Who are you wearing?

Will Ferrell should win the Golden Globe for this alone.

"When Will Ferrell was nominated for best actor at the Golden Globes for his role in Stranger than Fiction, he wanted his wife Viveca to come to the ceremony and support him. Problem: the couple just welcomed their second son, Mattias, 2 weeks ago. So, attending the ceremony along with Will and Viveca was her breastpump, in case she needed it during the hours-long Golden Globes.

However, Viveca may not have expected her husband to include it in red-carpet interviews! When Will was asked what fashion accessory he was carrying this evening, he replied, "My wife's breastpump." He showed it off as if it was a purse, and then proceeded to outline Viveca's feeding and pumping schedule, before a reporter told him it was too much information!"


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