More pics!

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I've uploaded some cooking pics from last weekend, some random pics of us and a couple of "the belly."

Be aware...it is growing.



Oh my god. Sis just called and they got another ultrasound today and heard the heartbeat!!!! She even has a little picture from the ultrasound. I'll try to scan it and post it later.

She is 6 weeks along and due on November 18th now. CUTE!


Fat ass

I’m a little late to the game on this, but it’s something I’ve been swirling around in my head for a few days. Go read this post and all subsequent posts too.

I started at Tertia’s site and ended up at Twisty’s (who I love love love). The jist is as follows (for those of you who hate opening links because you forget what the hell you were reading to begin with and end up clicking on more links until you’ve bought a new 850-count Egyptian cotton sheet set for a bed that you don’t even own...)

Taken from Tertia’s site: The blogger has a very interesting post that says, in summary, that it is wrong to gain excessive weight (through neglect or a lack of caring, obviously not through reasons beyond one’s control) after you have married, because that is false advertising in a way. You got married when you were slim and trim and now a few years later you’ve let yourself go. Actually, here is the post entirely, she articulated it very well.

Then L wrote a post on the other side of the issue here – go read hers, because she almost presents the reality of the other side.

Now that we are all caught up....let me throw my hat in the ring.

I’m basically torn. My personal situation is that I weigh about the same but I take better care of my appearance now than I did when I was first married. Not that I’m necessarily thinner by leaps and bounds, but I look a lot different overall and I feel different about myself now, regardless of the scale. I also don't have children yet and other than my thyroid (which I gained 7 lbs. with), I haven't had any major illnesses. But can you believe I didn’t think I was entitled to spend money on getting my hair done or buying nice clothes for a very long time? Yea...thank you early 20’s.

On that note, I spent a lot of my early marriage trying to lose weight to please my husband, even though he wasn’t necessarily asking me too. I’ve finally stopped and it feels very good. I like most of my curves and though I still strive to get rid of the hail damage, most days I feel pretty darn good about myself at this weight. In my head I’ve switched to wanting to be healthy, not skinny.

theMan has completely transformed himself inside and out and feels great! I’m intensely proud of him. Sure I do have fears which pop up occasionally that now that he fits to the public’s general standards he will start pressuring me or looking elsewhere. Does that make me want to revert back to trying to get down to a certain weight so he’ll stay with me forever and ever? Hell fucking no. Am I more attracted to him now that he’s all muscular? Depends. I wasn’t really a looks kind of girl when I was hunting for a mate. I'm more relaxed that he's taking care of his health, than his body type. His heart scares me and I want to grow old with him. The scenery has definitely improved on some levels but it doesn’t make me any more or less attracted to him. He’s just easier to throw around now, which is handy. And his butt cheeks fit perfectly in my hands. That’s always nice.

Basically my opinion is that every single person on this planet is exactly the same as far as general make-up goes, but every single person on this planet has very very very different experiences that shape them into how they feel, who they are and how they view themselves and their relationships. I cringe when people speak lump sum statements or group people, especially women since that is an issue I feel strongly about. I don’t necessarily feel the original poster lumped anyone together. If it works in their relationship to keep up appearances as they have always been, then so be it, for them.

Should I expect my husband to be upset if I totally let myself go and gained 50 lbs. in 6 months for no reason? Yes, he’s human and in OUR situation that would be allowed to an extent. But would it really be for no reason? No, for me, probably not.

If that happened do I think, like L., that he should not take me in public or to his office for Christmas parties? He better fucking hope he hires a limo and buys me flowers before he even thinks about pulling that shit. Because I am human and that is OUR situation.

On the other hand, should I expect him to just shut his fucking trap if that weight gain was due to having children or an illness or menopause? Absolutely. Maybe that’s a double standard but I would expect the same of me to him.

