I stole this from another blog. I hadn't done one of these in awhile and I'm bored so here goes.

A is for age: 27
B is for booze of choice: Booze of choice? To get blind drunk it’d be Jager but with food, probably wine or champagne.
C is for career: I work at an investment consulting firm or I do Art Direction for films, you pick which one makes me more likely to sit with the “cool” kids at lunch.
D is for your dad's name: Ha! I have two dads! You silly meme, you thought you could fool me into just giving a one word answer didn’t you! Ahem…Jim and Bill.
E is for essential items to bring to a party: Weed and your game face.
F is for favorite song at the moment: For underwear only dancing it’d have to be “Peaches & Cream Remix feature Jay Z & Lil’ Kim”—but really, no one favorite song at the moment.
G is for favorite game: Softball or board game would be Trivial Pursuit.
H is for hometown: Funnel into Hell, Indiana
I is for instruments you play: Trombone, guitar and violin. I think I still remember how to play Iron Man on guitar but that’s about it. I just picked instruments for how big/weird they were (i.e. the trombone).
J is for jam or jelly you like: Blackberry jelly
K is for kids: 0 for now.
L is for living arrangements: Husband, Sister, dog and porcelain dog who didn’t do shit when we got robbed.
M is for mom's name: Sherrie
N is for name of your crush: Joaquin Phoenix in "Walk the Line", Jack White and Ade Edmonson
O is for overnight hospital stays: Recently for my thyroid removal business and when I was a baby they thought I had water on the brain.
P is for phobias: Snakes and spiders and now, thank you thieves, people breaking into my house.
Q is for quotes you like: Currently in rotation: "Yes, we've got a video!" from Young Ones or "I can't quit you!" from Brokeback Mountain.
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: Husband-9 years and counting
S is for sexual preference: Hetero but I like 3-somes in my porn. Sue me.
T is for time you wake up: Workdays – 6:15 am, Weekends: usually around 8:00 a.m. because I’ve officially became old.
U is for underwear: Um…yes? That sounds like a surreal cheer. “U is for Underwear! Go Team!” If I have to be specific: “Hello Kitty” red hot pants
V is for vegetable you love: Sweet potatoes
W is for weekend plans: Taking my dog to get groomed and going thrift store shopping for suits.
X is for x-rays you've had: Teeth, throat, wrist….what a weird question.
Y is for yummy food you make: Pumpkin rolls, Titty Fuck Chill and pumpkin cheesecake
Z is for zodiac sign: Leo

Your turn.

Slow Down

Jen K & Jose brought over a copy of the edited music video that we did for "Academy Is..." last night and it was pretty freaking good. I can't find a link to it now, but the song is "Slow Down" so feel free to do your own googling.

It's your standard jumpy music video sucky editing, but the production design work and the camera shots were quite lovely. I don't say that just because I happen to have a crush on the Production Designer and DP either, I swear.

Other than that just a standard night of loving on the doggie, eating dinner with theMan and watching a brilliant french film with the sister. We weren't robbed last night so that's a bonus.

The dog is seriously working his way into being the best dog on the planet. For instance, in the mornings I take him for a 20 minute walk and then let him loose on the YECK?! to just generally lose his mind. He was running in circles and sprinting all over like he couldn't help himself. So freaking cute. Not to mention when theMan gets up to leave for work and he puts Kaboom?! in bed with me to snuggle, I think I die a little everytime.

This experience has definately changed me. I think I will fully support the Humaine Society from here on out. All our pets are coming from them and based on this excellent experience, I'm hooked. There is also a "Flood Rescue" shelter in Chicago that I recommend checking out as well, although I can't speak for their practices, I just think it's sad all those poor animals were shipped all the way up here from the Hurricanes. We won the dog lottery though, I just can't get over it. Dr. Kaboom?! is a sweetie and as soon as I get a new battery charger (that was stolen too) for my camera, expect daily pictures of his cuteness.


Bad News

So far I've printed off several pages of this site because it makes me laugh until I pee blood.

You should be reading this too.

My suggestion, go through the archives and get your fill.

Some highlights:
"Should you ever decide to use bamboo sticks and stretchy, decorative string that’s designed to wrap presents to make a bow and arrow, and should you decide to wad up a bunch of duct tape on the end of your arrow and soak it with WD-40 so it’ll, you know, burn better, I would recommend not shooting the flaming arrow onto the roof of a house, or into the lap of your friend’s cousin. Even by accident."

