Knickers & Track Suits

I don't know about you, but whenever I watch too much BBC I start sounding like I'm from over the pond. But I digress....I have to admit something to you people. And it's not going to be pretty and will probably shatter whatever delusions I have of you thinking I'm some glamourous big city girl with handbags in all sorts of colors and my new bangs that I perfectly style every single morning with a fine tooth comb.

Here goes: I wore the same work-out pants and tank top all weekend and had to take off and put back on said outfit several times on Monday morning before work before deciding it just wasn't appropriate to wear at my place of business. I also find myself thinking fondly of those clothes all day while I'm bent over the printer at work with my crack showing from these blasted "hig-hugger" jeans that I only can seem to find in major retail stores.

I told theMan that it must mean 3 things: 1.) I'm now so fat that I can sympathize with people on Jerry Springer who only fit into "sweats", or 2.) I'm a lazy, lazy, lazy girl who will now perm her hair and regress to sweatshirts with holiday patterns on them, or 3.) I plan on never getting laid again.

I seriously dreaded putting on jeans or even my beloved cords this morning because I knew they wouldn't feel nearly as good as those worn out track pants. I laid in bed fretting about it. Even looking forward to going to the gym this morning because, well, that was an additional hour I could wear my luxurious pants.

Egads, Trinny and Susannah, save me.

Gift Ideas

Although we begged and pleaded with our families not to exchange gifts this year with us, I know my mom can't help herself. (Man, I hope that doesn't sound ungrateful of me, but hopefully you get my drift.) So I decided to try to go the homemade route at least. Anyways, I thought I'd pass on one idea to you folks, in case you were stumped for gift ideas for kids in your lives.

This is what I came up with for my new step-sister and the girl I'd love to adopt. They are 7 and 3 respectively. The crate was $4.99 at Michael's and I already had the paint.:

It has their name on each side. I was going to originally fill it with dress up clothes I buy from the thrift store. Since that's cheap and hours of entertainment, but now I've decided to go even cheaper. I have a box/tub full of craft stuff I don't use (construction paper, stickers, etc.) that I'm going to fill that crate with instead. This will kill 2 birds with one stone. Clean out my storage and give my mom an easy way to keep those kids busy and organized.

If you'd like to know what I want for x-mas this year?

This will do.

(Side note: The daily picture today is what happens when Kitten gets caught licking the brownie batter bowl.)


Turkey recap, now with pictures!

After a soaking wet, sleety walk home to load up the car, Rodney and theMan, we headed out on what should have taken 2 hours, but instead took almost 6 due to weather. When we pulled into town, there was already snow on the ground. Ugh, I'm not ready for this crap.

Oh well. Time for family and food. We got to visit with all our families for quite awhile, including my sister and poppas and mommas. Even got to spend the night so I could visit a little longer with my sister and mom.

Every time we go home we are instantly reminded why we left. I just don't think we were cut out for small time living.

We did have one surprise though. The dirtiest name for a movie I've seen. Remind me not to go over for movie watching at my father-in-law's house. Egads.


Gmail me, bitches

Thanx to this lovely blogger I am the proud owner of a gmail account.

The blogosphere rocks. Wooo hooo!


There is something about sisters. For instance, one day over breakfast while she was visiting we were eating our eggs in complete silence. Jamie (Sis) looks up and asks, "Where did the Huxtables live?" To which I immediately replied, "New York." She responds, "Yea, I thought so." And we continue eating in silence.

All the while, theMan has dropped his fork and is completely stunned that only he thinks that came out of left field.

It was good to be home.

My Birth Story

Because I have a friend about to give birth, I've been interested in how I came to be. I didn't really know the stories around my arrival except that they thought I might be twins and retarded. Yes, I am serious.

Well, I wonder if I should have asked. Some points of interest I learned while at home for Thanksgiving: 1) Turns out my mom got into a fist fight with my aunt when she was pregnant with me. 2) My mom was on bedrest from 6 months on due to huge amounts of swelling. 3) Her water broke in a grocery store (that's somewhat typical, at least). 4) My great-grandma made her a skillet full of liver before she decided to go to the hospital when she was contracting. 5) Because she couldn't push me out for nearly 2 days and she hadn't had an ultrasound they told her I was either twins, then later they believed me to be dead or retarded. 6) She was suppose to be in my aunt's wedding the next day but I was born and halted that. 7) When mom woke up after her c-section she dreamt she had the antichrist because she'd just watched "The Omen" and it took her a few moments to figure out she hadn't.