As I said in an earlier post, I feel a lot of our culture inherently makes women compete with each other and for men. I really do. And weight is just another mark on that list of things we’re supposed to be better than each other at. Ladies, think of how you see an overweight person or a thin woman? Do you, like me, automatically see how you measure up?


Surreal Life

It would be hard to top that week in surrealness, but let’s just keep moving forward eh? No reason to jinx ourselves anymore.

Well as you might have read from my previous post, I attended a wedding this weekend. I was very honored to be asked to join in on the nuptial-ness of it all. Although since the ceremony was about 30 seconds long, it was hard to get too weepy. Guess I’ll save that for the big deal they are having in May.

We got up early, got ready and once Rodney & Hope made it our apartment and Lance had finished listening to Michael Jackson, we were on our way to City Hall. Once in the building we saw at least 30-40 people waiting in lines or in the waiting room. There was a wedding photographer with backdrop set up, bouquet salesmen and all manner of people in the waiting room. It was a pretty short wait, maybe 20 minutes which was surprising since it was PACKED. There are 2-3 judges and they call couples back and it’s in and out, 2 minutes tops. The ceremony was probably 1 minute long but the judge was very sweet. I looked over at Lance’s brother for 2 seconds and totally missed Sis saying “I Do.” I imagine they have to be that fast since there are so many people.

After we left it was like “Um...what now?” So we hit up a record store that was going out of business and then went back home. All sorts of calls were made announcing the deed and we vegged out at home for a bit before heading back down for the reception dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Awesome dinner too by the way. I would have totally wrote that place off as just a touristy place, but DAMN the food is GOOD!

Sis is now being hit hard by morning (all day) sickness so it was as low key as possible. The poor dear has a heightened sense of smell now too. She came back from the bathroom at the restaurant and announced, “Someone had coffee this morning in there.” Eeeep.

Anyways, after we parted (the newlyweds had a hotel reservation) we all went back to our house and talked for a bit before hitting the sack.

Yesterday we were in full effect! Got up early, got my garden all planned out for the deck while theMan cleaned the bathroom. Jzn joined us and I made us some tempeh & veggie pasta salad and pumpkin banana bread for lunch and we hit up some bookstores and paint shops for an art project I’m doing for Jzn.

(Check theMan’s site this week for the recipe above.)

Ended the night by watching 4 straight hours of the second season of Carnivale. Gosh damn it, I wish that show wasn’t cancelled!!!!

So yea....phew....let's see what this week brings!


Holy matrimony Batman!

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Click here to see what we've already done today.

(To view it as a set.)


Why I love life

Well this is turning out to be one of the more nuttier weeks of my life. Surprises at every turn I tell you!

To summarize: I'm so ecstatic to be an aunt I could pee a little. More and more every day I'm more and more excited. I can't wait until we get out of that scary first trimester period, but hey...we go day to day around these parts-obviously.

This weekend I will have more exciting news to share, but I'm going to wait to get the okay from Sis before I post anything. If I'm lucky, I'll even have pictures.

For the record though, I'm not jealous of Sis. Wish I could join her but it's not the time for us. I know it's not necessarily the time for her either, although true to form, she's taking life by the horns and getting "r" done as we like to say in central Indiana. Gotta love her and her baby daddy for that. (No, I will not stop saying "baby daddy". It's too great!) So any jealousy I had has been replaced with an overwhelming urge to see that little nephew or neice and make sure she's okay.

Keep your fingers crossed.


November 27

Spent last night until 3:00 a.m. at the ER with SIS & her baby daddy (god I love saying that). She was having cramps on one side. She had 2 ultrasounds, blood test, HCG levels tested and left with the following information:

1.) 1st bedside ultrasound showed a sac in the uterus. No fluid in tubes to suggest tubular pregnancy. Sorta looks like she's about 3 weeks along. (I got a little teary during this US to be honest.)

2.) Blood tests are great. White blood cells aren't elevated showing infection anywhere and HCG levels suggest she is 8 weeks pregnant. We were taken aback by this!