"Burt Reynolds? Nope. Tom Selleck? Uh uh. Try Chile D. Molester. Shave that fucking mustache."

"If someone passes out on the couch and you want to put them in a figure-four leglock, ensure that the hold is correctly applied before they wake and fuck your goddamn knee all up."


That's my dog

That's my dog
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I've uploaded a couple pics of the newest edition to our family. The sweetest little slice of punkin' pie on four legs.

Dr. Kaboom?!

Family Fun

I forgot to relate to you why I was so ready for some sort of medicinal intervention while I was in Indiana (note the Doritos at midnight). Apparently two of my youngest cousins are with guys that beat the shit out of them. Aw...Indiana.

When I was little I watched my mom get her arm broke by this piece of shit step-dad we had so I have a special place in my "pissed off" section of my brain for women beaters. Come to find out I'm sitting at my mom's table and one of the "boyfriends" is sitting across from me, and I get a phone call. So I'm chatting to my older cousin on the phone and she tells me he (the one sitting across from me) put my younger one (sitting next to him holding his hand) in the hospital earlier this week for almost breaking her sternum. I look up, get off the phone and tell her to follow me into the other room. I advise her to get him the fuck out of here before our other cousins get here (the ones that about beat the shit out of our Grandparents neighbors for fireworks, can you imagine what they'd do over woman beating?) Of course they leave and this pisses my aunt off as well. But it was a much more peaceful family dinner without him there. I wish my aunt didn't leave but what can you do.

THEN, on our way out of town (my cousin's wife is coming with me to Chicago) I pull up to the McD's to get her some breakfast as she's telling me about the other cousin that just got beat up by her boyfriend. Guess who is taking our order? The piece of shit boyfriend. So he gives me my change and I say, "Thank you and try not to beat the shit out of my cousin" to his stunned face. Then we pull off.

Jesus....Indiana, home of the wife beater, and not just the shirt version.

Well, I have to take hormones. My thyroid levels were fine before surgery but apparently after surgery my pituratory gland (spelled?) is irate that my thyroid isn’t working up to speed so it’s been pumping out extra stuff which if left untreated, means I will gain weight and get really sluggish. So I said, “Give me drugs” in a very clear voice.

I do not need to be any more sluggish or gain any more weight than I do normally on my own, thank you so much. I am curious if this will help me lose weight though. Everyone keeps telling me I look like I have, but I don’t have a scale so I’m not sure. I’d like to keep on this track! So anyways, I go back in 2 months for more bloodwork and to check on my levels.


I'm still going to keep on the "eating healthy" track, hell even our dog does so we'll see if I can keep my weight in check while I'm getting this medicine figured out.

A bonus is that unlike birth control, I can miss 2 days of the pills because your thyroid stores enough gunk for 3-4 weeks worth of regulation, the pills just make sure it does as much as it's supposed too. So my forgetfulness won't make a huge difference as long as I don't get too forgetful.

Fuckin' A this weekend has sucked ass.

Hot rod

I forgot one funny thing. The robbers opened the top drawer of my dresser, I guess to steal my pj pants to wrap up our laptops in but when they did they left my vibrator out in plain sight. Not wanting to disturb anything for the cops we left it there. When the police officer came to dust he asked me if it had been "moved". So yes....my vibrator was almost dusted for fingerprints.

Remind me to think about this the next time I start crying about my stolen watch. In hindsight I wish they would have taken my vibrator, I would have upgraded from the insurance money!


Thanksgiving 021
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It's official.

2005 can suck my dick.

Thanksgiving was okay up until Saturday when our house was robbed while we were gone shopping. We came back and both back doors were open and Sis's window was open. There are creepy hand prints on every window liked they tried all of them. The laptops are gone and my jewelry box was spread everywhere. They took my Great Grandmother's watch and Matt's dog tags because they were in a bag in my jewelry box. I’m absolutely heartbroken. We were so mad we walked all over our block with a baseball bat.

We keep finding weird things gone though. For instance a bowl of quarters is missing. We noticed last night they took the backpack I had sitting on the floor and a pair of pajama pants to wrap up something in. The backpack had our battery charger to my camera so that SUCKS plus a book I was reading.

The cops came and dusted for fingerprints and everything. Thankfully I have insurance but I'm not sure what all is covered. I'm just sick about my grandma's watch. theMan was so sweet though, he went out for about an hour searching the alleys and looking in all the trashcans for the watch, but no luck though.