Anyone wanna ask me AGAIN why I decided to go to therapy? ;)


Happy Thanksgiving

I will be out until tomorrow night, so no posts until then. I'd say I'd update from the land of parents who feed me and free-flowing Crystal Meth, but really...Do you expect Moi to use dial-up? Egads!

I should have lots more pics from our adventures and hopefully more pictures of my hair. Because really, I am that vain.

Go eat a turkey.

Editor Notice

My web host for my pictures is down, should be up tomorrow, if not later today. Sorry for the broken links and lack of pictures of my hair.


Therapy Vol. 2

I noticed something this last week after my first therapy session. I felt more peaceful than I've felt in a long time, even others commented on it. But it started to wear off around Saturday night, I'll be honest. So I'm all about meeting weekly folks. Today was Session #2 and here's a very personal account of the appointment.

That poor woman. I feel like the flood gates open up. I start talking and I don't even know if I'm making sense but she keeps up, best I can tell.

This week's "homework": More boundary setting. I realized that I feel best when I take care of myself more, and I need time alone and that's okay. Plus I treat those around me better when I take care of myself. Also, I'm an extrovert at heart it seems and that is not a bad thing (I always felt guilty about it). Which she defined as feeding off being around people, bouncing ideas off others, psychically refueling with others instead of alone. I can and should withdraw when I need to, but mentally knowing why I'm withdrawing is key. Defining it and what I'm feeling while I'm doing it and why I need it. Then I can have control over it and use the time wisely. (Jen & Erica, can we say GWO!? Heh.)

She said I already have consciousness of what I'm doing which is a big step. And some of the things I asked her about what I feel, if I was "normal," she said I was. Amazing at what I thought I knew was normal and how now I'm questioning it.

Also, she didn't necessarily suggest finding another job, but she made me realize why I'm so unhappy here and where I'd fit in happier elsewhere. And she mentioned that while interviewing I should ask about the team, the work ethic and the organizational flow of the place, more than just pay and hours. Since those are things that are obviously more important to me in a healthy workplace. That I tend to absorb problems because I want to help and be generous, but I'm absorbing problems and having compassion for things I don't care about and it's draining me.

Another big problem I have lately is that I feel restless, and about 18 mentally instead of 26. She thinks it's because I had to be so grown up when I was younger, taking care of people, my family breaking apart, etc. That now that I'm settled I'm going through what I should have went through then. Interesting.

This is the best money I've ever spent on myself. Which is why I feel the need to be open about it on this blog. I feel like the world needs therapy, well, at least Bush. ;)

Although I feel a little nervous this week after the appointment, not so much peaceful. I think it's mostly because she opened my eyes up to things I hadn't considered and that's unsettling, plus I have a lot of changes coming. Stupidly, I can't shake that she thinks I'm nuts for some reason. Need to work on that fucking self esteem thing, eh? Ha ha. That and she doesn't give me solid solutions to problems, I'm not used to that. I'm a quick fix kinda girl.

It feels good to have that appointment set up for next week, all set in stone. Better than Prozac.

OH! And so this post isn't completely without help for you all...I just had the best coffee!!! Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks....my god. Even though I felt completely guilty about giving money to them instead of our local coffee shop, it was just what I needed. ;)

A long line of rebels

Clear Channel scooped up another radio station, a radio station that happened to be one of my dad's favorites, and turned it into a sweating turd.

Dad's action? He called the station and told them their new call letters should be W-SUX.

Clever, that man is.

And so it begins

Well according to these lovely blogging ladies, and CNN, the House has passed a bill that will make it easier for hospitals, etc. to refuse abortions and insurance to refuse covering abortions.

Listen very carefully....when I say "abortions" I don't just mean that proverbial "slut" in high school that used them as birth control, which fundamentalists seem to freak out about. (Which I could go on a rant about, don't get me started.) I mean, even D&C's for people that suffer miscarriages, procedures used to save a mother's life for various reasons during pregnancies, etc. etc.

Nothing is black and white in this world. For that matter, even the Bible, which I assume is where most pro-life people get their arguments from, isn't black and white. Damn, this government is disgusting. Time to get active people.


Going to puke

As you can probably tell from the 5,000 pics of myself lately (more to come), I got my haircut again by the God with scissors that is PETER. So cute he is, not to mention an artist with the razor. The minute I become rich, I'm hiring him to wash my hair every single day.

