Meet Adelaide

Adelaide Maeva
March 23, 2009
7 lbs. 12 oz.
5:06 p.m.

My god, I'm in heaven. (More soon, need to find some time!)


It's time!

Okay, after more sleep I am in a waaaayyyy better headspace. Packing, updating baby books, charging electronics....looks like we're all set!

So surreal though. It feels like a mixture of getting ready for vacation and I don't know what. Feeling just fine, no contractions or anything and full of nervous energy. Feet and hands are swollen and ache, but I managed to clean the apartment and pack. Preparations underway for our jaunt to the hospital tonight at 10:00 p.m.!

Thanks for keeping an eye on us. YIPES.

4:30 a.m.

Okay, um yea, the freaking out has sorta commenced. I can't sleep, which really? A last night fitting for a pregnancy full of early morning awakeness. And I'm longing for my girlfriends and wine and I keep staring at the co-sleeper like "holy crap." I also haven't sterilized any bottles or cleaned the house but I'm so glad because it's busy work I can do later today after I wake up again. I also realize I need to eat light meals today so none of it comes back to haunt me on either end once I'm in labor tonight, but damn my go-to-stress-buster is FOOD people. I want my mom's meatloaf and my sister's anything.

Keep looking around like "okay this is the last time for...xyz." Even my nostalgia is annoying me. Why isn't anyone on Facebook this early to chat???

I kinda want to call my mom and tell her to get her happy ass up here right now. I also want my grandmas and my mother-in-law, my sister and really, just every single woman I know to come with wine, chocolate and stories to make me laugh.

Okay, deep breaths. I know I can do this. It's just...wow. I'm finally going to have a daugther. Wow.

In my inbox this morning:
Word of the Day for Sunday, March 22, 2009

\PITH-ee\, adjective: concise and to the point; full of meaning and force

c. 1400, from Old English pith, of unknown origin but cognate German words referring to "inner part, essence."

Thanks Dictionary.com for keeping it positive.


24 More Hours

Well...here we are. A little over 24 hours until we head to the hospital, on our last night at our apartment alone without a kid. Tomorrow at this time I imagine we'll both be freaking out a bit and watching the clock. Tonight, eh, we're going to settle in, watch a movie and catch some zzzz's.

Our last Saturday kid-less was spent with friends at their photo studio, a walk on the beach and then playground fun with the family. Hard to beat to pass the time!

Neither of us are really amped up/nervous or anything yet. I think it's because we've been so amped for weeks now and we know it's going to be a process even before she gets here Monday! The thought of having all that medical stuff put to me immediately upon my arrival sorta gets me a little queasy, but I realize it's all part of the process and I'm not too scared.

I think, as I've said, we just want to get this show on the road. Do this, figure it out, start it up. Addie, I sure the hell hope you're up for the challenge too my love.


Squatter Baby

My last prenatal appointment!

Just an update.....Cervix is still soft but closed, no changes, no dilation and she's still high (no effacing). Basically, my junk is like Fort Knox. Also figured out why they are doing Sunday night induction so late. Dr. V's plan is Sunday night at 10:30 they are going to insert a balloon to try to dilate me manually without cervix softeners (she kept stressing that they want to get me into labor as naturally as possible), and start me on very low dose of pitocin to get me to dilate. BUT I can get the epidural and I will be able to sleep if I need either to get me through the long night.

She said they want to do Sunday night because she doesn't look for me to actually have her until Monday during the day, and more staff is available for any emergencies. Which that made me feel taken care of!
Everything looks great though, Addie just loves it in there apparently. Ha!

My blood pressure is fine, she's fine so hopefully I can go in, dilate fast, get this show on the road with little or no drugs and BAM: Big fat healthy baby.

Dr. V. was cute, she said "I've seen a lot more squatter babies since the recession. It's like they don't want to come out and start paying taxes or rent."

I've officially started maternity leave today and theMan has officially had his last day of work (although they graciously gave him all his remaining vacation pay, thank god!). So we are spending these next days together alone relaxing and enjoying each other.