3.) Dildocam ultrasound revels cyst on right ovary but that it is"armored". Told to keep an eye on it and that her hormones might make it grow. As long as it doesn't burst, she might just be uncomfy during her pregnancy because of it. This US suggests she is 5-6 weeks.

By the way, I was in fertility heaven last night. With all the HCG levels and talk, it was like I was a nerd being allowed on set at Star Trek or something!

Looks like I'm going to be an aunt to the sweetest little gestational sac around. Though I still am a teensy bit jealous and I still worry about Sis's health....seeing the ultrasound was pretty heart tugging. That sac had me at hello.


Mom's the word

Um, not quite sure how to put this. Turns out I'm going to be an aunt. I had the most surreal phone conversation of my life last night with my sister as I rode home on the train from work.

Yep, she's pregnant.

Holy fuck.

Although I'm scared for her and my right brained logical side keeps creeping in, I do treasure the fact that I will get to be here while she is pregnant. Sorta like a live-in doula. But still....my little sister is pregnant.

Did I mention, holy fuck. Because if I didn't, let me reiterate: HOLY FUCKING FUCK!

Oh yea, I remember

I remember why I don't like working for women....that damsel in distress shit gets really annoying after the first time.

For instance, my boss just called from CA and wants me to stay until she can get some food, take a cab to her hotel and go over the slides I sent her at 9:00 a.m.



Get your weekend photos here

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Turns out I had no reason to be apprehensive, staying with bio-Dad was AWESOME and comfortable. He also gave me a house key. Not sure if you know how major that is, but trust me...it's major.

We also got to visit some friends and take our dad (Jim) out for his birthday. Following that up with one of the best movies I have EVER FUCKING SEEN.

Go see "V for Vendetta" immediately. Don't even sign off your computer, just run to your local theater. It was scary how close we are to that world.

Anyhoo...tons of pics in Flickr. Click to the right and just keep going!

(Bonus: Pictures of my pa's welded creations and new truck just finished. When I say "new truck" I mean "he just built it from scratch." He's a renaissance man, what can I say.)


Working for a Woman

With my new semi-promotion I now work for a woman. (I say “semi” because it wasn’t more money, yet, but I was picked out of 10+ people to replace someone because of my superior abilities. So it was a compliment to how good of a job I do, even though it was a lateral move. Make sense?)

I’ve only worked for 2 women in my life (not counting high school fast food jobs) and I’ve noticed something: I don’t like it. But it makes sense when I think about it. Women seem to be brought up to look at other women as their competition. Whether it is for money or men, we’re playing against each other most of our lives. We’re supposed to fight to be the better mother, the better wife, the better blow job giver, the skinniest, have the biggest boobs…you name it. Hell pick up a magazine or watch TV, it’s everywhere. How we’re able to come together and build friendships I’ll never know.

Thank god for periods, that seems to draw us together. I’d say thank god for childbirth but my god, have you ever told someone you are for or against breastfeeding? You have to army crawl out of the chatroom.

This new woman I work for is very accomplished. She has a lot of letters after her name, a lot of stuff on her bio and resume and was sought out to work at our firm. Hell, she doesn’t even live in Chicago. She has an apartment here for when she flies in to work. She is someone I can respect as far as making something of herself.

But still there is something missing. The women I’ve worked for can be catty, they can go behind your back, they all have been helpless when it comes to little details but seems to treat me that like it’s expected. I can't quite explain it. It's a vibe maybe?

**DISCLAIMER: I am speaking from my limited experience. There very well might be women out there that I wouldn't get this vibe from.***

Now the exception being the last guy I worked for, that god forsaking prick of a man at my last job (did I mention they emailed me and want me back? HA HA HA HA HA. I about passed out from the gut laugh…all I could respond with was “Um. No”) may be a different story since he loved to treat the only 3 women in the office like his servant. However, all of the other men seemed to have that “treat women like a gentleman would” thing down. Women don’t have that built in it seems.

