S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

I'm not sure what hit me. Maybe it was the power of the "hair" bestowed upon me by Peter. However, upon arrival home I did the following:
1.) Rearranged my closet by style/season/where I wear it.
2.) I purchased more flattering make-up while I was out earlier so I cleaned out my make-up bin by throwing away all the glitter and pink mascara from my "trying hard to look interesting yet funky at the club" days.
3.) I reorganized our food pantry by type of food and what meal it corresponds with.
4.) I bought a new spice rack and therefore, organized my spices, oils and what-nots directly above the stove where God intended them.
5.) Moved my bedroom around to include a space for me to create things, lift weights and sleep all in the same 3 foot by 3 foot space.

All on a Saturday night with no wine necessary whatsoever. Man, being anal is lame sometimes, but oh so exhilirating! Especially when followed by a pickle and some Young Ones box set!

Going through my pictures I also found this gem: One of my favorite pics from when my sister was here.

Oh, I just noticed my utensil drawer is not organized by size or use, gotta go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite astoundingly uninteresting. I have no idea why up took up your invitation to see what drives you. I can see the sum total is your hair. Love D

11:03 AM

Blogger Kitten said...

Yay! My first asshole commenter! I have a hunch it's hateful retard and to that I say: WELCOME! Stick around, not only do I talk about my hair but I also talk about what I did to pass the time between bowel movements. YAY!

11:04 AM


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