I'm not one to "relax" but taking off these 2 days is the best thing I could have done. I felt it instantly when I woke up this morning at 6:30 and said "Welcome to our new life" to theMan without feeling any anxiety about my commute or what pants will barely fit today. Ha! We both just keep saying "It's amazing how relaxed we are!" Even though it's not like my work was stressful! But there is something about soaking in these last days of quiet.

For instance, our first day of leave today: We got up at dawn without an alarm clock, went and took pics by the lake, had coffee at a cafe, went to my appt., had lunch, did some shopping and now I'm taking a nap. Why don't I make myself relax more!??! Addie, you've changed your momma.

A sad note, there was a lady in front of me at the reception desk that had just had a miscarriage. Made me so grateful Addie likes me so much to not want to come out. Kinda put things in perspective about being induced. So I'm going to stop rushing her and just keep focusing on her being here healthy. ;)


Another hospital visit

Yesterday was interesting. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and hadn't felt her move. Downed some OJ, jiggled my belly and 2 hours later still nothing, so called doc. She said, bring yourself in. When we got there her heartbeat was fine but still not feeling her move. So they monitored me for over an hour then said, "let's do an ultrasound to check fluid." 1st U/S said I had barely any fluid and they were pretty sure they were going to induce. Kept telling me to “mentally prepare yourself to be induced today.”

Dr. S. who was on call ordered me up to the 5th floor for a better u/s and that one showed plenty of fluid and that she's between 8-9 lbs. Ha ha! What a difference! So no dice. They would induce if my cervix showed any signs of cooperating but it's fully closed still. Only weird thing was that once I got hooked up to monitors, I did start to have real contractions that showed up on the monitor as soon as I got in and have been having them since, just not increasing in strength yet. They kept saying “You feeling that?”

So…..they will induce Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. This gives her more time in the womb to come on her own, but be at the point where it starts to be dangerous for her to remain in there. So yea, not super disappointed as we went in b/c she was scaring the hell out of me. Still the inducing talk got my hopes up.

The ladies in triage at the hospital were SO SWEET yesterday though. I felt in very good hands. All of them, nurses, residents, etc. Even the security guard escorted me all the way in singing “Happy Birthday! And “I know why you are here!” Everyone in that hospital too seemed to want to do everything NOT to have me get a c-section.

I did get a glimpse of our life if we make it to Sunday night. This one couple was checking in for their induction and the dad was videotaping her. Bonus: the resident also commented on my nice pedicure.

Sunday, 5 more days max.


Thanks Addie!

I must thank my kid for something though. Yes, one for sticking around and being healthy and being pretty awesome to me during this pregnancy. BUT bonus, becase she stayed in through most of March we were able to have a month of no car payment to use that money to finish paying off all our bills and put a ton in savings.

Maybe she's more like her momma after all. Although, being late, that's totally her dad.


God I'm so pregnant

I've done it. I reached 40/41 Weeks of pregnancy, or as I like to call it "why the hell was I so nervous in the beginning." My last week of pregnancy. No signs of labor and yes, we've tried everything. SO....well, not much to do. This weekend we had zero plans. We just sorta sat around and looked at each other because honestly, we kept it open because we thought we'd have a newborn! So we walked a mall, hung out with the family and I ate a ton of red jello.

I have my last doctor appointment this Thursday. I'm going to see if we can move the induction date to Friday so my mom and sister can be at the hospital. If we really wait until Monday they might not get to make it due to Sis' husband being out of town to watch the kiddies and Mom's surgery on her shoulder. I may even bite the bullet and ask that Wednesday be my last day of work too. That gives me 2 days at the least or 4 at the most to rest up before this goes down. Not that I have anything to do, other than just nap and eat.

I did buy a couple non-maternity shirts this weekend, just because I'm sorta jonsing to not wear the same shirts that fit over my belly. Plus, the weather is so beautiful, it's really hard to complain about NOT being in a hospital. Not even in that much physical discomfort other than my hands ache and my back sorta hurts.

