So the "taking of the thyroid" has got me a little freaked out, I admit. But what else can you do? I've decided I'm going to try to really focus on my eating and health for awhile. If I have to have only one thyroid, I'm going to stay as healthy as possible to make sure I don't have to take drugs to regulate the sucker. Wish me luck! I've almost became vegetarian, although I don't deny myself any 4-legged friends if I so desire. It's just been habit since theMan is rocking the vegan diet. It's actually made me feel very energized.

That and at least 8 hours of good sleep a night with no soda, except coffee. So far I've felt great. So last night it sunk in. After eating essentially 3 pounds of meat yesterday at lunch and how that affected me (almost puking all night), since having not really ate meat in the last 3 weeks, well, it just sorta hit me. Maybe I can regulate this new life with one thyroid through diet and maybe exercise down the road. We'll see. Just call me semi-hippy for awhile.

Going to see Taj Mahal tonight with the sis and friends. I hope to dance and sway like a white girl in a sea of funky individuals. No drinkie for me because I have bloodwork on Monday, but that's okay. I find the older I get the less hangovers entice me. God Bless Pot!


Great News!

NOT! I just got a call from my surgeon. They looked at my CT Scan results and they said the cyst in my throat is actually in the thyroid gland instead of on the outside like previously thought.

So...I have to have my entire thyroid removed on that side and just rock out with one. He said I shouldn’t have to be on medication for it but they will keep a close eye on it and if so, I’ll just have to take a pill the rest of my life to steady it. They also want to do an ultrasound on my other one to make sure it’s not funky as well. So this means an extra day in the hospital and possible drugs the rest of my life, but that’s not for certain.

I think my ass clenched up when I got the call and the nurse said, "The doctor wants to talk to you about your results." After what Jen is going through, it sorta set me on edge. Thankfully things are okay so I'm not bitching. Jen wins the award for shitty scary medical drama of the year and I'm not edging her out with a little thyroid problem. But it is strange to have to have a body part removed.

So yea, there's my news. Weeeee.



A couple nearly nekkid
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Here's a photo of theMan's tattoo finally along with mine all cleaned up and one day of healing under our belt. It was quite a painful day sitting in Jury Duty until noon but thankfully that let out early and I got to lounge on my stomach the rest of today in just my PJ's. (To clarify: theMan's tattoo represents his mother and him in numbers that mean something special to him.)

A sad note today...because hell, why not keep em' coming...E. got bad news again this month of trying. She's in a very hard place right now and god damn it, I'm tired of her being there. Say a collective "howdy" to her for me, would ya?


Lewd, Screwed and....

Lewd, Screwed and....
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No, this is not a picture of me taking it from behind. In fact, I finally cashed in my birthday present to myself.

Click on the picture to see what Kitten bought herself for her birthday.

theMan got him his first tattoo as well. I think he's hooked too.



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As promised here is a picture of my throat cyst. I'm not supposed to have an Adam's Apple. In a month, I won't have it any longer.

Thanks for the good wishes with Jennifer by the way. You all are sweeties. Keep the love a' comin.



I wish that last post wasn't the only thing I've said for the past 2 days. But I lost my internet connection and I'm only getting it back 2 minutes at a time.

Anyways, go here...and wish her some good luck because she needs our internet lovin' right now.

I can't properly express what this girl means to me. The "C" word can suck it if it thinks it's going to hurt MY friend.

Love you Jen. We're all right here baby.


I guess I'll be Carrie

If my life with the GWO's is going to resemble that of the last season of Sex & the City, I'd at least like some better fucking shoes.


My hump my hump, my lovely lady hump.

I don't want to get you guys all worked up in a frenzy, but I must tell you that later tonight I hope to uplaod pictures of my neck cyst!! The one that will be removed in November. I want to take a vote on names for it. Since it's only got a month countdown to destruction and I've had it for 3 years, I feel like I should finally embrace it and at least give it a proper name.

Although it's been nothing but a pain. I cough constantly, I have to clear my throat all the time and it caused my Grandma to stop mid-sentence and say, "Wow, I can't stop staring at it." The only cool thing about it is I've learned to spit like a major league ball player at great distances and with alarming velocity.

My friends have advised me to draw a little target on it or a face for when I go into surgery. I think I will, just to give the good doctors a chuckle and to make sure they don't lob off an arm or something in mistake.

However, I must confess...the prospect of losing my voice, a feature of myself that I love, sorta freaks me out more and more when I think about it. I like that I can sound like a hillbilly porn star on the phone with clients at work. I like that I can be loud or laugh full belly or whisper into a phone on the train. A kitten needs to be able to purr, right? I realize the doctors have to tell you what could go wrong as a liability issue or something, but still. EEEEEEP.


Book Pile Update

I'm back in my reading like crazy mind set, so I've updated my "In My Book Pile" links to the side. I've even added a site where you can download mp3's of the Carlos Castenda books for your iPod or other like-minded mp3 player pleasure.

I highly recommend the Carlos books on the teachings of Don Juan. He chronicles his experiences with an Indian man and his teachings of using peyote and other natural plant hallucinogenics with furthering his quest for spiritual knowledge. Hard to put down.

