Do it in the dresser with your feet in the drawers

Damn, I love music. Here are my latest finds:

1.) Gett off - Prince (Move ya big ass round this way so I can work on that zipper, baby)

2.) Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen (if I was a stripper, I'd only dance to this song)

3.) Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys (reminds me of "Rappers Delight")

4.) Land of Confusion - Genesis (One of my favorite music videos)

5.) Got to Give it Up - Marvin Gaye (there's a party in the background, need I say more?)

6.) Batdance - Prince (Vicki Vale, Vicki Vale)

7.) Eaten by the Monster of Love - Sparks (dig this band, thanks Jen K.)

8.) Dear God - XTC (song gives me chills, okay, I admit it)

9.) Wonderwall - Ryan Adams (much much much better than the Oasis version) and if you like that, check out "Come Pick Me Up" by Mr. Adams (With lyrics like: "Screw all my friends, they're all full of shit")

10.) Sympathy for the Devil - David Byrne version (yum, and live)

11.) Kiss me I'm shitfaced - Dropkick Murphys

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Any other suggestions? Leave me a comment.

Best news article ever

Article from Ash:
Vengeance' swipes cake, eats it, too

A 6-foot-tall, 275-pound bearded man crashed a children's birthday party in Oak Forest, identified himself as "vengeance," then helped himself to a piece of cake, police said.

The incident occurred earlier this month at a home in the 14800 block of South Landings Lane in the south suburb, Deputy Police Chief Nick Sparacino said.

When the owner of the home asked the man who he was, the intruder replied, "I am vengeance. I am the knight. I am Batman." Then the man went into the kitchen, cut a piece of birthday cake, took it into the living room and ate it.

After continued questioning by the homeowner, the man left the house and drove off in a red 1988 Cadillac.

Police haven't found the man yet and want to charge him with criminal trespass.

"I've been on the job 31 years and I've seen a lot of weird stuff, but nothing like this," Sparacino said.


Hungover Musings

You know why I think God is a man? Because one of the more pleasurable positions during sex for most women (that I know) is doggy-style, but the minute you're done and you stand up straight again, it sounds like Donald Duck & his nephews are having an indepth conversation concerning politics in your vagina.

Lost In Translation

For those of you who don't speak Kitten-Drunk-ese...let's translate last night's transmission.

Yesterday I made chicken chilli which apparently is better than a Colt 45 and a titty fuck to some of my friends. For the recipe, please drop me a line. We also then decided to hit up a birthday party of some co-workers of Jen K.

LaToya, who strangely enough shares a birthday with Michael Jackson, is a rockin' chick who can throw a freaking party!! Many drinks were shared and I even got to show my dominoe skills to some party goers. My only regret was not being able to slam my last piece down and yell "Dominoe Muthafucker!"

At one point in the evening LaToya, Wanda (her hip roommate) and Jen K. were quoting and acting out scenes from "What's Love Got To Do With It" and I think I peed a little from laughing my ass off.


I ended the evening by stripping down to my undies and dancing to a Michael Jackson marathon on MTV2. You know that dance you can do when you know nobody is looking? Yea, I was balls out rockin' the hiz-ouse in my skivvies. "I wanna rock wit chu...all night!" Halfway through my interpretive dance, I spotted theMan peeking out from the door. He seemed to be watching in amazement and disbelief before shaking his head and going to bed.

Today, well I'm nursing a hangover but it's all good in the Sizzlerhood. How you guys doin'?


Damn, that's nasty

Rodney said my chilli was better than a titty fuck and a Colt 45. That's probably my highest compliment I've ever got.

I'm drunk. It's 11:53 p.m. on a Sunday night and I've had 3 rum & cranberry juices plus multiple smoothies & Asti drinks. So I thought I'd write and see what happens.

Rodney said my chilli was good. theMan wasn't real pissed that I was drunk when I got home from a birthday party we went to in Homboldt Park. It was LaToya's birthday and she had a party with Wanda at her apartment. I played dominoes and almost won. I gave hi-5's to people I didn't know and I danced to "Thriller". Happy Birthday LaToya!!!!

Annie Mae, have some cake Annie Mae!

Guess what? Michael Jackson: "I wanna rock with you!" is on MTV2!!!! I'm dancing in my underwear.

Sunday Again

I figured since I'm going to be a bride I better start doing my womanly duties.