Last night I went to a party with Jzn out in the 'burbs. Fun times! It was with people he works with and damn, they are some fun folks. Plus, as a bonus I got to play Super Mario Kart!!! Talk about 1995 as hell.

Today has been spent running errands, making brownies, making an x-mas present for some peeps and relaxing in my jammies all day long.

Yummy Sunday.


On Friday we stopped by the local sex toy shop to pick up some porn to purchase before we dined on barbeque and Bloody Mary's. While searching through the numerous Backdoor Ho's and Cum & See Me's, the porn store clerk was talking with a "regular".

The clerk had a dark bushy mullet, all black shirt and tight black pants with white sneakers and what looked like half greenish mittens on. The "regular" asked him about his mittens and the clerk's reply, "I fucked this chick really hard last night so I asked her to make me some mittens."

All the while, Motorhead was playing on the loudspeaker. I kid you not.


Oh Peter, how do I love thee

Peter, You're a genius with the scissors. Now if only you could do something about this zit on my chin.




Matt has decided to help me out with names for our Zombie movie, most of which I love! Right now, we are nick-naming it "Go Zomie" because 1.) We can't come up with a title, and 2.) It's pretty funny that one night I came home shitfaced and tried to write GO ZOMBIE, but forgot the "B".

You guys have any ideas?


Movie Linx added

Special treat for you guys tonight. Just to let you know I have not given up on finishing the zombie movie, it's just not going to get done when we wanted it to. So I'm going to go ahead and upload the "preview" I made to show some friends and family. It's not official and it's not perfect, but it shows off all of our hard work at least for now.

Semi-official zombie trailer here.

Yes, I stole some music from Dawn of the Dead. It's a zombie movie too and I loved it, plus I originally made this to show my mom and she has not seen Dawn of the Dead.

Also, I've added the links to all the movies/slideshows I've made in the past to the side. I'd love to know what you guys think, so please email me or leave comments. Even if they are negative. Enjoy amigos!

(6.3 MB, Quicktime to view, Thanx to Johnny Cash & Kidney Thieves for the muzak.)

Also, the picture of the day is my gramps who came to visit me on my birthday this year. I love his smile in it.

Ruining Rock

Here's new lyrics that I've created (with some help) that will forever ruin these songs for you. As you will be forced to sing the new lyrics whenever they come on your radio.

Chorus: "I can feel you coming in my hair tonight, hold on." (Air Tonight-Phil Collins)

Chorus: "You have big titties! You have big titties, for me to hold." (We Built this City-Starship)

Chorus: "Oh! Something died in your ass tonight. It must have been something you ate. I should have walked away, I should have walked away." (Died in Your Arms Tonight-Cutting Crew)

Chorus: "I can eat a gyro baby. I can eat mine just plain. I could stand in line forever. You can't take my bread away." (Hero-Enrique Iglesias)

Don't fucking steal from me either Weird Al. ;)

World's Best Secretary

My boss likes to go to Florida on vacation, quite frequently. Lately it seems he's been going right before we get really busy and during the height of it. Basically during a time when we get a TON of phone calls.

So I probably shouldn't have programmed the company phones to direct all incoming calls to his personal cell phone down in Florida? Right?


The best part? When he tried to call in to tell us that is what I did, he kept calling himself.

NOTE: To all future employers reading this blog, this was an accident. I hit the wrongn button, no really!


I feel bad too

Uttered by my husband about our hot waitress at the coffeeshop: "You know, I feel sorry for a fart. What with girls wearing those tight pants and all."

Bless his heart.

Good day for it

What a great day to start therapy. My mom called to tell me she is getting married again next year and I overheard my co-workers plotting things behind my back against me.

My response? I told my mom I was happy for her and I am directing all telemarketing calls into my bitch co-worker's personal line. Don't fuck with Therapy Girl.

Oh yea

Did I mention that her office is perfect for me! When I walked in I expected something sterile. Instead 2 big comfy couches, nothing in sight that requires someone to lay down on. A simple leather chair, big rugs, tons of pillows, great lighting, and a huge window to stare out of when I don't want to make eye contact.

I felt like hugging her.

Also, she loves the fact that I have this blog. See, even my therapist loves you guys!

Why did I wait?

Just got back from my first hour long therapy session and wow! Can I just say, WOW!

