Baby Shower

Now that the merchandise is out of our hands and into the hands of a very pregnant woman, I can safely recount our tale. My cousins and I were at Target last night, that's Tar-jehy in french for those of you reading from the northern parts of this continent. We had $80 to spend on a baby gift for Jenifer, collected from family members.

Because I do not do math outside of tips and work, I let Mrs. T. keep track of how much we were spending. Once the cart was full and we'd reached our limit we went to check-out. The cashier was kinda flirting with Mrs. T because she was telling him about her champagne punch she made on New Years. After it was rung up, we were $20 ahead of where we figured!

We unloaded the stuff, said good-bye to the other cousins and went back in for more. Once home when we looked at the receipt, we realized that cutie flirty cashier didn't ring up the baby monitors. We got baby monitors for FREE!!!

That just never happens. So in my excitement I call over to the other cousins house since they had been with us at Target but didn't know our good fortune. I assumed that the lady answering the phone was them so I spouted off my tale.

Nope, it was the momma we were buying the gifts for. I shout a "oh motherfucker," make her promise to like them because well, she can't take them back! and I hung up shaking my head.

Hey, I get excited when consumerism works in my advantage.

(More pics in Flickr.)


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