Bloggers rock!

Thanks for commenting guys! I also appreciate the explanation on "hateful retard's" path of thinking. I was really confused. I still don't agree but at least I don't think there is a mental institution missing a patient. (Okay, maybe I do.)

So hey, let's go back to my superficial little world eh? Hee hee. I got my hair cut by the always lovely and smartly dressed Peter. Is it bad that I can pick him out of a line-up based on only a waist-down, line-up of boys in wool slacks? Anyhoo, he cut my hair a little shorter than I liked but damn it looks healthy. And god love him, he saw me, sat me down in the sink area for a wash and the first thing out of his mouth: "So how are the bangs?"

He even gave me more bangs as a treat! And I'm going in for my first professional coloring and highlights next weekend because he kept muttering "Ugh, we have to do something about this blonde" as he cut my hair. I could hear the loathing dripping off the word "blonde" everytime he said it. I couldn't tell him no!

So no gratitious pictures of my hair just yet. I'm sure you wll be waiting with bated breath. I'll give you tons after my dye job, deal?

Man, I'm bubbly and in the mood to kiss someone. God damn I love Saturdays.


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