In a nutshell, she said she wanted to work on boundaries with me, setting them up, etc. and that she thinks therapy is definitely something that can help me. And that it might be good to spend an hour a week totally on myself. First thing to work on this week, noticing and labeling my thoughts. If I start to feel guilty, tell myself, "I am feeling really guilty right now." So it will stop the cycle of further negative thoughts. As well as some other things, which I'll keep private for now.

The best part, I didn't have to tell her my hesitation on using medication. Although for a brief second I wanted something to make me feel better instantly. Even though I know that is not how it works. She didn't prescribe any but gave me some relaxation techniques, a CD to listen to before bed and some guided imagery meditation practices. Right up my alley, actually. And a plan for the next few visits.

At first I feared for a second she'd tell me what I was feeling was normal, I needed to just knock it off and get on with life. I seriously was afraid she'd turn me away. Of course she didn't. I let out a big ol' sigh when she scheduled me another appointment next week.

Basically, I feel good about this. *exhale*


Lick My Lavatory

Things I love: My grandma refers to the bathroom as a "lavatory."

My word what a great weekend! Friday we went grocery shopping for the "early" Thanksgiving meal goods for Sunday with Jason and then crashed on the couch. Saturday was spent eating Hooters and shopping till I puked with my mom, cousin, sister and mom's boyfriend. I got a lot of good deals but my favorite purchase was some warm winter boots for the upcoming Chicago winter. It seemed like we laughed all day, yummy.

Saturday night I helped Jen K. finish painting a room for her upcoming film. A lovely shade of red that made me desparately want my bedroom in this color. Honestly, the painting was fun, but the conversation was the real highlight. Awwww, girl talks.

Yesterday we hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner with some pals and finished off the night with some major Halo 2 multi-player action. I think we got Darren hooked and it was very refreshing beating Rodney's ass a couple times. Getting him worked up is sooo easy. Now if only his girlfriend would join us, I'd have some more estrogen on my side. I think we're going to get together at least bi-weekly for dinner/Halo 2 events and I cannot wait! 2 things I love: cooking for my friends followed by handing their ass to them with my rocket launcher.

Things were great until I writhed in pain all night with stomach cramps. I only hope the rest of my dinner guests were not infected with it or I'm going to rethink cooking that pumpkin cheesecake again for anyone else.

So how do you like that daily pic thingy to the side? I'm a little late with one today, but expect a new one tonight. Yay! Pictures!


Screw you Hallmark

Why buy a store bought card when you can turn your friends into action heroes?

Happy Birthday to Lance & Jason!

(Quicktime movie, 6.6 MB, Thanx to Prince & The Gap Band for the tunage.)

Please forward

Note to Streets & Sanitation Department of Chicago:

I wouldn't leave your machinery parked in front of the house of 2 angry commuters who do not agree with your recent destruction of our perfectly fine road and the messing up of our already limited parking. You see, my husband is part monkey.

You've been warned.


You should be in my space

I hadn't heard Interpol until my pals and dooce.com mentioned them. And now I cannot get enough of these yummy boys.

And I can't help but get all horny and lonely if I listen to this one at work. Happy Friday.

Fuck G4 TV

Well, today we have cancelled our cable subscription. We were thinking about doing it anyways. To save money, to spend our time more wisely, etc. but now that one of our favorite shows has pretty much been cancelled, screw it. We'll take it as a sign.

Up yours Comcast. Anybody want to buy a REPLAY PVR?

Men, I love em'

As a side note, 2 things that are brightening my mood today:

1.) I just figured out our budget for the end of the year and we get paid 3 times in December! Wooo hoooo! Not only that but we are having our Christmas party with work the week before our vacation which means we will be given a card with some cash in it.

2.) Men in this blustery fall weather wear corduroy or velvety looking coats and suit jackets with jeans and funky tennis shoes and my god it's incredibly yummy to see.


Join the club

For the record, I didn't go to therapy either of the 2 nights I had it scheduled this week. I cancelled the first one because I didn't really like her that much on the phone and I had other plans come up that night that honestly, I wanted to do more. And last night I rescheduled for next week during work because plans came up and I didn't want to be downtown that late.

Basically, I'm in a really foul mood right now. I don't feel like doing anything, talking to anyone new and certainly not working. I loathe working right now. I guess you could say I'm going into a cave for awhile, at least until next Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. when I'm supposed to meet this therapist chick. Maybe then I will feel like talking.

I need a change.

I guess I shouldn't have told anyone I was going to therapy, but I figured what I need in my life is a little, damn what's the word? You know where someone holds you accountable? Aw yes, accountability.