Here comes the bride

So yea. I gotta be a zombie bride in a week because the grand finale of our little film is a big ol' wedding, dead-style. So I looked around online, I used my pal Jennifer's past attempts at inspiration and came up with a veil all on my own!

Now boys, you may not realize it, but wedding shops like to sell veils to unsuspecting young brides for anywhere from $100-$300 dollars a piece! When if you make it yourself, it's about $8.00 give or take.

I didn't get to wear a veil in my actual wedding, so I had a little fun playing dress-up. Of course, this veil will be blood splattered. Aw, all that hard work. But now I need your opinions, stick with the white veil, or go black??

Your thoughts?

Friday Five

How about some Friday Fives? I mean, come on. What else do you have to do?

1. When was the last time you laughed?

Out loud? Like a guffaw? Last night watching "Tough Crowd" on Comedy Central. The only white guy on the show retorted to an insult from a black guy with, "The only reason you're on the show is for color."

2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?

Rodney over his amazing ability to be the biggest pussy in the western hemisphere when it comes to women and saying no to "nasty nachos". ;)

3. Who was the last person you emailed?

I sent a reply to that nice person who keeps sending me information on making my penis grow so I can pleasure my woman. Yes, that's important.

4. When was the last time you bathed?
Last night because the only possible way to get to sleep in this god forsaking humidity is to shower in ice cold water, jump out stark naked and plop yourself down on the bed in front of fan until you pass out from exhaustion.

5. What was the last thing you ate?
Soy yogurt and string cheese at about 2:30. Nothing witty about that.


Pix up in ya'

There are new pix up in the zombie album...Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Then scroll to the bottom.

They are from our big filming night where we did 5 scenes all in Jen K.'s dark scary basement on Sunday. Things have sorta ground to a halt the past couple days. Hope to be back in full swing this weekend since it's almost the end of August and that was our deadline. Not anyone's fault though. Monday we had a cook-out and Tuesday we got free grub courtesy of our boss...so ya know.

Oh, I forgot to tell you folks. I really liked "Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky but I think my new favorite of his is "El Topo." I didn't even finish it and I still loved it!! Odd Obsession is becoming the coolest thing about living in Chicago.

Anyhoo...that's all tonight. Chow.

You and what army?

I had a conversation with "pussyeaterextrodinaire" on Yahoo Dominoes today. Nice chap from the UK, who's girlfriend gave him the name.

I had to show him my hat just so he knew he wasn't alone. ;)

He also has helped me come up with a few titles should I ever turn my zombie movie into a porn:

"Porn of the dead" or "Not only the dead shall rise"

How about those apples?

I'm bored

Some things about me, because I'm vain and bored to tears at my job today.

1. I live in a state of constant denial.
2. I'm a tall glass of cocksucker.
3. I'd prefer to wear a skirt than any other article of clothing.
4. When I paint my toes, it's an event in my house, and lasts usually 45 minutes.
5. It's one of my only beauty routines I take my time on.
6. I am easily persuaded.
7. My favorite color is the sky when it is deep blue without clouds.
8. But my favorite weather is gloomy and rainy but warm.
9. I have a lot of good memories with warm rain involved.
10. I hate socks.
11. From April until October, I wear only flip-flops.
12. They turn the bottoms of my feet dark black.
13. Speaking of toes, they are now chrome purple.
14. I have movies that I watch over and over.
15. But I have to watch them alone to really enjoy them.
16. I use "FUCK" in almost every sentence I speak.
17. It does not bother me in the least that I do this at work.
18. However, I do not use that word in front of my grandma.
19. I hate opera music, it makes me want to swerve into oncoming traffic.
20. However, I secretly love hip-hop much to my husband's disgust.
21. But only hip-hop with retarded lyrics.
22. I want to be a comic book letterer in my next life.
23. I also want to be a skinny comic book letterer in that life.
24. I cannot watch rape scenes in movies without becoming physically ill.
25. I have never seen the following movies: Gremlins, Goonies, Star Wars or Reservoir Dogs.
26. However, I have seen Better Off Dead, Amazon Women From the Moon, and almost every episode of the original Twilight Zone and Star Trek.
27. I was a can of deoderant for Halloween when I was 10.
28. I have no idea what to be this year.
29. Halloween is almost 2 months away.
30. I'm already bored of this list...good-bye.