The best part of the whole thing, besides the fact that no one was hurt, was that yesterday we went to the Humaine Society and got a dog. Not only just a dog, but the BEST DOG ON THE PLANET! He is a black lab looking mutt dog with a little white on his chin and the most loving eyes I’ve seen. We looked at three but as soon as he came in, then called “Twenty”, and jumped up and licked us, he had us at hello. He loves his Poppa too because he jumps up and kisses him and then sits on the bed and watches theMan while he works on the one computer we have left. They told us he was a nervous dog but I've yet to hear him bark and the only nervous tendency is that he really doens't like you not to be in on the action. Last night he finally relaxed enough when I went to bed that he slept by me for awhile. When I woke up this morning he had put himself in his crate to sleep. I could just squeeze him.

I’ll upload a picture tonight when I can since 1.) I no longer have our laptop and 2.) the fucking predators stole my camera charger.

But soon you will see the sweetness that is Dr. Kaboom!?


I'm transfixed

My pal Jen K. brought over a DVD of some of the films I've worked with her on so I can take them and show my family over Thanksgiving. This way I will stop getting looks like, "you do what?" or as my grandmother so eloquently put it when I was explaining it to my bio-dad, "Don't try to understand it, I sure don't."

As a bonus, I got to see a rough edit of "A Man Transfixed" the film we did over the weekend that my mom got married. Let me tell you, it's gorgeous. The camera work is beautiful and the shots they caught were amazing. I cannot wait until the general public sees this film!

Eventually I'd like to get all the films I've done on one disc, but so far I've only got about 6 of the 12+ I've done. I keep checking the website to see when the Academy Is...video comes out but so far no luck. It's such a nice pay-off when you see the finished product.



Originally uploaded by MizVoid.
I put up a few pix from our weekend for your viewing pleasure. You can see our dad and brother, our cooking skills in motion, a picture of sweet potato chilli that looks like puke and my new little babies.


Recipes for you!

Got a crockpot? Then use it.

1 tblsp. olive oil
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
1 medium red bell pepper, seeded & chopped
1 large garlic clove, minced
1 tblsp. chilli powder or more to taste
1 1/2 lbs. sweet potatos, peeled & cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1 14.5 oz. can crushed tomatos
1 15.5 oz. can dark red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 1/2 cup. water
1 tablespoon chilli pepper (chipotle or any will do)

1.) Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add onion, red pepper & garlic. Cover and cook until softened about 5 minutes. Stir in chilli powder and cook for 30 more seconds. Add the sweet potatos and stir to coat with the spices.
2.) Transfer mixture into crock pot. Add tomatoes, beans, water, season with salt, cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.
3.) When ready, stir in peppers and eat!

NOTE: I put in the peppers in step 2 but I like my chilli to make my throat bleed.

theMan is threadless

Want to see theMan falling from Grace?

Click here and look at both pictures.

(That's Lance too in the red & black hat.)

Glutton Fest 05

I haven't uploaded any pictures yet because 1.) I'm at work and 2.) I only got like 3 since I spent most of my Sunday eating the food instead of taking pictures HOWEVER, what will be posted tonight that is even better than pictures is recipes!!! Because you all should seriously consider cooking some of the foods we brought to the table this Sunday.

Friday we decided against joining the 100,000 wizards at the movies and went shopping instead followed by more shopping all day Saturday. I acquired my first 2 pairs of pointy toed shoes for really really cheap as well. I’m stoked! I had my doubts about those shoes until I saw how slender my Size 10 sleds looked in them. YUM.

Saturday night we took our dad and brother (sans bitchy little sophomore girlfriend) to get veggie burritos and record shopping. Dad walked into the record shop and immediately found 2-3 records he’d been looking for over the past few years. Sunday we picked them up again and dropped him off at more record shops where they came back with arms full of goodies! My brother’s girlfriend was being a bitch again so he dumped her and we spent Sunday telling him how cute he was without her. Sis straightened his hair and we sent him back to her looking achingly cute so she’d get so jealous she’d beg for him to come back to her even though he would flatly refuse. I told him I’d cut a bitch if she screwed with him. Nobody messes with my little bro.

We spent a lot of the day yesterday cooking but Dad and Chippee made it bearable by playing some guitar and singing aloud to Tom Petty while we chopped and sautéed.