Watched Kung Fu Hustle last night and I now know what I'm going to be for Halloween. Holy shit that movie is GREAT!! The people who are the most bad ass of fighters aren't who you'd expect, it's funny and the fighting sequences are intense.

Whew...there's my reviews for the week.


Moo on the grill

Moo on the grill
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I've finished uploading the rest of the pics from this weekend, (go here) plus I got suckered into a Flickr.com account so now I have a snazzy badge over to the side. No more updating of the Random Pic! Not that I did anyways.

Tonight as I sit here organizing my Flickr.com account, Moo cooks up a vegan stir fry complete with orange juice, cranberry, jasmine rice sprinkled with feta cheese. She's going to make someone an excellent mistress someday.

Top of the cock

Jdogg on the top of the cock
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My cousins came up for a visit this weekend. You can see the pictures by clicking on this one to the right. It was amazing. Laughs, eats, shopping and drinks...all of which our family is good for. We shopped, ate mexican food, danced in our living room, had breakfast on the YECK!?, went to the zoo and drank a $11.00 cocktail on the Top of the Cock. I think they had a good time, I know I did.

It's hard to put into words just what my big family means to me, but it's comforting. I know they have my back.

I'll upload more pics including a short clip of a very drunk Jeremiah playing air guitar to Dave Matthews...priceless.

Hope your weekends were well too.


S to the Sciz-ope

I forgot to tell you about what they did today at the doctor! He numbed my nostrils and throat with spray and ran a long tube scope through my nose back down my throat and I had to make the EEEEEE sound. It had a little light on it.

At first I thought the gods had smiled upon me because as they were getting ready to insert and I was fighting back big girlie tears of fear, it broke. But no, the handy freaking secretary runs in and says, "I can fix it!"

Thankfully it was over in less than 30 seconds, but I could have lived a long life not knowing what it felt like in the middle of my skull.

Internet cafe

Internet cafe
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This picture represents the future of communication.

Sorry I've been quiet this week. This week has just flown by right under my feet. Some highlights: My mom broke her leg and had surgery yesterday, I finally got some furniture for the kitchen and oh...I'm having throat surgery which happens to be scheduled on the Day of the Fucking Dead.


Mom's surgery seems to fine, although she's off work for awhile and of course, I don't feel like I'm getting the full story. Our furniture rocks (click next in Flickr) and thanks to Jzn's van and 3 hours of madness, both of us are ready to be adults.

Speaking of, I bartered for a ride to Ikea in exchange for putting together Jzn's furniture for him...little did I know he was buying 2 rooms full. But I can take it...so BRING IT ON OBSCURE IKEA INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

My surgery is for this cyst on my neck that is increasing in size and making me have to clear my throat all the time. I sorta look like I have an adam's apple, which is nice. I thought the surgery would be fairly easy, but it's turning into a month long fest of bloodwork, physicals, CT scans and 2-3 days laid up in the hospital. I'll be alright, but I'm not sure my man's nerves can take it. He's already freaking out (which is cute). The only risk to this surgery is if the doctor clips the nerve behind the cyst, I will come out with a high pitched monotone voice. I'll just change my name to Paris Hilton and start snorting coke. No big whup.

But hey...I'll end this post with a special shout-out to Rodney who is celebrating his birthday tonight with motorcycles, 8 pounds of ground beef and beer...oh yes...there will be beer.


wisconsin death trip

wisconsin death trip
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Sadly I remembered I brought my camera after the lovely Ms. Lombard went to bed. So I can't show you the crazy amount of food she showered us with or her bitchin' new hair cut...but I can assure you, the Lombards can treat you right when you come to their pad.

All I can give you is a small clip depicting why these folks are the gnarliest around. Without much further ado, I present.....

a video depicting the way Matt pisses off his cat.


Don't cha know!

We're heading out to Wis-to the con-sin this morning to kick it real heavy with the Lombards. I plan on making my dudes listen to 50 Cent the entire way too because I'm driving and that's how I roll.

I'll show you magic, what what?



Jesus Christ.....these people make decisions for us.

(Thanx to Farkers)

Spoken like a true poet

Spoken like a true poet
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First something to brighten your spirits.....from DListed.com

And now, something to depress them....

Hunter S. Thompson's alleged suicide note:

"No more games. No more bombs. No more walking. No more fun. No more swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No fun--for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax--this won't hurt."

Damn you, you old bastard.

Thankfully this is going to be made into a film.


An email from New Orleans

In an email from a dear friend concerning their pal from New Orleans:

E. finally made it out of the French Quarter on Monday night. Him and his brother are currently at the un-official MoCo evacuation center (a.k.a. The Moondance Ranch). They came with offerings of looted good wine and top shelf bourbon. We are working with the local Red Cross office to get food and clothes vouchers for them, as well as their $2000 FEMA debit card that has been promised to all evacuees.