Very scary

Last night we loaded up on brauts, steaks, portabello mushrooms, baked beans, cheesecake, mango rum (yes, Bacardi, Eric!) and beer (lots of beer) and headed out to a little patch of land behind our pals house for a cook-out jamboree to thank the guys for helping with the big movie project we filmed Sunday.

In true white people fashion we had all the fixin's: Guns N' Roses on the ghetto blaster, mixed fruity drinks and turkish Wizard of Oz on the TV upstairs. Okay, well not all of that is typical white people fashion, but it could be with a little imagination. Side note: if you enjoy drugs, get really high and watch anything Turkish, it will blow your mind.

The food was incredible, and the night was simply gorgeous so sitting outside in the city surrounded by good buds on a summer night was a phenomenal time. A summer night full of laughs that makes you stop and think, "Damn, this has been one of the best summers of my life."

The only downer was after the party.

Living in the city can be scary, but fortunately we haven't had too many bad experiences. Until last night as we were walking home from the cookout. We left our car because we were drunk so we started walking home, which is only about 3 blocks away. This guy gets off the neighbor's porch (he doesn't live there) as we walk past and follows behind us for 2 blocks. theMan gets on his cell and calls back to the house telling them to come outside for help. So we circle around and the guy still follows us. I yell at him to "Fuck off" and he starts in with "I just want to ask you a question, come on. I don't mean any trouble."

As we walk up to the pals house again they are all out on the porch. The guy follows us all the way up to their porch. He starts saying he just wanted to ask me a question about his girlfriend and he doesn't want any trouble. He just wants to talk to me. Ugh. The guy is obviously drunk but I wonder, would he have followed us all the way home?

I am quite shaky at this point but feeling much better with all of our friends out there. I stand behind Lance as he yells at him just to feel safe. He was outnumbered but I guess the drama queen in me is running through my mind what could have happened were I alone or theMan alone. Things get a little heated, we all are telling him to fuck off and go home, etc. He just won't leave so they keep him there why we walk home to safety. Every few steps checking behind us.

Once home we get a call from the pals that the cops did come (no one called but we told the guy we did). On our way home we saw cops with their lights off circling the block so I assume it was those cops. The cops threw his beer bottle on the sidewalk and smashed it as they yelled at him. Turns out the drunk guy was evicted from an apartment we were suppose to go look at last month and has been living under the porch. Glad we didn't take that apartment! He argued with the cops and wouldn't go home. I guess finally they got the guy back across the street and took off.

Shortly after the cops leave, the drunk guy comes back out shirtless and starts yelling and screaming about God directed towards our friend's house. The cops come again and take him to their police car for a talk and, I hope, a search.

Eventually they let him go and it was quiet, at least as far as I know. I must explain, our neighborhood is really nice, but it's a big city. You can't have 3 million people without a few whackos here and there. Still, I won't be walking home alone ever now.

I'm trying to not think about what could have happened because nothing really did. Still, I'm a little unnerved. Seeing someone following you in the middle of the night is really fucking scary.

Looks like my hunting knife is going back in my purse.


Go Zomie Go

Another productive weekend that I feel I must share.

Friday I worked on some film rewrites with Jen K. and did some film editing for my cousin's wedding. Man, film editing is like a good drug or a good man--keeps you up all night and satisfied.

Saturday my family came up and we went site seeing by taking a boat ride down the Chicago River, which was lovely. After they left, we watched a movie that literally blew my freaking mind. Takashi Miike is a favorite film director of one of our friends, and we loved "The Happiness of the Katakuris" but his film, Visitor Q, was incredible. I just can't explain it other than it's shocking but beautiful. At the end we all sorta felt like it was a really touching story, but it really shouldn't have been. I don't know, I'm not good at reviews, I just know what I like.

Yesterday however, was a big one. We went to the Air & Water show until about 3:00 then headed back to work on the film. Ended up filming 5 scenes, which included completing the entire Zombie Compound footage as well as the last Culture Jamming sequence. It took until about 2 a.m. but god damn, it was worth it. Fortunately, because we were all exhausted we got tons of good outtakes too. This sucker is definitely going to have some "special features" sections.

It's going so well it's scary. We've only refilmed one scene and that's just because we didn't love the lighting. Everyone is doing a great job. I don't even mind coming home with bruises, last night even got some on the palm of my hands from being thrown. But you know what, I freaking don't mind one bit! We've got a huge scene coming up back in my hometown in 2 weeks. So all you C'ville people that read this, save Labor Day for us!!