If only I could have bottled the aromas that were wafting around our kitchen. The menu included: Butter soaked young turkey stuffed with cranberry herb stuffing, blueberry/tofu/pecan salad, mashed potatoes with sour cream, broccoli & sugar snap peas cooked in olive oil and dill spices, vegan banana bread, Hawaiian sweet bread and honey wheat berry bread fresh from the bread machine, and my sister’s homemade recipe of sweet potatoes and Bartlett pears baked in maple syrup and amaretto with walnuts sprinkled on top. For dessert we offered pumpkin rolls, sweet potato pie and pumpkin cheesecake topped with French vanilla whipped cream.

For the vegans I made sweet potato, red bean and chipotle chilli. Even the carnivores were sneaking turkey into it by the end of the meal. The only thing that didn’t work out was my Vegan Chocolate of the Gods Mousse because I needed a food processor.

As soon as the last guests left we all passed out. I woke up to leftovers that warmed my tummy and a slight wine hangover that made it all too hard to get out of bed.

The lovely part is that it’s only a 3 day week and back to the cooking! WOO HOO!


Retail therapy

There's nothing that makes a girl feel like her metabolism works just fine as when you buy a sweater in a size small in a store that has the word "Petite" in the name.

Talk to me

This week has been irritating. It's cold, our house is freezing even with the heat on and I've just been on edge. I'm overly sensitive and just overall blah. So what better week to 1.) by underwear that have Oscar the Grouch on them with the phrase "I feel grouchy" around the waist band and 2.) watch a bad ass film.

I've now added a couple more Pedro Almodovar flicks to our Netflix queue and I'm sure they won't disappoint either.

This weekend my dad and bro are coming up as previously mentioned and we're having a Glutton Fest at our place on Sunday for our Chicago residing pals. I'm stoked because I loooooovvveee to cook and sharing the kitchen with my sister all day on Sunday should be a blast. I'll upload a ton of pics for you on Sunday night to be sure.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that theMan got a seasonal full time job with Threadless Clothing Company. They are the makers of some bitchin' bizarre t-shirts printed on American made fabrics (shirts are from American Apparel). I plan on ordering some for the family Christmas presents and how fun is it to know if you order too, theMan might be the one that ships it to you! WEEE!

All for now....I'm going to go try to cheer up. Retail therapy baby!


Little Baby Chipee

Little Baby Chipee
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This weekend is a big event in our lives here. Our father, who art in heaven...opps...wrong one. Our father is coming up for the first time to Chicago with our little brother Chip for an Art Club Field Trip. We fully plan on 1.) stealing both of them away from the teacher and taking them someplace cool, 2.) Taking advantage of their swanky hotel pool and 3.) Embarrassing him to no end because we get to meet my bro's girlfriend for the first time.

My dad and Chip are exactly alike. Soooo much alike they bicker like old married people. I love being around them, it's non-stop laughing.

I'm IMMENSELY proud of my little bro. I learned recently that Chippee is starting a band! He only recently started playing guitar on top of learning karate (brown belt), rebuilding a 1950's Thunderbird from scratch to look like Elvira's car and building up his supreme elbow muscles. Seriously, he could kick your ass with just his elbows. The band will hopefully be named "Shane Fontaine and the Tight Fits" like originally planned.

Damn, I can't wait to see them both.



I had a weird experience this morning. About 6:00 a.m. I woke up in a dream and I was laying in my Great Grandma Morgan's recliner at her house. She was sitting there next to me in a chair pulled up to the recliner. She looked really healthy, almost plump. We talked a little bit. I said "Hi Grams. Are you okay?" and she said she was fine. She said some other things that I can't remember now unfortunately. Things I almost feel were important for me to know. THe strangest part was I was very lucid. I knew in my dream she was visiting me from the 'dead'. I even remember "thinking it" to confirm it. At some point my husband walked in behind her while she was talking and I thought I heard some rustling back in "awake land" as if someone was in my room back in the "real world." I told her I'd be right back and I tried to wake myself up.

It was really hard to wake up. I woke up shaking like I was fighting it and hearing rustling but when I fully was "concious" it all got quiet.

I woke up believing that was really her. I just knew it.

Fucked up, eh?


Tell them what they've won! or Why I'm a Socialist

I got my bills from the removal of "Goity" the goiter last week. $19,200 total.

Holy shit, please let my insurance company pick up the tab.