Well anyways, there you go. I'm fortunate, don't get me wrong and things could be worse, but that's how I feel today. Raw.


Veteren's Day

From this blog I got these numbers:

From Iraq Coalition Casualty Count:

As of yesterday, 1,148 US soldiers dead, 8,120 wounded.

The AP reports today that a steady stream of wounded from fighting in Faluja are entering a US military hospital in Germany. Not to scare anyone but, well, Happy Veteren's Day.

Mom's knickers

This weekend I get to spend time with the ladies of my family and I can't wait. So last night I called mom at the hospital she works at for a chat to discuss our weekend plans. She mentioned that my sister is going with her to pick out her new glasses so she will stop getting the huge Blue-blocker types. So I persuaded her to let me pick her out some clothes this weekend to go with her new specs. Mostly because my mom dresses like she's 60 and despite not being able to dress myself fashionably, I can pick out clothes for people like a 6th sense.

You see, my mom is only mid-40's and certainly not ready for the silk track suits and pants pulled up to her tits she currently adorns her curvy frame with.

I'm surprised she's letting me though, she's as stubborn as I am. I've been trying to convince her to get her hair darkened auburn for years instead of the shocking 80's bright blonde highlights she continues to put in. It should be interesting.

After talking with her though I was reminded of one of my favorite stories of my mom. She'll be so embarrassed, but I have to pass this on:

During high school we lived in the country, I'm talking the middle of butt-fucked Egypt people. One day my mom was home alone doing laundry. This was no small task with my brother, sisters and I just leaving piles and piles in this small room for mom to do. (I can't believe she never made us do our own, but anyways.) So mom was bent over tossing clothes behind her over her shoulder to find the detergent we buried in dirty early-90's grunge-era flannels and band t-shirts. She got to the bottom of the pile, grabbed the detergent, stood up and turned around only to find a pair of her underwear at eye level stuck to the wall of the laundry room.

She said she looked around to make sure no one saw it (we lived in the country, we didn't even have cows to notice what we'd do, thus our ability to go to the car in our underwear at any time of day if we forgot something) and reached up to "unstick" them from the wall.

What did she find? A small little nail. Of all the clothes she threw in the air, her panties were the ones that "stuck". The best part, she cannot repeat this story to us without crying from laughing so hard. I can't wait to see her again.


Anniversary Part Two

8 years ago today in a dark Dari-licious parking lot, theMan looked out the passenger side window of my mom's car shyly after we had spent yet another night driving around talking until dawn and asked me to be his girlfriend.

I'd still say yes baby.

I want a new drug

I thought I'd stress that I do not disagree with pepole taking medication for anxity or depression, I just wanted you to know my plan and all.

Master Chief Here

My goodness. I've fallen in love, and it's with a big, muscular guy in armor. Halo 2 is kicking ass! It doesn't look fabulous, no more than the first one, but the game play is fun fun fun! I only played a modest 5-6 hours yesterday but I could have stayed up all night.

Online multi-player is definitely the highlight. Although I didn't really get into campaign play in Halo as much as I am in Halo 2. I just love it and I can't wait to get some serious frag fests going with the IAK clan!

Secondly, to celebrate my new addiction I go to my first therapy session tonight! Yay! Actually it has little to do with Halo2 and more with not feeling very in control of my life. So I thought I'd seek some outsider help at the suggestion of some of my friends and family. Not many of my "real-life" friends know about this, but since I rarely keep any details of my life from the blogging world, I thought I'd go ahead and post this too. I'll let you know how it goes. Who knows, maybe it will help someone else by me talking about it. I'm certainly not embarrassed about going. Actually, I'm kind of excited, except that 2 hours I can't play Halo2. Hmmm...

However, I don't plan on taking medication. It's more like I feel out of control and anxious a lot, not really depressed. If I do decide to go on medication later on, it will be with much thought and research. Trust me on that. I don't like taking pills. I'm mostly going to talk to someone that doesn't know me at all to get some ways to help me take charge of my life. So we'll see. Tonight's the night!


Wish You Were Here

I didn't go to work today. My reward for not going?

I strolled into Target and got Halo 2 like it had been out for 2 years. No wait, and it even came with a strategy guide! You may never see us again.

I also got a giant bag of hot wings. I love America!

(I'll post my screen name when I think of one in case any of you readers are kickin' ass online!)

Also, thanks peachmouse & darren for the tips on keeping warm and what to see in NM. Bloggers rule!