My dad called yesterday and was stoked about being a zombie. He said, "What's my motivation?" To which I replied, "Brains, other people got them and you want them." His response: "Kitten, that's the story of my life."

Hee hee.

And now, theMan's gnarly saying for the week:
"Make like a fetus, and head out."


Dad, you rock

My dad kicks ass. He just called to find out about the zombie flick and to ask that I make him a country music video because he's working on a new song. But it has to have some Roger Rabbit type stuff with him riding an animated horse which he will draw for me.

I mean seriously, does someone get cooler than that? I just don't know.


Oh what a night

Here is some photographic evidence of the best 26th Birthday this Kitten has ever had!

I started my big day off with tons of emails, IM's and calls from my friends and family from all over, a birthday thread from the IAK boys, then I get a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my GWO girls, followed by a kick ass birthday film card movie thingy from Jen K. which made me laugh out loud, all before I got to leave a 1/2 hour early from work!!!!

After work, theMan surprised me with some lovely flowers too. (Are you about to pass out from the sheer warm fuzzys? I am.) We then headed to the Raw Bar for some downright yummy seafood. My goodness, the crispy salmon is da' bomb. Jzn bought me a birthday martini with pomegrante juice, brown sugar, vodka & a cherry & my god was it delicious!

After the meal, the waiter brought us a free birthday shot for me in a martini glass on fire!! After it cooled it tasted and smelled like roasted marshmellows. I believe they said it was the number 43 in spanish. Never heard of it, plus the brought each of my homies shots as well which tasted like fruit punch. Needless to say, we left feeling really really happy.

We then drove to Odd Obsession but it was closed, so we picked up an ice cream cake and headed back home.

Once we'd stuffed ourselves silly we hit up the Double Door to see our pal Brian's band, Buried at Sea, play. Brian hooked me up with a free shirt and gee, I felt like the coolest birthday girl on the block! ESPECIALLY after they rocked my fuckin' socks off when they got on stage. I think they say the play at 666 decibels and I'd say, yes. It was music that seems to make one think it would be played on your descent into hell.

We ended the night drinking a few beers, running in the rain and watching a movie. All to come home to my cuddly man-bear.

You can go to my album for more pics.

Thanx again everyone, you guys make me feel so good. Smooches!


Happy Birthday Body

I made it! 26 years in this body of mine. Egads! I could write something totally introspective and personal, but fuck it. I just want to get some kick ass seafood, tune into some heavy metal and get cozy with some of my nearest and dearest.

Expect pics tomorrow...

Things that don't count on your birthday:
-Calories/fat grams/weight
-What you wear
-What you consume (be it drugs, food or bodily fluids)
-What you do (be it dancing on tables, falling out of a cab or farting during dessert)

Get it on!

Oh and check out Jen K.'s latest film adventure...scroll down to the last one on the page (Mexican Beat It. You won't be dissappointed.



I forgot to mention that after I got my make-up done we went over to the Sushi restaurant to round up Ash for the shot. We walked in only to be chased by this little old Asian woman yelling, "Excuse me, excuse me! Are you bleeding!?"

From these pics, is that not the biggest understatement you've heard?

Hide Your Beer!
(Need Quicktime to view)

Also, check the ZOMBIE ALBUM (link on the sidebar) for some additional pix of Jen K.'s kick ass wound magic!)

Birthday List

I just got this email regarding my birthday celebrations tomorrow. Now I'm afraid.

Make sure to bring:
2 maximum strength tylenol
2.5 ft surgical gauze
1 lb watermelon
3 lighters
electric hair razor (NOT a floobie)
1 pair of needle nose pliers (preferably small tipped)
10 oz "hot mama jamma's" chili powder
change of clothes

remember: danger can happen. -Jzn

You're god damn right

Last night, oh last night. We filmed a major scene with full make-up and all and it went off without a hitch (well, minus a minor concussion for Ash and the walls falling down on occasion). I'll post pics tonight.

The scene is where I get taken to the "zombie compound" to die. Let me tell you, it was fucking fun!!! I don't know why I was so worried about being in front of the camera. I got to fight and scream and be thrown around and covered in gore, hell yes! I ended up walking away with a blood soaked bra and undies, 2 scraped knees, and tons of great footage. It really started to feel like we'd filmed a zombie movie. Like I said, pics to come tonight.

After that we headed over to Trader Todd's for some half-off Voodoo Chicken and good times with friends. This birthday week is really starting to beat guts!