I cannot freaking believe it’s mid-November. Things that make me not believe it even further:

1.) We have not turned on the heat yet. Oh, it’s cold, we sleep in thermal underwear and sweatshirts and we should have by now, but when we turned it on for 2 days in October during GWO the bill was $50.00+. Now add 28 more days on to that. You get my drift? Tonight we’re going to check into space heaters. Last night when we were in the shower, we just stood there, longer than normal, swapping back and forth under the hot water not wanting to go back outside the bathroom into the freezing cold air. I swear our house is colder on the inside than the weather outside sometimes.

2.) I haven’t shopped for the food for our Thanksgiving Dinner this Sunday. I’m excited about it, I love to cook, but actually purchasing a turkey sure makes me feel like this year is about over.

3.) My mother has only just now purchased our Christmas presents and has begun calling to tell each one of us what she got the other ones. Usually she has this done in June and the calls start about halfway home from her trip to the mall when it’s still light outside when I get off work and I’m still wearing my beloved flip flops.

The stores are starting to sneak their Christmas decorations up by now and as long as the songs don’t start too early, I think I’ll manage.

I’m not as stressed this year for some reason. For my family it’s been a really bad year in some ways, so bad it’s like having a weight on our chest. My cousin’s shocking death earlier this year, a lot of my grandparents all on their last legs, my gramps coughing up blood, my grandma hating her new home at the nursing home, my best friend struggling with infertility. But then a really good one in other ways. My sister is healthy, the family’s first great-grandchild is on the way, we’re alive and together, right?

I’m actually looking forward to seeing everyone. I think this is the first year I am starting to really treasure my family.

On my mom’s side my cousin’s death is going to hang in the room like a black curtain for sure. However, if he were here, he’d flash that smile and enjoy us all and our stories like we always do. I guess I just want to give that to him, to his memory. Hopefully if nothing else, we can all just lean on each other this year. I bet he would have wanted that.



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We got back a little earlier today from our weekend away to our friends house in Ohio. I've uploaded about 1,000 pictures of their perfect little bundle in Flickr. We had an absolute blast! It was so nice to just sit around with friends, laugh, eat and generally hang out.

During our visit I went with Jen to get her head shaved. Before we left we were crying, the stylist was a little teary and other customers where crying or looking on at how brave my pal is. She looks great though. Her fears of having a shaved head and what it would look like should be put to rest. No hair makes her other features pop right out! God, she's amazing. I feel priviledged to have shared it with her.

On a ligther note, on Saturday we put Grace up with a babysitter while we went out to dinner and a movie. We got to see "40-Year Old Virgin" for $1.75 and quite honestly, that is the one of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile. I laughed so hard I left with a headache.

It was kinda sad to leave today but knowing I'll be seeing Jen again in about a month and then almost every month until May made it easier. Grace well, she gave me a hug before I left which pretty much secures her place as beneficiary on my life savings. Have I mentioned she's freaking cute?!??!?!

Tonight I took a nap and we watched "Millions" another great film before hitting the sheets. Aww...those kind of weekends sure make it hard to go to work on Monday.


Another reason to turn the lights out

I just replied to my baby's email asking me how I was doing today. In it I asked him if he wanted to help me in the shower tonight which would lead to some Foy Alone Time. Guess what the acronym for that is? F.A.T. So now whenever we're having relations it's referred to as F.A.T.


Brussell Sprouts

The title of the post is dedicated to my lovely sister. She came home from work, all hopped up on menstral cramps and concocted a plate of steamed brussell sprouts and mahi mahi fish fillets for my lunch today. Sadly, as the past has told me, I still don't like brussell sprouts. But bless her heart, she gets an A for effort.

Re-entry back into the work place is not going so hot. I got an allergic reaction yesterday at lunch to something and now my chin is tender and numb all the way from the incision up. I also get tired in the evenings. I just realized it's only been a week since my surgery but hey, I have no patience. So I'm waiting on a call from my doctor to see what I need to do. It better not involve canceling my trip to Ohio this weekend because there is a particularly pudgy little monkey that needs some squeezing time from her Auntie. Not to mention her parents are pretty cool too. ;)

I have three weeks until I take my blood test to find out of I need to take thyroid hormones or not. I'm plugging full steam ahead in making sure my diet is 98% healthy until and after that time so hopefully I will not have to take any medicine. Now I still need to reasearch to see if that even matters, but I'm giving it a shot for now anyhoo. So far so good. The most I went off my planned eating yesterday was I had a bite of Sis's PMS pie. Normally I would have had a slice to myself. Plus, I've given up my morning coffee in lieu of a cup of hot tea. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm no good with pills.