We just want to meet her. Really bad. Trying to cherish this last week but in reality, it's easier said than done.


Drop it like it's hot!

Here’s the deal and I didn't have to lose too much of my dignity:

-Baby is “way lower and working her way down there” – direct quote

-However, no dilation, still.

-BUT, cervix is “way way way, softer than the last time” – direct quote

-Blood pressure is perfect, baby is great and I only gained 1 lb. (so swelling doesn't seem to be pre-eclampsia, which I sorta worry about)

Also weird thing….this time when she checked me she had theMan come up to stand by my head (never does this) and digs around in there for a really long time and it HURT. Way different than previous checks. So I wonder if she stripped my membranes or something but didn't tell me. For some reason I can’t ever ask, I clam up. But trust me when I say it felt WAYYYYY different. Internal exams aren't like a great time, but they never feel like that, nor do they last that long. I realize I have a pretty sweet vajango, but DAMN.

Plus she’s not one to ever get my hopes up, but after she was done kept saying “Now, I’m not predicting but there could be a change within 2 days. You could start labor, 2 days, watch for signs…” Just kept saying “2 days”. Which after researching "sweeping membranes" it can cause labor to start in 48 hours.

I realize I’m reaching for straws, but whatever. I need hope people.

Worst case scenario: March 23rd is my LAST POSSIBLE DAY. That is the day I will be induced. To her credit, even though I’m uncomfy and ready to be done, I still liked that she said, “I really don’t want you to have to have a c-section. First babies take a few weeks.” Because I don’t want a c-section, and I needed that reminder in my current state of discomfort, so that’s nice. She is still the doc I wanted.

My only groveling came when I said “You know, I have the car seat in the car and my suitcase, we could just go ahead and do this!” She was like “Sweetie...” So now I love her even more. Plus she said she was excited I waited for her to get back from vacation. So I didn't feel like another vagina in her payroll. She was hoping to be here for me.

But yea, another 10 days max. Even though that seems like forever, at least it's a date and man, I feel like a new woman.


Induction into the Hall of Vajango

Tomorrow is my 40 week doctor appointment. They told me at my last one I should get some sort of plan for how long we're going to let this go on. In my soft focus dreamworld of labor I didn't include Pitocin or anything, but seriously I'll get over it. Quickly. There, look, I'm over it.

The docs don't like to induce until the last possible option, so I'm wondering if they are going to "strip my membranes" or any of that other witchery first. But I'm not leaving tomorrow until I have a "last possible date." Maybe even an official appointment at the hospital for induction.

Had to call in to work today and use another vacation day because my ankles and hands are so swollen it hurts to move. I can't even close my left hand completely. Thankfully work understands and most everybody keeps looking at me with pity and saying "Why are you here?"

Walking around, screwing, spicy food....fuck you. Okay? None of it has worked, all it's given me are 2 hours of contractions then nothing and heartburn like a mofo. So today I slept until noon, kept my PJ's and robe on all day and just laid around. Figure if I'm going into labor or I'm going to be induced, I'll need the energy.

My sister asked me today if I was freaked out about this kid coming out my crotch and honestly, I'm not. I'm just not worried about labor at all. I have no expectations for how it will go because my body has never done this before, so whatever it decides to do is fine. She will come out one of two ways. What I am freaked about is the big WHEN!? When will this go down? Will my water break or contractions actually stick around when...? Will I be on the train, alone, when....? When will I stop getting hopeful when every time it's just needing to go to the bathroom?

Here's hoping tomorrow I know a little more about when we're going to meet this little lady. To say we are excited is an understatement!



Despite some people's lack of trust for me making our biggest closet work as a nursery, I freaking did it. (Hi honey!)

You see, we live in a 600 sq. ft. apartment in Chicago. It's technically 2 bedrooms but one of which is our dining room/work space which we really can't give up. Coupled with a chest freezer to store breast milk and a bedroom that can barely hold our mismatched set of furniture now, we were at a loss about what to do with all the kid's stuff.