Irish Funeral, aye aye

Yummy. Delicious weekend had by your old pal, Kitten. Friday we did our own version of a Pub Crawl in Lincoln Square. Jen K., Jzn, theMan & I hit up 3 bars before we stumbled home. Unfortunately our old favorite, Ricochet's turned out to be really lame now and more expensive. But our new love, the Claddagh Ring is still No. 1 though. The bartender is a cutie who's quick with the Irish Funerals!! Jzn even joined us in the drinking...sorry buddy. After Jen K. asked the back room at the bar if they were drinking American beer & reminding them never to forget about 9/11 (as she backed out of the room with her hand in the "jerking off" motion) we thought it best to head home. We ended up locking Jzn in the bathroom, standing in the shower (fully clothed & no water, it just seemed like a nice place to stand) and forcing him to drink Vodka while giggling like school girls. He puked, but I think he still had fun. :)

Saturday we kicked it at home mostly, filmed a scene for the movie and watched movies. I rented "Pieces of April" and was really impressed. Maybe it's more for chicks, I don't know, but I thought it was damn good. You should check it out.

Sunday I had to run a bunch of errands for the movie at the Fantasy Store, Wal-Mart (which I make it a point never to shop in, but they have the tarp we needed, fuckers), and Target. Then we kicked it over at the pal's house working on the big zombie compound scene we're filming this week. Basically the basement is freaking scary looking now. I think it's inspired a possible haunted house for the Halloween party this year. We also changed up the zombie make-up so it's not as yellow. Jen K. is seriously an artiste when it comes to make-up. She never fails to amaze me. I think we finally got something we love and it looks even scarier than the Zombie-Simpson look we had before.

Finished the night by making Thai Iced Teas (YUM!) and chatting it up. Aw, good times.

This week is my birthday week and I'm stoked. We're filming a big scene tonight with me finally getting to enjoy some of that make-up. Wednesday we're all going out to eat and to Brian's show, then Saturday my family is coming up for the Air & Water show. Weeeeeeeeee!


One more for the road

Just got the official word from my mother, or as I like to refer to her information giving abilities as "Truth Filter," regarding my sister's status and decisions after her "graduation" from Godville in September.

She's decided to take an internship at Godville for the next 6 months (I think it's 6 mos, might be a year) and live in a house there for interns. She gets a little more "leave" time so she's going to take it at Christmas and her birthday. Mom also mentioned something about college classes but I'm not quite buying that. When my sister explained the internships, they sounded just as rigorous as the actual program. So I'm guessing no time for classes and fun.

I write these posts about her not really caring who reads them. I know I can be cynical and one-sided, but that's me and that's how all this bullshit for the past 5+ years has got me. But my feelings on this decision aren't as cynical. Maybe I'm slowly healing too. I am so glad she's not going back home, hell I'm glad she's not going back into the state, let alone our hometown. While I don't necessary believe in their religion, I do strongly believe that she will adapt to whoever she's surrounded by, that's been proven. So if god-zombies are helping her stay healthy, making her brain function again and giving her life purpose, more power to them. She will never get that back in C'ville. She will certainly never get that on her own. And she never got that in the 5+ rehabs we sent her too.

One of the perks is that Sis will get to come home for Christmas this year and I know that will make my mother and father happier than they've been. Which they deserve after putting up with all this shit. So yea, there you have it, Kitten is actually happy about something my sister is doing. Go figure.


Also finished the night up last night with the movie by Gus Van Sant called, "Elephant." In a nutshell it is a look at a day in the lives of different teenagers on the day a school shooting happens (pretty much the Columbine shootings).

The camera work was phenomenal, with long well timed shots. The long shots made the movie feel like a camera just happened to be on what was really happening, that and the kids weren't actors. I'd say pick that sucker up.

Aw, another weekend of filming. So far we've got 8-9 scenes completed and 12 more to go!! We're hoping to shoot 2 of the larger scenes this weekend and I really really want that to happen. So much to do, so much to do.



Awww, yum. Just returned from a lovely dinner with theMan. We got all spiffied up and went to the Melting Pot tonight. When I made the reservation I'd ask for a private table and they obliged by giving us a table completely secluded in the back of the restaurant. All we could see was the walls surrounding us.

Now my belly is all full and I'm off to la-la land. Enjoy!

Surrounded by Geniuses

God damn, I have some friends with enormous brains. You guys are incredible.