Que hora es New Mexico?

I need a vacation, BAD. So we're going to New Mexico to visit my family in December for a whole week and I can't wait! Especially since it's FUCKING COLD in Chicago right now. I don't feel like I can get warm. I'm serious, not in my house, not on the train, not even at my job. At night I sleep almost completely inside any warm crevice on theMan's body. I wear sweaters, coats, socks to sleep (which I hate!!!!) but nothing. I still freeze constantly. So bring on that warm, southwest weather baby!

The best part, we don't have any real set plans! I love those kinds of trips. We've rented a car and we're driving to Santa Fe, Roswell, Albaquerkee (yes, I spelled that wrong, I don't care), the place where a nuclear weapon was detonated (where last time I enjoyed a tasty green chilli cheeseburger), then to my family in Las Cruces. That side of my family is awesome too. They are all very educated, extremely hilarious, and put chillis in everything they cook, even breakfast. How can you not love these people?

I'm really excited that my husband is going to come along. I went a few years ago alone and now he gets to come and experience the place I never want to leave and the people I wish would adopt me. One of our best friends is also joining us to get away from this mean ol' city for awhile. He wants to scream in the desert and we plan on ruining our vocal chords right along with him. It's what friends do.

So expect lots of pictures and a much more relaxed Kitten. Come on desert!

Zombie....I miss you

Even though production of the zombie movie has ground to a halt, probably until warmer weather, the Eastons have sent me a few pics from our big C'ville shoot. (Click next on the pic to see all four.)

More Zombie Pics

Including one of my favorites.

Oh Snap! (A long one)

First, 2 headlines today that frighten me:
1.) Karl Rove (the man with his hand up W.'s ass making him talk) says they will push a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage this term of W's presidency.
2.) There are more CIA agents working on "projects" with the FBI on American soil than any other time in US history.


Okay, now that's said...let me tell you a little about my weekend, okay? Friday night I got into Ohio pretty late, but still had time to talk and prepare some things for the shower the following day. That and eat pickles, yum...pickles. On Saturday we woke up and started in on the food and decorations for the shower. People started to show up around 12:00 so we dove right into the food and games. By that point I think we were all tired of looking at the food and not eating it. Hee hee.

The shower was really nice. Samara puts on quite an event and we got to meet some chicks that Jen works with who I think I'd be friends with if I lived in Ohio with her. Very fun chicas.

After the shower, we sorta vegged out before heading to some great mexican food and Babies R' Us to help Jennifer get the rest of her goods she needs for Grace. I think Jen thinks we were bored shopping, but I personally was having a blast. We then came back to Jen's house, got in our PJ's and dove into putting together the mega-complicated stroller/car seat thingy we got them as a gift. Note to stroller manufacturers: Just put the freaking directions in the box, not tucked up inside the plastic of the car seat! Later we played some cards with Jen's husband, Eric. I ended the night by getting my ass handed to me at Soul Caliber 2 with Eric in his mega-video game playing palace.

Yesterday however, I think my karma came back to me. Columbus Airport employees must have been reading my blog & my annoyance with Ohio because I got the full on "you're a terrorist treatment" while trying to leave their fine city. First, I had to get my ticket from the counter instead of the little machine because I was flagged. Then the security guard announced, "Miss, I think you should take off your shoes before coming through the screener." After she let people before me go through shoes intact. Then they screened my bag twice before having to go through it with gloves. One screener looked at me accusingly and said, "This bag is really full." To which I replied, "No shit, that's what happens when you travel!" I was more rude than I needed to be, but it was early and I was getting annoyed.

They ended up finding a plier/screwdriver combo thing in my backpack that I forgot to take out. It didn't matter that I had come through O'Hare with it, they had to confiscate it. Oh well.

The visit with my sister was fun when I got back. We went out to breakfast (saw Darren, what a small world), went book shopping and then met my mom and Grams for dinner and dessert in Indiana. It's too bad we can't do that more often actually.

Ended the night by watching "Saved". Really good movie, I must say. It actually took a few turns I wasn't expecting, and it definitely poked fun at the parts of religion that drives me up a wall. But it's a comedy and light-hearted, not a total "HATE GOD" movie by any means.

Also, I made a decision on the Adoption Agency job. I called them last night and said I could not interview for it at this time due to the pay. However, I left them a few options (i.e. working part time in the evenings to learn the business) and hopefully they will contact me about them. I know that pay is not the only reason to have a job, but I can't afford the pay cut, simple as that. Surprisingly, I'm not as depressed about it as I thought. Of course, I would have loved to take it but it's not the only opportunity that will come my way and hopefully the next one will come at a better time. So, that's that.