I guess my point in this is that I wish women, since we seem to have it much harder in the workplace and our own problems in the competitive world...I wish we could come together. Support each other, not try to one up.

This also could very well do with my thinking as well. I could be the one that prefers to work for men because I am a pretty good caregiver for guys in my life and have a knack for making myself “irreplaceable” at my job, so I'm actually the one competing. I also have a lot of guy friends, so maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I should take my own advice. Maybe I should cut back on the caffiene on a Friday too.



I have to brag on my man a bit publically. Every night this week he has made sure to have dinner on the table when I get home. Tonight we're having pumpkin seed and cranberry salad. Fellas, I don't know about your lady friend but to me, a man that cooks is equivalent to Joaquin Phoenix washing my car in a tiny white t-shirt and jeans. He would then turn to me from his bent over position on my hood, run his hand through his curly hair and smirk, "hey c'mere."

But wait...I digress. Sorry.

theMan does all the cleaning (mostly) including laundry, dishes and pulling hair from all drains. He works less than me in terms of hours and I think he's starting to realize how precious the 4 hours I have to myself a day is, that isn't spent in a cubicle under florescent lighting. So he's taking care of me, which really, is all this girl wants in life. A man willing to heat up some chilli so I don't have to on occasion. He's making me feel more relaxed.

I'm not exactly high maintenance, although I do have a penchant for bossiness and always being right. (Right Mr. Aries?)

Just wanted to give a big "shout out" as the kids say to theMan. LOVE YOU baby.

*Editor's notes: Just confirmed a mini-vacation at a secluded cabin in the woods down by the river for theMan's "Happy Birthday Sexy Skinny Man" celebration! Woo hoo! The best part, the lady on the phone had laringitis and assured me in her grovely tone they would provide jams to stock us up for the weekend! JAMS!*

Vagina Economics

As I stated around the first of the year, we’re using this year to get ready to have the babies. The great “Get My Uterus in Check during 2005” is in full swing. I’ve been to the doctor and given the “should be fine, but try to lose weight” speech. I’ve been trying to eat decently by going vegetarian, eating mostly organic and cutting out as much alcohol, drugs and caffeine as possible, except tea, well and I guess chocolate and the occasional cup of coffee. So not really, but hey...no soda or high fructrose corn syrup!! Weeee! My thyroid levels have also mellowed out although I’m still on a monthly blood check for awhile to be sure. The last stand is that I’ve started charting my temperature to track ovulation and well…checking something else that has the most disgusting name ever.

Okay, for the boy readers and my brothers and family members out there reading…sorry. We’re about to go a little gross. In fact, I’m about to utter the words: cervical mucous.

Bear with me...the temperature thing tells you where you are in your cycle. It lets you know when to expect your period, if you are ovulating regularly, if you have a long enough period to fertilize an egg should you want too, when to have sex and when not to have sex (if you use this method as birth control). It’s not 100% accurate but it’s an easy way to see if on a base level all the pipes are working on my end. Most sites recommend tracking it for a year to get a good idea how your pipes are functioning. So I should have a good deal of charting done if we start trying next spring. All I have to do is get up at the same time every day, throw a special thermometer in my mouth for 60 seconds, try not to move or talk and go about my business once it beeps.

This all gives me plenty of time to know my lower region and be totally ready when the time comes to knock me the hell up.

theMan already knows his lower region. In fact, he tells me he spends quality time with it daily so I’m pretty sure they are already best of friends. Me, well, I don’t think about it too much except when it’s making me curl up in the fetal position and shove fistfuls of Vicodin down my throat once every month. Other than that, I tend to just keep it trimmed and hope for the best while living in ignorance.

As I warned a few paragraphs ago along with charting your temperature, you are also supposed to check your cervical mucous. Here comes the gross science!