And YES, Mr. Moondance Ranch, we can definitely get back to porn & zombies.

Secondly, Jen K. just IM'd me that Fox News is now reporting "terrorists" may be putting stuff in the drugs that people buy in Canada at reduced rates to kill us American citizens. Damn, those terrorists hate us to save money.

That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, well maybe not the dumbest.


Is anyone looking?

Man, I gotta quit reading these sex blogs at work.

Naked Loft Party
Captive Heart (Not safe)
Hot Blog


It's your special day

Next week is my birthday. If there is one thing my friend's probably know by now about me, it's that I love my birthday! I don't feel at all egotistical about asking them weeks in advance what we're doing, how we are celebrating or just planning it myself and forcing them to come.

This year I'm getting a romantic little dinner with theMan & fondue (which I freaking crave), my mom is coming up for a day of spoiling me and on my actual birthday my friends are taking me to see a pal's band followed hopefully by either some strip joints or copious amounts of alcohol!

However, I don't expect gifts of any kind from anyone except my husband and my mom. Sorry honey & mom, but that's a given. I'm a materialistic whore.

So here's a list for them:
-T-shirt hell: To help with my weird t-shirt collection.
-Anyone but Bush elected in November, but you knew that.
-World Peace (just to make this list look good)
-Halloween to be declared so cool we can celebrate it twice a year but the Lombards have to come both times.
-A night onstage with the Hellcat Hussies.
-And as always, the Liberator. (but not from my mother, thank you.)

I just think your birthday should be a week long, don't you?

Church of Don't Be An Asshole

The other night, after watching F. 9/11 we ended up having a religion talk. I loved it! I value my friends opinions and when we can get together and hash it out, it's like a little piece of heaven to me.

For awhile now I've wanted to start a church for people that think like me. Official Name: Church of Non-Assholes. Our only commandment: Don't be an asshole. Let me explain...

My view, which was eloquently put into words by my pal Jzn that night, is that no one will ever truly know 100% if there is a god and what he is about so I don't believe anyone knows for sure. And the minute someone says they do, I sorta cringe mentally. For instance, the Pope, I don't think he knows anymore about what's going on spiritually than me. So when he tells me gays are wrong and not to masturbate, well Mr. Pope, you can keep that advice to yourself.

I don't want to live my life following rules made by someone who thinks they are from god, because how do they know? Not worth the guilt or trouble. We'll only know when we die and maybe that was what "religion" was created for anyways, to make people feel better about having to die. It is man's biggest fear.

Be it my social conditioning or some part of me knows the truth, I can't comfortably say there is no god. I can't be totally atheist. However, I don't think it's necessarily the one in the Bible. I believe Jesus lived, but I don't know if he was the Son of God, I tend not to think so. I believe he was an intelligent philosopher who's teachings I pretty much agree with.

People's realities are based on their experiences and perceptions, so for one person to say "this is God and this is what he wants you to do" is based on how they see the world. So this would apply to people who write religious documents. Like if you took a room full of people and told them to draw the room as they see it, you'd get all different perspectives of the same room.

I can't deny there is something spiritual in the world, outside our understanding, but I don't think anyone knows for sure what it is. I don't think people were put here to see if they'd choose to follow and worship someone or not. I think there is maybe some sort of spiritual being "out there" on another plane of existence that we can't understand or that we can understand in tiny little degrees, but the god of the bible, I'm not buying 100%.

So I guess I'm officially agnostic. Because an Atheist knows for sure there isn't a god, I don't think anyone can know one way or another. However, the thing is if someone believes in a god totally, that's great. My thing is: Don't be an asshole. Don't kill people, don't fuck with me or my loved ones and don't steal from me and you can believe in whatever god you want. Humans love to get into each other's business and especially involving religion.

On another note, I don't look at people who have faith and beliefs as less than me, or uneducated or suckers. As long as they don't look at me that way, we're kosher. In fact, I've learned a lot from dicussions with people who believe all manner of things, like the other night for instance. That's what makes humans great...we're different.

Care to discuss?

We bring you this interruption...

Movie makin has slowed down a bit for the past 3 days. Maybe our systems needed a break, not sure.

Last night we biked down to the beach and swam in the ice cold water for a bit. Yea, I live by a body of water but this is the first time I've swam all summer. E Coli isn't my idea of a fun time, okay?

