMan not to throw himself out of a moving vehicle in protest of putting up an actual x-mas tree this year. OH joy!! Our first real tree!!! Expect lots of pictures of me ecstatic and theMan scowling in the background with arms folded across his chest.

5.) I get to see Coen 3 times this month and I just got to see Monkey. Yum!

So yea....this year, the holidays aren't bothering me as much. Thank you Britney & Rumsfield. I owe ya!


Visit to the monkey house

Everything is does is hilarious
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God, that was just what I needed. If anyone thinks they need Paxil or Zoloft, just ask your doctor for a prescription of best friends and Monkeys fueled by pure cuteness. Your mood will lighten.

Just got back and as promised, there are 1,000 pics of Monkey in Flickr. Thanks to the M's for letting us visit. I miss you guys already.




A signed original
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Tomorrow I've given strict instructions to theMan to drop Carlton off at his grandfather's (and NO he's not bringing his sweater vest and pocket protector), load the car with luggage and gifts and pick me up PROMPTLY at 4:00 p.m. with the car gassed and ready to go.

You see, we're going to get our Matherly/Oliphant fix in. It's been awhile since our last fix and really, we just need it to get well man.

Plus I gotta see my little butterbean's chubby smile or I feel my face might melt off.

Hearing Coen squeak every day this week and knowing that Monkey can now say our names...well, it's too much to just sit at home this weekend.

So...expect 1,000,0000 pictures of our homies, bottles of wine to be slaugthered and tuck yourselves safely in tonight knowing I will get to see the remainder of the Flavor of Love series by Sunday or we ain't coming back.



Black & White

Our take on black and white
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I forgot to mention because I'm a major butthole...but Saturday night we attended our cousin's "Black & White" party! It was so much fun. I danced to hip hop, ate black and white food and even walked away with a prize for our snazzy wear.

I've added some pics from the party that the T's were nice enough to forward to us. Those Cousins know how to throw a party. He is the mayor of his town after all. And you know why? Because he has more double shot glasses than anyone else in town. He wins by default.

Bottom feeder

Photo 25
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Let me tell you, my mood has lifted considerably. It's not because things are working out either. theMan and his uncanny ability to shut down factories has been laid off again, our dog has taken to wearing expensive sweaters and dancing like a white man, I'm being turned down for every job I apply for and I was recently denied entrance into the Bachelor program I really wanted unless I want to take another 18 months of extra classes.

But it just feels like things are going to look up. The crest of the wave. I feel calm. I'll be honest, the weekend of Coen's birth I wanted to throw myself off a bridge. I was crawling out of my skin. I was seriously considering either checking myself into a place or driving to the country until it passed. Oh that familiar black fog. But...it's lifted.

Coen is great, my sister and BIL are wonderful for each other, my husband has been spectacular about looking for employment, my family is all surrounding us, my friends are fucking spectacular....I just feel good.

I'm also considering going back to school. If I can't get into the program I want, I think I'm going to work around it. Wish me some luck on getting financial aid. And if I have to stay at my current shithole, they've promised me a promotion to office manager. No more dealing with mean old women.

I also get to hear Coen squeak on the phone daily and I'm 2 days away from smooching and squeezing one of my favorite people under 2 feet tall. That is good for the soul.

I just gotta remember to look past the moment. I think that's the most important lesson I learned from Dr. Happiness. A moment can feel black, but it won't always be like that.

Quick somebody make me a shirt!


$5.00 Sweaters

He hates us
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As you can see, we've decided to rename Dr. Kaboom, Carlton after the nerdy black guy on Fresh Prince. I think they share the same taste in clothes.

And you should see Kaboom dance? Yikes.


If I didn't have you

If there is one song that evokes a rage in theMan, it's pretty much anything with a steel guitar and a slow bass line. So...I listen to it on occasion to really piss him off. Turns out I have a iTunes library full of it from doing wedding music for a pal of mine.

This song I play everytime he comes in my work room to ask me when I'm getting off the internet to watch Scrubs with him.

I tell him it's his song, and really, it is.

Happy Late Anniversary baby...my one and only karaoke performance all for you and well, apparently the internet.

If I didn't have you.

(Need Quicktime to view)

Coen's birth story, as told by his aunt

Teeeny tiny
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We arrived Friday night thinking the birth wouldn’t be until Tuesday because the hospital changed their mind. So we kinda lingered around until Monday morning: did some laundry, put together swings, slings and such and just kinda sat on our hands waiting for the little dude. Monday morning, the boys go off to work and about an hour later Sis gets a call from her doctor.

“Didn’t I tell you I wanted you to be induced on Monday? I’m calling the hospital right now. If you don’t hear from us again at noon, call back.” So yea, we kinda looked at each other in panic and Sis called BIL to come home at noon, just in case.

BIL decided to come home now and good thing. About 45 minutes after the doctor called, the hospital called saying they had a room for her. Sis was in the shower and when BIL told her the news she didn’t believe him. BIL & I look at each other and scream and just start to scramble. He loads the car, I finish the crib bumper and once Sis’s hair is dried we rush to the car. Traffic sucked on the way to the hospital but I imagine that was just our nerves.

When we arrived they had us sit and wait while they got her room ready for her. Once we got back there, she changed and the funniest nurse ever comes in. Mostly it’s a waiting game. She is not dialated and the doctor knows they want a Halloween baby so we wait. They tell her later they will be doing a EASY Balloon Catheter to thin her cervix and get her dialated, but there is nothing easy about it.

So we watch horror films and visit. I leave they room as they insert the balloon and come back to find out while they were doing it, her water broke on it’s own. She is also 1 cm dialated. So they take the catheter back out and wait. She will be put on pitocin later.

Fast forward a few hours and the pitocin is making her contractions right on top of each other, however, Coen’s heart rate dips from 133 to 70 every time she has one. They lower the Pitocin, take her off completely, put her back on…no doing. Her cervix is still 1 cm and they don’t like how Coen is reacting.

I try to stay out of the room but I really want to be in there. However, I can tell I’m annoying Sis with my fascination with the contraction monitor and she’s in pain. So we gather in the waiting room.

Around 8:30 p.m. we get word they will be doing a c-section. We rush back to gather our belongings and give them a smooch.

What feels like hours makes us nuts so the Granny’s and I pretend to make coffee outside the operating room and get to hear the first cry! At 9:13 p.m. they play the Lullaby song over the intercom and it’s official!

The doctor comes out thumbs up and we finally relax.

About 10 minutes/hours/decades later they wheel Sis out, followed by BIL. One by one we get to go visit them and the baby. He’s tiny and perfect and has orang-ish blonde wavy hair.

He’s also stolen my heart.



Welcome to the world, nephew
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I'm in love. Seriously. He's on the short side, and he doesn't speak much but I think he's stolen my heart.

After a crazy few days, Coen came into the world at 9:13 p.m. on 10/30/06. 5 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 inches long. He's absolutely tiny and perfect.

I've added all the day of birth pics here.

And some extras with shots of the hippest nursery I've ever seen here.

I'm back home now but I left my heart with that little guy.