This icky stuff actually comes in handy, and you want as much of it as possible, and not only for lubing you up for those long bouts of crotch abuse you freaky readers like to give yourself. Apparently, the vagina is a very hostile place for sperm. During most of the cycle it forms a thick plug that prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Preceding the time of ovulation the mucous increases in volume, becomes thinner and more stretchy. In the middle of a woman's cycle cervical mucous provides a reservoir for sperm, thus assisting in fertilization. It serves a purpose even though it could be named “slug juice” and sound more appealing.

Now checking and tracking your mucous is not really any more intrusive than taking a glance at your undies on occasion. That’s easy enough. Not like I gotta shove a fist up there or something. It's just kinda weird to actually write it down daily. Maybe I should rename our plan the "Great Panty Check of 2005".

There’s our plan. By next February I hope to be implanted and fertilized and all manner of scientific names that don’t sound all that warm and fuzzy but will lead to a tiny little sweet smelling mini-Us that I swear I won’t name “Cervical Mucous” but I might use the initials as a tribute to my hard working girl bits.


Bad Blogg-uh

Hey ladies and gents! I know I know...I've been a wee slow in blogging lately. Turns out I'm a busy sun-of-a-bitch now that I've got this new promotion. What used to be my opportunity to blog about my life has now turned into a career. Egh...this adult living business is for the birds.

Anyhoo, I promise I will be posting something worthwhile here soon. THings are moving at breakneck speed for me right now. For instance:

1.) Just found out I might be traveling to California for work! Free trips anywhere are always my friend. Plus I kinda miss traveling like when I worked for Big Manufacturing Company back home. Woo hoo!

2.) I have a couple of interesting opportunities on the "employment" front that I will be looking into this weekend. It might be life-changing, at least location-wise.

3.) I'm ovulating! This might be confusing and I have a whole big post on the vagina-economics of how I'm taking my temperature and checking cervical mucous (yum) but trust me when I say...I'm finally fucking ovulating! Didn't think I was, more on this in a bit.

4.) We'll be staying with my bio-dad this weekend one night. This is the first time I've stayed with him overnight since I used to visit him in Chicago when I was about 8 years old. It's a big deal to me and I'm trying not to freak out.

5.) Might be taking a weekend away vacation next month too because the sweet gods of taxes are only making me pay $32.00 total to the feds this year! I feared it might be way more since we had some issues last year, but nope! Plus as a bonus, I just sent in my last dime to cover my medical bills from my surgery. Hopefully some financial relief is on the horizon. If anyone knows of some cute cabins in Illinois to rent, send them my way!

Whew.....back to the grind.


Our film is in another film festival!

Our film is being shown this Friday at the MovieSide Film Festival. Come check us out!

When:Friday Mar 17, 2006at 8:00 PM
Where: South Union Arts1352 S. Union Chicago, IL 60601

MovieSide Film Festival featuring Guy Maddin shorts

Check www.movieside.com for more info!



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So here we sit on a Saturday, making granola and chili, taking the dog to the beach and getting a bitchin (free massage) from my sister.

Now I'm so bored I could get a rise out of watching paint dry. Hmmmm....maybe it's movie time!


No Vacancy

This is the first weekend in quite awhile where I have absolutely nothing planned. I don’t have to be anywhere, obligations to anyone or even any real plans. There are things I’m going to get done, but only because I have the freedom to do it. Awwww...it feels good.

I have no freaking idea how I get so busy or booked up. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong!!! Makes me feel all loved and important to have places I need to be, but hey...sometimes I just want to cuddle with my boys in front of the tube all weekend in my PJs.

One of my plans this weekend is to practice my chili recipe for the charity chili cook-off I’ve been entered in at the local Irish pub. I’m going to enter a take on my “Colt 45 & a Tittie Fuck” chili. However, now it involves sweet potatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, adobo sauce and no meat. I imagine I will be the only meatless one there, so I gotta step it up a notch.