Finished the night up at the Irish pub across the street. That bar is proving to be quite the hang-out. Especially when it's not smokey, the jukebox kicks ass and the bartender is more than willing to put up with our singing aloud of 90's grunge music.

theMan is not doing so hot this morning. He thought it would be a good idea to take 4-5 shots of vodka after consuming a couple mixed drinks at the bar. He then proceeded to stand on the coffee table, lay out in the backyard catching "stars" and run around the house like a goofball. It was the most drunk I'd ever seen him. For once, it wasn't us girls caught on film acting like alki-tards. Hee hee. He's feeling so rough he called in to work. Poor baby....

Yea, I'll post the footage of his drunk ass as soon as I get it. I'm not that sweet.


Fuck that guy, and his Stepford Wife

Bush Gaffe
"They never stop coming up with ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."


Smoking Gun Archives

Oh and I may be a hard nosed city girl now, but tourists don't get on my nerves enough to do this to them.

Man, I'm in a snit today.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Rant

For starters: Michael Moore.com

We saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Why it took me so long to see it, I'm not sure. But with most things, last night ended up being the perfect night to go.

A lot of blogs or reviews I read start their review out with "Now I realize Michael Moore is biased or slanted...blah blah blah." No shit. We all are. All of our opinions are based on our experiences, beliefs, etc. Grow some balls, if you believe something, state it. He's not god, he's just some guy.

I'm not starting mine out with that. I felt this way before I watched the movie, so I'm just one of those people that agree with it. You may not, that's okay. I had read some of the information presented in the movie prior to seeing it in documentary form. For instance, the oil lines contracted by Bush's friends being built through the Middle East. The fact that Halliburton is profiting from this war like no one else (Dick Cheney's company). The fact that Bush and cabinet members reported there was no threat from Iraq in 2000, only to change their mind as soon as it was possible so we could start the war. The fact that the Bush family has ties with Bin Ladin family. The fact that Bush tried to block a 9/11 commission and now is gun-ho about an investigation because it's election year. The fact that if the middle east had no oil, we would have never been there. The fact that Bush's administration has used repeated fear tactics to keep it's people under control.

The one thing I didn't realize or see from that angle, was how the government or what seems like rich people in this country, prey on the lower and middle class to fight their wars for them so they can increase their wealth. To see the business men talk in the movie about the profits they stand to gain at the expense of some people. The fact that working class people are shown the military as a way to go to college, to see the world. No one tells them the facts it seems: You are going to a foreign country to kill brown people so we can do what we want with their resources.

"They" use other words like "casualty". Not killing and death. They also don't mention that Bush Sr. passed some sort of law I guess so we can't show their bodies returning from the war. That Bush is trying to cut funding for vets, yep...even those 19-year old kids who come back with their arms blown off, not just Vietnam or WWII vets people.

I never for one moment thought this war was necessary. I don't feel any less or more strongly about it after seeing the movie. I also feel like supporting the troops means getting them home, not buying into whatever we're told to keep them there.

It was interesting to see how Bush reacted to 9/11. He just sat there for what? 7-10 minutes? No one told him what to do so he had no idea how to react. All he did was sit there with a look on his face like he just shit his pants hoping someone would rescue him. Which it seems "someone" has done for him his entire life.

I wanted to drive over and shake the senator that said this regarding why he didn't read the Patriot Act, "We don't read every bill we pass, that would slow down legislature." WHY THE FUCK ARE WE PAYING YOU THEN!?

I sobbed through a lot of the movie. It's not a feel-good movie. It's infuriating actually. I still cried when I was leaving and it took me a little bit to start a conversation about it, a conversation that ended up lasting until 2 a.m. last night.

I don't take Michael Moore as gospel. I know that facts can be presented in a way to make it look one way or the other. However, other than the heart-strings stuff, it seems the facts stand on their own merit.

On that note, no...I don't love John Kerry. He voted for the Patriot Act, he voted for the war. I'm still of the mind to let a different asshole give it a try.

Did you know that young women are the least likely to vote? Not this year ladies, come on. Voting is not an inconvenience, it's important.



I must first apologize to Mrs. T. You see her husband sells Bacardi products and I promised to only buy those brands. But Parrot Bay Mango Rum was on sale at Mejer last night, what could we do?

Anyways, yea, we found a great smoothie recipe you must try. Although if you don't eat them out of coconuts, I can't promise they will be as good.

