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I have to ask you guys, since apparently you read blogs. Do you ever talk with your "real-life" friends about the "online people" you read? Almost like you all know them?

Well, I do with a certain few. One of which I've been reading since both of my friends have been going through struggles with pregnancy, etc. To summarize, this chick had a really tough year. She lost a son, had a scary pregnancy and finally was just blessed with some twins after a long ass time. I've been reading her daily for the past year or so. She writes honestly, something I can appreciate. But today, somebody sent this woman a really hateful email. Which read: WHAT A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING YOU ARE- YOU DO NOT DESERVE CHILDREN! THERE'S A PLACE IN HELL FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

So, being the reactionary and over-protective person I am (yes I realize I don't know the owner of the blog, but you can only read so much before feeling like you do), I sent this bitch (her email: bellasmommie@adelphia.net) an email in her defense. As did tons of other of Tertia's faithful readers, I'm sure.

I sent her several emails back and forth and she pretty much just confirmed her ignorance since one of the emails included: "Better to be insane than a murderer." And I have no idea what she is talking about. Unless she's in some weird cult that thinks giving birth is murder?

I know that hateful retard will check out my site out of curiousity and I love me some gossip, so why not bring it to light on here too. Oh and BELLAMOMMIE: "Welcome! Pull up a chair and actually try reading the site before you comment, Jackass!"

I read a lot of blogs that get hate-mail or hateful comments. Really really hurtful comments usually from out of left field. I cannot imagine doing that to someone. I haven't received any, but I guess I'm not that controversial either. I was curious how you fellow blog readers felt about someone leaving a comment like that on your site. How would you respond?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of Tertia's faithful too. This woman is probably referring to the fact that, with her first pregnancy, Tertia was pregnant with quads, had to do a selective reduction of 2, then one was still born, and then she delivered little Ben, who also died.

So in her warped little mine, Teria is a "murderer" - forget the fact that each of her little ones had something wrong. Never mind the risk to carrying 4 kids...I could go on and on but wanted to let you know why that warped sicko thinks she has something to say.

She's still a warped sicko, and I believe there is actually a special place in hell for people just like HER!

Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

- Owengal

5:12 PM

Blogger Matthew Jent said...

The only people who comment on mine are my friends, and that's only to make fun of me. Mostly they do it on MySpace these days.

2:12 AM

Blogger Cop Mom said...

that is very sad and disheartning however, we leave ourselves open on these blogs and leave ourselves open for ridicule. Its unfortunate that there are mean hateful people like her that have no compassion or understanding. .

11:30 AM

Blogger Nikki said...

I think it's easier for some people to say such hurtful
things, because the internet is kind of impersonal. I once called a Bush voter a jacka*s, you should have seen the upheaval. I learned my lesson, hopefully she will (eventually) too.

4:01 PM


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