Speaking of no meat, the vegan cookbook is coming along nicely too. I’ve cemented 4 recipes and will be tackling 2 more this weekend. I’ve even got an opportunity to sell my wares at a festival back home this fall. Plenty of time to start cranking them out!!

We’re also going to take the puppy to the beach. It’s nearly 60 degrees here, and since it’s been about 10 degrees since November, we’re taking advantage. We took him to one of the dog parks last weekend and the good doctor was so stoked he did laps and humped dogs until he about passed out. I imagine once he sees an enormous body of water and no fences, we might not see him again.

The dog is becoming quite a little princess. He's evolved from dry food, to a mixture of dry food and canned food to now we just give him canned food, of course letting him lick the spoon every time we dish it out. He also still sleeps with us, but now has to "spoon" one of us and be tucked in at night with a blankie. Don't know how he suckered us...must be his sweet face. Can I just say though, nothing beats coming home and having him so excited to see you that he almost can't contain himself! Makes me want to forgive him for peeing on my x-box.

Yet another plan is to finally finish my late cousin’s video. This is the one I’m doing for my cousin’s sisters and mother and such of all of his home videos and pictures. It’s really given me a chance to grieve for him, but I tell you, it also takes a lot out of me. I usually do editing projects like this straight through all night, but this one I’ve just been chipping away at. Circling, not wanting to dive in. All that is left is to organize the photo slideshows and I can deliver the goods. Wish me luck.

So this post is sorta just a “hey, what are you up too” thing. That’s what I get for no goal in mind when I start typing.


Happy Birthday E-rocka!

A big "Welcome to 27" to my cousin/psuedo sister/fertilityfriend.com mentor/confidante/therapist/co-troublemaker/tattoo getting spontaneously bud/role model in strength/free alcohol giving/best friend.

Enjoy your day Tootsie....love you bunches!


Hospital Hell

If I could have the attention of whoever is in charge of pulling the "go to the hospital" lever up in Godville?

If you could maybe take a 10 minute break, get some coffee, stretch your legs...we'd all greatly appreciate it.


theMan has an official blog

theMan now has a permanent blogging home located here. Be sure to drop by and encourage him to keep writing his thoughtful and informative diatribes. I personally didn't like myspace.com's offerings so I helped him create a brighter, more inviting set-up.

I like his brain farts, but hey, I'm a little biased.

So welcome!

Saint Paddy’s Day

There is an opportunity to show up at my local Irish pub on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and drink Irish Funeral shots and eat donuts followed by boarding a tour bus with 4 kegs down to Beverley for the St. Patrick’s Parade. Then they will drive us back to the bar for beer and pizza later that night. All of this is only $40.00.

Only in Chicago would I be considering this just because I don’t want to drive myself and try to find parking. Cirrhosis of the liver or trying to parallel park with 3 million of my closest Chicago neighbors?

Tough call.


Jack Nasty

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The Oscar party was held at IKEA headquarters this year, aka Jason's pimp pad and it was a blast! To the right you'll see my take on Brokeback Mountain, the taco dip years.

Even though Joaquin didn't win, I did get to see him in a tux. It was worth it.

Happy Birthday Carla

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today. I called her mom, so writing mother-in-law sounds pretty weird. But for your sake, and since you’ve all been so patient while trying to keep up with all my dad’s, brothers, half-brothers, step-half brothers, I’ll just call her by her title.

It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday, her name is Carla. I cannot do justice to the feelings I have of how much I want to pick up the phone, ask her how she’s doing and wait for her to answer with some laughter while she takes a drag off her Misty 120 in between sips of her fountain pop, extra ice. She was a funny, loud, opinionated woman who did everything she could for her kids to the best of her ability and laughed with her whole body. She shook when she laughed. I’ll always have a clear picture of that.

She loved me like her own daughter, even told her son not to fuck it up when she barely knew me. She added my birthstone on her favorite pin she’d wear everyday without second thought, and later was buried with it. I was never put through a test for her love, she gave it right away. That’s who she was.