Our Grandma and Mom were up for my surgery and they came through the door with 3 boxes of food: 12 pumpkin rolls, a pan of apple slices and caramel sauce, 2 pies (one Sugar Cream, my favorite), chips, salsa, candy of all sorts, 24 Otis Spunkmeyer muffins and 24 servings of kettle corn. This was to get us through the weekend apparently. My Grams loves to spoil us kids, especially with food. However by Sunday when most of it remained uneaten and I was throwing out the Sugar Cream Pie with only one slice out of it, I sorta woke up. A year ago we would have all plowed through this stuff. I actually went to the kitchen to get some grapes instead of a piece of pie. Holy shit. That’s big to me too. I’ve been a big girl most of my life and have eaten everything in the house, especially when sitting home for 3 days straight on the couch. I didn’t even touch most of that stuff and I was within 10 feet of it all weekend.

So maybe I can get through this thyroid business with just a good diet. There is hope!

The bonus of having to choke down liquids for 2 days was that I think I lost weight in the last week. My work clothes were loose this morning and 2 people have commented, one of which was my husband. If my husband notices I lost weight I think it's official without seeing a scale. I wonder if I can keep it off.

I know I promised you pics of Vicoden flushing and I will. I'm still spending my nights on the couch though so I'll see what I can do.


Caminar Solamente

Just got back from the doctor, had my stitches removed (surprisingly painless, though theh Vicodin might have helped that) and my only restriction is I can't drive for 10 days because they don't want me moving my neck jarringly. That and I have to leave the Steri-strips on for 10 days as well. I'm kinda glad they covered my incision with the strips though. I got several looks in the waiting room like I had been in some weird knife fight and was coming in to get patched up.

It was my first jaunt out of the house since Friday morning and we celebrated by going to the grocery store. I got a little nauseous but I think if I take it easy I will be okay to go to work tomorrow. Bummer. I was really liking this housewife, well, house patient gig I had going on.

Tomorrow: Pics of Vicodin tablets flushing down the toilet! Weeeee!


Originally uploaded by MizVoid.
I couldn't go to work today. I'm finally able to stand upright for extended periods of time, but I still have to get through having my stitches out at 1:30 p.m. I haven't seen the outside world since Friday afternoon and I have reverse cabin fever...I don't want too.

I promised my sister I'd post pictures of all the flowers I got. You guys made me feel like a queen! I'd never received such HUGE bunches of pretty goodies! There is also a pic of how my wound is holding up. Egads. It's bigger than I thought.

More in a bit. Going to try to clean while my stomach is occupied and not sick.


My prince

Now that my mind is a little clearer (I'm off the Vicodens) and I'm starting to remember things plus I'm now able to stay awake for more than 3 hours at a time, I feel like I need to thank some people for treating me like a queen. (Did I tell you that I fell asleep 3 times during my first post home from the hospital? Yea.)

theMan has been my rock. He held my hand the entire time he was allowed to be at my side. When I was in surgery and taking longer than expected (3 hours longer) Grams said he was pacing and demanding to get back to see me. When I woke up in recovery and he walked in all teary and whispered that I could sleep if I needed too, I passed out peacefully. When I was in and out of conciousness during that first day and he stayed by my side the whole time so when I woke up, he was there...so cute. He slept with just his jacket covering him at the hospital and only left to go to work. He emptied my bedpan (which I warned him might cause him to not want to have sex with me ever again) and he fought with the nurses to let me finally get up and use the real toliet.

He walked my IV around while I had to circle the halls to get my blood moving. He snuck me some pudding and a supply of peach teas when the liquid diet wasn't cutting it. He laid in my bed and did a word search with me to keep me occupied. Since I've been home he's changed my bandages, cleaned the house, tracked my medicine intake, waited on me hand and foot and made sure I was comfortable. He was right in his first post on Just My Blog...It isn't often we're separated and I love him tremendously too. Times like these really show you what kind of a man you have in your life. He's a man, 100%. Baby, when I finally get to take a shower, you better watch out.

My house currently looks like a funeral parlor what with the huge bouquets of flowers surrounding me! My friends and family rock. My mom and Grams and sister have all been keeping me company and stocked with good foods the entire week too. You should have seen the boxes of junk food my Grams bought to get us through the winter. I'm sure we're all going into diabetic comas.