Whew, long one but at least now you're caught up. Hee hee.



I forgot to mention that we picked up a copy of the new Perfect Circle disc, "eMotive" last night. The only thing that has cheered me up, besides the upbeat letter I got from MoveOn.org, is track No. 10: "Counting the Bodies."

Chills, man, chills.

Day 4 of Armeggedon

I want to direct you to a rant here: Shock & Awe in America. It's everything I want to say but don't have the eloquency in which to do so.

Did anyone else notice the map of the country with what states voted what way? It's going to be my future roadmap on where to live and where to stay the hell away. :D

I'm going to that great traitor state of Ohio tonight. (I'm kidding of course, it's not all Ohio's fault. Hee hee). One of my best friends/puesdo-sisters is having her baby shower on Saturday! Now I know you boy readers don't get into that too much, but us girls do. I'm really quite excited. Sure it's nice to get out of the city for a few days but mostly because I'm anxious as all hell to see her, the belly and the nursery. I'm in full girl mode. Plus, It's the last time I will see her pregnant before Grace gets here! Crazy how these past 9 months have flown by.

As a bonus, my sister will be here Saturday night to hang out with theMan until I return Sunday morning. She had a surprise court hearing so she's stopping by way of Chi-town on her travels. Nothing serious with the court, just some probation stuff, but a big Thanks to Marion County for giving me the opportunity to see my sister again on my turf instead of the ghetto in Godville.

The "blogosphere" (as my pal Jzn refers to it) is abuzz lately with arguments from the left and right on abortion, gay rights, the war, the election and I'm planting myself assdeep in the middle of it. So if you found me from one of my posts, WELCOME and let's get it on!

Blah...is it 2008 yet?


Bummer dude

As we toasted to our loss of freedom last night over coffee, it felt like my entire city was in a state of depression over this election. I feel something on the horizon. Like impending doom mostly.

I didn't expect the world to change overnight, but I guess I assumed the rest of the country was as tired of the bullshit as I was. It mostly frightens me that we now have 4 more years of fundamentalist "christian" idealology in the White House telling us what to do and apparently missing that chapter in the good book about killing and compassion.

Someone mentioned on a blog yesterday that it's kinda funny that all the states that had terrorist attacks voted Kerry: Pennsylvania, DC & New York. Apparently they weren't buying Bush's plan to end "some" terrorism either. The terrorism that happened on his watch, no less.

My prediction: Draft for our impending war in Iran, forget about clean air or the environment, and if you want your middle-class kids to go to college, better sign up for the military to pay for it because there will be no financial aid. Well, unless you're rich. Oh, and if you're gay, you might as well start packing for Canada. You are the new target, my friends.

Yesterday a friend of mine's lesbian boss actually cried when Kerry conceded. Also, several people living here from other countries told him that their parents are forcing them to leave the country now. I realize that is not the whole population, but it's scary to think about.

My gut reaction: You guys that voted for Bush can feel free to be the first drafted.

I still need a drink.

Edited to add something fitting from the Guns & Dope party:

Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching on one candy bar after another. After the 6th candy bar, a man on the bench across from him said, "Son, you know eating all that candy isn't good for you. It will give you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat."

Little Tony replied, "My grandfather lived to be 107 years old."

The man asked, "Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?"

Little Tony answered, "No, he minded his own fucking business."


Kerry Concedes


A moment of silence for all our about to be lost freedoms.

And the drum roll please...

The best excuse I've heard for voting for Bush to date:

Last night a friend of ours called to tell us his parents voted for Bush. The reason? Moral issues, namely if they have a gay guy come to their church that wants to teach Sunday School, they can tell him no without fear of lawsuit.

Which leads me to this question: What the FUCK is wrong with people in Indiana! We aren't going to be able to discriminate people just because they ban gay marriage.

I've been to their church, several occasions when I was a Christian, and their biggest problem isn't gay men wanting to teach Sunday School. They should be more worried about sincerity. But I'll leave it at that.

I'm not as sad as you might think. Firstly, it's not over. Secondly, we had record numbers of voters show up to the polls and that is inspiring. And thirdly, regardless of what happens, it's so close that basically 50% of the country didn't want Bush in office.