He has incredible stories, and if you may have seen him on MSNBC or FOX. His buddy Joshua Clark has been all over NPR airwaves talking about life down in the quarter after the storm. They formed an impromptu tribe and gathered (looted) items for several shut-ins in the neighborhood. They also cleaned up all the debris from Jackson Square, swept the streets, had a pool party every night complete with lot's of booze and barbecued food. He was really in the thick of it. Josh is working on a book about the experience and has been recording on tape several interviews. They had a Miami Herald reporter and photographer with them for an all night party on Sunday night. He apparently interviewed the whole group quite extensively (and got so drunk and mushroomed that he puked all over himself!).

I gave him a blank notebook to start putting in down chronologically. The stories are amazing. He showered with looted baby wipes and swimming in the pool. There is a bar they keep mentioning on the news called Johnny Whites. It has a bunch of hold-outs in it that were just drinking the whole time. Earth took a bunch of National Guard MRE's and water bottles there and traded for bottles of booze! Too funny.

I will tell you that he is currently overwhelmed with how much death occurred. His neighborhood turned to tight groups of friends helping others and keeping spirits up. Meanwhile a few blocks away, there were masses of people living like third world refugees and being shot, raped, and witnessing all the ugliness that societal neglect can bring out in people. America needs to wake up to a lot of issues that are currently slapping us in the face. The state of the economic divide. The lack of infrastructure funding. The loss of natural resources/wetlands. The environmental damage we create. The mis-guided use of our tax dollars. The complete state of denial that our leaders work in.

It should all come out. This event is 10 times bigger than 9-11. This is an event that started as a natural disaster and proved to be a man-made catastrophe!

Scared Straight

theMan went to an old mental hospital in Illinois last week with some of his pals. They caught video footage as well as a ton of pictures of this exceptionally creepy place. It was the Illinois State Hospital from the 20's until the mid-80's and had almost 8,000 patients at one time. At one time they had their own in-house Typhoid Fever outbreak which resulted in 30 deaths a month. Some of these sick patients were boarded up in their rooms until they died for lack of anything else to do with them. It was reportedly 40 buildings large and has tunnels leading to all buildings underground.

These tunnels are where theMan caught some exceptionally creepy footage. Click here and tell me those aren't footsteps you hear overhead. The building was COMPLETELY empty when they went...there was NOBODY that was walking over their head, and especially not loud enough to be heard in the tunnels. More creepy footage to come but this is the loudest of the footsteps for now.

Remind me to show you the bathing room completely covered in black marker. Eeep.

(Need Quicktime to play.)


Courtesy of Kelly

Q. What is worse than a worm in your apple?

A. The Holocaust!

Coming to you live from Bad Taste Central! Want another one?

Jesus walks into a hotel with a hand ful of nails and asks the front desk clerk, "Can you put me up for the night?"

Oh...I could go on all night folks!


Mi Amor

Mi Amor
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I've uploaded the pix from the film shoot this weekend. I'm slowly adding comments so feel free to wait awhile.

This one is of Luz and I chatting away while we waited for our next cue. I met some great people (and not-so-great, but I'm not giving her any of my blog space in describing her) on this film shoot. That makes it all worthwhile.

Congrats Jen & Jose for finishing part one of the trilogy. It's going to be amazing.


Just a little bit

Picture 002
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My god people. I heard "Hollaback Girl" so many times this weekend I could play it by memory on any keyboard and drum sampler.

The wedding was incredibly fun, sad and foggy. We pretty much cleared the dance floor after awhile, until 2:00 a.m. and emptied many a bottle of rum. My sister danced on the tables while I screamed across the reception room, "New Stepdad! Buy me a drink!" There is even video footage of us singing "Friends in Low Places" to my mom. Wow. Some highlights though:

-Seeing my aunt smile.
-Jamie carrying around the punch bowl sized peanut bowl from the food table.
-Opening the hotel door to find Ta-nay laying in the hallway holding our room key out like a homing device.
-Seeing my cousin Jeremiah absolutely lose his mind during "Joy to the World".
-Being around family and being drunk. There are even more pics here.

The filming went fabulous too. I'll be uploading pics from that shortly with full details. But I must tell you, on Saturday night we stopped into our hometown bar and saw about 50+ people we had known in high school followed by having to call the police because a donkey was in the middle of the highway. Oh sweet Indiana.

Such a great visit and weekend but my liver needs a few days to recover.


Wedding Ho!!!

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We're on our way now to the wedding in the park. Much drinking and dancing to commence momentarily.

Have a good weekend readers.


Currently hopping around in joy!

My new favorite word:


I mean, how was she supposed to bring about world peace and end suffering if she can't email her thoughtfully worded notes to various leaders because she's sick?

Thank you thank you thank you thank you...to whoever was listening this time.

Do, Ray, Igon

I took my whiny “only blame god for bad things happening” attitude home last night and had a “girls only evening” with the Ja-miester. We downloaded and danced to rap songs, made cocktails, watched Ghostbusters 2 and painted our nails and toes. Then I woke up this morning and got the paper and felt like I should have been donating my time to the Red Cross.

Holy shit. I guess I have been staying away from the news lately and when I saw all the horrible, devastating pictures of the wreckage that is the south, it was heartbreaking. The picture of people sleeping along the Interstate is incredible. All those poor people.

Let’s do something.