Friday Fives-Day Late

I need a pick-me-up. Nothing picks me up like writing about myself, DUH! So here are some Friday Fives scoured from the interweb. Send me your link to yours, dudesons. There are also a ton of pics from our family x-mas in Flickr. Yea, we had x-mas in January complete with a gift exchange that involves drawing numbers and stealing from other people. WOOT!

Because I feel like such a mess, how about I focus on what I'm already doing well:
1. What is one healthy food you really, really like?
I'm pretty good at liking healthy food. I really love spinach leaves. Not cooked, but raw. Just call me Pop-eye. I feel sad if I only get iceburg in my salad. Like I'm getting ripped off.

2. In what area of your life are you especially well-organized?
My day planner, my shoes, my school work and my finances.

3. Who is someone you’ve managed to stay in touch with?
My best bud Jordan whom I met in middle school I believe. I really really really have valued his friendship all these years. We have a ton of funny stories, inside jokes and he's someone I've always felt comfortable around. In fact, he was my bridesmaid in my wedding. When he came to my cousin's funeral after I hadn't seen him in awhile, just seeing him allowed me to totally sob and break down. He's my boy, that one.

4. What bad habit were you able to break (or what vice were you able to give up), and what was it like going through that change?
I officially stopped smoking the herb this year. Not that I was a heavy user, I just gave up any last inklings for doing it period. It wasn't as tough as I had originally thought. I'd still prefer a good high to a drunk, but it just wasn't worth the hassle.

5. Someone out there, whether you know it or not, wishes he or she were more like you in some way. What is it he or she most likely admires you for?
Probably my sense of humor or my height, maybe my jugs. But hopefully my strength.

One more for fun.....
1. How high is your guilt threshold?

I'm sorry, have you met my mother or my sister? Or really, my father? They are all travel agents for guilt trips. Feel free to call their 1-800 number to book your trip today! (Said with the utmost love and respect of course. Please don't hate me.)

2. How strong is your resistance to sweets?
I'm sorry, have you seen my thighs?

3. How long is your fuse?
When the general times in my life are relaxed I have a medium sized fuse. When it's high stress, I'll issue a severe haduken to your torso and perform a little finishing move ala Mortal Kombat on your carcass. Left right, left right ABAB select start, bitches.

4. What is the quickest way to get you hot?
Kiss my neck. Please.

5. How sensitive are you to ambient noise?
If I'm trying to read, I need silence but I can sleep through anything. i.e. The police were called once to a band practice where I was sleeping on the couch. Rewind further: My mom didn't bother to wake me when our house filled with smoke and firefighters tore through our roof. I didn't remember a thing.


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