And it's not like like we weren't willing to sacrifice, we were out of stuff to pitch.

Now I'm not a girl that likes brands or thinks this kid needs only the best and biggest. I scored us seriously awesome hand-me-downs and weeded out anything really unnecessary for only the basics.

I used a dresser we already had as her changing table/storage. I used cloth totes labeled for bath/toys/bigger clothes for storage. I got a sweet shelving system from my sister for a diaper changing/medicine & blanket holding station and utilized the hooks and bars already in the closet for clothing. The only thing that won't fit in there is her sleeping quarter, which we have in our room.

After all is said and done, I'm proud of my little nursery-closet. It didn't even have a light in it until I installed two. See photos of the transformation here.

Now we just need her to come give her opinion.


Jon Stewart....

You are a god damn genius: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2009/03/05/jon-stewart-gives-scathing-cnbc-critique/.

Watch the video, trust me. If anything, just for the ending.


Nada, Zilch

Doctor's verdict: No progress, she hasn't even dropped/engaged, no dilation whatsover, nothing. So they are still going with my due date of 3/15/09 based on that ultrasound at 7 weeks, and said they will wait a week after that to talk about inducing. I have an appointment next Thursday (3/12) and then a decision on a date will be made.

I’m going to just keep working until my due date, even though I went in hoping she'd take a look at my sausage feet and say "go to bed"! Doc said I should just work as long as I can and I agree and that they don't like to induce whenever possible, which I said "yes, me either". Keeping mobile will help and lord knows my commute keeps me mobile.

Plus, honestly, my work is very lovely and accommodating. I can't complain! I even bit the bullet and came out and asked for special privileges to wear flip-flops (my sausage feet are seriously disgusting) and they said, "Do whatever you gotta do!!"

Other than that I’m healthy as ever and very grateful, and so is Addie. Just uncomfy. Thankfully no high blood pressure, only gained 2 lbs and Addie was good. Her h/b sounded a little slower but doc wasn’t worried.

theMan was so sad, it's his mom's birthday today and we'd hoped Addie would share her day with her. But hey, here's hoping my water just breaks, but if not, I think I've resigned myself to just seeing what happens. No crazy recipes or concotions for induction yet. Just going to see what this little girl will do and enjoy what may possibly be our last weekend to sleep in for the next 18 years.

Due Date Eve

Due date eve today. All day it felt like "okay, when we get home from work we'll start contractions and get this show on the road. But let's get dinner first." So we did. Went to our little cafe and had an amazing dinner complete with rich chocolate cookie and tea for me, coffee for poppa. Then climbed a bus and went home and analyzed every twinge and pang while I read every labor story I could get my hands on.

Started having random contractions out of nowhere, just sitting on the bed tooling around on the internet. That's new. Normally they involve trips to Target only. So around 9:00 p.m. theMan, getting anxious, says "Want to walk around Borders?"

So we do. I circle that store at least 20 times, every single aisle 4 times each until they warn us it's going to close. Contractions pick up and are actually pretty strong! But we're running out of time! Now where do we go? The local WalMart in the burbs is closed...oh wait! I remember an article in Time Out Chicago that says there is a Home Depot open until midnight!

It's now 12:07 and we're back. We walked and walked, held hands and looked at tools. Now we're eating cereal and I feel like she's dropped into my knees.

Here's hoping 3/6/09 comes with a surprise. If not, at least the weather is supposed to be nice for some outdoor walking this weekend!



I know, I know. Mostly I'm all zen about this weekend and her upcoming birth. I keep saying "She'll come when she's ready." "Oh those contractions, they are nothing until I can't take it anymore." "I probably just have to crap again."

But let me tell you, I keep hoping every single twang and pain in my lower extremities is this starting. It's not that I want her out but that after reading everything I can about labor and birth and caring for a newborn, I just want to meet her.

Waking up at 3:00 a.m. hoping HOPING my water has broken. Sigh. Patience, that's what I'm learning. Thanks kid.