She was always there for her kids. Proud at even the smallest accomplishments. She put theMan's band sticker on her new beloved Blazer without hesitation. Now theMan gets sick to his stomach that she won’t be here to see her grandkids. I feel like part of my responsibilities of being her daughter-in-law is to make sure my kids know about her and who she was but oh how I wish she was still around to teach them how to play Skip-bo and give them embarrassing stories about their dad.

A funny story...when we were having a big family planning session to figure out how to pull off a Halloween wedding, my mother and step-mother (at the time) were driving me nuts. Pushing their opinions, harassing me about our choices, etc. I finally escaped with Carla so she could smoke some cigs. Carla told me in between drags, “I don’t know what the big fucking deal is...it’s your wedding.”

She mattered.

And god damn it, I miss her.

(Go read theMan’s tribute to her on his myspace.com blog.)


And so it begins....

S.D. Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law.

-Roughtly 800 abortions are performed in South Dakota a year.
-The US Census Bureau reports there were roughly 770,883 people living in South Dakota in 2004.
-Female persons, in 2000: 50.4%

If I'm doing my math correctly, doesn't that mean that only 0.2% of the population of South Daktota get abortions. So yea, obviously we should ban them because my god....that is really effecting a lot of the people in SD.

Looking at the rest of their stats, seems to me like there are bigger issues in SD.

-Persons below poverty, 1999: 13.2%
-Minority-owned firms, percent of total, 1997: 2.5%
-Women-owned firms, percent of total, 1997: 21.5%
-Median household income, 1999: $35,282

Your homework tonight? Look up "Patriarchy" and report back.


Friday's Feast

Some fluff for your Friday.

How many pillows and blankets do you sleep with?
1 pillow, 1 blanket. We do things different in our house. From that first night on his parents floor, we each have ALWAYS had our own set of blankets in the same bed. On those super cold nights we might share all the blankets like normal, but mostly I have my own comforter and he has his. This has worked wonders. I don’t know why more people don’t do this! The best part: We can cuddle and still set our own temperatures.

What are you currently "addicted" to?
Crystal Meth...oh wait...um...baking, dlisted.com’s Flava of Love Recaps and staying warm.

If you could make a small change to your current routine or schedule that would make you just a little bit happier, what would it be?
I would exercise more (obviously) and allow more time for singing in the car.

Main Course
Which adjective do you find yourself using often?

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?
No...I was too scarred from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.



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Added some more pictures to keep you occupied in your cubicle.

This one is one of my favorites of my boys. Plus, it's got a nice shot of theMan's bicep. Yum.


Gracie Walks!

I've thrown together some footage from my digital camera while I was in Ohio a couple weeks ago.

For your Quicktime using, viewing pleasure:


Also (insert PLUG tag here), theMan has posted a pretty interesting little ditty on his blog on myspace.com. Go check it out. All about food and some dandy information to go along with it.

Welcome Aeron

I've had the pleasure of being able to add Aeron's bat cave to my links at the side (under Artsy Fartsy). This is a gentleman you should all make yourself familiar with.

Not only has he saved my ass in film productions, but he's beyond talented. (Hell, we have 3 walls covered with his stuff and not just anyone gets up on our walls. There is a strict screening process complete with blood samples, a talent show and bikini competition.)

So go check him out. He promises more up later, maybe even at a different site. So stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Jen-nifer

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I don't know what it is, but the first few bars of Tom Petty's "American Girl" makes me want to dance in my kitchen immediately.

That's sorta what it's like to be around Jennifer. She is like a good beat to a classic song that you can't help but grab the stranger next to you and just start grooving.

It's her birthday today so go give her some lovin'. The past year, hell 2 years, have been giving her a hard time but you'd never know it by talking to her. She grows more gorgeous every day and I think this year is going to be a great one for her.

Love you sis, enjoy your day!