I wanted to move to Canada this morning until I got on the train and a lady was pulling our her hair and eating it, while telling people around them that "You're pretty." I love this country, I ain't going anywhere.



Just to clarify, I'm glad people are voting. Vote for whoever you want, just have a better reason than ones I've previously listed.

Here's some links to watch the race:

I need a drink.

Why Bush Will Win, Part 2

Per my mother: Kerry said during the debates that women don't deserve to get the same pay. Secondly, on Dr. Phil Kerry said he let his wife hit his daughters in the face while he went in another room.

Thirdly, "those people over there" hate us and she's tired of them coming over here and paying for them to get their medical training.

Jesus H. Christ.

Edited to Note: My mom said I had to also add that she doesn't trust Kerry's leadership. Still....my god.

I almost forgot

I almost forgot to tell you the hilarious thing that happened this morning when we voted. I guess I was really on guard for something bad to happen. You see, where I voted was in a gym of a school. A big, echo-y, gym of a school.

So when a metal table that was standing upright and leaning against a wall, fell over and hit the gym floor sounding like a rocket going off by the ballot box, you can see why everyone in the place nearly hit the fucking ground. I almost cried I was laughing so hard. Then I immediately blamed it on Bush.

Why Bush Will Win

A morning IM with a friend on why she voted for Bush: (names have been changed to protect the disillusioned.)

Pal: I'm very into how people talk to one another and how they handle one another especially with hand shakes and what have you. I'm sure that's the business aspect coming into play, but when kerry and bush had their debate kerry presented himself wrong in my opinion.
Kitten: so you voted for the president of the free world because of how he shakes hands?

Pal: 1st.... his hand was over the presidents like he was empowering him...2nd, he held onto the president as well
Kitten: I'm sorry, but that is the most riduculous reasoning for voting I have ever heard. I really hope that is not the only reason you picked Bush.

Pal: 3rd although none of this relative because this was a debate, my point is this the president is still the president until other wise notified therefore he should receive som kind of respect. Kerry jesters showed little to know respect, therefore i believe that if he can (supposedly) walk all over one of the highest authorities in america then what do you think he would do to the little people?
Kitten: I would seriously advise you to look at what Bush and Kerry have actually done while serving this country instead of their gestures.

Pal: well to each is there own
Kitten: wow

Like a Virgin

I voted this morning for the first time in my life! Yay! It was painless and actually kinda inspiring. Saw all kinds of people there, from all sorts of ethnicities and age. We got there and had to wait in line for awhile which I thought was standard but the guy in front of me was telling his partner that he's never had to wait in line to vote, and that was definitely a good sign!

I was on guard I guess because I kept expecting something to go wrong. They told this lady she couldn't vote because she didn't have any ID, and the woman protested and they finally let her because her name showed up on the register. I half expected that to happen a lot more. After I finished voting I even checked my punch card to make sure the right ones were picked. Too many conspiracy shows, hee hee.

So far, so good. Now I hold my breath. Eeeep.


You know what I want

Come on. Just vote. Just go do it. Make me proud. Don't waste it. I don't want to hear any excuses. Just pick one and vote.

If not, I'll send these guys after you.


A few months ago I mentioned that I loved studying the birthing process and pregnancy. I adore it, just not enough to be a doctor. Lately, I've been focusing on adoption more and that whole process, especially International Adoptions. My "Replay" is set to record 2 "Adoption Stories" daily and mostly I've seen all the ones they air already. Now I still stand firm that I am not ready to have any of our own, however. But yea, a little background before I spill the beans.

Today I was sorta offered a job (she sounded like I had it, but maybe I'm being optimistic) at an Adoption Agency that specializes in Russian and domestic adoptions. You see, a month ago I sent off my resume to every single agency in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Somewhere around 30 places I think. I only heard back from 2, mostly telling me: We will keep your resume on file. So I thought, "Well so much for that."

Now this, out of nowhere. The drawback? Because it's a non-profit organization they don't pay what I currently make, actually quite a lot less. Good benefits, and will give me a discount if I wanted to pick up a kid from Russia for my own, but not that great of pay. That and I wouldn't be working with theMan anymore, which I would miss.

So now the age old debate? Do I do something because I love it? Or because it pays my bills?


Welcome Stella!

2 things to bring to your attention today.

1.) My pals gave birth to little Stella Easton yesterday, adding to the list of cool things that occur on Halloween! Congrats John & Anita!

2.) Tomorrow is not only Election Day but also "Day of the Dead" in Mexico. Coincidence?