5 oz. vanilla ice crea
1 1/2 cups pineapple juice
5 oz. pineapple chunks
1/3 cup coconut milk
5-8 shots Mango Rum & Vodka

Blend and drink. Garnish with a little shaved coconut on top & complimentary umbrella in the color of your choice.

Sip from coconuts, stumble over to local Irish Bar for several shots of "Irish Funeral", then watch Dennis Hopper kick ass in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Voila!


Testing, 1,2.,3

Let's try a few short movies, shall we?

My brother the bad ass.

Teaser Trailer.


Official zombie scene done!

Finished our first scene using our zombie make-up. It took about 40 minutes to apply, give or take and we almost ran out of sunlight. Ended up making it right at dusk which made it extra creepy. theMan volunteered to be our zombie tonight when no one else would. Ain't he sweet? And Ash let us soak him in cold water. Our pals rule!!

New pix up in the Zombie Album. I've added a permanent link in my side bar, see it?

Now I'm sitting here trying to decide between drinking a beer or 10 or settling in bed for some Invisibles reading. Tough call.

Night night.

Aug. 8-Register to Vote

August 8th is the last date you can register to vote. If you don't vote, you really do...or whatever.

Had to pass on this link...Bush's real State of the Union address:

Click Here

Not working

Well the teaser trailer worked for about 5 min. last night. I'll try to fix it tonight.


Pizza the Hut

New Pix in the Zombie Album. Tonight we perfected our zombie look and made some fake blood. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think?

And here's a little teaser trailer for ya: It Lives!

Bike data

A study at the University of California School of Medicine revealed that men who cycle more than 100 km (62 miles) per week put their fertility at risk. The repeated banging of the groin against the bicycle seat can damage critical arteries and nerves.

Hmmm....we bike 48-64 miles a week. Uh-oh.

Totally tubular

Today bike riding to work was totally worth it. The waves were crashing hard against the bike trail so we got sprayed a little, plus the view was gorgeous. It is about 10 degrees cooler and that made it really easy to get in today. Either that or we're getting used to the haul. We even got to be a little evil and wave to the traffic stuck on Lake Shore Drive.

Things I've seen while biking to work:

-A person without a foot rubbing her stump.
-A biker flip over his handlebars.
-A one-legged swimmer coming out of the water, hopping up and down.
-Chicago park workers smoking pot.
-Little old couples holding hands walking together.
-Hot as hell people tanning or running along paths/beaches. Yum.

Filmed a scene with us in it last night. Yea, it's official...I like being on the other side of the camera more. It freaked me out and I didn't even have to give any dialogue. Plus I think I should wear something different..oh well, too late now! God, I'm anal.


Zombie Album Again

Sorry, forgot to make it public. This album should work.

Zombie Album

Also, heard an interesting correlation on the Daily Show....anyone notice how everytime the Democrats win poll points, we have a terrorist alert complete with a press conference by Tom Ridge full of thanks for Bush's control of the situation. Interesting.


Zombie Pix Journal

As promised, here's some pix of our film shoots the past weekend. I'll add more as we go! Enjoy!

Zombie Film Photo Journal


I keep fucking up at work. I am so focused on the film and everything else, that I'm not getting my work done. I got 2 lectures today, although one of which wasn't really deserved, for basically not thinking things through before I did them.

I try to tell myself to concentrate at work but it's not happening. For instance today during my "breaks": I made iron on patches for the movie, sent out a package, went to Kinko's to get movie props made....not so productive. Plus I had to have a conversation with theMan about our relationship, yea, it's suffering too.

But darn it, this is just really important to me. Okay, Kitten...time to focus.



Almost forgot....the Hollywood peeps are filming the new Batman behind our building at work. Well, they were. Friday night all night but we missed the chance to see the Batmobile or anything. So really there was no point to this post other than to just tell you that.


Red Swine Productions

Filming this weekend went absolutely great! The scenes we got looked really good and we really didn't mess anything up or were missing anything crucial. Sure I'd love to have a bigger budget, but so far it's working out with what we have. Ended up getting 3-4 scenes shot and plan on doing 4 more this week. We might just have this sucker finished in a month, not including editing of course!

I'll post some pics tonight. Can I just say though that my friends and my husband KICK ASS! Everyone has been really helpful and up for anything. And trust me, we've already put them through some weird, hot stuff.

Bike riding to work is working out too. Did it again today and I didn't feel as exhausted, plus we got to work right on time without having to haul balls. We'll see how it shows up on the scale.