Plus, last night Darren and my buddies came over to play some games even though I had to go to bed at 9:30 in the middle of a rousing round of 90's Trivial Pursuit. YOU GUYS ROCK.

Basically, I could never have gotten through this surgery and recovery without all you rockin' people. Thanks for the phone calls, the good wishes and the thoughts! Although I'm not off the couch yet but I can't wait to get back out there and return the favor!



Originally uploaded by MizVoid.
Uploaded a few more pics including a gross one of my stitches and drainage tube. I'll be home for a few days still before i can get up and about. I'm finding I'm more nauseous now that I'm home so couch bound it is for me.

Thankfully I have the sweetest roomies/family/friends that have been taking good care of me.

Thanks for all the great comments, especially the GWO girls defending my honor with that horrid corpse picture theMan posted. Hee hee.

Back in Black

Hey doodz! It's Kitten reporting live from my couch! I got dismissed from the hospital this morning around 9:30 a.m. They removed my drainage tube this morning and I got to eat a breakfast of solids instead of pureed goodies. My Grams even snuck me in some bacon. Last night my blood pressure went really low but they said it was probably due to me being in bed for almost 2 solid days so I was cleared to go home.

The only real complications where after my surgery my heart started racing and I had to be put on a bunch of monitors and stay in recovery for much longer. I choked the first two days when I'd try to drink or eat anything but really that's about it. My voice is also fine although right now all I can muster is a low sexy purr.

It feels good to be out and back at home. I'm still in pain and I'm kinda woozy and exhausted though. Plus I can't fully hiccup or cough so that sounds really weird. The worst times are the late afternoon, early evenings. That's when my energy level really drops and I sleep pretty much the entire time. Right now I'm waiting for theMan to get back with my Vicodin.

Speaking of theMan, despite the lovely picture he posted of me (wasn't my hair bitchin!? It was soaked with saline and iodine from the surgery and still is) he has been a gem. He stayed by my side all night both nights, carrying my IV for me when I was rushing back and forth to the toliet. He also helped me persuade the nurse that I was not using that fucking bedpan anymore. I had to keep some of my dignity. He even got all teary when he saw me in the recovery room. Bless his little heart.

Thanks to eveyone that has called and sent things. You guys make me feel like a million bucks!


Thyroid? I don’t need no stinkin’ thyroid!

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A quick post from the frontline.

Kitten’s thyroid surgery was successful! She’s resting peacefully on the 10th floor of what is considered by many to be the “Embassy Suites” of hospitals. The surgeon told us the procedure would take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, but it ended-up taking 7 hours (including recovery). The goiter tested negative for cancer.

I’m so glad to have her back by my side; it’s not often that we’re forced to be separated from each other. I love her tremendously.

One thing Kitten is NOT happy about is using a bedpan. She desperately wanted to use the bathroom instead, but the nurse rejected the idea. How many husbands do you know that would willingly remove and empty a urine-filled bedpan?

Hospital Highlights:

- Kitten declaring, “I’m not drunk,” to the resident surgeon when he was performing a series of reflex tests on her.

- Kitten tells me she released a bowel-shaking fart when she first came out of anesthesia.

- Spending 7 hours in a hospital waiting room, listening to just about every goddamned ring-tone offered. Oh, and watching the train wreck of a show known as Dr. Phil. “He’s got your back!!” What an asshole.

- Watching the hospital escort repeatedly getting the bed, which is carrying the most precious of cargo (Kitten!) stuck while trying to get it into the room. The look on Kitten’s face whilst the escort hit nearly every solid object in the area was priceless.

[theMan was here]



First an apology for those of you who emailed me this week (Eastons you rock!) to wish us a Happy Anniversary. I appreciate it but have been away from the computer at work. (I'm currently typing this while in a conference call meeting.) I love you all for being sweeties and I will get back to you this week while I'm laid up!

Speaking of, the nurse called and my surgery is scheduled tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. and I have to be there at 6:30 a.m. I'm starting to get a little nervous, mostly because I don't like IV's or feeling like I have no control over myself. Plus, the nausea with anthestia sucks. Oh well, to have this huge cyst off my neck will kick ass!

So yea, if you want status updates, call my cell phone tomorrow. My mom's and Grams will have our phones and can give you updates if you want.

Thanks for rocking and caring about me guys!