Jamie Foxx, nuff said

I haven't even seen "Ray" but based on seeing Jamie Foxx on Inside the Actor's Studio tonight, Jamie Foxx should get the damn Oscar, okay?

The man can sing, play piano, act, look incredibly hot and calls himself a "Southern Gentleman." (Something I love in men frankly.) Oh, and I'm a sucker for a man that talks about his grandmother with the respect of someone speaking about a god.

All I'm saying is, if there was an award show for smoothness, Mr. Foxx has it. Okay, I'm going now. Damn, I don't know why that got me all fired up.

(Oh, and I turned on the feature that requires people to sign in to leave comments. It makes it easier to make up names for hateful people. "Anonymous" doesn't rhyme with much. Cheers!)


Blogger Cop Mom said...

the movie is fantastic, and he is the bomb...

1:01 PM

Blogger Matthew Jent said...

Whatever, Hieronymous Anonymous.


5:44 PM

Blogger Kitten said...

Touche Matt, touche.

9:39 PM


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